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Dragon's Heart: The Demon's Eye is a sequel to Dragon's Heart: Part I, which has not been published yet therefore everyone who participates in this roleplay will be experiencing a world already created and already had a ending. You will be introduced to the main characters after the events of the first story, not knowing what happened you will drive your character through a clouded storyline that you will not know much about.
(Think of it similar to that of Metal Gear Solid or other similar stories.)

~ 悪 ~
The Main character, Toki, is a kid, 8 years old and during the development process in the belly of his dead mother he formed a dragon heart in replacement of a human heart granting him the ability to see within the ''other world'' or better known as the spirit realm. With curiosity of youth comes malicious intent as not all spirits are known to be good. During his journey and the help of his faithful companion, Juzo, a friendly spirit, he has learned to be more careful in trusting others. Now in search of the ''Pool of Aftermath,'' said to grant whoever drinks the water one wish, he will soon figure out that the pathway to his objective is not a easy one nor a trustful one. During the journey Toki will be tasked with his hardest quest yet as he's forcefully rushed to the Pool of Aftermath by his overwhelming childish curiosity it'll immediately backfire as he meets a few other spirits along the way with their own sense of unknown motive.
~ 悪 ~


This world is set in the medieval ages of japan, although you'll never get that sense of japanese culture other than the minor details. The world storyline will be based within the other world, meaning everything will be distorted and mystic. Similar to that of Mushishi or spirited away, although with its unique twists this world is seemingly abandoned from all humans other than Toki, as within the eyes of a lonely kid the only thing that runs through their mind is wild imagination. Be prepared to cry, laugh, cheer, and even get frustrated as you jump into the world of Toki and friends, a wild curious kid all alone in this world searching for adventure and treasures.

| This has been a long passion of mine, writing this world in secret i feel like finally i can share it or at least test it out and see if anyone likes it. I've written this sequel and shared it instead of the main story because i always loved those stories that started late but then slowly gave you context of the past, be prepared to read a lot of those. If anyone has questions or comments please don't be afraid to post below, i will accept all kinds and i will reply as fast as possible.|

| Intermediate writing skill level minimum ~ Post rate once per week, saturdays or sundays |


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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
I like it.

I do have one question before I start thinking up a character, are the spirits in this setting limited to an Eastern asthetic?
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