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  1. Please include the following information in your character application:

    Name: Character's name

    Character's age

    Male or female

    Knight or Mage

    Weapon(s) and Equipment: What gear does your character own?

    Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, or Darkness. See the rules tab if you need more info.

    Combat Info:
    What's your character's gimmick?

    Non-Combat Info: What else is your character good at?

    Backstory: What happened in your character's childhood, and how/why did they enroll at the Academy?

    I'll review character applications as often as I can. If something is wrong, I'll work with you and help brainstorm until it's right.
  2. S O Z A | S U N A D A

    N A M E
    Soza Sunada

    A G E


    G E N D E R

    C L A S S


    W E A P O N & E Q U I P M E N T
    - 1x Katana
    - Arm Guards/Gauntlets
    - Armored Boots


    E L E M E N T
    Darkness - Shadows

    C O M B A T - I N F O

    Soza uses the art of Iaido, the technique of drawing the sword in one fluid cutting motion and cleaning the blood from the blade in one motion before sheathing the weapon once more. He uses this technique for fast attacks, and taking his opponent off guard. IF the fight lasts for more than one attack, which it usually does at this young age, he switches to unsheathing his blade. He will fight with the Katana and Scabbard as one. Katana in one hand, and scabbard in the other.

    Incorporating magic into these attacks is tricky, but not impossible. He is currently practicing new and varied techniques with Shadows & Darkness, but the only one that he is *good* with is casting 'Eclipse'. Eclipse creates a small sphere around Soza and his opponent, time varying on incantation, skill ,etc. The point of Eclipse is that it dims down the lighting, making it harder to see Soza's black blade, and misjudging where it may be so he has an easier chance to land a hit. He usually uses this 'Eclipse' when he is still using Iaido.

    Eclipse - This spell creates a black sphere in a small radius. The users inside the sphere can barely see, the stronger the caster, the darker it gets. The spell doesn't last for long, only a couple of seconds but lasts long enough to be able to use a final blow on an enemy.

    Shadow: Roots - A spell used to manipulate the shadows of anything and everything. When the spell is cast silently or with an incantation, shadows reach up from the ground and grab whatever the target may be, rooting them to the ground for a limited time. Varies on incantation, and strength of caster.

    Edge of Darkness - This is a simple spell. The user gathers dark energy, condensing it and forming it around their blade/weapon to increase the cutting power of said weapon.

    Slash of Darkness - This attack was created by Ike, or so he believes as he hasn't seen anyone else use it. This spell gets stronger, even after being cast, it 'charges' inside of his Scabbard. This spell/attack is combined with his Iaido technique. Dark Energy starts to gather inside of his Scabbard and can only be released when he draws his sword. Once the sword is drawn, the energy is released in an arcing slash to wherever he may have aimed the draw/slash to go. This attack can still be used without the sword sheathed, but as soon as he casts the ability, the energy shoots out of the scabbard. Meaning the ability is weak and useless without him sheathing his sword. *Because of the possible power this attack has, he has to use the incantation at this young of an age. He is not able to quick-cast it. Yet.*

    More to come soon

    N O N - C O M B A T - I N F O
    - Terrible Cook
    - Great Baker
    - Terrible Singer
    - Great Listener
    - Acquiring Information he shouldn't


    B A C K S T O R Y
    Soza's childhood life was fantastic. His Mother and Father loved him to pieces, being their only child. They took care of him, his Father always talking about the 'Outside' World of their hometown and how scary and dangerous it was. His Mother would bake delicious pies and give him a slice when he would return home from school. This is where he learned how to bake, and listened to his Mother talk about her day and how she helped people in town. It was a simple, peaceful little life. This history isn't a sob story, the Village is fine and so is his family. He just always loved hearing stories of Knights and Mages, going around and being heroes. So that it was he decided to do.

    The Weapon, Armor, and anything else that he owns or uses has been purchased by him. He had a small job, earning enough money until he hit the age of 16, bought his equipment and trained by himself for a year, just so he wouldn't go to the Academy as a total noob.

    (I can go into wayyyyyy more depth if you guys want)

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  3. ~Hello i am quite new at rp so if there are any tips or suggestions i would be grateful for your assistance~

    Name: Xenyla
    Class: mage
    Weapons/equipment: pendant necklace which is used to hold back her power; small dagger
    Element: Darkness
    Combat info: she conceals majority of her power within her necklace. Without it she is weak and can only cast minor spells such as telekinesis and such.
    Non combat: xenyla is very trusting and quick to win people over.
    Backstory: when she was a young girl her mother was executed due to the king believing she was responsible for his nightmares. Her father went insane for revenge and was killed a few years later. Xenyla wished to prove that dark majic could be used for a good cause. She enrolled into the mage academy to fully harness her power and to find a purpose for it.
  4. This is a really good example of what I'm looking for, approved. If you'd like to detail his hometown, for mission deployments or other reasons, you can flesh it out in the OOC thread so I can add it to the lore. Although if it's not within the Kingdom's borders, you might not want to go to the trouble.
  5. Cool! Thanks :D I might flesh out the Hometown then.
  6. Couple things:
    1) Try to come with a last name, too. If you'd like it to be exotic, you might also want to include a phonetic spelling. (Ex. Zen-eee-luh)
    2) It might be better if her pendant helps control her power, instead of saying it holds it back. Learning to control it might then be a further incentive for her to enroll, and the day when she no longer needs it can be a milestone scene for her character.
    3) If her necklace is a catalyst or a focus, that's fine, but you need to state how her magic manifests. How does she attack? Does she summon something? Does she take control of objects? Does she use some sort of indirect attack? Those are some examples, just make sure it falls within the element of darkness.
    4) Her backstory is okay, except for the part where the king ordered the execution, as the King of Belgrave is a pretty easy-going guy. If she comes from a different kingdom, then that's fine as is, though.

    Send me a PM when you've made those fixes, and I'll take a look at it.
  7. [​IMG]
    (Minus the wings)

    Name: Hachikuji Kuroka (Often referred to as the "Wraith of Misfortune")

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female


    Weapon(s) and Equipment: The scythe she owns is a family relic known as "Fukou no Kiseki", often shortened to Kiseki for ease. It has been in the Hachikuji family for generations, since the founding of Belgrave. The weapon is said to have been created by the Chronarii themselves, although this rumour remains unfounded. Its purpose and abilities are also dubious, and according to legend its full strength hasn't been accessed in centuries. Currently, it can only phase in and out of existence, but when used by a master it can literally cleave the sky in two.

    Element: Darkness - Void (a path of the Dark element used by every member of the Hachikuji family, as long as they inherit it (see Backstory).)

    Combat Info:
    Kuroka fights with an odd style. Despite being a mage, she specialises in close - mid range combat, rather than long range, however, despite being a close range fighter, she does not wear armor like knights do.
    Arc of Non-existence: Her primary spell is an instant cast that creates an arc of energy around 3 feet long with a maximum range of about 6 feet away from her. This blade appears to be a typical shadow blade, however, rather than being created from shadows, it is instead created from the absence of all existence. Even photons do not travel through it. This attack can penetrate defenses, but it doesn't do much damage in comparison to her other abilities. She tends to combine it with amplifying abilities.
    Instance Wall: Kuroka creates a wall of the same lack of existence. If timed correctly, it can block even the most powerful of spells, but it only lasts for half a second so a good deal of foresight is needed to utilise it properly.
    Fleet-step: A void manipulator without a short range teleport spell is a pitiful existence, after all... Kuroka can teleport up to 12 feet in any direction. She can use this twice within a period of 4 seconds, but after that period has elapsed, she can't teleport again for 30 seconds. If she only teleported once in that period, the cooldown is 20 seconds instead.
    The above are three uses of her ability, more than actual spells. They all stem from the same core, which is that Void mages are commonly capable of utilising up to 11 layers of reality (the first three make up the human universe), whereas normal mages are limited to 3. 4, if they're lucky. Kuroka is still a relative novice, and can only use 6 layers. She can see up to the 8th layer. the 9th, 10th and 11th layer are both inaccessible and invisible to her. It is theoretically possible for people to access layers beyond the 11th, although this has never fully been achieved since all one's desires can be fulfilled using 11. There have been cases of objects being moved beyond the 11th later, although these cannot be brought back.

    layers function just like one another, and a 3D object may be moved between them by a void mage. If it is moved 1 layer, so it occupies the 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers instead of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd (as humans can see), the object would appear to be 2 dimensional to a human as its 3rd dimension now exists beyond the realm of human vision. By moving an object 3 layers, it then occupies the 4th, 5th and 6th layers and essentially doesn't exist in this world at all until it is moved back into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layers by a void mage. Please imagine every use of the word "dimension" (except in relation to the dimensions of a 3D/2D/1D object) as "layer".


    I have to say, I outdid myself on the amount of work put into creating a character this time :D

    Non-Combat Info:
    Kuroka, like many of her ancestors, is very intelligent. She learns quickly and rarely has to study; relying on memory alone is usually enough for her. She is religious, although she doesn't believe in all this silly hocus pocus like the "afterlife" or "fate". She dislikes the shortened name of her weapon, which means "Miracle", and is the only one in her family to refer to it as Fukou rather than Kiseki. She's not afraid to use her abilities to her own advantage, either. There's nothing she'd say she was particularly good or bad at, although she likes to invent and modify magical devices in her spare time and has won a couple of young engineer awards for these. Her favourite piece of work is the improvements she made to the Enchanted Alarm Clock, which is now the widely used variant among the academy's students. She likes to play complex practical jokes, and is currently looking forward to the expiry date she coded into the Alarm Clock enchantment: Once December 5th passes in the current year, the 'snooze' button will not temporarily disable the noise but instead make it louder.

    Family History:
    The Hachikuji family traces its lineage back to long before the founding of Belgrave. Some desperate Chronarii researchers like to believe the Hachikuji are either associated with or direct descendants of the Chronarii, although this is almost certainly not true. The characters of the name Hachikuji can be rearranged to make "misfortune", so over time the more distant branches of the family started taking the name of the families they married into instead. Only the main branch retains the Hachikuji name, in current times. It has become tradition for the children of second children to take the name of their partner (explained later). This means that as Kuroka is the first child of Hachikuji, the children of her younger sister will all take the name of their partner, should they marry, although Kuroka's own children and her sister will keep the name Hachikuji. For some reason, the eldest child has always been female.
    This is not just tradition though; there is a reason to it. The ability to manipulate void is unique to the Hachikuji family, and is handed down through the oldest children of each generation. Younger children do not inherit the ability to manipulate void, although they still have a high affinity for normal branches of the Dark element. They can also still see other layers even if they can't touch them. The children of those who do not inherit the main ability will not inherit the ability to see layers either, so to keep the Hachikuji name pure, only those who can either manipulate or see other layers are allowed to take the name. Most people don't want the name though and are more than happy to be rid of it. There have been instances of the ability to manipulate void appearing outside the Hachikuji family in people seemingly completely unrelated to them. This spontaneous development cannot be handed down to children, so it is considered an imperfect form. Still, if someone like this is found, the Hachikuji clan will go to great extents to obtain this person. Younger ones will be adopted into the Hachikuji family (often after a corrupt court case to remove custody of the child from the original parents), while older ones are asked to take the Hachikuji name and move into Belgrave of their own will.
    The Hachikuji are a very powerful family in Belgrave, and have almost as much influence as the royal family does. They are nobles, which allow them to interfere with official politics, but they are also in charge of the town's criminal underworld as the mafia. They have fought beside the royal family both while founding the city and while defending it, and thanks to this, the royal line overlooks their tendency to murder people for personal gain. The two families have come to a kind of agreement. The Hachikuji clan controls the nation's criminals and quietly deals with outside threats when possible, allowing Belgrave to appear peaceful and prosperous, and the royal family lets them do pretty much what they want as long as it's not destructive to Belgrave.
    The key to Hachikuji success is the sheer convenience of their ability, combined with the fact that no one else possesses it. Masters of the art can teleport with ease and remove someone from existence by locking them in the 6th, 8th or even 10th layers, leaving even less trace than a normal murder would. The ability to remove things from existence and bring them back later also makes them very good at stealing things, although they get more than enough money from assassination contracts so they rarely steal except for rare items they intend to keep themselves.

    Personal History:
    Kuroka, as the eldest child of the main family, is obviously very precious to the Hachikuji clan, and her family and servants will literally bend over backwards to keep her safe. Unfortunately, this means she had relatively little freedom when she was a child, and due to that she now has a much larger rebellious streak than most people her age. She dedicated a good deal of her time to learning to use her ability, and was home schooled rather than attending a public school. She ignored lessons she deemed pointless or uninteresting, but in exchange, her knowledge of Biology and Physics, as well as Mathematics, are considerably beyond her peers. She enrolled in the academy at age 16, to study the practical application of her skills.
    Kuroka is actually considerably more talented that an average member of her family. It is thought this is because her father was one of the people who spontaneously developed the ability, while her mother was an eldest child of the family. Even though the outsider can't pass down the full ability, it seems a small portion of it does get handed down alongside the Hachikuji clan's version.
    The "Wraith of Misfortune" title comes from her habits for almost 2 years before enrolling in the school. She used to travel around the poorer districts of the city, where underground tournaments were often held. After a while, people noticed: Whoever Kuroka bet on would always lose to inhumanly poor luck. Competitors and audience alike began to know her as the Wraith of Misfortune, and she has become a popular urban legend. The causes vary between versions, but they always end in the same way "lest the Wraith of Misfortune cast her bet on you." Obviously, she was quickly barred from establishments once people realised what was going on, because people always knew to bet on the other guy.

    Kuroka has a sister 2 years younger than herself, who enrolled in the academy at the same time as she did. If anyone is interested in playing this character, PM me and I'll give you some details. Most of what they're like will be up to the player to decide, though.
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  8. Rachel Shadetree
    Rachel Shadetree

    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Rachel is very gamine in appearance. She is extremely short toping out at 4 foot 11 inches (59 inches/150 cm). She is thin with almost no bust to speak of and can be confused with a young boy if thrown into the right clothing. She has large icy blue eyes with long thick deep black eyelashes that most of the time are half closed in boredom or indifference. She has thick ink black hair that is kept in a bob just below her jawline. Her eyebrows arch over her eyes in neat black lines. Her complexion is extremely pale and devoid of color for the most part. When not in uniform she wears long dresses in black, red or gray.
    Class: Mage

    Weapon(s) and Equipment: Parasol that is spider web printed and frilly that turns into a staff when in combat.
    Element: Darkness
    Combat Info: Battle-wise she can manipulate shadows into hardened objects like spikes, as well as summon things like polygonal spiders made out of the same material, as well as cast bad luck hexes. Rachel doesn't have any defensive abilities. Her philosophy is kill it quick before it has a chance at you. That being said, she can meld to any shadow on a solid surface and move around within the shadow.

    Non-Combat Info and Personality: She's also gifted in alchemy. Her mother is an apothecary, so that's where she picked it up. She loves to creep people out and will go out of her way to make someone uncomfortable. She is extremely intellectual and not often is she caught without a book in her hand. Whether its on history, magic, foreign culture, or some random science; she reads it all and eats through books at an alarming rate. She has perfected the art of cutting words and uses this to her advantage on those around her. Its a game she likes to play called "Lets see who gets pissy first". She doesn't smile. Ever. She has been known to grin but only if she wins her little game or if someone around her is trying to figure her out. She also likes to play "What am I thinking about?" which tends to creep everyone out because its usually really dark and unexpected. She can't cook to save her life, or anyone else's for that matter. Rachel is distrustful and closed off emotionally to most every one and is especially distrustful of males and makes broad generalizations of their behavior. She takes a keen interest in the macabre and finds things cute that most people would find creepy. She hates sunlight and avoids it if possible.

    Rachel Shadetree
    Rachel is from a little forest town called Lamplight in Belgrave. A beautiful little town where her mother was the apothecary of the town was her mother. She met her best friend Lily through the fact that Lily's mother was the botanist who supplied Rachel's mother's store. Unfortunately not everything in life is all sunny and roses. Rachel's father died when she was very young at the age of three and her mother remarried when she turned five. She was found to have an affinity for the Darkness Element at the age of seven. Something seemed to have changed for Rachel about this time as well. She retreated inward and the once bright happy child became quiet and reserved. She spent most of her time alone. Only with Lily who she couldn't shake off no matter how she tried Lily wouldn't get the hint. Despite all of Lily's determination only when working on school work or magic studies could one see the once animated young girl that was Rachel. It was soon apparent at the age of thirteen that she wasn't done learning what she could about her magic and more extensive training was needed for her to reach her full potential. She informed her mother and asked permission to attend. Her mother was always as delicate as the flowers she worked with and if there was anyone who could reach Rachel it was her mother. Rachel is very thoughtful and tender with her. Her mother put the condition on going to the school if only she made frequent trips back home if she was allowed since Rachel was her only child and very precious to her.

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  9. So many Dark elements :D
  10. You've clearly put a lot of thought into your character. It's going to need a few edits, but I'll do my best to preserve the work you've done.

    1) Spatial magic is considered non-elemental. It takes a lifetime of practice to master, regardless of natural aptitude, and moving things through an actual dimension requires at minimum several mages working in tandem with specialized equipment. The only true Spatial magic I'm allowing PCs to cast is a utility pocket dimension, and that's limited to mages. So how about instead we call her unique brand of darkness "Void"? It wouldn't change much, except maybe the dimensions and geometric planes part, and there could be infinite levels of the void instead of just 11. Other darkness-adepts would know how to defend against it (Or at least anticipate it), but it's certainly something her family could have a unique talent for.

    2) Regarding the clocks, I'm okay with saying she made her own unique design, but what if she's distributed them only throughout the school so far as a trial run? Mages are a curious bunch, after all, and they'll often accept such devices just to figure out how they work.

    3) The Chronarii are a near-deified civilization that disappeared before the beginning of recorded history, with only the most ancient of texts mentioning them. Their ruins dot the landscape, but virtually nothing about them is known, and not even the brightest minds in the world have been able to uncover the simplest of their secrets.

    4) I'm glad you went with a noble family, we're probably going to need some more of them. There are a few issues with it, though. I don't mind them being an underworld organization, but I'd like for them to at least operate on some sort of code of honor, like the Yakuza or something, so they serve as something that prevents other truly ruthless criminals from rising up. Since they're so keen on the darkness element, maybe they go after people who use illegal magic to commit crimes, like necromancy or blood magic? Murdering people for their children is a little bit too much, but using bribes and manipulating the legal system to get custody taken away and then adopting might be okay. Last, it might be better if you left the size of her family unspecified. I think an 8th of the total population might be a bit too much, and I'd like for other people to have their characters come from mafia-type families if they would like to. Maybe I'll add a lore piece on different crime clans/syndicates.

    As a side note, it's considered a mark of distinction for noble families to have a child graduate the academy. But that also means they put a lot of pressure and expectation on their kids to outperform those of common stock. Darkness also has a little bit of a social stigma to it. Other mages still tend to look at darkness-adepts as "those people", stemming from the fact that practices like necromancy and blood magic are a part of that element. But the Royal Academy has long offered courses tailored to Darkness-adepts, normalizing it within the curriculum, and the stigma tends to dissipate as students get older and more accustomed to having it around.

    EDIT: Approved
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  11. As for 1, would the essential functions remain the same and only the terminology change? If that's the case it seems a little pointless, but I'm not going to argue against it. If it means changing how the ability functions though, then I'll just change the ability completely. I had always planned for people to be able to anticipate or be able to defend against it, since with any style of magic that just comes down to experience and being able to gauge the movements of your foe.

    The clock thing was just a bit of a gimmick, so I don't mind that change.

    I realised the Chronarii are pretty mysterious. That's why I tried to make sure any claimed link to them was clarified as only being rumour and speculation. The Chronarii are incredibly mysterious, which means inquisitive minds will always fantasize about them and imagine connections that aren't really there out of a desperation to know more about such a mysterious thing, so it makes sense that the oldest family in the nation, who wield a weapon almost as mysterious as the Chronarii themselves, would naturally have suspicions raised about them concerning whether or not they had ties to the Chronarii. They're not true of course, but common folk like to dream about things they can never achieve themselves.

    I intended for them to be like a mafia / yakuza clan, sorry if that didn't get across properly. I was rushing a bit. I don't want the family to appear to have any kind of "good" alignment though. Intentional prevention of ruthless criminals purely for the good of the nation is far too selfless for the Hachikuji family. They only do things if it means the family will gain something from doing it. Of course, they gain stuff from destroying unaligned criminals, so they do it anyway, but it's not something they do out of the good of their hearts, if you catch my drift. I'll reduce the murder to manipulation then. It might actually make more sense that way, too.

    If it wasn't clear, only the main branch that retains the Hachikuji name is considered part of the noble lineage. Those who take a different name are still treated as family, but they don't get involved in the main branch's politics or business. From a social point of view, they may as well just be average citizens. An 8th of a city's population isn't actually that much. Trace back far enough and everyone in the entire world is descended from a single ape-like creature, after all, yet we don't consider ourselves to all be members of the same family.
  12. For 1, yes, it's really just a matter of rewriting a few of the words.

    For the Chronarii, I might have misread what you wrote. I can see where it might make sense for her family to encourage the rumors.

    For her family, you did give good reasons why the King would allow them to continue to operate. The reason I suggested her family have some sort of main "genre" of crime (gambling, banking, etc) is A) To allow those who might want to come from the same kind of family background a chance to do so without there being a major turf war, and B) To give her some sort of RP flag. Some theme for something she might encounter during a mission to piss her off and make her more motivated. The example I listed I thought would be the best one for her.

    For her family size, if you would be willing to say those are the statistics her family claims and most normal people wouldn't have the means to trace that connection back, I'd be okay with that.
  13. Name: Brandon Balthazar

    Age: 16



    Weapon(s) and Equipment: An wooden staff heavy enough to act as a blunting weapon.


    Combat Info:
    Most of the time, Brandon uses basic earth magic in combat, like hurling rocks towards his opponent or creating walls of earth, because he finds it difficult to cast advanced earth magic. However, his accuracy is terrible so he makes up for this by turning the fight into a close-ranged one. In close-range, Brandon fights using the Balthazar swordplay which incorporates the use of over-sized swords or heavy blunting weapons.

    Non-Combat Info: He is a bit of a rebel and a trouble-maker who is a little too passionate on what he thinks is right and will willingly jump into dangerous situations just to prove it. He lacks patience and can't sit still for even a few minutes. But he's friendly and loyal to those who he considers as friends.

    Backstory: Growing up in a lineage where some of the greatest mages and knights were born, Brandon spent his childhood training to become like those who came before him. His parents acted as his instructors, his father taught him swordplay and his mother taught him earth magic. As training went on, they realized Brandon's mana pool was higher than normal so they shifted his training to magic despite showing proficiency in swordplay. Brandon struggled learning magic and pleaded to his parents to teach him swordplay instead. But this only led to more arguments in the family which grew worse when they found out he spent his free time studying swordplay on his own instead of practicing advanced magic. Brandon was enrolled in the Mage's college against his will.
  14. I'll rewrite that then but I'll be damned if I'm remaking the image so just pretend the word "dimension" has been replaced by "Layer of the void" or something :D

    Banking classes as a crime to you? Bit harsh :D Not every banker is corrupt. They might be hoarders, but they're not corrupt. Funny story: My grandfather used to work in a bank way back before the system was automated. At the end of the day the money was counted and compared to the books, and if even a single penny was missing, no one was allowed to go home until they'd found that penny. Anyway, I'll have the Hachikuji be a family of mercenary assassins then. What individual members do is their own call, and if one wants to branch into gambling they can do, but officially their family's role is the spontaneous disappearance of influential figures.

    The family doesn't claim those statistics - no one has kept track of them, it's more an OOC piece of information to illustrate the age of the family, so I'll remove it from the app since I had no intention of using that information IC.

    Also, I'd like to make a background character (a teacher) who's learning a bit of blood magic. Would that be OK or would that screw with your plot?
    • Name: Eloise Blancbaston
      Age: 16
      Gender: Female
      Class: Knight
      Equipment: Rapier & main gauche (parrying dagger), Rodela (round shield), Armour (Art by Seung Hee)
      Element: Light

      Backstory: Born as the third child to the Blancbaston main family, Adelaide Eloise Blancbaston was born into a good household. The land owned by the family is revered for it's tailoring guilds and masters, as well as it's silk production, entomophagy (consumption if insects) and accompanying cuisine. The Blancbaston family itself is famed for it's solidarity with the common class, which has helped solidify their position within the markets of their exported goods. However, this association has always hindered their political influence. Despite their official status as nobility, many other nobles scoff at the family because of it.

      To this end, the Blancbaston family has forged a strong alliance with the royalty of Belgrave. Many of it's children attend the institute as crux of their support. Their standing amongst nobles remains an uphill battle, but this strengthening of ties does give the family more influence and weight to throw around.

      Eloise, as many before her, found it within her duty to join enroll into the institute for this reason. However, unlike the Blancbastons before her, Eloise was born with limited magical affinity. Her family opposed Eloise' decision and stated they would wait for her younger brother to become of age so he could take her place. Eloise, however, determined not to let birthright define her, enrolled of her own accord. Eloise is determined to prove she can carry and honour the family name as a knight, instead of a mage, even if her family does not officially recognise her enrolment.
    • [​IMG]

      Height: 5’10
      Weight: 121
      Art by Kimihiko Fujisaka
    • Role: Eloise aspires to fulfil the role of duellist. She aims to be able to engage high-priority targets, even if they are stronger than her (to an extent) and practices the versatility to pressure them. This path can excel in manipulating single opponents, but is comparably weak in formation or when her mobility is limited. Of course, she is not quite there yet.

      Magic: In terms of magical talent, Eloise draws power from familiars she stores in tattoos within her body. These familiars in their most impressive form take the shape of regal animals (lions, wolves, stallions, eagles, deer) bathed in light that makes it difficult to make out their features. Eloise, however, has not yet mastered the use of such high-level familiars.

      Instead, Eloise draws power from lower familiars, like swallows and hares. Like their more powerful brethren, their forms are bathed in light. As a knight however, Eloise lacks the magical aptitude to maintain strong and durable forms of her familiars. Instead, she uses them to compliment her swordplay and physical ability. When power is drawn from one of the tattoos, it will emit that same light. Here follows a list of Eloise' current repertoire of spells;

      • La Tempête
        Incantation: “Princes of the sky, fan your winds and guide my steel. La Tempête!”
        Effect: Adds a great amount of speed and accuracy to an attack; making it difficult to block or dodge. Because it's incantation gives it away, however, proper repositioning or shielding a wide area is a potential hard-counter to this spell. Eloise' blade will glow, and add a light-affinity to her attacks.
        Quick-cast effect: Adds a smaller speed-buff to Eloise' attacks at the cost of some power. Her blade will glow dimly.​

        La Sylphide
        Incantation: “Princes of the sky, lend me your spirits and pave my path. La Syphide!”
        Effect: A pair of wings manifests near Eloise' ankles. These allow her to, quite literally, walk on air. She can negate terrain disadvantages and even use water as footing.
        Quick-cast effect: Eloise becomes feather-weight. This can function as a lite-version (pun intended) when it comes to traversal as it costs less mana and doesn't instantly give her position away like the wings do, however she can easily be swept off her feet by light to moderate force. ​
      • Balanchine
        Incantation: “Drawers of light, make me your chariot and lead my charge. Balanchine!”
        Effect: Grants Eloise superior legwork, allowing her to close gaps or rapidly disengage very quickly, as well as gifting her with a great amount of balance.
        Quick-cast effect: A slighter boost that only lasts for a few moments. Quick-casting Balanchine in rapid succession will result in migraine and wonky perception of time.​

        Patte de Lapin
        Incantation: “Drawers of light, I permit your caprice. Turn the tide. Patte de Lapin!”
        Effect: A non-combat spell that grants Eloise ridiculous amounts of luck. It is ill advised to play any games of chance with Eloise while she is under the effects of this spell.
        Quick-cast effect: Simply a weaker version of Patte de Lapin. It still has no combat applications.​
    • Talents:
      • Bookworm. Eloise is literate and enjoys tearing through books at the speed of her magical affinity.
      • Capable harpist. To be molded into a lady of decent standing, Eloise has been taught how to play the harp.
      • Born to intrigue. All politics require theatrics, even meritocracies. Eloise grew up playing the part and knows how to conduct her charms and wiles in conversation.
      • Cleaning. Eloise is surprisingly vigorous when it comes to tidying the place up.
      • Commanding presence. Although she lacks the rank and experience, Eloise shows potential as a leader.
      • Fussy eater. Salted rations make Eloise her stomach turn. The drawbacks on expeditions are obvious.
      • No sense of direction. Despite insisting otherwise, Eloise cannot plot her course out of a paper bag.
      • Hole in my pocket. Don't trust Eloise with money. No good will come of it.
      • Unapologetic. It's not that sorry isn't in Eloise' dictionary. It's just written in really fine print.
      • Envy. Eloise is prone to some nasty cases of jealousy.

      Theme Song:

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  15. No, no, no, banking is fine! (Hell, I'm a capitalist.) But there are such things as mafia banks where they do stuff like money laundering.

    But anyways, all that sounds good. Once you've made those edits to your character sheet, I'll approve it.

    I assume the instructor will be something for Kuroka to discover and overcome?
  16. Interesting angle, I'll approve it. I trust you'll try and get him transferred to the Knight Academy through story?
  17. Very well done and well-organized! She and Kuroka must be in a squad together. You know you want to. DO IT!
  18. If I'm looking at potential strategies between the two, I'm breaking the game just by imagining the combos ;p I think I'll wait out the other sheets for a bit before deciding, though.
  19. Edits made. Yep, the instructor will be someone relevant to potential Kuroka-centered subplots.

    I'm having a hard time working out potential combos with Ms Baguette, though. As far as I can tell, her abilities involve making her very fast, but there's not much in there to make a combo with. Not when Kuroka's the kind of person who hates playing only a support role :D That's why she developed close range abilities, so she could take center-stage.
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