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  1. Hello, and welcome to my search thread. I'm going to get right to the point here and lay a few things down for you before we get to the important stuff:

    Things to Note:

    I am an Adaptable role player. I write in third-person point of view, past tense, as should you. You should have decent spelling and grammar and knowledge of the English language. I don't ask that you write a novel, but if you post hardly one paragraph, I'm not the partner for you. I do understand, however, that when there is more dialogue between characters that posts may be shorter.

    I am very patient, but I've grown thoroughly tired of my partners posting once and disappearing for so long that our role plays get sent to the Graveyard. I don't ask that you post multiple times a day or even once every day. A post at least twice a week is all I ask.

    With that being said, don't disappear on me for over a week without word. I understand that life gets in the way, but is it too much to ask that you take one minute to shoot me a message to tell me you can't reply? I sure don't think so. If you lose interest, just tell me. I won't bite. If that is not doable, or if you are not going to be invested in the role play, then I am definitely not the partner for you.

    I don't conform completely to the Dom/Sub/Seme/Uke thing. I like to try to switch to keep both parties happy and to keep things interesting. By the by, I don't do porn without plot and there has to be more to the role play than just romance, else I will lose interest. I don't role play FxF.

    I prefer to role play in threads. I'm not the biggest fan of role playing via messages because it's very easy for me to forget about them. So if you want to play over messages, you've been warned. I do like to chat OOC via messages to discuss ideas and twists and such. It's not mandatory, but I can't read minds. If you want to see something specific in the role play, you have to tell me.

    In regards to potential role play romance, this is not a Libertine request. Should it lead to that, I don't mind playing out explicit scenes; but it should only take a few posts to start and finish, not a whole page or more of the same description of sex over and over again. Euphemisms are iffy. I would rather be vague or direct and to-the-point than beat around the bush with porno-talk and stuff that I won't be able to take seriously.

    Now, if you are a teenager, I apologize but I won't role play with you. I'm not comfortable playing with people under 18. With that being said, I don't play characters under 18; and neither should you. The only exception to this is NPC's.


    These pairings are generic and the majority of them don't have set ideas/plots.
    Bold text indicates that I would like to play that particular role.
    Asterisks ** indicate that I have an idea for it.
    Strike indicates that a pairing is unavailable.
    I don't do fandoms.

    Prince/ess x Knight
    Priest/ess x Yokai

    Demon x Human **
    Demon x Angel
    Demon x Witch
    Vampire x Human **
    Boss x Employee
    Maid/Butler x Master/Master's Son/Daughter

    Gifted x Human **
    Mercenary x Client
    Bodyguard x Protected

    Cop x Criminal **
    Arranged Marriage

    To further check my preferences and playing style, check out my Info on my profile. That is what it's there for. If you are interested or have any ideas/pairings of your own in mind, message me.

    Thanks for stopping by! =3
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  2. Still searching.
  3. Bodyguard X Protected...I might be interested in that.
  4. I would like to try the priest/ess X yokai
  5. I don't particularly have an idea for that, but message me and we can see?

    I may or may not have an idea for this, message me maybe?
  6. What's up I think I would be interested in the Demon X Human pairing and the Gifted X Human, though I'm wondering what gifted implies
  7. It implies inhuman abilities. Shoot me a message and I can run the idea by you.
  8. I am interested in trying either of these. If you have an idea for Demon x Human, I would like to discuss further with you as I have become fairly familiar with this pairing. ^^ As for posting frequency, I think I can meet the requirement of twice a week, and my average posting length is at the minimum two paragraphs.
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  9. Well, I'm already doing the Demon x Human, and I don't have an idea for the other.
  10. Sorry all, but I think I've got about all I can handle for now, since I'm about to start a full-time job.
  11. It's okay. ^^ If you can take another one on one in the future, I'd love to write with you. I have a few ideas (though vaguely formed as of now) for some of your pairings too.
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  12. I will keep you in mind. =D
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