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Which of these would you like to have the story move forward?

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  1. Have a big bad enter the scene

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  2. Cataclysmic event

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  3. Leave it as is, a supernatural school that only deals with problems on the inside

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  4. I would be ok with any of these

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  1. OOC Thread IC Thread
    Welcome to Wyrdwood University

    By now, I'm sure you've realized that this is no normal school. We call it a school for the "Gifted" on the flyers. In reality, this is a school for people with supernatural abilities. Some of you may already know that you are not a regular human, and some of you are just now finding out that magic exists. Here, you will be taught how to control whatever powers you happen to have. Most of your time here will be spent in either training, sparring, and free time. Don't expect to learn any of the boring, regular subjects, you won't need them. Now, we hope everyone will be on time for the orientation.


    Character Sheet
    (Take out everything in parenthesis)
    Appearance (including clothing that is purely cosmetic):
    Equipment (This includes weapons and armor):
    Skills (real skills that may be useful):
    Weaknesses (there must be at least one, preferably at least two, no more than three):
    Extra Info (optional, also, feel free to put a theme song here):


    1) Iwaku rules apply
    2) Obey the GM, I'm hoping to not have to force you to do anything, but I will if I need to
    3) Please, no fighting OOC, this is for fun, not arguing
    4) Characters need to be humanoid, also, please have them be male or female only
    5) Only one character per person. This may change later.
    6) Please keep profanity to a minimum, and please don't curse at all OOC
    7) Use full sentences, and please make posts at least three sentences. Dialogue with another player's character is an exception.
    8) Please tell me if you won't be able to post for a period over five days. I will then create an IC reason for your character to be absent (you can create your own reason if you wish)
    9) Romance is okay, but for anything sexual please Fade to Black and feel free to complete the interaction over PM
    10) For combat we will roll a d100. Depending on the situation (skill of opponent, enchantments, etc.) I will determine the percent chance. For example, if it is a 75 percent chance of success, a roll of 75 or lower succeeds.
    11) No godmodding, mary sues, or any forms of cheating, we want to have fun

    I will play any NPCs as needed, but I'd prefer for most (non-combat) interactions to be between two or more player characters. Feel free to use a photo as part of your character sheet.

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  2. So, here is what the character sheet should look like and this is my character for the RP.

    Name: Alfbern
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 16
    Appearance: 6' tall, with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. His hair is always shaggy and unkempt. He is slender and has a light tan. He wears clothes that he fashioned himself from wolf hides and the gigantic leaves of the spirit realm.
    Personality: Alfbern is socially awkward (as a result of being raised by spirits), but once you gain him as a friend, you have a permanent companion. He is loyal to a fault, as well as nurturing, kind, and protective.
    History: Alfbern was originally born John Ross, but his parents died in a fire when he was two. He was then raised by Spirit Bears up until Wyrdwood discovered him. The spirits told him he should go and be among his own kind. Alfbern learned most of his magic from the spirits, but is ready to learn more about magic at Wyrdwood.
    Equipment: Besides a bag full of various seeds and plants, Alfbern doesn't usually have much with him.
    Powers: Manipulate plants, create plant bodies for spirits to inhabit, empower self through spirits, turn into a humanoid bear
    Skills: Herbalism, cooking, tracking, unarmed combat
    Weaknesses: Doesn't understand the concept of dishonesty and takes every statement at face value and cannot lie. He can't use electronic devices, the second he touches one it is magically disabled. He has a phobia of fire.
    Extra Info: Alfbern talks in overly lengthy, dramatic sentences because that is how spirits talk. He eschews weaponry completely, only using his magic and bear-like form to fight.
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  3. Name: Arya Halverson

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half dark elf, half demonic little horror

    Age: 15 human years

    Appearance: Beautiful, enchanting pale girl, short, 5'2", flowing black hair, intriguing and cold brown eyes. Her hair is tied in a long plait down her back. Wears long dresses in blacks, silvers and greys. Crescent moon charm on a silver necklace, holding weapons. Elfin ears. Mesmerising voice.

    Personality: Despite looking like a short and siren-like girl, Arya is the daughter of evil. She is an unemotional and sadistic girl, hates humans, is disgusted by anything new or different. She rejects any idea that isn't hers, confident, bossy, and all in all very clear spoilt girl who gets exactly what she wants. Good actress, manipulative, a compulsive liar. Believes she is better than everybody else. Loves having people do as she wants them to. Sometimes kind or lost, this is normally when she should be feared. All in all, not loveable, unless she needs you for something.

    History: Whoever said little girls shouldn't be feared has never met Arya. Daughter of Athena Halverson, a dark elf disguised and adapted to be a human, and Darius, one of the right hands of Lucifer himself, Arya was hidden from Lucifer and his demons due to the fact it was not recommended for demons to do much. She was raised human, but felt out of place due to her elfin ears and her knowledge of her own power. She never knew her father though is aware of who Darius is. Athena held her little girl close, sticking up for her when the humans complained of Arya's unkind behaviour towards other kids. The girl didn't have many friends and had a hell load of daddy issues. Luckily there was the solution known as Wyrdwood came along, much to Arya's dismay. She doesn't get why she can't kill all the humans...

    Equipment: Arya loves her powers but she also loves stabbing things. Her weapon is a sword with a black handle.

    Powers: Due to her demon heritage, Arya can perform necromancy (if looks could kill, they will) and with this can use corpses (not souls, just corpses) to do what she please. Her dark elf heritage allows her to perform curses.

    Skills: Powers. Also can use words or her body to get herself out of situations. Good at breaking out of places (and breaking in to them as well).

    Weaknesses: Apart from the fact she will never ask for help and would rather die, there's also the fact she would risk anything to destroy Darius (and fears him). Along with this, she has a magically weakness against angels.

    Extra Info (optional, also, feel free to put a theme song here):
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  4. That sounds really interesting, your character is accepted @OlympusBlood.
  5. Thanks, I really liked your roleplay and character idea.
  6. Yeah, I like your character too. And I'm just glad someone joined, I was starting to worry that no one would sign up.
  7. Okay @OlympusBlood it doesn't look like anyone else is going to join at this point, so, if you know anyone who might be interested, or if you want to play more than one character, that would be useful. If you don't, we can just start play soon if you want.
  8. I'll make another character, but I don't really know many people.
  9. Name: Chayse Marnock

    Gender: Male

    Race: Moon Spirit

    Age: 16 human years

    Appearance: Chayse is of average height, standing at 5'8". He's got silver blood and veins, and a very pale skin tone. He has white hair that is quite short and often rather tangled more than anything. He's got dark blue eyes that are more like an owls then a humans. He also has a neutral expression on his face and doesn't have much emotion. He wears green and brown normally, with a brown quiver full of arrows.

    Personality: Chayse is a natural hunter. He is nimble in both foot and mind and has persuasive techniques to work his way. He has the kind of presence that makes people feel comfortable and able to talk to him. He is careful, and can be very quiet and still, but is also very cautious and ready for anything. Chayse is a tough and slightly hardened person, but he doesn't have bitterness or grudges. He is always prepared for any situation, is calm when there is a problem, and is logical yet creative, can easily find his way out of something. He can be awkward, but never clumsy. Likes converesation, holds himself with pride, but not snobbiness.

    History: Chayse was named after a hunter and raised in the Spirit Realm. He is a moon spirit, purely this alone, no hybrids at any point in the family tree, and what a proud group they are. Chosen by a goddess many, many moons ago, Chayse's ancestors were granted the power of the night, and instead of just being spirits, became the moon spirits. They can use the moon for all sorts of things, if given the right state of mind, intelligence, and, of course, practise. Chayse's parents, Kai and Yasmine, raised Chayse, and his quadruplet sisters, Artemis, M'gann and Heiwa, to use their powers only in extreme circumstances, therefore lacking the practise section. Chayse and his sisters spent most of their time in the spirit world instead mastering their archery, something their father said would 'prepare them for the day'. Other moon spirits disrespected the Marnock family because of it, but in fact, they should have followed their example. The last time his family was still together was when he was twelve human years old. There was a war between the moon spirits and another group of spirits (though Chayse can't remember what they are called). Nearly every moon spirit was wiped out, with the exception of the Marnock quadruplets and another family, who left the spirit realm to adapt to human life. Chayse and his sisters decided to part ways and find another 'tribe' to raise them, but instead Chayse found himself wandering the spirit realm with nowhere else to go and no family to call his own. He began to practise magic, but was invited to study at Wyrdwood University, and is so due to arrive there.

    Equipment: Brown quiver with arrows. Spirit bow (lighter than a normal bow, though appearance wise, it doesn't look any different). He also has a bag with a sickle, tinned food, a torch, plasters and a water bottle.

    Powers: Moon spirits can do many things, but the powers are quite selective and a moon spirit is not able to acheive every power. A moon spirit can call upon the moon to do simple tasks, like set a fire to wood or light up/dim a certain area, which all moon spirits can acheive from birth without trouble. They can also see with perfect night vision. However, there are much more challenging skills, such as flight (something Chayse can not acheive) and causing people to fall asleep (which, with practise, Chayse could possibly acheive).

    Skills (real skills that may be useful): He knows how to use a sickle, so he'll never run out of water. He also has some first aid skills.

    Weaknesses (there must be at least one, preferably at least two, no more than three): The main one is the sun. All moon spirits have the problem that if they spend too much time exposed to the sun, they will be burnt, and not like average sunburn, more like their skin being grated like cheese. Personally, Chayse also has a fear of dying. Anything reckless is a no-no.

    Extra Info (optional, also, feel free to put a theme song here):
  10. @OlympusBlood ok, thanks, your second character is also really interesting. I will have the IC thread set up in a a few days. I will also make another character, after that we'll start the role play.
  11. Okay, that's fine.
  12. Name: Raziela Rothschild
    Gender: Female
    Race: Nephilim
    Age: 16 human years
    Appearance: She is extremely tall, about 7'2", muscular, and lean. She has long, strawberry blonde hair that sometimes seems to glow. Her gold eyes glow ever so slightly. She mostly wears hoodies and sweat pants with sneakers. When she uses her powers her eyes begin to shine like stars, her hair flows like fire, and she grows beautiful wings covered in white feathers.
    Personality: Raziela is optimistic, energetic, and kind. She always helps when she can and will fight to the death for her beliefs or to protect people. She believes everyone deserves a chance and that race doesn't determine good or evil, but the choice made by the person.
    History: Raziela was raised as a normal human until she was seven. On her seventh birthday, her mother was killed by a demon trying to capture her. She was saved by an angel sent by her father. Afterwards she was trained to use her power for the good of the world. Once she turned sixteen the angel deemed her ready to go out on her own and so, she determined to gain further knowledge at Wyrdwood.
    Equipment: A claymore and half-plate armor made of Holy Iron.
    Powers: She has retractable wings that give her flight. She can also make ranged attacks with Angelic Fire. She has superhuman regenerative capabilities. She has weak light manipulation.
    Skills: She is an expert swordswoman, she is also capable of basic hunting and gathering, and basic cooking.
    Weaknesses: She will help anyone in need and is therefore not hard to manipulate if you push the right buttons. She is scared of Hellhounds (the type of demon that killed her mother). Unholy magic and wounds can temporarily weaken or negate her powers.
    Extra Info: She often says the Latin phrase Deus vult, meaning "God wills it", before battle if she can.
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  13. @OlympusBlood I plan on having the IC up by Monday. Sorry, it would be sooner but I have family over.
  14. Hey there, I've been looking for something like this. I'll try and invite some more people. In the meantime, let me put up a bio.
  15. That's fine, I don't mind. Have fun (or don't, if you've got my sort of family).
  16. Name: James Darius
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, probably. He won't say.
    Age: 17
    Personality: James's personality is much like that of a rock-star. He's unshakably confident and suave, and produces an almost never ending stream of corny jokes and bad puns. Think Dante, from the good Devil May Cry games.
    History: James has been at the school for a while, and has a lot of history with Wyrdwood, most notably the enormous, school wide pranks he organizes every year at the first of April, without fail. His personal history is something he likes to keep something of a mystery. However, the school does have plenty of information on James on file, which is as follows:

    "James Darius came to Wyrdwood at the age of 12. He was dropped off by his father, Magnus Darius, who is not available for emergency contact. Magnus has left a series of care procedures and emergency numbers. Emergency contacts include the boy's Grandparents, William and Jane Magnus, and his godfather, an earth elemental named Karagknok. According to Magnus Darius, James is the child of Gaia, mother and spirit of the earth, both Karagknok and the boy's grandparents corroborate this story. James is not to be separated from the ground for any prolonged period of time, unless in the event of an emergency. Under no circumstances is he to be separated from the ground for any period longer than 16 hours...

    ...James has been provided with permanent dwelling on school grounds, and he is to be raised by school officials. According to his father, James needs little in the way of physical care, but he does need to be raised and taught to control his abilities...

    ...James is exceeding academically, proving to be a brilliant enchanter. He is rapidly mastering everything his teacher's put in front of him, and may qualify for higher-level education...

    ...Karagknok, while unable to be the child's legal guardian due to the issues outlined above, will visit repeatedly, and is to serve as the child's representative to the school board...

    ...James refuses to speak to any school officials about his abandonment, or Karagknok's current condition. While he seems relatively well, he is likely hiding incredible emotional pain...

    Equipment: As a general rule, James tries to avoid violence, but he's broken this rule plenty of times. Fighting seems to be a sort of general necessity in James's life. As such, he's taken the time to enchant his trademark long button up coat, shown in his pic. He's spent about an hour a day for the last few years carefully covering the inner lining of his coat with various runes of protection. It isn't invincible, but it can survive mild gunfire from pistols or lesser rifles at close ranges. He also wields a trench sword, straight out of World War One. It was a gift from his grandfather, and he uses it with pride.
    Powers: James can produce and manipulate magma. When he produces his own magma, it comes out from his fingertips, feet, or mouth, and typically comes out burning blue before cooling down to a more normal red color. When manipulating magma, he can use it to create constructs such as hands, spikes, hammers, or even simple humanoid creatures. When controlling his "Lava Golems" James can't be doing anything else, as he essentially possesses them when he takes control. Because of this, James normally wears his golems like suits of armor, when he uses them at all. Additionally, James cannot be harmed by any terrestrial fire, though those of heaven or hell still effect him, albeit to a much lesser degree. Lastly, so long as James is standing on the ground, he possesses impressive superhuman strength, durability, and regenerative abilities.
    Skills: James's most prominent skill is his silver tongue. He's able to convince people of just about anything he wants to, from lies about his age to how much money they owe him. Typically, he uses his natural charisma to avoid having to get violent, but when he does, he's impressively capable. James has a brutal style of fighting, using his magma manipulation to keep his opponent off-balance while going in for devastating melee attacks with his blade.
    He's also much smarter than he lets on, having perfect grades in each of his classes and a talent for the creation and execution of long, complicated plans.
    Weaknesses: James immediately loses his regeneration, durability, and strength when separated from the ground, and if separated from the ground for an extended period of time, he gets physically weak and tired. After more than 16 hours without contact with ground, he's no longer able to move on his own, and after 24, he'll die. Additionally, due to his ground dependency, James has difficulty fighting those with flight capabilities. Secondly, James really doesn't enjoy fighting, and it's difficult for him to engage in serious combat.

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  17. @Eon okay, your character is accepted and if you can get anyone else to play that would be great.
  18. @Eon @OlympusBlood Okay, the IC thread is up. Others are still allowed to sign up for now, so, Eon if you can get anyone that'd be great, and maybe someone else will just find it. Anyway, for clarity Raziela's dialogue will be this color and Alfbern's will be this color. Feel free to choose a color for your character's dialogue.
  19. I'm picking white. I'm too lazy to change it up all the time.
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