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    Created by @Edward and @Kitsune

    ''Here in the forest, dark and deep, i offer you eternal sleep.''

    The world, yet to be forged laid nothing but waste. Stained with brown, stained with colorless trees and leaves. Yet to arrive, our wait extended, our legs firm but not yet planted.
    Our Ancestors arrived just in time, before the world crumbled and left to die.
    With the arrival, a unique essence followed behind us, Magic.
    Lightning, Water, Earth, and Fire, we wielded with ease as if it was a benevolent gift.
    How or why we do not know...

    With time we prospered, building our lives as normal like anyone would.
    Camps, houses, armies, and kingdoms, we live through peaceful yet divided words.
    But like all things, peace would soon be distorted, as we were demons, evil at heart and always so.
    Through forgotten means we finally set foot on this earth, four of us were born to be raised as demons.
    Like all hybrids we too carried the essence of magic, used this powerful source to strengthen ourselves for the events that will soon come.

    More of us, they called ''humans'' were given life, everyday 5 were born and the world continued this way for several years.
    It was not till the four first born reached adult-hood that they stopped growing, they soon noticed that they held more power than the demons and with that.... they took up rebellion.



    ''Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories''

    Us humans were led by the first born, the four generals that stood on the precipice of that green hill top surrounded by a army of our own. Faced against us just a few feet away, the demon horde led by their own generals, the first of their own kind and the same ones that gave birth to the first born. As our forces clashed our blood mixed with their own and seemingly mixed with ease as if we were no different from them, however, just like all wars we were blinded by a singular goal... the freedom of the human race. With our armor we protected one another, with our magic we repelled against the offensive forces of our enemy, and with our steel we slayed them...

    The weaker links ran away, went into hibernation we assumed, during this time we took up what we could find from the smokey battlefield and grew upon our own ashes, built on our own graves, created on the very earth we slayed our parents on. With the ever growing population of the human race peace seemingly returned and as we grew fear overwhelmed us. With fear came a very law that our leaders made, the four first born sealed our magic powers so that we may not ever run into the same problem they did with the demons.

    History is known to repeat itself therefore after countless generations pass the demons once again came back to the surface. The four first born overwhelmed with fear once again created a school they called the, Shinwa-mahou Academy. For those that display magical powers they would enroll into the academy, it was a safe method of building a army again to face off against the new demon horde...but suddenly... all was lost of the rest.. the history between these moments disappeared as time went on, as if all of this was merely a fairy tail.

    Now, we are at the present, the year is 2016 and the academy looks better than ever.

    (backyard of the academy, the big bell is off image near the right, the lobby is on the first floor, the classrooms is on the second floor, cafeteria is on the left part of the building near off image, near the bell are clubs which are created by the students. )
    It was a dark night, right after school time, everyone just got out of school and was already presumably home. Zekiel, the president of the academy took a walk in the backyard and presumably fell asleep on the fountain of rocks. All we were told is that he had a bad dream and had to walk himself home instead of sleeping on the fountain as we all knew that he would've if it wasn't for his bad dream... But Zekiel didn't have a bad dream, it wasn't a dream at all...


    ''Good morning, Zekiel.'' A cold manly voice echoed into his ear, he jerked upward from his relaxed position on the rock fountain but his momentum was suddenly halted by a swift tight grip on his neck from the mysterious red eyed monster standing before him. His red eyes pierced through Zekiels soul, essentially stripping him of his strength to fight back. His hands previously grasped on the monsters arm slowly fell to his waist lifelessly and limp. ''What's wrong, Zekiel.. Have you grown weaker through the years of ruling over this school filled with these filthy children?''

    Zekiel eventually responded after a few seconds, although it was a struggle to speak. ''W-What i-is it that y-you're doing h-here?'' this attempt to speak amused the mysterious red eyed monster, to the point of laughter. ''Ha Ha Ha Ha'' The red eyed monster chuckled in his face with joy. ''To think... I've already defeated the famous immortal mage.. what i could do to those kids of yours if i can do this to you..'' As the red eyed monster neared his final sentence he turned to a black fog that soon disappeared with his words still echoing at Zekiel.

    As Zekiel rubbed his neck he whispered a name... ''Osmon.'' He then took it upon himself to have a smoke before he lifted himself up and presumably carried himself home... but home to him that night was Aceline's classroom. There he took refuge on the teacher's desk for the night with a blanket and pillow he slept like a bear.
    A new morning, just like everyday it was sunny and partly cloudy. All the students are on their own way to the academy, the school bell can be heard all throughout Bōkyaku city along with the birds.

    (Please include how you got up, what happened between the time of waking up and walking/ traveling to the academy, also include your character entering the academy and going into class. Be knowledgeable that including other characters or making up situations with others is part of the key to keeping this thing alive! Have fun posting! )
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    Aceline Petit was humming along to the song that filled her small car as she drove to work. During certain parts, she would softly sing the words under her breath before going back to humming, drumming her fingers against her wheel to match the rhythm. It was a beautiful day as always in the town of the oblivious, bringing a smile to the brunette's face as she turned a corner before keeping straight. Her workplace loomed above her as she drove into the parking lot, eyes scanning or the perfect space. Being that she was a teacher—the only one, really, she had to come in early in order to get things organized for her beloved students. That meant that she had many options on where to park, which never failed to make her happy. As the song she was listening to came to an end, the French woman parked her vehicle in a space directly in front of the entrance. She waited a bit, letting the song fade out, before turning off her car and gathering her things. When she stepped out of her car, she had her purse on one arm with papers in the hand, and a cup of coffee in the other hand. Closing the door shut with her hip, Aceline began to stalk towards the huge double doors of Shinwa Mahou Academy, sipping her beverage.

    The young woman wasn't surprised to find that one of the front doors was already open when she swung it open after situating her belongings. Swiftly, she slipped inside before the door could shut on her and damper her cheerful morning. Once again situating her belongings, Aceline sipped her coffee some more as she made her way towards her classroom. Like all teachers, her mind was working hard as she thought of what she should cover today. Yesterday, they had did a bit of discussion since the topic was certain demons. They talked about the history, the appearance, the weaknesses, and other things. She thought about how she could review that to refresh their memories before moving on. Maybe today would be a good day for magic training? I wonder if Zekiel will make a special appearance, she thought as she finally reached her destination, opening up her door with a bit of a struggle.

    A yelp of surprise escaped Aceline's lips as she jumped in fright at the sight that greeted her. Of course, her rapid heartbeat immediately began to slow down after further observation of the stranger lying upon her desk. It was no other than the Principal of Shinwa Mahou, Zekiel. Sighing deeply, the brunette shook her head as she made her way to her desk, placing her stuff around the head and arms that laid on top of it. Once her hands were free, she set to waking up her boss by shaking him. It was enough force to disturb his sleep, but not have him jumping like she did moments before.

    "Zekiel, it's time to get up. I need to get prepared and you're taking my spot," she stated in her soft tone of voice as she continued to shake him. After a few more attempts, she took a break in order to get what she could set up while the Principal slept away at her desk. It was silent in the room, save for her soft humming, as she wrote a greeting message on the chalkboard behind Zekiel, followed by what the days agenda would be. And what homework she was going to assign. Despite the slightly different curriculum being taught, the classroom ran the same way as a normal one would. And it still had the basics along with things involving demon-lore and magic. Aceline finished writing on the board and begins to open up the windows in her classroom, letting in the sunshine and the light breeze. She hoped that her students brought a light jacket with them to keep themselves warm. Turning on her heel, she walked towards her purse before rummaging through it, eyebrows furrowed as she searched. After a while, she grasped what she was looking for, pulling it out as it jingled. It was the keys to the entrance, and she planned to unlock the other double door, which is exactly what she did after she exited her classroom.

    In a few minutes, she was back inside her little domain, propping the door open so that her students could easily file in when they arrived. Putting her keys back, she picked up the papers that she had before and began to file through them, having nothing else to do. She made herself comfortable sitting on top of her desk, mindful of Zekiel and her belongings on there, as she sipped away at her coffee and her eyes scanned the papers in front of her. She decided to let Zekiel wake when he was ready.
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  3. Alexander, Who was currently staying on the edge of the small city by the school had been up late, As per ususal. He'd been marking the progress of the stars across his chart, He was tracking the star's progress across the stars day by day. marking each day down on a different sheet. He was hopeing to build himself a star map of this area of the world. He awoke slowly waving his hand in the direction of his alarm, as if he could some how turn it off at a distance from this side of his room. After a time he gave up and slumped down, letting the alarm run on. Late getting up, Late getting ready, late out the house, and late to school. It was a good 15 minutes after he was first meant to arrive by the time he got to the academy. The walk itself was rather calm and woke him up nicely, he took a moment to look up at the sunny, starless, sky and sigh he didn't like it when it was like this he was unable to see the stars and let them guide his footsteps. Getting in to the academy he started to jog towards the school, working his way towards the class he arrived and knocked on the door before stepping inside.
    "Sorry for being late." He said and moved over to his seat and sat down, he didn't off a explination as to why he was late. just an apology that he was.


    Ivan, due to being moved away from his pearents had opted not to live in the academy acomidation (due to the lack of room for his wolves) rather he lived in the woods on the school grounds, having constructed a small hut for himself near one of the rivers. He rose as he always did, with the rising of the sun, The dappled sunlight of the forest comeing through one of the windows of his hut and hitting him in the face. Playfully shoving Freki who'd decided that he was sleeping atop Ivan off him he got up and smiled. His morning was like most of his others, Starting with a wash in the drop pool of the smal waterfall he'd built his Hut by. the damper than normal air allowed the trees he'd coaxed in to being his hut to continue to live. after that he shouldered the two reluctant wolves in to the water after which they shook themselves dry and sat down to wait for him to be ready to head out. They'd been hunting last night, so he wouldn't have to worry about feeding them for a week or so. While he lived out amongst nature he had to admit some of the more modern advances were so useful, things like sealed storage jars and clingfilm. he made himself a breakfast out of dried nuts, berries and crushed oats. He also had a solar pannel on the roof, courtesy of the school which powered a tiny fridge and charged a small battery, Prepping up his lunch he finally got dressed and slung his bag. Walking back out the hut to the two wolves he handed Freki his bag, letting the wolf carry it in his jaws, and then clamberd up on to Grei's back before patting him on the neck. The two immense wolves started running at breakneck speed. dashing through the forest, dancing round trees. While Ivan lived quite a distance away from school, or the city to allow him to utalize the forests resources without disturbing people, he was rarely late due to the two immense wolves and their speed.

    Today was no exeption, earlier than most he walked in to the atrium and sat down, resting against Freki, who was still in trouble for trying to sleep on him. while Grei sat attentively by the entrance, Left of the main double doors to the school anyone walking in to the school would have to pass the huge wolf. Ivan wasn't sure if te wolf intended to try and scare people or was just being a trouble maker. He shrugged and pulled the homework for today out of his backpack and started to finish it off, He'd left one question undone last night.

    As it turned out Grei was just waiting to make people jump, Set to the side, slightly out of sight, whenever someone would walk past him he'd set about barking and causing a ruckus, either untill they petted him or they walked past, then he'd go right back to sitting just out of sight, hopeing to make the next few people jump half out their skin. While most of the students knew about Ivan's two huge 'brothers' it was still a shock and a half to have a wolf the size of a shire horse suddenly start barking at you and behaving like a dog wanting to be played with.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Kirie awoke feeling particularly well rested. She wasn't entirely sure why but she took it as a sign that today would be a good day. She rose from her bed and made her way to the private bathroom. She emerged from the room a while after, having showered and brushed her teeth, a towel wrapped around her still damp body. She made over to her vanity on the other side of the large, well lit bedroom. There she began to brush out her long dark hair, listening to the birds as they sang their morning tunes. The normalcy of her morning ritual was rather comforting considering when she got to school she'd be learning about very 'not normal' things. She had struggled at first, adjusting to magic and demon hunting, but now it was like second nature. Still it was nice to do regular things and pretend everything was alright.

    Kirie glanced over at the elegant sword, Demonsbane laid carefully on a low table. Even in it's sheath the enchanted blade thrummed with magic, the spirit of her mentor locked inside of it. How she wished she could communicate directly with him. He hadn't spoken directly to her since the day she received the sword almost a year ago. Had it been so long already? It felt like it was just yesterday when she had torn open that ominous package and took on the heavy task of avenging Kenshin's death. And she had done so with very little guidance from the man himself. It was frustrating having to discover how to use her magic on her own which was why her parents had enrolled her at the academy. The teachers there were all very experienced in their fields and Kirie had found herself among other students just like herself who discovering their abilities and how to use them. While it didn't feel quite like 'home' yet she had high hopes that she could become just as attached to the academy and the people there as she had been at her former school.

    Smiling at the thought, Kirie continued to get ready for the day. She dressed quickly and left her room, grabbing a light jacket and Demonsbane on her way out. She made her way through the moderate sized house. It was larger than most but not too big considering the fact that for months at a time only Kirie and her care taker, Ms. Makoto stayed here. Her parents could not live with her full time, needing to manage their business. Her mother would often take breaks though and come to stay with Kirie and Ms. Makoto during the summer months. Kirie would go home with them during school breaks but return alone when it was over. She hated the arrangement but did not complain. After all the academy was the best place in the world for her and she knew her parents were sacrificing a lot to allow her to attend. She missed them dearly though Ms. Makoto was very good company. The woman was in her late thirties, incredibly kind and worried over Kirie as though she were one of her own. Even now she could hear the woman preparing breakfast for the two of them as she approached the kitchen.

    "Good morning Ms. Makoto." Kirie called cheerfully as she entered the kitchen, taking a seat at the table where a place had already been setup for her. Toast and eggs were on the menu and Kirie could see that her lunch was already prepared, sitting on the counter which her school bag propped up next to it. Ms. Makoto was very good at what she did. "Good morning dear! How did you sleep?" The woman turned her kind, honey brown eyes towards her charge.
    Kirie mumbled an answer through a mouthful of toast and received a reproachful look from Ms. Makoto. She grinned, swallowed a gulp of orange juice and replied, "Very well actually. Almost too well, I need to get going soon." They both turned their attention towards a clock propped on a wall. She wasn't late yet but she needed to leave now if she wanted to make good time. Kirie ate a few more bites of food before grabbing all of her belongings, Demonsbane strapped to her back. She needed to remember to ask someone about possibly enchanting her sheath so the sword wouldn't take up so much space. After a quick kiss on the forehead from Ms. Makoto, the dark haired girl was out of the door and on her way to school.

    Her family certainly had enough money to rent a driver to take her to and from school but she preferred walking as she would often meet some of the other students along the way, talking as they made their way to the academy. Being around the other students certainly lessened the embarrassment she felt when the local people stared at and commented on the large sword strapped to her back. The people of the city were very adjusted to magic and demons but Demonsbane never failed to impress. As she walked, she greeted several other classmates on the way, everyone talking excitedly about the previous days lesson. Ms. Petit had begun to discuss demons of certain types which everyone had been fascinated. They hadn't gone over the one type that Kirie was very interested in learning about but hoped it would come soon. Still she was excited to learn and even more excited by the prospect of getting to utilize some of their newfound knowledge.

    They arrived at their destination a short while later, throngs of students making their way through the massive double door entrance of Shinwa-mahou Academy. As they entered a great barking sound echoed through out the hall. She and several other students shrieked in fright, all stumbling into each other as they tried to get their bearings. Just out of sight sat one of the freakishly large wolves that followed her classmate Ivan everywhere he went. Kirie cursed internally but spoke calmly to other still frightened students. "Ah it's just one of the super wolves..." Being in Ivan's class she had gotten as used to the pair of giant wolves as she could manage but they still spooked her with how stealthy they could be. They were rather beautiful but she knew better then to get too close. And if she didn't know any better she would say the creature was even smiling, satisfied with having scared the crap out of everyone... Kirie stuck her tongue out at the creature when she was sure no one was looking before running towards the stairs. She made her way to Ms. Petit's second floor classroom with time to spare. The door was propped open so she simply walked inside, greeted with the sight Ms. Petit trying to work around the massive figure of the school principal Zekiel snoring away on her desk. Kirie gave a slight squeak, her second shock of the morning, as her free hand flew to her mouth to cover her surprise and embarrassment. Her cheeks warmed at the sight of Zekiel but she made no comment on his presence as she stuttered out "G-good morning Ms. Petit!" and promptly made her way to her seat near the middle of the classroom. She knew she was silly for harboring affection towards the much older man but couldn't help but to adore him. The question remained though; What in the world was he doing sleeping on their teachers desk? It wasn't unusual to find him near the fountain but this was very strange indeed. Kirie looked around to see the reactions of her classmates. Would something interesting happen today?

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  5. Tore was running around a sports field as he practised his hurling, it had been a while since he had actually been on a sports field as he wasn't too long in this country and the flight had been rather long so jet lag was something that he was dealing with for quite a while before hand. As he threw up the sliotar he then swung the hurly stick at connecting with the ball making a large smacking sound and sending the ball flying towards the net that he had set up at one end of the field, the ball fell into the net with a good amount of speed causing a smile to appear on his face. 'I still got it' he thought to himself as he looked at his watch and saw that it was nearly time for his first class here.

    He then ran off towards his dorm room after picking up his stuff to get a quick shower and get his clothes on. It didn't take him too long to get a shower and pull on his clothes before he left his room and started to head towards the school, walking along he noticed that there was a good amount of people who seemed to be going to this school but one of the most interesting sights that he saw was the wolf that was barking at people at the entrance as he walked past he reached over and pet it slightly as he didn't have anything against large dogs as he did used to have a wolf hound back home at one point.

    He then walked up to where he had been told the day before that the class he was meant to be joining was at and stopped when he saw what was going on, there seemed to be someone laying of the teachers desk sleeping while a young woman worked around him,Having no clue what to do tore just cleared his throat to try and get he teachers attention.
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  6. Beep...Beep...Beep...Be..
    A loud crash brought about a brief period of silence within the hazard that could be called a room by definition, but it was good enough for the sleeping form currently making his way over the..*crash*..the figure that was currently upon the floor. Groaning as he rolled around on the floor due to the sudden awakening of pain rocking his system Galavant decided to finally put off nap time until class started. Picking himself up off the floor he made his slow journey over towards the bathroom to get ready for another day of "school fun". After spending an extra 30 minutes of still being confused by, "taking a shower", after some of the staff gave him a through lesson of proper hygiene. Hating himself slightly as his nose still adjusted to sweet scent from his bathing experience he switched focus over to his closet. "Now I understand why cartoon characters have the same outfit on constantly." He gazed at the different outfits that school had given him after he reveled that the only clothes he owned were the ones he showed up in. Not liking any of the choices he grabbed his favorite, some assume only, set of clothes and began to put on everything that made his unique style flair.

    Gazing back towards the smashed remains of his clock he shrugged guessing he had an actual reason for being late this time. Yawning as he grabbed half of a sandwich to carry in his mouth as he made his way towards class. Just as he almost shut the door he slammed it back open as he felt a distinct lack of metal around his neck. Going over towards his dresser he went in and grabbed his only prized possession currently and placed it around his neck. "Almost been a full week so far old man. Sorry I haven't spoken in awhile, but talking to yourself is still kinda worrying even in a place like this. Well time to go make ya proud, and stay awake for a full 5 minutes this time at least." Giving his necklace a slight pat and smile he placed it inside his shirt and walked outside to make his way towards his classroom.

    Thankfully being an orphan had its benefits as he was allowed to stay on school grounds which let him get to class fast...well at least get there before it started at least. Most of the other kids didn't stray too closely towards him simply because of his rather intimidating presence, and his already known volume ten persona. Thankfully it didn't affect him much as he didn't really have much interaction with strangers outside of the customers of the former restaurant he worked/stayed in. He was wondering just what kinda lessons that someone would inform him of later once he had awoken.

    His senses were startled as he had a dog bark right into his ear as soon as he entered. He knew that wolf, Grei as he had heard the name a bit before, liked to be the playful one of the trio siblings. Sadly he didn't give the super wolf the satisfaction of a fearful response, but he did ruffle its fur a bit as he knew the big softy loved to be petted after his greeting. "Hello to you too ya loudmouth. Glad to see you have plenty of energy for us both this morning." He gifted Geri the rest of his sandwich as he made his way over towards his desk not having much energy to interact with others unless forced to. He made a loud thud as his head connected with desk as he chose to listen to the lesson instead of actually putting forth effort to watch visually. ​
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  7. [​IMG]
    And so the day began with Alexander Eos being the first student to enter in Aceline's classroom. She looked up from her papers and offered him a warm smile. Her friendly expression shifted into one of confusion as the young man apologized for his tardiness. Late? Did he not notice that he was one of the first to arrive inside of the classroom? He was nowhere near late. In fact, the French woman didn't even make a move to get ready to begin class. She still had to wait for the others, after all. Cocking her head, it was another moment before she spoke of her confusion.

    "Alexander, you're not late at all, dear. You're one of the first to arrive!" She informed him; her warm smile from earlier making a return upon her face. Her attention was torn from her student when she heard the barking of a dog. She immediately connected the dots and shook her head. It would seem that her other student, Ivan, had also made it inside the school, if the barking was anything to go by. She thought about when she first saw Ivan's two "brothers" and almost had a heart attack because of them. Before she knew it, though, she was used to the two and were treating them like small, playful puppies. They were truly adorable once you got past their size. Her smile grew as she returned her focus to her papers, but it was once again diverted towards yet another student of hers.

    Kirie Kitora was one of the two girls that she taught. She smiled warmly at her just as she did towards Alexander. If she noticed her squeak or the pink that was dusting her cheeks, she made no comment on it, only smiling wider. At her stuttered greeting, which she also didn't take into account, the brunette nodded and returned it. Her eyes didn't leave her student until she settled herself into her seat. It was then, and only then, that Aceline let her gaze land on the sleeping figure near her, tutting at him softly even though he couldn't hear. So early and you're already disturbing my class, Zekiel. I'll have you pay for this later on, she thought as she frowned slightly at the man. What made him decide to make her desk his bed? Everyone knew he slept at the fountain. Maybe something occurred that drove him there? Whatever the reason was, Aceline was determined to try to get it out of him after school.

    A loud clearing of the throat made Aceline push said thoughts away and turn to face the door. Blinking owlishly, she took in the stranger standing at her doorway. He was obviously as confused as she was. A few seconds ticked by before Aceline realized just who he was with a sharp gasp. She dropped to her feet from her desk, dusting herself off and straightening her clothes after setting down her papers and coffee. Once she looked presentable again, the young man made her way towards the blonde, holding out a hand for him to shake as she stood in front of him with a welcoming smile. "Good morning! You must be the new student who is joining us today. Tore Drekal, if I'm not mistaken?" She questioned. "I'm Aceline Petit, but you'll address me as Ms. Petit, of course. I'm happy to have you join us!" She confessed. While she was checking in with the new student, she didn't miss Galavant entering and moving past them. She watched him get settled before her focus returned to Tore.
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  8. Alexander looked confused, He looked at his watch, then at the classrooms clock. "erm...Oh!" He said and played with his watch for a moment. "I didn't change it last night, I had it on stellar time." he said and chuckled to himself. He set about getting his equipment out and pulled out a small notebook, starting to work on something in it while he waited for class to start. If anyone looked over his shoudler it would look like a star chart being used to construct magical sigils and runes. "Morning Kirie." he said waving his hand to her when he heard her enter, he'd long since worked out how she felt about their principal. she was pretty bad at hiding her feelings, or atleast to him she was. no one else got a greeting as he was so engrosed in his notebook he didn't even pay attention to the new student who turned up.


    Ivan decided that he might as well get going to class after Grei had been petted a few times, and even fed a sandwidge. He'd also finished the homework which meant he wouldn't get in trouble, again. One of the issues of being self sufficient was that he didn't have much time for homework so it got done in the breif moments of his time when he had some free time, which he prefered to spend laying out watching the sky or up a tree listening to nature. Letting out a sharp whistle to bring the immense wolf to attention he started towards class, the two wolves knew where they were going, it was Freki this time who decided to get ahead of himself and bounded through the coridors, almost battering-raming through the door in his rush to get his favorite spot to lay in, which was by the teachers desk right in the sun. "overgrown puppy." Ivan grumbled as Grei who'd allready worn himself out barking his heart out at anyone and everyone padded beside him rater lazily. Freki who'd allready launched himself in to the classroom, pretty much running over the new kid in his rush to get to his favorite point was paused by the teachers desk. Confused by Zekiel laying on the desk took a few moments to sniff the headmaster before starting to lick his face enegeticly slobering all over the principal.
    Ivan entered the classroom and settled down to sit where he normally sat. He sat on the far side of the classroom to allow for Grei to lay by him and not be in the way or under anyones feet. getting everything out of his bag he started scratching Grei behind the ear, causing the immense wolf's tail to wag, thumping the ground, sounding like a huge base drum. He got out his note book, the homework, and a few pencils he also pulled out a small box of wild berries which he tended to nibble on in class. At home he'd just go wondering in the forests and pick bits here and there. But in school he couldn't do that so he just had a small tupperware pot worth of them.

    ( Mentioned/Involved Players @Blitzfang43 @Edward @Blue Jay ))
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  9. [​IMG]
    Temperance. Take you knowledge of the Occult and defeat the demons that plague this world. You are the High Priestess of this realm. You will become a wise woman one day and provide much knowledge and light unto the rest of the world. In this society, many peg us as crazy and insane. Most on your path will believe that... But remember this. No matter what, you will always be right. Always. The way of the High Priestess is that of good fortune, fame, and knowledge unlike any other. You will always be right.

    You will always be right.

    Temperance awoke from a strange memory. She didn't recognize the person that spoke, but she didn't remember who it was. That person... Whoever they were, wasn't like the other members of the society she had left such a long time ago. Although it seemed he did share the same belief regarding that she was the incarnation of the 'High Priestess'. Temperance always thought it was funny that her name was Temperance, but everyone had always referred to her as 'High Priestess'. They were two entirely different tarot cards, after all. The tarot was also not the only section of the occult, so she never understood why they referred to her as High Priestess either. The occult was something that regarded knowledge in all forms of spirit. Not just that of fortune-telling.

    Temperance shook her head and softly patted her cheeks to actually get herself to wake up. Today was supposed to be another day in the life of a student. Temperance threw off the blanket that covered her body and sat up. She pushed herself back a bit and then used her momentum to get herself on her feet. She raised her hands above her head and said, "10 outta 10, I say!" Temperance laughed to herself a bit as she made her way over to a dresser. When she opened up the large thing, a number of dresses sat neatly folded. Most were of darker colors, but there was one or two that were lighter tones. Temperance decided that it would be a good idea to go with a stunning dress, one of her precious gems that she had made. The dress had some nice layers of fabric on it. And Temperance always thought that it would look nice with the tiny hat she always wore on her head.

    When she finished putting all of her clothes on, it seemed that the dress did match the little hat that she wore. In fact, it looked really good.

    Now that Temperance could go outside looking fabulous, she could actually begin functioning in the school society. She walked outside of her dorm room and walked toward the school. She entered through the front doors and tried not to be fazed by a pair of gigantic wolves. She simply avoided the idea of interacting with a person that got along with animals like that. Oh! Maybe some of their flesh would make for a nice sacrifice for a spirit! She'd have to ask the owner of the animals later if she could use a chunk of their flesh. Right now, she had to actually arrive in the classroom.

    She turned to go into the room, but found someone standing in the doorway. It seemed that they were a bit confused, which made Temperance laugh a bit. She quietly made her way past the confused student and worked her way toward the teacher. Temperance took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, she was about to speak, when she suddenly noticed a body on the desk. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. "OH! IS THIS PERSON DEAD?!" The hope that gleamed in Temperance's eyes was probably incredibly frightening, considering that she was just talking about someone being dead. She turned to the teacher. "SO?! ARE THEY?!"
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  10. --Hiro--
    @Blue Jay

    Hiro awoke with a sudden jolt. Almost as if he had been shocked by from the static electricity you sometimes get when rubbing you socks on a carpet floor. He knew something was wrong from the moment he opened his eyes and he was scared to actually confirm his suspicions. "Late..." Hiro whispered to himself. He looked at the clock and realized he had slept through his alarm. He always had a bad habit of staying up way to late and there was evidence from it in the bags under his eyes. Still he functioned normally as he got used to having little sleep. He got up and showered, then did the rest of his morning routine in about half an hour. He was out the door in less than 45 minutes from getting up. Thankfully he remembered to charge his phone before leaving, while leaving late with nobody to talk to was extremely boring. Hiro put on his headphones and his black hoodie, then made his way to the classroom.

    Hiro looked inside his pack before getting to the front doors. His homework was finished and he had everything ready. As he made his way closer he heard the bustle of the rest of his classmates. Hiro could hear his teacher Miss Petit apparently introducing herself to someone which meant we had someone new in the class. He also heard Temperance making a commotion about someone apparently who is dead. "Just another day in paradise." Hiro enjoyed this new way of life, perfection his magic upon all else. While the teacher was focusing on this new person he tried to subtly make his way to his desk in the back. While sneaking into the room he noticed Kirie looking pretty chipper. Although Hiro would be a bit sluggish from his late night it always was a good day when she was happy and energetic. Hiro would never admit it but he did have quite the crush on Kirie; he does his best to not let it show either. "Hey Kirie" He whispered. "How are you so energetic in the morning? I have tried everything and I just can't do it." People might say that staying up all night would do that too you, but he has tried going to bed early. Hiro knew a bit about her little affection with Zekiel too so he decided to play around with her while he was at it. "Or has something in the front caught your attention?" Hiro gave her a little wink.
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  11. [​IMG]

    The peaceful sleep of a lazy yet somehow quite fit principal remained ever so tranquil on the desk in front of his students, until a smelly, slobbery, wet tongue grazed the side of his face. ''What the hell?!'' Zekiel yelled as he jumped suddenly from the desk and landed butt first on the cold yet hard ground. ''Owy..'' he mumbled whilst rubbing his backside. As Zekiel attempted to recover from the fall Freki just a mere few inches away stared at him with confusion yet excitement. A few moments pass and the butt pain subsides, before realizing that he is being watched by the whole class he looks forward to notice that Freki is looking back at him. With determination in Freki's eyes to lick again, Zekiel, with also determination to flee both lock squinting eyes... It was at that time that both of them knew it was officially a.... stand off.

    With a sudden jolt Zekiel grasps the blanket that had followed his fall previously and throw it over Freki's head, followed was a forward roll to position himself behind Aceline. As Freki struggles to take the blanket off of his head, shaking his body all about Zekiel quickly grabs a stapler to defend himself. At this moment the rustling around with Freki scuffled Zekiel's hair, causing it to split apart and fall on each side, his jacket also partly fell down on one side to his elbow to display his right shoulder.

    ''You might be the dragon, but i have the sword!!'' Zekiel yells as he proudly displays his stapler above his head. As he yells this Freki finally throws the blanket over head and swiftly without hesitation chases him out of the room. ''RUN! DRAGON!'' Zekiel yells once more but this time it echoed through the hallway outside as they both run straight out of the school and into the backyard where they play.


    A shadowy figure lurks behind the forest, seeking, searching, stalking its meal. ''Yes... have your little moment.. soon you won't have those smiles... Isn't that right?'' The mysterious monster questions behind him, another individual answers quietly from the shadows, ''yes.'' The mysterious monster leans back and disappears into the shadows with his unknown companion and with the leave echoed a singular statement, ''Our plan is soon to arrive.''
  12. [​IMG]

    Kirie began rummaging through her school bag to distract herself from the ruckus going on at the front of the classroom. She pulled out the previous nights homework all completed and double checked to be certain she was right. While she wasn't a perfectionist she did like to make sure she took care with her school work seeing as how her parents had instilled the value of education in her. Laying her papers out on the desk, Kirie heard her name being called from the other side of the classroom. She smiled upon seeing it was Alexander, returning his little wave. "Good morning Alexander." He had already returned to his notebook so she said no more. He was an interesting individual. Very polite but never said much, his face always in that notebook drawing things. Her attention then turned to Galavant who had entered the classroom and promptly plopped down into his seat, his head hitting the desk with an audible thud. Kirie supposed he was having a bad morning and figured she could greet him later on in the day when he was feeling better.

    She wouldn't have had a chance to say anything as a loud high pitched voice rang out through the classroom. Kirie immediately frowned seeing it was Temperance, asking if their very own principal was dead. It wasn't that she disliked Temperance, she just found her rather creepy and hard to deal with. She had the urge to stand up and shout at the girl 'Of course he's not dead!' but she knew Ms. Petit would handle the situation. Still it made her uncomfortable, the thought of Zekiel being dead. It reminded her of the past and she found herself lost in thoughts of what could have been. Hiro's voice broke through the fog however and Kirie physically shook her head to clear her mind, glad of the distraction her friends presence brought. She turned to face him, laughing at his question. "You know if you didn't stay up late you'd have just as much energy as I do?" She smirked at him knowing it was likely that he overslept again since he was late to class this morning. His next remark shocked her, the teasing tone made her suddenly on edge. What did he mean by that? Surely she wasn't so obvious? Kirie narrowed her eyes at Hiro, analyzing him for a moment. There was no way he or anyone else knew about her little secret and she wanted to keep it that way. She shrugged and casually waved a hand towards the front of the classroom. "Of course Temperance is being.... Temperance." There was really no other way to explain her classmate. She was in a league of her own. Then she pointed to the blonde male standing near the doorway. "There's a new student, didn't you notice?" She did give the new student a glance over and heard Ms. Petit call him Tore. He didn't seem very sure of himself but she just guessed he was nervous being at a new school and all. Luckily for her the new kid along with Temperance provided an easy cop out to Hiro's question.

    Kirie was about to ask Hiro what he thought of their new classmate. when the other of Ivan's 'brothers' came bounding into the room. It looked around a moment before settling it's eyes on Zekiel's sleeping form. And of course the big creature began licking his face. Kirie herself gasped when Zekiel woke up with a start, falling from the desk directly onto his bottom. Some of the other students laughed while her own face burned with embarrassment for their principal. Her embarrassment didn't last long though. She too began to openly giggle at his antics; hiding behind Ms. Petit, threatening the wolf with a stapler and calling it a dragon. Kirie covered her mouth with a hand to keep from laughing too loudly as the pair tumbled out of the room. She certainly hadn't been expecting that.
    "What a strange man..." She mused aloud fondly.​
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  13. Tore looked at his new teacher and nodded, ''Yes I am Tore Drekal, nice to meet you'' he said rather politely to her as he offered her his hand to shake, as he did this he watched as the man on the desk was seemingly attacked by the large wolf that had bounded into the room.

    As he looked around it was clear to see that every body here was sort of weird but then again that wasn't all that bad,after standing there looking for a few minutes he took out a sliotar from his pocket and started to throw it up in the air and catch it as it allowed him to train himself how to catch it when in motion which was something that was needed when playing hurling.

    As he stood there catching the sliotar he wondered if there was anyone here that even played any Irish sport, he doubted it but it would be nice to find at least one person who did so.
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  14. Galavant Basques
    "Loud people. Man can rarely sleep with all this noise." Galavant silently muttered towards himself as heard the traditional morning greetings get underway as the rest of the lot finally began to filter into the room. He hated hearing so many voices at once this early in the morning because his tolerance level was quite lower than usual, and he would hate to damage his rep further by putting a few choice words out towards the unlucky soul that bothers him. Feeling his face become a bit uncomfortable lying face first upon the desk because of his nose, he then raised his head so that his chin rested on the desk instead of his entire face. He gazed around quite lazily as he watched everyone go through the early morning routine which was be as hectic as possible it seems...though he was't much better once he really got going. Finally letting a yawn break through he glanced at the newest kid that he heard some people whispering about on his way in, and he wasn't that impressed but then again who was he to judge? "Dogs the size of horses, a woman who gets a lady boner over dead bodies, and a principal who believes he's the chosen knight of the ages. Yeah gramps you really picked quite the learning environment for sure."

    Sighing as he felt the need to tilt his head at the very least to the side to make himself more comfortable and say the only other real soul he spoke to besides a big, surprisingly fluffy, wolf. By talk it basically boiled down to him asking her to share notes after he passed out for the day during class, but its as much of a friendly interaction as he's gotten so far. Though he has constantly tried to play off the fact of not being able to write for as long as possible because he did feel a slight bit of shame of not being able to do such a small task. He always got out of it by begging her enough to simply write another copy so he could "read" off of late should he choose to do so. He was about to speak up and talk to her until his eyes shifted over to Hiro, and decided to be respectful of their conversation and not butt in. Finally finding the strength enough to lift his head up fully he then rested his head upon the palm of his right hand and gazed out the window he requested to be placed next to. The outside world always did interest him after being forbidden from leaving the city for so long, but now here he can finally have the tools to assist him should an event like last time happen again. He does question sometimes at night why what happened did happen...but then again thinking never does change the past, so why lose sleep over it.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Romulus and Remus Silver-reign were quite close to being late for class, yet neither of them seemed to be bothered. Or they just didn't show it. They were silent as they made their way to Shinwa Mahou Academy for their minds were elsewhere and they were practically functioning on auto-pilot. They were dwelling on the exact reason that they were running late in the first place, but only got to think about it for so long before their school came into view, interrupting their thoughts. With deep sighs, the two composed themselves and willed away all previous thoughts before entering said academy. There wasn't many students lingering in the hallway, indicating that majority of them were in class already. That was only another clue that class was close to starting.

    With slightly quicker steps, Remus was the first to enter Miss Petit's classroom with his brother following not too far behind him. The two briefly greeted their teacher before heading towards their seats. Remus settled into his seat and began to get out paper and pencil, while Romulus just relaxed. He'd get out everything when class started, but, for now, he'd just silently take in the commotion that was Miss Petit's class. He wondered how she was able to keep up with everything.

    As Aceline continued to get the new kid settled in nicely, things went from peaceful to chaotic in only a few seconds. People were apparently dead, wolves the size of horses were slobbering everywhere, and—to top everything off—Zekiel awoke from his slumber seeming to have come from a different time period as he fought off the "dragon". As the two ran out into the hallway and to who-knows-where, tranquility was once again present inside of the French woman's classroom, which she was grateful for. It really was too early for such shenanigans, after all. After a moment of silence—save for some lingering laughter and chatting, Aceline let out a deep sigh, returning her focus on Tore, who looked quite relaxed, despite all that just happened.

    "Nice to meet you as well, Tore," she stated as she gently shook the younger man's hand before letting go. Now that that was taken care of, Aceline decided that it was about time to get class started. It seemed that the school thought the same thing for the bell rang shrilly, signaling that the day had finally begun. With a bright, wide smile, the brunette made her way over to her desk, standing in the front of it. She clapped twice. Loudly. It got her class's attention as their conversations faded and their eyes turned to focus upon her. The immediate reaction only served to make her smile wider, if that was possible. She loved her students. They were a good batch of kids.

    "Alright, class. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would now take their seats and get settled," she ordered in the same sweet tone that she always had, but everyone was well aware of the temper waiting for them should they decide to be disobedient. Well, everyone except the new kid, who was now being introduced by their teacher. "Okay, are we all settled?" Aceline's gaze swept over the room. "Great! Good morning to you all. Today, we're starting off with an introduction of our new student!" She gestured to Tore, who hadn't sat down yet. "This is Tore Drekal. He's just recently moved here, if I'm not mistaken, and will be with us for the rest of the year. Please take good care of him!" With that, Aceline gestured for Tore to sit down. "You can sit anywhere, Tore," she reassured.

    While she left him to that, she decided to move onward with her objectives for the day. "If you look on the board, you'll see that today will pretty much be a magic day! I thought about how we haven't done any actual practice in a while, and decided that today was as good as any other day. But, before that," she turned to focus on her students once more since she had been facing and gesturing at the chalkboard, "I'd like you to get out the homework from yesterday. I'll be coming around to collect it. And, if you did not get to complete it, I'll be speaking to you after class." She only shook her head as she heard a few groans. It would seem that some people would be seeing her. As she watched her students get out their homework, she decided to straighten up her desk and clean whatever slobber had gotten on it. Darn giant wolves. Cute as a button, yet can leave quite the mess.

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  16. --Hiro--
    @Blue Jay
    Before Hiro could respond to Kirie, Miss Petit started class. She firstly introduced the new student that she was talking to before hand. "Great! Good morning to you all. Today, we're starting off with an introduction of our new student!" She gestured to Tore, who hadn't sat down yet. "This is Tore Drekal. He's just recently moved here, if I'm not mistaken, and will be with us for the rest of the year. Please take good care of him!" Hiro wasn't sure what to make out of this new student. He was amazed he got into this class and that he was gifted with magic but it wouldn't be so cool to have someone who is just innately better than him from the get go. Hiro would need to figure out how strong he is later. "If you look on the board, you'll see that today will pretty much be a magic day! I thought about how we haven't done any actual practice in a while, and decided that today was as good as any other day. But, before that," she turned to focus on her students once more since she had been facing and gesturing at the chalkboard, "I'd like you to get out the homework from yesterday. I'll be coming around to collect it. And, if you did not get to complete it, I'll be speaking to you after class."

    While some of the class groaned he got out his completed homework. He knew Kirie had hers complete because she was pretty much a perfect student. Good grades, modest, mature, and to say the least beautiful. Even with all that it was still a surprise how she wasn't dating anyone yet. Hiro hit himself lightly in the head. He wanted to clear his head if what Miss Petit was true, they would have practical training. He had been practicing almost everyday since learning he had the power so he had pretty good control over it. He didn't have any friends or anything of the like before coming here so he had all the time in the world to learn the quirks. While he thinks about what they are going to do for practical training Hiro lays his head down. He was tired so he thought a nice little nap wouldn't be so bad while Miss Petit is gathering all the papers. "Hey Kirie, mind waking me up when something important happens?" He whispered quietly.
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  17. Galavant Basques
    "Frack." Was the only response before Galavant's head hit his desk again for the second time upon entry. On a very loose prayer he had hoped that maybe Miss Petit would forget homework, but as usual he was proven wrong. Its not like he didn't attempt it, like reading chapters sometimes, yet written assignments were the bane of his existence. He knew for sure it would kill his grade later on down the road, and that he should try to get better...but pride is a right bastard sometimes. His grandfather did say he never learned how to write until he was 15 either, but his situation was different as his family had always been too poor to afford such things, and even until his dying breath he had Galavant read mostly everything to him. Preparing to chalk up another tally in the "L'" portion of his life, he brought his head up to at least give a no when she came around. "Well look on the bright side Gal. At least you'll be able to get some actual magic testing in today." That thought was the only saving grace circulating within his mind as he always did look forward to magic day since the last one, and planned to try out a few new inspirations that came to him in a dream a two nights ago. Grunting one last time he simply twiddled his thumbs under the desk, as he got into a mock, right v left, thumb war against himself.
  18. Alexander looked up at the mention of magic training, His book getting closed and and as he sat up to actualy pay attention he heard the descussion about magic training. This is what he'd been looking forward to, and then he heard the mention of homework, he slumped. This had been intresting, and then had fallen face first. grumbling he got the homework out, he'd somehow managed to cram it on to one page, his impossibly small and neat handwriting allowing him to cram enough on to it to be considered a full essay in one A-4 sheet. He even pulled his book out again and went back to making notes and diagrams, since he drew his powers from the stars themselves he tended to put a lot of time in to studying them.


    Ivan was laying on his desk, he was watching and listening, but he was just resting. When Zekiel decided to threatent Freki with a stapler he grumbed "If I have to pull any staples out of his fur, I am going to string you up outside by the oak tree, and woe betide you if you leave any in his skin." He warned. It didn't take long for the wolf too return, padding back in to the classroom just as the homework was asked for. Lukily for Zekiel (And Ivan) there were no staples to be found. The wolf did however pause on its treck through the classroom to slobber Hiro before walking over to its spot at the front in the sun and curl up to watch the classroom.

  19. [​IMG]

    Temperance continued to examine the man lying on the table until he suddenly came to attention. Temperance backed away quickly, almost taken by surprise that he was alive. She truly did wish he was dead though. He would've served as a nice offering to a powerful spirit. As he continued to move around and make the room a bit noisier than usual, Temperance sulked. Why couldn't he have been dead? Even though he did seem to be breathing, I could've killed him... He seems strong... And seems to have a strong personality... At least... I think...

    Temperance observed the man for a short while longer, noticing how he carried himself in front of Miss Petit. It seemed that he was familiar with this classroom at least. Miss Petit's reactions also seemed to be one of someone who knew this random person. Although Temperance had no idea who this man was, it seemed Miss Petit had a good enough relationship with him to let him sleep on the table in her room.

    Suddenly, a new thought came into her mind. What about their true relationship? Temperance quickly wrote on a piece of paper. She made copies for the whole class, which only took her a small amount of time since she was a pretty quick writer. She wrote, "OH MY GOD. GUYS. I BET MISS PETIT IS SLEEPING WITH THIS MAN! I MEAN... THINK ABOUT IT! HE'S IN HERE SLEEPING ON HER TABLE AND THEN SHE WAVES IT OFF AS IF IT'S NOTHING. OF COURSE! IT ALL MAKES SENSE! THE REASON WHY HE'S CALLING ONE OF THE WOLFIES A DRAGON IS BECAUSE HE WAS DRIVEN MAD BY THEIR CRAZY SEX LAST NIGHT! DOESN'T THAT MAKE SENSE?!"

    Temperance took a seat and eyed Miss Petit with serious eyes. Isn't that right, Miss Petit? You've been sleeping with him and hiding it from us because we're just children! But I've figured you out Miss Petit! You're actually a vulgar woman who sells her body for reputation at the school! If it was possible for Temperance's nose to grow larger because she thought of herself as better than everyone else, it would happen right now. She tipped her head up and closed her eyes. Haha. Not any ordinary person could ever figure that out! I must be one special woman to figure all of that out just from seeing him fall onto the floor and call a wolf a dragon! Temperance had a bit of an arrogant laugh for a few seconds afterward. Yes. I'm quite the special woman. I WAS basically a queen in my home. Hehe~

    Temperance suddenly heard Miss Petit talk about their homework and then Temperance's face turned sour. She had forgotten to do the homework... Again... Oh well! Miss Petit could have a chat with her once more, but she could still get through the day trying her best! As long as she remembered to do the homework later tonight, she was sure that Miss Petit wouldn't have any problems with her. She was, however, excited that she could practice her magic today. It would be a nice chance for her to show the other children that she was leagues above them in combat power. Today's the day I crush that bug, Kirin though. Her stupid spirit is summoned without the proper means. She cheats the holy system of the Occult. Temperance sent a cold expression toward Kirin. She wouldn't lose to her today.
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  20. Tore looked around at all the others that were in the classroom and let out a very small sigh as it was clear that they were some rather interesting characters. ''Hello'' he said as he gave the class a small wave and then went and sat at the desk by the door, he wasnt really sure what the teacher had meant by today being a magic day as sure he could use some magic but he stil had a rather difficult time controlling it as right now the only thing that he could do was emit a lage beam of plasma and have some more come out of his body without direction.

    As he sat at the table he rolled the sliotar around on it barely paying any attention to the others around him as it didn't seem as if they wanted to talk to him or anything. 'well then lets see how today goes' he thouhgt to hmself as he was interested to see what the others in the class could do with thier magic.
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