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  1. Soul Society
    As beautiful as ever. The Soul Society, and its capital, the Seireitei was in a good state, and had been in one for quite some time. These were peaceful times, despite the usual occurences by the Hollows both in the outer Rukongai and in the World of the Living. The Gotei 13 was occupied with objectives that respectfully represented each and every division. The Captain Commander, Renzo Bayroad was in his office, shuffling through a stack of reports from unusual sightings. Sightings of Hollows that were slayed, but not by a Shinigami, and the cuts on their bodies was from a blade, one quite similar to a Zanpakutō.

    Despite the duties of a Shinigami in the World of the Living, some of the abominations from Hueco Mundo were slayed before their arrival. This was odd and unusual, and rumors had spread throughout the Seireitei. However, whoever it was that was going about taking care of the Hollows the Shinigami couldn't get in time for, was only helping the cause the Shinigami stands for.

    Even so, these were matters that could and would be investigated upon. Still, nothing dire was happening at the moment, and the Shinigami within the Seireitei and out and about in Rukongai were doing what they always did; their duties. It had been clearly noted that the activity of the Hollows had also decreased, even if it was ever so slightly. The days in the World of the Living, and even in Soul Society were filled with the endless blue skies, and the sun to shine its warmth down upon the souls in Soul Society, and obviously the humans in the World of the Living.

    Hueco Mundo
    The desolate wasteland, the darkened sky, the unique moon that was always there, never to be replaced by the sun. In Las Noches, in the throne room, there was a man, clad in nothing but a black cloak, and a silver demon mask covering his face. Standing by the wall, next to a wide but open window, giving him the perfect view. His hands were clasped together behind his back. His eyes were squinted. The man was focused and concentrated. 'Soon, we shall set you free..' A simple goal was plastered on his mind. Something he had to do. Reach her, reach the one who made it possible for him to stand where he was.

    It was not often one could see Vaham, the leader of the Espada in such a thoughtful state. Thinking about her always brought this unique side out, but thanks to his mask, it was easily hidden. There was no reason to show it to anyone else. The Arrancar he had gathered around him were to help him gather what was neccessary, and none of them knew that they were being used, just like how the Shinigami will be used.

    Vaham turned to his side, his eyes gazing at the big wide door. Any minute now, the Espada would gather, and he would share his plan. It is time to show the Shinigami exactly how capable the Espada under him are. Show them the power they harbor within themselves. Approaching the throne chair, he took a seat. Las Noches was their base of operations, even if some of it was also in ruins, just like everything else around Hueco Mundo.
  2. A beautiful day in Soul Society, Captain Furenji of the second division had been avoiding some of his Captain duties, well not avoiding he did the important work and would get the rest done when he felt like it or have one of his seated officers take care of the rest for him. It was days like this that he decided to visit the academy and see the students and their training.

    From the moment he entered the academy he heard murmurs... from two sparing shinigami in general

    Shinigami 1: "Hey that's Zion Furenji ..."
    Shinigami 2: "Isn't he the Captain of the second division"
    Shinigami 1: "Yea stealth ops but he looks so young is he really a Captain"

    They spoke until Zion turned and waved at them causing the two to freeze up and go back to sparring with kendo sticks, as they must have been new to the academy if they didn't recognize Zion as he would regularly come to the academy sometimes.
    Zion was use to people whispering about him even from his days at the academy, usually it was in reference to his snow white hair or his boyish looks.

    He just made his rounds around the academy looking at the talent reminiscing of his time, remembering the day that Captain Saiga selected him specifically which was the scariest day of his life. Captain Saiga was a large fearsome man, the only person who Zion was more afraid of when joining squad 2 was Captain Commander Renzo. Captain Renzo had a terrifying presence, during his first years Zion feared running messages that involved bad news from Captain Saiga to Captain Commander Renzo.

    While he was watching students in the academy practice there were those who tried to make their presence known, the ones who were eyeing a position in squad 2. Little did they know the hard work they had to put in once on the squad, heck Lieutenant Kairi would chew them up and spit them out and then there was Holly who was currently a third seat, in position but was a hard worker and not someone to look down on. Zion just kept watching the students as some did show some promise.


    "Its a shame isn't Furenji, this group of students" a voice said causing Zion to look behind him to see Melaura.

    "Oh not really I see some prospective talents, really it seems to be a good class of students" Zion replied
    As he finished his sentence Melaura came up next to him.... "I didn't mean their talent, I meant not a suitable husband in the bunch... oh well aren't you still single Captain" she said smiling her cheeks rose red.
    Zion smiled and ignored the question, "So how long have you been here I don't usually see you when I come look at the students?" he asked

    "Whenever there are new students Kuren-ji likes to see who is suitable for me" she says gripping her katana as they were always in constant communication with one another. "I know Kuren-ji, I was thinking the same thing Melaura Omaeda Furenji has a great ring to it so how about we go to....." she began to say to turn her head and see Zion gone.... "Hmm you scared him away Kuren-ji you know he's stealthy why can't you be more like Katai-nushi" she says as she continued to argue with her Zanpakuto as students looked on.

    Zion had made his way outside the Academy as he began walking back to Squad 2 barracks... "Ahh nice to go down memory lane Captain Saiga, I promise I will avenge your death" he says to himself he would head to the research labs later as he did from time to time as Captain Saiga was the only shinigami ever recovered, other shinigami that have gone missing were gone without a trace. Zion likes to think it was a testament to Saiga's strength as his Bankai made him incredibly formidable but no one knows what happened.
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  3. Holly scanned over another sheet of paper before writing in a denial and his reasons before sending it to his second outbox. He preferred not to have things lost in the loop of the system without getting a fair response so he made a point of going over every sheet he denied and listing the issues with them before sending them back to the respective places they had come from. Then there were a pile of papers from himself, most of them centered around better living accommodations for those in the Maggot's Nest. He didn't seem to be in too much of a frenzied rush but worked quickly and efficiently. Getting up, he took his stacks of papers, delivering them to all their respective places. The ones that needed a captain signature were placed neatly on Zion's desk along with the ones that needed his personal inputs in another pile, complete with mark-ups that displayed Holly's opinion. The ones he signed went to the mail room to be sent mostly to the 1st division and the ones denied to the same place but sent back to where they'd come from. As he was about to set down the last stack, he thought better of it and walked out of the division to stretch and get a little fresh air. It was a small break one hour, a small nap the next, alternating throughout the day. If he didn't, his body would get worn down from overwork. This stack of papers was small so he figured that he could just deliver them himself. No need to bother anyone else with it.
  4. A figure walked across the ever shifting sands of Hueco Mundo, it's footsteps displacing large amounts of sand as it advanced. More features revealed themselves showing the figure to be a man and a large one at that, he towered over what would be a normal height for most human, shinigami or hollows, his face was that of stoicism and weariness as his glacial blue eyes stared forward both being divided by several claw like scars over the bridge of his nose. The denizens of this expansive desert or Hollows as they were more commonly called scattered as the man neared them, from the most basic of them that were mere slaves to their most basic instinct to feed to the more advanced Adjuchas strayed from this beings path for those that did approach this individual with any ill intent found themselves crushed and smothered into nothingness from his power while the attackers faded away recycling back into this ebony shrouded desert's ecosystem. His clothes were simple, what appeared to be a large white greatcoat with fur around the collar and black trim framed his body while his feet were wrapped in a pair of jika-tabi while a rather large sword hilt stuck out above his left shoulder while the end of the blade's sheath poked out just under his right hip.
    As he reached the crest of a sand dune he stood still letting the brief wind blow through the hair on the top of his head and his large beard as his eyes focused east gazing at his destination, a large rounded citadel like castle rose out of the great expanse as several pillar like structures surrounded this great castle. As he stood stock still a static like sound filled the air before his image faded from existence while several miles away at the entrance to the grand citadel he appeared again touching down on both of his feet with another report of static. He let his senses expand and found only one other in the castle, satisfied with who this signature belonged to he entered the castle and made his way to a large throne room. As he entered he looked at the sole occupant other then him before nodding to this other individual he preceded to take his seat as he took his blade off of his back and leaned it against his seat he clasped his hands and silently waited with the other in the room.
    Guerra the Primera espada had arrived.​
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  5. Himeko Shizuka
    Himeko sat in her lab mixing a few random chemicals, when one of them exploded. This caused smoke to enter half of the room, when she walked out of the smoke cloud, she was covered in soot. She started to laugh because she had no idea that would happen. The short girl walked into one of the cylinder chambers on the eastern side of the room. With the press of a button she was no longer dirty. "Hm what to research now" she said aloud, sighing a few moments later. "I wonder, when am I ever going to get a new lieutenant?" she asked herself. She looked at the list of things the commander wanted her to research. Sadly to her avail there was nothing left to research. She plumped down at her desk, typing away at the keys on the computer, searching through some of her latest research files.

    When she was done looking all the files over she shut off the computer. Watching the giant screen go black. It was then one of her unseated members came to her. "Captain Shizuka, we need sign off on an experiment" he said showing her a clipboard. "Please call me Himeko, and sure." She responded grabbing the clipboard. She skimmed the experiment before giving her signature. "Thank you captain" the member walked a way. She responded with a nod, now what to do was her first thought.
  6. Zion made it back to his office and the first thing he saw was the little paperwork that required his signature and it was times like this he loved having Holly as a part of squad two a very hard working shinigami which helped him get much done.
    Holly even placed notes on the documents so he didn't have to read them all the way through just sign.

    He was done in about thirty minutes and was on his way to the research labs to see if anything was found as to who killed his former Captain.
    Stepping outside he saw Holly his third seat, he approached him "Great work as usual Holly, I must find someway to reward you" he said looking into the sky...
    A moment later Zion clapped his hands together "How about I ask Captain Commander for anything you want on your behalf just put it in writing and I will sign off on it and bring it to him personally.... just don't tell Kairi" he said whispering the last part just in case she happened to be around....

    "I also saw that you have a little paperwork on your desk as well but I order you to relax for the rest of the day in times of moderate peace in Soul Society is like the calm before the storm. So enjoy the calm while you can I will get Kairi to finish the paperwork now if you excuse me I am headed to the research lab" he said informing him of where he was headed in case anyone asked for him.
  7. Hueco Mundo

    Within the confines of Las Noches, the very castle that sits within the bleak, colorless expanse that is Hueco Mundo, stirred with more 'life' than originally thought. Within the dome, was a false 'canopy' of a blue sky and sun, the land still filled with sand all around. Towers and pillars dotted the inside at least giving the view a not-so-fully-empty view. At the base of one of the larger structures stood a womanly figure 'clad' in white with oddly pink hair, accompanied by two others of similar fashion, another female and a male. She was watching over two of them spar, the sound of blades echoing through the empty sands. With careful, calm eyes as she looked on ahead, her lower half of her face was covered by her coat, behind that, a mask.

    As it continued, the woman eyed the actions of the two as the male then lashed out in a rash lunge forward. Giving a look to the other female, the one sparring had avoided it before lining up what would be a finishing strike, stopping short. Stepping forward a few steps towards the two, the pink-haired woman spoke up in a calm tone, "Do not go into an attack with wild abandon. If you want to differentiate from those of us with no real purpose but to hunt and kill, you must strike with determination and calculation... If you merely follow those instincts that were more primal in days past, then you will only bring upon your downfall much sooner. For us, it's no longer a deadly clash for survival alone. Now is the time to hone yourselves, work together. A pack, no matter how little, is stronger than the lone wanderer.. Both physically and mentally. Use this time fighting one another to know each other, for a bond while fighting can be helpful.. If you feel hate, drive it towards those it should be to, not our own comrades... Continue when you two are ready."

    It wasn't too long after a fourth figure came into view, the sound of static accompanying their arrival - Sonido. The figure was another female, but much shorter than the other two currently present. While the woman would have continued her so-called lecture, her attention was brought to the newcomer before they spoke, "Lady Kurono.. Don't you think it's time you arrived to the meeting? It'd save you the trouble of listening to any of the others if you were late. Just a suggestion.."

    Blinking once as Kurono listened to the little one, she nodded as a hand went up to her collar, tugging it down a bit before slipping off the mask that was present. Her looks was neutral at first before it gently smiled, approaching the other as she patted a hand atop her head, "Your concern is welcomed.. You're right though, I shouldn't keep them waiting. I can already tell Primera had arrived.. As calmly as ever.. Remain here with the others, join them if you wish. It should not take long."

    With that, the other nodded before Kurono was gone, using a sonido to arrive at the meetings' door. Walking in, her eyes glanced between the two already present before taking her seat, remaining quiet for the time being as her eyes shifted over to the door.
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  8. Hueco Mundo

    Grinning from ear to ear, even where her face could not be shown. Humming some type of tune the Segunda was easily among the few, or at times it seemed the only
    Espada to realize she was being used, though in what capacity was unknown, it was also equally true she was using them. Narrowing her single visible eye at the trio her evil aura leaks out as always, with the subtle hints of dark madness, as if promising stories of adventure and death, she really didn't seem to have control over it. Her body produced more Reiatsu than it could contain at times, it was clear before she joined the Espada she was either skilled in murder at life, or in taking it in death..likely both.

    As always however she could not leave things be as calm and collected as they were. Walking around the trio in a slow loop she begins to hum, reciting a riddle of sorts. It was said among her Cohorts she would kill those who failed her puzzles..though she wouldn't do that to her comrades...surely?

    "In a marble hall white as milk
    Lined with skink soft as silk
    Within a fountain crystal clear
    A golden apple doth appear
    No doors there are to this stronghold,
    Yet thieves break in to steal its gold.
    What Am I?"

    With a soft pleasant laugh her aura turns even more sinister..but as suddenly it returns to its typical state. With slow delicate steps that seemed to parade her personal pride, she continues from the poem to yet another verse. "Of Course should you Solve this, my how things will be amiss! For whatever shall I do? Take to hitting people with a shoe? Allas this meeting is ago. Now I am here, shall you tell me what this is about, shall you be a dear?" Seemingly the dear remark was at their overlord, whom she was known to not ever stand against, which lead to some rumors..though she never did seem to care for the fourth or the rest. Leajury taking her seat, Alica sits in a manner fitting of a european Aristocrate, almost..arrogant in her very if to say bonjour pesant. What she was doing previously could be anyones guess.
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  9. Soul Society

    Kon couldn't believe that he was a Captain now, it had only been a week since he passed the Captain Exam and was placed in the empty Ninth Division Captain seat. A surprise really, since he came from Squad Three, which was all about Recon and Intel. Squad Two didn't fit his personality, and neither did Squad Three. Squad Nine...could be more doable, as he just had to deal with Internal Affairs. Nothing too difficult and challenging. Right? He was only Three Hundred and Ninety-Nine years old...and he would turn Four Hundred in only two days. He knew a few people that might tease him about it, or make a big deal about it.

    He was the youngest Captain in fact, maybe even a 'Prodigy' if you would go to the length of saying such a thing.

    It felt like all eyes were watching him, even as he sat inside of his Office at the Ninth Division Barracks with a few papers left in front of him. A stack was in the 'Completed' box, while the 'Work' box was empty, the last paper in his hands. Reading over it a final time, he signed his name and slapped it down on the other stack of papers with a hefty sigh of relief. He had finally finished all the work that had piled up since the past Ninth Division Captain retired. He had been busy -- with this entire week working on these damn papers.

    He should probably leave the Office, go out and see his Division. Let people know that he wasn't dead under a pile of paperwork, and then after he should re-visit some old friends and see how they have been the past week. He liked being caught up with current events, and knowing whatever he can about the people around him. That 'need' for information was from his stupid days of being the Lieutenant of the Third Division.

    Grabbing his Captain Haori off the chair, he slid it on. He was currently wearing the traditional Captain Clothing, mainly because he didn't really have anything he preferred over this? He wasn't like some of the other Captains that decided to spice their outfit up or wear a completely different outfit. Sliding the door to his office open, he nodded towards a group of Shinigami passing by, whispering about something. A fight? He couldn't hear them perfectly, but he was now curios.

    As he was ready to follow the Shinigami, he stopped in his tracks. No, we don't do this anymore. Let them keep their secret. If it was important, they would tell me. Right? He questioned himself silently, and in his head.

    Instead of stalking his Squad members, maybe he should go meet up with an old friend, Kairi Veritahl. She was kind of his 'mentor' back when he was in the Second Division, his younger days. The Second Division was close by anyways...if she was even at the Second Division. She could be anywhere in the Seireiti, maybe picking -- fighting some Eleventh Division Members. Now he just had to find her, maybe he would cross paths with a different friend, or acquaintance along the way.

    @Detective Zero
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  10. Illea Sirani

    A cough announced la Tercera before she even stepped into the room. Her disease was flaring in her lungs today and she probably would have been in bed if not for the important meeting. It wasn't very often she got to meet their leader, and Illea never passed an opportunity like that. Even more important, all the Espada would be gathering, why would she miss a gathering of her friends?

    The child Espada turned the corner to look inside the room. Glancing around, she saw Líder, Primera, Segunda, and Quinha. She wasn't too late thankfully. Illea's cheery smile seemed out of place compared to Líder's ponderings, Segunda's psychosis, or Quinta and Primera's solemness. Illea slowly stumbled to her seat, leaning into it as she got to it. Overhearing Segunda's riddle, Illea's eyes lit up at the game.

    "Oo, I got this.... is it... an egg?"

    Illea loved games. She never knew how to play on her own, but she loved to try. The riddle made her hope the meeting wouldn't be so bad afterall, she hated it when fights or the like would break out, almost as when the awkward feeling that everyone hated eachother would overwhelm the room. Illea knew her company, but still hoped for a sense of belonging by sticking with the Espada. She decided to give back one too.

    "I think I got one, what runs, but never walks, has a mouth, yet never talks?"

    Surpressing another cough, Illea looked back up to Líder, and chose to ignore the solemnity in the room, save for Segunda, and gave a friendly greeting to him as well.

    "Nice to see you too by the way, Líder."
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  11. "Ah... I can't do that," Holly said, holding up his hands. He appreciated the offer, really, but he wasn't really one to accept these kinds of special favors. He just wanted to help out and be as efficient as possible. He wasn't going to disobey a direct order either but he was still at least going to make his deliveries before going off. He already had the papers on him after all. It also occurred to him that rejecting the generous offer may not have been what his captain wanted to hear either. Things like this could be so troublesome at times. He quickly scanned his thoughts and immediately ruled out everything regarding himself. He was relatively well to do and had about everything he wanted at the moment. There was no reason to get freebies handed to him on a silver platter.

    "If you want to do something, you could always sign off on a few proposals I left for you to review," Holly said after a pause, walking along with his captain. It was more of the usual out of him, the kind of stuff that Zion tended to sign off on anyway so in a way, it was like asking for nothing but in a polite way, "The residents of the Maggot's Nest have been a bit restless. We throw them in there for crimes that they haven't even committed yet and they just sit there, bored out of their minds and angry. It's no wonder that it was difficult to manage them when they weren't really treated as people. So I had a few more proposals to help improve their living conditions."

    Holly disagreed with the entire concept of the Maggot's Nest to begin with but it wasn't really something that could just be abolished. He knew well enough that that would cause a plethora of problems that Soul Society would have an annoyance dealing with. Instead, he kept plugging away at small policy changes to treat them like normal people rather than animals and to maybe eventually stop the influx. Still, that was something a long way off, if it were ever to come to fruition. It'd be downright stupid to try to enact all at once. They had to take it one step at a time.
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  12. It was quite the peaceful day, it would almost be serene if it wasn't for the fact the multitudes of yelling and pained yells echoing from squad eleven. Of course this was all from training and training and even more training. Under Seig's supervision he made sure everyone trained five hours a day with no rest at all. If they were going to be war machines then slacking off was not a thing he allowed in his squad. He even did some hands on sparring with his members in a king of the hill style. Just to get their want to win going so they would give it their all. What resulted in this type of competition was without a doubt a blood bath but for good reasons, it got them training and gave them a taste of possible enemies showing no mercy. Of course it would all come crashing down when Seig would participate and just demolish everyone that tried and would end up winning. This was a typical routine in his squad aside from going out and offing Hollow that strayed to close to the districts.

    While everyone would be training outside, Seig would check out his paperwork which was laughably small. Sometimes he got paperwork just too give him that benefit of being a captain. Otherwise his paperwork was next to nothing, so today's paperwork was new possible recruits which he just always accepted and tasks to do. So pretty much five minutes of work and that's just what it was. He never was one to read their profiles for the fact if they did cause shit, then he would simply break them like a twig. This was a known thing after the first fifty recruits tried to take the spot and were curb stomped in less than a second. Sometimes all these challenges made him wish for an actual one, a challenge that would make his blood boil and beg for more. If only someone of that caliber would arrive one day.

    Going back to the training field he looked at his men and cleared his throat. "Men I want you to keep this up for the last hour and then split up into two groups. One squad will handle simple thugs and the others hollows that are getting closer to the districts. Now continue men, I'm off for my daily training." Sieg would state before shunpoing off to his usual training spot on a hill, he came here so often that his special weights he had squad twelve make were in their usual spot. What made them special was that even he had troubles lifting them, and he could bench press a boulder. Those science bastard were good at their job they made the worlds heaviest bracelets. Putting the black bands on his wrist he would grunt from the weight before cracking his neck. "Ahhh peace and quiet." He would mumble to himself before starting his exercise, what looked like jumping Jacks was the most painful jumping jacks hes ever done. For when you have over two hundred pounds swinging up and down as you move. Well your arms tend to start screaming.
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  13. "Oh my...someone has finished the Junior Jumble round..and I also believe you are missing half of that Riddle. So I shall keep you around." Surprisingly saying this verse was mostly normal speech it seemed she was upset..not that her riddle was answered, and correctly. But at something else. something not yet there. Watching the small child... well no, that would be a dangerous evaluation, Alicia's eye narrow upon watching the girl boost herself into a seat. Not saying anything in reply, or in general, her eyes wander the room. Well the one visiable eye, though it was likely both were. Though the Segunda's attention seems to drift elsewhere.

    Doing as she was know to do when bored, the Espada begins to hum. She wasn't angry with the girl, so much as the fact a fools answer was denied. Other than that she had no reason to yet speak with the others. All she could do was wait..and this was the boring sort...


    Walking the central courtyard, a rather tall, and for her size at least busty woman walks the ground...oddly she has pointed ears and a tail..and a very odd mask. Two zanpakuto adorn her side. Walking with a bit of pride to herself, her coat has been transformed into a overshirt. On it bares the mark of the 10th Division..meaning this was the somewhat well known Wolf Captain. Curiously her two pets weren't following her today, and neither were her daughters anywhere to be seen...though the later was rarely seen here. They had no cause to be after all.

    Oddly or..if you knew her, not at all she has a huge stack of digitally printed paper, with a simple stamp on each, she wasn't given to writing. OF course very few if any knew the truth to that...being the fact she..had to admit with some shame, while she could read, she had terrible problems with writing. The 10th Division since comming under her command was known for its work ethic and the fact it was a good division for people who were able to advance, rather than blood lines. While her men tended to like her, and her daughters, a number of shinigami feared her, and with good cause, as a few members of the 11th came to learn the hard way.

    Not really having anyone to speak to, or any of her two seats with her, it was a rather peaceful day, maybe she would see some of her fellow captain along the way...if not she may try speaking with the mummy as she thought of her.

    (ooc both are short, not much to work with)
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  14. Guerra sat as some others made their way into the room, first Kurono with her calm disposition something the Primera was able to appreciate, second was Alicia the next most powerful Espada after himself and someone he was weary of though he still treated her as he did any other of the Espada. Finally Illea the Tres Espada, Guerra wished she were in soul society rather then here as an Espada in this hell they called home as she didn't deserve this life, this life of sadness.
    .....................Interaction: Kurono, Alicia and Illea...................
    The Primera found the silence in the room nice but he was in the mood for conversation rather then silence.
    "Anything either of you three would like to share? I find the silence in here is growing deafening and while a riddle from you Alicia is...nice it hardly keeps a conversation going." Guerra spoke in his deep baritone voice while offering a small smile to Alicia when he mentioned her riddle, truly he hated riddles but their was nothing to do about them as he felt no desire to try and silence the Seguda as it would be insanity for him to use force for such a task and frankly a waste of his and the Seguda's power.​
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  15. @Nevvy

    Zion laughed to himself... "You're one of the few shinigami I know that would turn down a perk... It only makes me want to reward you even more" he says as he began to laugh some more gripping his forehead as he never quite understood what motivated Holly so much.
    After being informed of more paperwork he needed to sign off on he nodded making a mental note of what he had to do.
    When Holly brought up his feelings about the maggots nest Zion's demeanor changed as he agreed with Holly. Zion then went about removing his Captains Haori and wrapped it around his waist as he always felt that was more comfortable....
    "Well Holly I would love to hear what suggestions you have for the maggots nest there has to be a way to make their time pleasant in some way... hopefully one day we can come up with an alternative so any ideas you have let me know when I get back." He says as he goes about stretching his legs and bending and doing squats to loosen himself up...

    "I'm headed to the research labs hopefully some progress was made on who or what killed Saiga" he said as his demeanor became very serious when he spoke about his former Captain.

    In a flash he was gone all that was heard was the slight echo after using Shunpo Zion wanted to get there before Himeko left


    Arriving at the lab in a flash and a smile on his face he proceeded to locate Himeko. Zion knew that Himeko's main focus was not finding out who or what killed Saiga but it was in a list of priorities. It took him a while moving through the seated officers as they waved and said hi and he eventually caught sight of Himeko's Haori...

    "Agh glad I caught you... Still no lieutenant ahh I'm sure you'll promote someone soon. I came to see if any new information was made about Saiga's death?" He asked
    @Sasha Bliss
  16. Himeko Shizuka
    "Agh glad I caught you... Still no lieutenant ahh I'm sure you'll promote someone soon. I came to see if any new information was made about Saiga's death?" she heard and turned to the left. "Oh if it isn't Zion" she replied with a giggle and smile. "Well from what we were given we pretty much had nothing to work with" she responded pressing a button at her desk that opened a hole in the floor, to reveal a glass preserved viewing case. Within it was the upper half of Saiga's body. Unlike when he first arrived his wounds were cleaned up. "But." she said walking over to the case. "We were able to recover some unknown reiatsu" she pulled up a screen showing the data. "As you can see it's like a hollow's but not quite" she responded looking at the body.

    "Do you want to know anything else?" she asked.

  17. @Sasha Bliss

    Zion looked at his masters body and he had to take a moment before emotion hit him... as he immediately pressed the button to return the body to its hidden position in the research lab....

    "No Himeko I don't need to know anything else way too much time has passed and even on patrols we haven't came across something that exudes this weird hollow like chakara. We won't find anything from Saiga's body just that the enemy was able to overpower one of our strongest" he says balling up a fist as it did make him angry everytime.

    Zion turned to Himeko... "Even after becoming a Captain of Squad two, Captain Saiga didn't leave records of his personal missions and left no notes on his actions before his death all we know is that he went to investigate the random missing shinigami. Knowing him not wanting anyone involved he probably confronted the enemy single handed.. thats my best guess" he said to Himeko
    Zion wouldn't come back to see if there was any new development, the trail was cold for a long time now he just kept holding onto finding some clue to avenge his master.

    He put on a false smile.. "Well there is something I would like to know, I need to see how powerful I am compared to Saiga... can you infuse a Gigai with remnants of Saiga's reiatsu. I know it won't be as powerful as the original, but If I am ever to overcome the enemy that killed him I will have to be able to over come him first. I will be at the training grounds as not to disturb soul society... meet me there with the Gigai if you can?" he asked

    He awaited Himeko's reply... either way he would head to the secret training grounds to test his
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  18. Hueco Mundo

    "I am not too late, am I?" Asked the Sexta as entered through the the doorway, likely having just arrived via sonido as his presence was rather far off but a few moments ago.

    Though he asked that, looking around, it couldn't have started as not all of the Espada had yet gathered. The first he noted was Vaham, their apparent leader. Alexander didn't know what to make of the man. He was always rather quiet; a listener rather than a talker. He never gave the Sexta any reason for distrust, but the feeling of being studied constantly was a bit off-putting. Still, Alex didn't think anything bad of the man, or of most of the Espada. They were his family and one he duly needed after what he had gone through. At least it could be said of him to have helped the youngest of the Espada by inviting him into Las Noches and bestowing unto him said title; that was more than could be said about the Shinigami or anyone else.

    Then there was the Primera; a strong, gruff-looking man. Though contrary to his appearance, he was easily one of the most pleasant among the individuals he has met. When he was welcomed into the group, he was the first to welcome him with open arms. Guerra also seemed to be much older than he judging by how he spoke. Put with that, his strength, and how he could tell the man viewed this group the same as he himself did, he made for an excellent senior to look up to.

    The Segunda—Well, she was something else. He honestly couldn't recall the—"gifted" woman ever speaking normally, or entering a room without opening with a riddle. It honestly got a bit annoying after a while. Not only that, but she never seemed to be all that social unless she were riddling, such as now. Alex could never really grasp what purpose she had. She definitely didn't consider them "family" and it would be rather sad if all she wanted was someone to test her riddles on. Needless to say, the woman confused him greatly.

    The Tercera was perhaps the sweetest of the arrancar he had encountered. That was possibly a given considering she was the only "child" among them, which saddened Alexander deeply every time he saw her; a child taken so early without being given a chance. Disease was as cruel and unforgiving as any tyrant. Still, the Sexta had mixed feelings since, while she was technically a child and acted like a child, she too was much older than he was; obviously more powerful too as she was ranked higher.

    "Well... I suppose it couldn't have started yet with this few of us here..." Commenting on that, Alexander proceeded to his own seat. At the very least, the Quatro had yet to arrive; Alex and he rarely ever didn't butt heads.
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  19. Soul Society

    While some others probably wondered where the 2nd Division Lieutenant was this day, no one would know until she made herself relatively known. Which, that usually involved news or rumors of her sending a few more shinigami to the 4th Division. Most of the time it was indeed rumors but she paid no heed to deny or accept them. Most of the time, the fights Kairi got into were to test the others if they were keeping up with their training, often being those from the 11th. While boisterous on their own, it was easy that rumors would spread either way after she'd knock a few people senseless. It's not that she was a particularly violent person, just violence seemed to find her in a way. She never argued about it since it let her get in some fun, until it is of those times where she's the reason it begins. It could have been for a variety of reasons, half of them being quite asinine or pointless. Still, in a way it did help the rest of the Seireitei out in odd ways. Most of her 'victims' usually were from the 11th Division after all, and most of them were oft known to be quite hot-headed and boorish, causing issues with the other divisions at times. This, paired with many other reasons was probably why she was seen as the more 'serious' of the seated members within the 2nd Division. In comparison at the very least.

    As Kairi wandered through the Seireitei, her presence was more or less muffled as she passed several others on her trek. Where she was going, she had no particular plans for the moment but knew there was work to be done soon enough before the days' end. She was still in a train of thought before she found herself running into the presence of one of the Gotei 13's captains. By their traits and the mark of their hoari, it was Oka Ogasawara. Aside from the rumors and news about this person, Kairi felt obligated to ignore most if not all of them. If anything, Kairi could see some of herself in this older being and held a sort of curiosity about her, alongside of respect. With a soft smile, the bluenette stopped in her tracks as she then moved to get the Captain's attention, waving gently as she moved to approach, "Good day there, Captain Ogasawara. I see you don't have anyone following you in the distance today, do you? And I don't mean your family.. I take it your squad is doing well as of late?" Keeping that soft smile, Kairi was at least hopeful that the 10th Division captain would have time for some small talk perhaps. She herself didn't have any pressing matters to attend to as of yet, so what was the harm?


    Hueco Mundo

    Having listened to the others speak, Kurono had at least faintly smiled at seeing Tercera try to solve Segunda's riddle. Behind that smile however, she felt some concern on the tension that was filling the air otherwise. Eyes glancing over to Guerra, Kurono nodded as she then looked over to the recently arrived Sexta, "The others should come in time but I suppose we should be thankful most of us that are... 'Passive,' if I should put it that way... Have already arrived and not caused a scene.." Looking off to the side rather blankly, her attention shifted to Guerra again, taking a few moments before speaking again, "I have some of the arrancar under my wing training right now.. I feel it helpful if they don't solely rely on 'solo acts' as Segunda might put it.. I suppose it's been noticed many others have been becoming restless. I'm sure you of all people have seen that, Guerra.."

    @Dakota K5
  20. In Las Nochas a woman sat on a stool in front of a large silver mirror connected to a white desk stroking her long black and shinny hair with a jeweled hairbrush. This woman's name was Belladona Kiosa and she wanted to look her best since she had a meeting to attend with her fellow Espada. She had just finished putting on her jewelry, make up and was now finishing up with hair. She wasn't to excited about the meeting and really didn't want to leave her room which was probably the most decorated in Las Nochas. The palace she called home for the time being was in shambles and a bland eyesore. She would prefer to lay in her bed, wrapped in satin covers napping but she needed to play her part as a loyal soldier. She sighed finally decided to stop wasting time and placed her brush on the desktop an stood up from her seat. She took at step away from the mirror and took one final look at herself. She wore a loose decorated quechquemitl that hung on her shoulders and a skirt that exposed the side of her thighs and exended down below her knees. On her upper left thigh her number was exposed for all to see, #9 for she was the Noveno. She smiled at herself in acceptance of her appearance and left her room grabbing her red scarf and her Zanpokuto on the way out of her room off her bed. She put her sword's satchel on her hip and let her weapon hanging off her left hip against her thigh. She then draped the scarf over each arm and behind her back as she walked out the door into the palace hallways.

    Bella took her time as she walked humming a tune with a smile still on her lips. She wondered who had beaten her there, It would be quite embarrassing if she was the last one there. She could check with a Pesquisa but it would be pointless and wouldn't change anything if she was the last one to arrive. She soon arrived at the meeting room entrance where she could see that 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 had arrived before her. She entered the room and took her seat. She then looked up at Vahem, The leader of the Espada and gave him a wave. "Greeting my lord, Hope I'm not to late." Bella then turned her attention to the others in the room. "Hi everyone!" She said loudly making sure she couldn't be ignored. She crossed her legs and leaned back into her chair. "So, Did I miss anything exciting or did Alicia just give another one of her entertaining riddles." She asked pretending to be interest. She never tried to figure out Alicia's Riddles, She has tried before in the past and never did give a correct answer so she completely gave up on solving them.
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