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  1. What if the events of JLA/Avengers had gone differently? What if the two worlds had been fused together instead of spread apart?

    This is a tale of a joint world where characters of the DC and Marvel universes live side by side. A strange world where you still have things like the Flash Museum in honor of the speedster, and yet, anti-mutant sentiment and groups like the Friends of Humanity crusading against those with super powers.

    Will you work towards once again separating these worlds? Or will you encourage the amalgamation, and look toward the future? But what kind of world has both the Mad Titan Thanos and Darkseid, the Dark Phoenix and Parallax? The Anti-Monitor and Galactus? The Infinity Stones and the Anti-Life Equation? This one.

    This is just an interest check for now. I plan on starting this campaign if I have enough interest somewhere about the 7th of September, 2016.

    I'll likely create a group for it and run it through that.​
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  2. I'm totally in on this. And there's a wide variety of characters I could play.
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  3. Interested!
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  4. Some updates on the Merged World -

    STAR Labs and Advanced Idea Mechanics were once a single legitimate above board business until a schism among the top officers caused the split off and subsequent alleged criminal activities of AIM.

    Approximately 85% of the world's defense contracts are held between Wayne Enterprises, Stark Enterprises, and LexCorp. Justin Hammer was bought out in a hostile takeover and now serves as a Senior Vice President at LexCorp.

    Metropolis and New York are twin cities, and Gotham City is the capital of New Jersey. Dakota City is laid across the borders of North and South Dakota similarly to how Kansas City is in two states.

    In 1998, and again in 2004, Congress proposed the "Metahuman Registration Act." It failed miserably both times, but there are still strong supporters for it on both sides of the aisle.

    Lex Luthor ran for President in 2012 on the Republican ticket but backed out during the primaries and endorsed Barack Obama, and stated he was changing his party affiliation to Democrat. He was offered the Secretary of Labor post by President Obama but refused the position. Rumors of his running on the Democratic ticket in 2020 are already surfacing.

    HYDRA(Marvel) and Kobra(DC) are a single merged organization.

    Cobra (GI Joe/Marvel canon) and Venom (MASK/Marvel canon) splintered off of the HYDRA/Kobra group to form their own High-tech mercenary/terrorist for hire organization

    GI Joe (Marvel) and MASK (Marvel) are both special divisions of SHIELD.

    Character Limits:
    To give everyone a chance to pick their favorite canon characters, a limitation on the number of characters picked for the first arc will be in place. I've set up some basic power levels, and each player can (but does not need to) have one character per power level. I'll include some examples below to give you an idea of who fits where.

    {th=right|106x@}Talented Human{/th}
    {td=384x@}April O'Neil (TNMT 80s/Mirage); Dakota North (Marvel, Daredevil){/td}
    {th=right|106x@}Street Level{/th}
    {td=384x@}Stephanie Brown (Batgirl); Dr Harleen Quinzelle (Harley Quinn){/td}
    {td=384x@}Virgil Hawkins (Static Shock Animated); Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier){/td}
    {td=384x@}Tyrone Johnson (Cloak); Raven (Teen Titans){/td}
    {td=384x@}Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) ; Dr. Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister){/td}
    {td=384x@}James Corrigan (The Spectre); Larry (Teen Titans Animated){/td}
    Image Courtesy of @Jeremi who was a big collaborator the first time I ran this on another site!
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  5. Well, when I set up the OOC for this - After they do the change to groups and such, I'll put up a first come first served list of calling dibs on the canon characters, but OCs and Alternate Universe versions and Fandom OC's like some other Agent of SHIELD or whatever would be wide open. I'm going to go with a sort of character sheet based on the Marvel Universe Power Grid shown here.

    Then you'd just either find (in the Marvel Wiki for Marvel Canon) or estimate, the six levels, total it up and see which category the character falls in. The sucky part is they haven't done ratings for all of the characters, and when they havent, they are given all 1's which is wrong. But this is only to give people average power levels, so that if we set up missions/adventures, we can have the right power level people going at it.

    I'm thinking there will be some overlap in the levels to allow flexibility for people who want to play multiple characters, but this a general rule of thumb:
    Talented Normal: Up to 16 Points*
    Street Level: Up to 18 points#
    Enhanced: Up to 22 points^
    Superhuman: 23 - 29 points
    Global: 30 - 35 points
    Cosmic: 36+ Points
    * Max in one stat = 4
    # Max in one stat = 5
    ^ Max in one stat = 6
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  6. Let me stress that this won't be diced or anything, I'm planning on making missions for varying power levels and I just want folks to get their characters into categories I can rationalize. You don't send Daredevil on the quest to stop Galactus, nor do you send Superman to fight street thugs.
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  7. Question? Just Marvel and DC comics? Or can we pick from other ones that fit into this world?
  8. If it passed muster back in the day the first time I ran this, it will this time. Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Top Cow, whomever, as long as you can fit them into basically mainstream DC and Marvel Earths, it fits. I'm leaning toward a hybrid of Earth-616 and Earth-199999 (the Marvel designation for the MCU) for my Marvel Earth, and am doing the same with DC, but with the holy trinity of comics, Animated Universe, and the Live Action-Verse.
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  9. Since we're talking about how to set up our universe... do we want all established characters, or can we have like them at the first of their career or getting abilities?
  10. Also, are OC's allowed?
  11. This is essentially "current" Marvel/DC so for canon PCs I'd prefer they not be "new"

    Unless you want to play an Alternate Universe version, and specify in the CS that they are. Part of the appeal of this rp is the merged worlds with their histories blended.
  12. Yep. OCs or even semi-canon OCs like some heretofore unnamed SHIELD agent, Inhuman or Mutant on the Marvel side, or a previously unnamed DEO Agent, Lantern or Nova Corps member on the DC side, etc.
  13. There seems to be a little confusion - You don't have to play more than one character, you're just allowed to have one per power level described above.
  14. I truly feel like I want to play Spider-Man as one of mine. Like... not real experienced yet, maybe hasn't met many heroes (or villains) yet. But he's still known and such. Maybe he's just encountered 3 or 4 supervillains thus far. Doc Ock being the first, of course.

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  15. This sounds so great! I'd love to join.
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  16. Well, what's happening is I'm trying to take the heroes/villains from about the time that the actual crossover Graphic Novel took place. Spiderman-616 was a household name. But! That doesn't mean that you couldn't have say, the Spiderman-199999 version (the Spiderman we see in Captain America - Civil War) and that just puts your character as a relative newbie as you are going for here!

    Unlike in the JLA/Avengers crossover novel, the Spectre doesn't almost literally push the DC and Marvel Earths apart, but realizes the separation would tear both worlds apart and instead merges the two together.

    The ramifications of this is that the merged world is riddled with smaller alter-Earth pockets, allowing for much easier intrusions from other Earths (This allows people to bring characters from independent comics with memories of their canon pasts to the merged world).

    Since the Marvel Earth very often has intrusions from other Earths within its universe - I mean a spin-off of SHIELD, ARMOR (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response), sprung up on Earth-616 - It wouldn't seem unreasonable that the current "active" Spiderman is the MCU Civil War version.
  17. And I do adore the civil war version. I would love to play him.

    Do we have an ETA yet for a cs template or something? Do we have enough people to move onto the next step yet?
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  18. So much information, but I absolutely love it. I would be SO in on this. I will say I'm not incredibly familiar with the comics past my usual wiki reading, so I might need some assistance if that comes into play.
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  19. I know a little about the subject matter (okay maybe a little more than that), so if you have any questions feel free to message me or just ask here!
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  20. Has everyone forgotten this? Any still want to do it?
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