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  1. Head to the Sign-Ups here!


    a little neighborhood
    made perfectly for you
    && your ꒩ τ ꍬ ꒰ Γ you.


    Welcome to Duo Boulevard new resident! You have been selected because of your outstanding results on our behavorial and social undercover monitory.
    No, you don't have a choice on whether you want to be here or not. You're here and that's final.


    Duo Boulevard is a one of a kind neighborhood where you have the opportunity to channel your inner personalities.
    With beautiful housing and remedial testing that could remove you from society if you fail, you can go from chatting with your neighbors to being submissive under our control relaxed in seconds.


    This neighborhood is for people with interesting personas. Two of them, to be exact. Split personalities, a duo of opposites composed and confined in your body, hence the name of this neighborhood. There are many who claim that those who have what you have are FREAKS and what you have isn't real. It's all in your head, it's just an imaginary friend that wouldn't leave, things like that.
    But that's not true! You are what you are and you're VERY MUCH welcomed at Duo Boulevard.

    This very reason is why you're here in the first place, and we're VERY interested and intrigued about the other you that you have. During your stay here, the staff will be conducting a series of mass and individual tests for research purposes to find more about the science behind split personalities.

    What we run here is full of pure dedication and interest, and we have found out that our best research comes from those who are well behaved and cooperative. Those who fail to fit these standards will fall into the hands of us, the landlords.

    We are dedicated, after all.

    Most of the staff here have been in this field of split personalities for centuries, so they definitely know how to take care of you.
    You have nothing to worry about.
    Absolutely nothing.


    Duo Boulevard will not disappoint! With our 24 hour gym and pool, foreboding forest views, 24 hour on call emergency/safety line, snow removal in the winter, strict rules, and extermination periods, how could you not be happy! Observant staff, who also live in the neighborhood to check how you are behaving, and events are to be expected, as we love to have gatherings for our residents to bring the neighborhood closer together.


    Once you're in Duo Boulevard, there's no way that you'll be leaving! Why would you want to be leaving in the first place? We are dedicated to making sure you and your other self are strictly under control ARE happy. The neighborhood's premises have been barricaded with fences as high as the eye can see. Duo Boulevard's history states that the barrier was put on ages ago, and it's quite far out that even we, the landlords, aren't sure where they're located.

    So no escape for you. This is your home now. And we welcome you,




    POSTING EXPECTATIONS: Adept and more than a few simple sentences.

    If you have any questions about the RP at all, don't be afraid to ask or show interest.


    Don't know what We Happy Few is? Here's the trailer. DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR TIME.

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    Let's get you SETTLED IN ,
    shall we ?


      1.1 Management may enter apartment at anytime for any reason deemed necessary whether or not Tenant is present. In addition, Management can allow for service professionals to enter the apartment when necessary for repairs and/or maintenance whether or not Tenant is present.
      1.2 An inspection of each apartment interior (whether or not Tenant is present) may be done at random if Management deems necessary.
      1.3 . Management shall deem all items left outside apartments abandoned, and as such are subject to disposal without notice to Tenant. This includes the storage of anything outside of the dwelling without consent from management
      1.4 Tenant is responsible for cleanliness of area in front and inside of their apartment and for any common area used. Please ensure cigarette butts are properly disposed of – including those of your guests. Regularly empty ashtrays.
      1.5 No signs, signals, or advertisements shall be inscribed, exposed on, or placed at any door or window.
      1.6 Respect your neighbors – keep noise level down especially after dark.
      1.7 Tenants shall not make or allow any disturbing noises in or around the apartment by Tenant, family or guests, nor permit anything by such persons which will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other Tenants at all times.
      1.8 All musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, etc., are to be played at a volume which will not annoy or disturb other Tenants.
      1.9 The activities and conduct of all Tenants and guests outside the apartment, on the common grounds, parking areas, or any other areas must be reasonable at all times and not annoy or disturb other Tenants. quiet time is from 10:00pm to 7:00am daily.
      1.10 Drunken, belligerent or threatening conduct toward other Tenants, Tenant's visitors, or Management will not be tolerated. Termination of lease may be applied at Management's discretion.
      1.11 Use of illegal drugs is grounds for Immediate Eviction.
      1.12 Disturbances and problems with Tenants, Tenants' guest and/or children may constitute grounds for eviction and lease termination at the sole discretion of Management. Tenant will be given little to no notice to change behavior immediately.
      1.13 All suspicious activities are to be forwarded to Management as soon as possible. Discourage and report all door to door soliciting.
      1.14 All doors and windows must be locked during the absence of Tenant.
      1.15 Animals are absolutely not allowed in Duo Boulevard.
      1.16 Any possessions of weapons/deadly devices will result in an immediate eviction.

      2.1 Proper swimwear must be worn while in the pool and in the pool area. Cut-offs, gym and casual shorts, and thongs are not allowed to be worn.
      2.2 No glass containers are permitted in the pool area. All trash shall be disposed of in trash bins
      2.3 No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed in the pool or the pool area. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall use the pool or the pool area. Any violation of this rule is cause for immediate eviction.
      2.5 No one is allowed in the pool in any bad weather, especially in snow, thunder, and lightning.
      2.6 Absolutely no animals allowed in the pool area.
      2.7 To insure safety and discourage trespassers, the entry gates to the pool area must remain locked at all times. Each tenant who joins Duo Boulevard will obtain a key to the pool area.
      2.8 Swimming shall be permitted only between the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

      3.1 All persons using the gym shall be appropriately dressed when entering the gym. No changing shall be permitted in the gym or in the hallways or other common areas of the building.
      3.2 All persons using the gym do so at their sole risk and responsibility.
      3.3 All gym equipment shall be used in the manner such equipment is intended to be used.
      3.4 Any damage to the gym or its equipment caused by the acts or omissions of a resident or such resident's guest shall be repaired or replaced at the sole cost and expense of such resident.
      3.5 The gym may be used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
      3.6 No equipment may be removed from the gym.
      3.7 Users of the gym must bring a towel and always wipe down the equipment after each use.
      3.8 There is a 30-minute limit on equipment usage if someone is waiting to use such equipment.
      3.9 The gym may not be used as a place of business or profit center.
      3.10 No smoking, spitting or consumption of alcohol is permitted in the gym.
      3.11 Before leaving the gym, each user shall be responsible for: (i) returning any barbells and other loose gym equipment to their original storage area; (ii) turning off any system (such as a TV, cable box or stereo component); (iii) turning off any exercise equipment (such as a treadmill, elliptical machine or exercise bike) and returning treadmills to their original position; (iv) placing any paper cups, paper towels or other trash in the waste basket; and (v) turning off the lights and locking the gym (unless someone else is in the gym).


      1.1. General Iwaku rules and role-playing regulations apply.
      1.2. Minimum posting expectation: Adept. We don't want to see any one-liners here, but that's not to say we expect novels either. Each post in the IC must have at least 10 sentences at the bare minimum.
      1.3. This role-play is not libertine-oriented, so no detailed sex scenes please. When it comes to that, just fade to black.
      1.4. Violence, gore, swearing, and all of that good stuff is allowed here. So go crazy.
      1.5. Please respect and love the people you are roleplaying with. There will be no OOC Drama whatsoever, and that's final.
      1.6. Violation of any of the following rules will result into one (1) warning. After accumulating TWO warnings, you will be immediately removed from the role-play.
      1.7 Diversity and creativity are highly encouraged. There will be no Mary Sues or Gary Stus or whatever you wanna call it. Be creative. Choose different races, sexualities, ethnicities, languages for chrissake.
      1.8 This is a face-claim role-play. In other words, real people pictures only, please!
      1.9 Banners are a must in the IC, and the size limit for these shall be 500x300 pixels (widthxheight). Banners may be GIFs or just plain old jpegs, it's up to you. This is so we know who is playing who during our RP.
      1.10 Relationships are mandatory, but there's no hurry to fill these out after you've been accepted. Participants do not have to plan a relationship with every single character in the role-play. Just one or two relationships with other players will make me as happy as that "Have a nice day!" guy.
      1.11 You can fancy up your skeleton all you want, but keep in mind that this is not all that necessary and won't affect my judgement in any way. Feel free to mess around with the format and coding of your character sheet, because I know I will!
      1.12 Post at least once a week, if you can't make deadlines please let me know, and I'll expect your return with a full and generous heart.
      1.13 DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT. Drop the face of the Earth if you are going to quit this RP. I will lose my mind if I find that someone left without my notice. Please let me know if you're going to leave I swear to goodness I won't go after you if you say that you're going to leave.

      [ By posting a SPADE somewhere in your character sheet, you agree to abide by all the rules and regulations (Yes, even the Duo Boulevard ones listed in the INFO tab) I have listed. ]


      [ A picture or banner of your faceclaim ]
      Age (18 being the minimal age you can be.):
      MENTAL Age:
      Sexual Orientation:
      Language(s) Spoken:
      General Appearance (1+ Paragraphs)
      Biography/History BEFORE coming to Duo Boulevard (2+ Paragraphs)

      "Welcome to Duo Boulevard (Insert New Tenant's Name Here), I just want to quickly say thank you for partaking in our little test a few months back. Your results were outstanding and you were qualified to join us in the neighborhood. But, before we actually get you into the neighborhood, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

      "What are your strengths? They could be anything ranging from physical to mental."

      "Obviously the next question I'm going to ask you about is your weaknesses. Again, could be anything from physical to mental."

      "Before coming here, how would your friends and family describe you?"

      "How do you deal with any stress, pressure, negativity, violence, anxiety, all that good stuff. How do you deal?"

      "Last question! Thank god amirite? Do you have any questions for us? I.. I mean me? Here, a pen and paper for you to write any questions you might have down. I as the landlord will be answering all questions around here. You'll be getting my responses in a little parcel once you're all settled in."

      "Welcome to Duo Boulevard (Tenant's name). Enjoy yourself."

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    . .
    " TALL TALES "

    Some neighbors have spoken about this old-aged lady by the name of Mrs. Attucks. No one knows of her first name or where her house is located, but some say that she keeps a little zoo in her little shack behind her little house somewhere around the dark, tenant unexplored, territory of Duo Boulevard. Those who have gotten lucky and met Mrs. Attucks about her zoo say that her zoo is specifically made to be viewed by bad people.

    EVE PILATE (pronounced as Pilot.)
    It is rumored that back when Duo Boulevard was still in development, a young woman named Eve Raleigh Pilate was a resident of neighborhood. Early December was when she woke up in her new home. Panicked, she immediately began planning a way out. When the neighborhood held its first party, Eve ate and drank to her hearts content, hoping that it would calm her nerves the next day. Something about her demeanor was off after that party. When the night came and the moon was full, Eve opened her doors walked away. She walked … and walked … and walked, unfazed by the daunting footsteps of the neighborhood watch and the weather's deathly cold. Residents of Duo Boulevard claim to have seen a woman in a tattered Carolina Blue dress walking through the forest on several occasions.

    There have been many speculations about the condiments when Management throw their monthly get togethers. Residents claim that the ketchup, mustard, spoons, and even cups are littered with drugs, specifically Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), to keep the tenants in check and under control.

    The residents of Duo Boulevard have grown accustomed to weekly computerized tests, also known as "Weekly Check-Ins." You are called individually by the Landlord to sit down in a pitch black room with no light source other than the glowing, flickering computer screen, and you begin your test. Once you finish, you're immediately asked to leave the room. During your very first day at Duo Boulevard, the Landlord will have you take a test. Once you finish, the room lights up for a split second with a bright and blinding flash. After that, you immediately forget your past and sometimes even present, ready to be welcomed in the arms and streets of Duo Boulevard. Some claim that there are spurts of text that alert the test-taker that they are being watched through hidden cameras in the room and are looking at how fast you're answering your questions. Most, however, dismiss it due to another rumor around the neighborhood. Refer to the tall tale above.

    Hidden by the surrounding forest, flora, and fauna of the neighborhood, the Barrier has rarely ever been found. The landlords say that even they don't know where the barrier is located, but residents dismiss it as a big fat lie, despite the Landlords' persistence. The Barrier was placed days after Duo Boulevard was first created to halt the Tenants from leaving the neighborhood out of first month jitters. You can ask other Tenants as to where the Barrier is located, but all say they have not a single clue as to where it is. There is a story going around about a man by the name of Addam Holden, who told Tenants that he was going to go out one night and find the Barrier. He came back weeks later and proclaimed to have been, seen, and touched the Barrier. The next morning after all of his buzz, he was never seen by the other Tenants again after dark silhouettes entered his home as the Boulevard slept.

    Residents are made known that there is this special group of people who watch over the neighborhood and the areas beyond it. In the daylight, these men and women in suits are quite friendly and cooperative with the residents of Duo Boulevard, and will even be able to hold some conversations for a while. But at night, rumors have it that these men and women are as violent as can be if they see residents outside of their homes after 11PM. Many suggest that the NW is the reason why Addams Holden went missing one night (See The Barrier rumor above). Residents know that these people are very observant (and have the tendency to stare!) towards everyone living in Duo Boulevard and are capable of knowing everyone's dirty little secrets and actions when they happen. Most are quite cautious around the men and women in suits, because everyone knows that they are under the NW's radar.
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  4. [​IMG]
    To save space, the Management here at Duo Boulevard have converted the Tenant's living spaces similar to those of London Townhomes. Already furnished and clean before one's entrance in the neighborhood, the white walls consumed with windows and greenery greet each resident with opening arms. Be sure to follow the Rules and Regulations of living in these homes located two posts above.

    The landlord, Dean Michael, claims that the Barrier was built years before he came to the premises. It's sole purpose is to keep the new Tenants from escaping the neighborhood despite its warm welcome. The Barrier is hidden from plain sight due to the massive size of The Forest. It has rarely ever been found, and there is a story going around about a man by the name of Addam Holden. If you would like to know more about this tale, refer to Duo Boulevard's Tall Tales in the post prior to this one.

    For all your wet, summer fun, needs. The pool is open from 8AM to 9PM. Please refer to the rules and regulations of the pool two posts above.

    For those who have their priorities set straight. A 24-hour gym that occupies people with actual lives. Refer to the GYM RULES AND REGULATIONS two posts above.

    The most liveliest place of Duo Boulevard. Racked with games and food, Management enjoys throwing weekly get-togethers in the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is open to all, and like the gym, it is 24 hours. Many like to spend their time in here, especially the Landlord, Dean Michael.

    Management at Duo Boulevard understands that it's quite hard to get anything if you're blocked off from the world. That is why they created Twice, the only store in the neighborhood. It is like a United States Bi-Mart, containing everything such as food, clothes, makeup, and even furniture. Like the pool, it is open at 8AM and closes at 10PM.

    This ever foreboding forest covers The Barrier fully. Tenants are able to enter the forest in the mornings and afternoons to hold BBQs and Bonfires, though one must be careful treading the forest at night in the case of a camping trip, for guards and even the possible Eve Pilate (See Tall Tales in the post above) lurks these trees. Most flora and fauna are found here such as the classic dandelion, bear, birds, deer, berry bush, and more.

    The most mysterious building in Duo Boulevard. There is no specific name for this building, so the residents of the neighborhood just label it as, "The Building." There are many things that go down in this facility. The landlord's office is located here, as well as the room where individuals are taken for their "Weekly Check-ins." You are led here when you first sign the deal with the Landlord and into a pitch black room with nothing to see but a computer. This is where your testings will take place from here on out while you're in Duo Boulevard.

    The first face you meet and hopefully not the last. With a split personality of his own, Dean Michael, the Landlord of Duo Boulevard is in charge of everything from the Weekly Check-Ins to the parties at the Clubhouse. Was also in charge of the behavorial test that got you into the neighborhood in the first place, and will most likely take you out of it if you don't meet his standards.
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  5. @Shayla @Prince Justin Perfection @Uncle Legens Legentis @CloudyDay @Pasi @Kythera


    Oh, I forgot to tell y'all. The max # of characters you can create is 2. I don't think I put that in the rules, but I will shortly!

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  8. I think I might just change the look of the BB Coding because i dunno about y'all but I can't see anything with that small margin-left margin-right system.

    Back to the drawing board.

    Can't wait to see everyone's characters!
  9. Okay! Everything is updated and a bit easier to read.
    That is all~
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