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  1. [​IMG](n.) a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world
    • S t a r t i n g  P o i n t
      Date: Friday, June
      Season: Summer
      Weather: Warm/Sunny
      Current Time: Midnight

      Summer break has arrived, and for a certain group of teenagers, the two-month-long vacation will be nothing short of eventful. Today marks the beginning of their much-awaited adventure: their quest for Paradise.

      The excitement in the air is contagious, but there are many complications that need to be addressed. Transportation, food, and money are only the tip of the iceberg. These teenagers also have to figure out a way to evade some ever-watchful parents, guardians, and perhaps even cops long enough to make their escape. They made their plans: tonight, at midnight, while the city sleeps, they will sneak out as quietly as possible from their respective homes. The meeting place will be at Allen's house, where a nice car conveniently awaits... if only they can get away with stealing it, that is.

      But so long as they don't get caught, it's going to be one hell of a ride.
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  2. MUSIC FOR READING: Cocaine Cat - Tess Parks

      &&.    W I L L  Y O U  C O M E  A R O U N D ?  
    w e l l  i ' m  i n  l o v e  w i t h  y o u  b a b e   › › ›   a n d  t h e  d e v i l  a n d  I  m a d e  a  d e a l

    Location: Gray Residence    Mood: "Where the hell is everyone?"    Mentions/Interactions: -

    Everything that used to be a part of Joan's day-to-day life now seemed terribly insignificant. Because of this sudden awareness, the past few days alone had been a whirlwind of emotions--from excitement, to frustration, and back again. All she could seem to think about was the road trip. She didn't give a damn if her savings were low nor did she particularly care about the threat of discovery. The only image that played over and over in her head was that of freedom. She longed for the feel of the cool wind on her face. The rustic fragrance of the countryside. The endless, winding roads--boasting of adventures yet to be experienced and secrets yet to be unearthed. She wanted a taste of it--so badly, it hurt and frustrated her because she could not wait any longer. Had she been given a choice, she would have skipped school. Joan had never been good at waiting.

    Finals were a breeze. Not because Joan knew all the answers--quite the contrary, really, for she had scarce the patience to sit through exams--but because she had barely paid it any attention. Suddenly, things like tests and school and potential colleges all seemed so trivial, because, finally, something was happening. She was about to live her life, and nothing could stop her.

    The day had finally arrived. It was here, and she was nervous, although she would never admit it. She had spent so much time visualizing about all the things she would do with her friends and the brand new places they would see that she forgot, quite unsurprisingly, that running away was not so simple as just packing your bags and leaving. It required forethought. It required maps. And most of all, it required money.

    The Lamberts were financially at ease, but Joan could never find it in herself to ask Renee for anything. It wasn't out of modesty, but rather, pride. Mother and daughter had never really seen eye-to-eye--both being such strong women with egos that often got in the way of personal relations. And after that huge argument last night (what's new?), the relationship between them grew only more sour, if such a thing were possible. Good thing Joan stole her credit card, though. It was traceable--she had seen enough crime shows to know--but what the hell, getting caught redhanded made for a much better picture than dying of starvation in the middle of nowhere.

    It was already close to midnight. Joan had spent the last few hours or so in a convenience store with a can of coffee sitting between her palms, wondering why the hell did they have to wait until exactly twelve o'clock to sneak out and steal some car? Did magic happen at twelve? Was it a lucky number? All her complaining wouldn't get her any answers, however, so she waited. She sat there under the bright fluorescent lights as quietly as she could, tapping her fingers on the table every now and then and glancing at her wristwatch.

    Just fifteen minutes to go.

    Metal grazed against the floor as Joan quickly stood and headed for the exit, chucking her crumpled pack of coffee into a bin as she went. She tossed her jacket over her shoulders--a piece of clothing she wore, more in an effort to look cool rather than to keep warm in this already warm weather--and walked, back hunched against the light wind, her dark clothes blending with the night. In her right hand, she held a black duffel bag, where she managed to pack all the things she will be needing for the road trip.

    Later, she arrived just outside the gates of Allen's home and began to text her friends:

    i'm @ allen's, where r u

    She hit Send.
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  3. ) ▶▶ &* DARLING I CAN BE YOUR KING !! ❞ (

    ▪▪▪▶ baby my kingdom is full of silver and gold .

    Finishing up his last homework for the day, he stretched his arms in the air and made a quiet groan. Being the only son of the Gray family was tough but that doesn't mean he can't do it. He looked at the clock to check the time, Allen smiled proudly to himself, gently close the book and fix everything on his table. He went out from the house library only to see his parents burning the midnight oil. How come they are still up at this point? The plan was leaving at exact twelve o' clock. His mind began working like cogs in a clock tower.

    Ding ding ding, an idea came to his mind before going to the kitchen and decided to make tea for his beloved parents. Green tea their favorite, with a mix of his special ingredient. After he made two cups of tea, he placed it on a small tray and went back to the dining room which they always stay there whenever they do their work about business. "I made tea." he said as he made a devious yet not obvious smile to his parents. They smiled at him and said thank you. "I'm going to sleep now, see you tomorrow." he added and gave his mum and dad a goodnight kiss. What a sweet kid.

    When he left the room he quickly rushed to his bedroom and brought out his black duffel bag out of his closet. Quickly changing his clothes into something light yet comfortable clothes in his closet. Of course he can't leave without his favorite leather jacket. As he continue to fix his things, he heard the doorknob turn and someone opened the door. Quickly he open his closet wide and throw his things there. Closing it quickly he jumped in to his bed and cover his body with his comforter, turning off the lamp light before turning his back away from the other side of the room.

    Allen didn't care who came in to his room but he wanted them out right now. After a couple of minutes, the person finally decided to leave him alone and close the door for good. Gently rising his body up he made sure that the person was away. Clear. Jumping out of his bed instantly he got his bag and continue fixing his things.

    Five minutes later, the lights were out.

    Allen gently open his door and check the area if their is someone still awake. The only room who had its light on was the dining room. Gently going down stairs, he checked if his plan work, and it did. Another victorious smile crept on his face as he gently walk over to his parents, and open his father's and mother's wallet, taking their credit cards with him. Ha, two is better than one. This is literally Christmas for Allen, he's been dreaming to go somewhere peaceful. He was tired of all the responsibility they kept throwing at him, it's time for him to take a vacation.

    "Sweet dreams guys." he whispered.

    Everything was already set, but Allen what about the car? How are you going to get that thing out of our house without alerting anyone? Simple, before night comes, he took one of the family car and parked it outside of the house. He took the keys from the coffee table and exited to the back door. Lucky for him, he can jump over the high walls of his house by doing a simple stunt.


    Now that he is out he began walking, going to the front gates of his house. Then he received a text from Joan:

    i'm @ allen's, where r u

    Allen quickly replied back.

    I'm here.

    After hitting send, he saw a girl, about his age with a bob cut black hair. She was wearing black, a perfect disguise to blend in the night.
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  4. Nova Saint

    Location: Home --> Allen's House || Mood: Excited --> Determined|| Interactions/Mentions: Joan/Allen's Texts

    Tonight had been a while in the making, the weeks leading up to it absolute torture as the group drew closer and closer to their escape. Plans had been drawn out, bags had been packed... Mere days taunting them as their time tied down to desks in concrete boxes came to an end. Nova was humming with excitement, having to fight to contain herself so as not to give herself away before the adventure even began. However as the days turned into hours, Nova's once great mood was quickly soured by the very people she had been so pumped to walk away from.

    The day she was set to take off was by far the worst she had experienced since she had gotten into a fight with her step-sister from hell, Morgan. No matter what she did (or didn't do), Nova had become the target for whatever entitled rant Morgan had managed to build up throughout the week, which naturally meant that her step-mother Jamie-Lynn was also on her case. All day Nova spent listening to the pair of them complain about the dumbest things, somehow getting caught in the middle of the arguments and shaming. Normally Nova just let the words roll off her back, however this time she found it much harder to hold her tongue. Just knowing that by the end of the night she would be well on her way to busting out of this town made her want to rub it in their faces, a big 'screw you' to the woman that had made it her life's mission to make her step-daughter's miserable.

    Unable to hold back anymore, Nova ended up screaming out the pair after Morgan had started making fun of her brother again. Jacob had left the night before to attend a weekend camping trip for the local scouts and wouldn't be back until Monday morning, but that didn't change the fact that Nova wouldn't stand to have the entitled witches make fun of such a sweet boy. She wished she could have taken him with her on the trip, but it just simply wasn't in the cards for them. Of all the things that made her want to run, Jacob was one of the few that made it difficult for her to leave... It was probably best that he was away for the weekend, otherwise she might very well have bailed.

    Retreating to her room as she usually did after such interactions, Nova slammed the door and locked it behind her. Leaning back against the white wooden door, Nova sank to the plushy carpet and pulled her knees to her chest. She sat just like that, with her face burried in her knees, for several moments as she calmed and centered herself. Exhaling forcefully, Nova's depressed mood was replaced with a fiery determination. Whatever it took, she was getting out, and nothing was going to stop her. Walking over to her desk, she reached into a drawer and pulled out a piece of paper. Sitting down, she picked up her favorite pen, a blue inked tool that had a large fluff ball attached at the end so everytime she wrote something, it bounced around merrily. It was with this pen that she wrote a lovely note for her brother, reminding him that he was much more than the rest of the family made him out to be and that she loved him very dearly... Normal 'don't worry about me, I'm fine' sort of thing, but she made sure to leave out any important details on the off chance that he told someone or the note was discovered by someone else (namely her father).


    The rest of the evening was spent normally, which obviously meant ignoring the existence of Morgan and Jamie-Lynn until her father came home for dinner. It was tense, as usual, however her father never seemed to notice the vicious glares shared between his two daughters or the passive-agressive comments made by his second wife. She still loved her father, but she couldn't stand how he seemed to take Jamie-Lynn's side on literally everything. Regardless, the least she could do was to sit down with him for one last dinner before she took off unannounced.

    Normal activities out of the way, Nova waited eagerly for the clock to strike 11 before she got to work. Tip toeing out of her room, she stealthily delivered her note to Jacob's room and hid it somewhere out of sight of prying eyes, but in a place she knew her brother would find it quickly upon his return. Keeping an ear out for her step-mother, she snuck over to the spare bedroom where she knew the woman stashed cash in the drawer. Snagging the roll of money, Nova returned to her room, locked the door and turned out the lights.

    Taking a deep breath, Nova dug through her closet and pulled out a guitar case and small backpack that already held everything she would need inside. She had actually packed it a few weeks prior on a day where the anticipation was eating her alive. It didn't take much for her to climb out the window and down onto the yard, knowing full well that her father wouldn't notice and Jamie-Lynn would be too drunk to remember. Morgan was a bit of a toss up but it war more likely than not the girl had already 'snuck out' to attend some slutty party. Shaking her head at the thought, Nova began jogging down the street, making her way steadily toward the Gray's residence. She had almost made it before she recieved a text message, Nova pulling out her phone as she slowed her pace down to catch her breath.

    'i'm @ allen's, where r u'

    Nova skipped a beat, struggling to contain a squee of joy. She recieved one more text message before she could reply herself, the most obvious one being from the guy whose house they were meeting up at. Fingers moving rapidly over the touchscreen keyboard, Nova responded with her own message.

    B there in a sec... Just around the corner.

    Hitting send, she pocketed the device and picked up her pace again, jogging around the corner. It was dark along the street, and a bit difficult to see but just up ahead she could make out a couple of figures that could only have been the people she was meeting up with.

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  5. #babde6


    &" RDAN LEE ! *-

    :: LOCATION ::
    << Lee Household ⇒ Gray Household >>

    :: MOOD ::
    << Sickly Excited >>

    << Text messages. >>

    At first the idea of a road trip had been hard to stomach. If sleeping in a cramped (not to mention stolen) vehicle wasn't horrible enough, Jordan had felt anxious, almost sick, at the prospect of working so hard to build up the relationship between his parents, only to throw all of that hard work down the garbage disposal. Though, that was the deal Jordan's high school group of acquaintances offered when they decided that it was time to head down to a funny place called Paradise, and that was all it took for Jordan to agree with the trip.

    As the days began to wind down, he was actually getting more excited at the mere thought of finally getting into the groove of staying sober and being a normal human being. Jordan's life leading up to this point was a total bust and usually when it comes to irrational plans like this, he would have immediately said no due to its realistic consequences but there was something about the road that made him just a bit optimistic.

    Finals were as easy as Morse Code converted into Binary for Jordan. He actually decided to study and pay attention in class a week before finals instead of wasting his time on the internet reading through normalpornfornormalpeople on some unknown search engine, which is what he would have usually done during the school year until he decided to call it quits a second time on the whole druggie, I-fuck-prostitutes-for-fun, lifestyle. Though, when Jordan returned home from school, there was an uncalled for 2-hour lecture in the Lee household which made him desperately want to go back to that lifestyle just to defy his parents. Listening 'til the end of that monstrosity, Jordan gave into Korean culture and bowed, thanking his parents for their time and knowledge, and headed upstairs.

    Jordan's parents were able to retrieve back just a fragment of their years of supreme wealth, and they were generous enough to actually trust him and give him an allowance in the form of a plastic card. How cute.
    He had his card, and also all of the credit and debit cards from his parents' wallets. If there was any time to break every rule and rebel, now was the time for Jordan.
    He knew his parents' schedule down to a T when the group decided it was best to sneak out of their own houses. Jordan knew more about his parents than he would have liked to, but he was fortunate to find out that his parents' sleep abnormally early, and especially right after dinner. After 8pm and a buffet, Alex and Erynn Lee were out like burnt light bulbs.

    That dinner table will probably be the last location they will ever see their dynamic son.

    He decided to plan everything out, pack everything at 8:30 and ditch at 11:30. Three hours of heart thumping excitement that Jordan could have thrown up his dinner. He grabbed a black hiking backpack and began to plan all of the essentials. Dental hygiene, fragrance, clothing, electronics, money, snacks, drinks, pens, chopsticks, the whole fucking nine. If he had stopped at taken a small break, he would have thought that he had packed a bit too much, but the hiking bag seemed halfway full, and Jordan thought that if it wasn't filled to the brim, he would have 100% forgotten something important and be dead on the road. Now was not the time to be fucking everything up because he was unprepared.

    Two hours finally passed and Jordan's bag was filled with "essentials." He spent the last hour reminiscing on weird ass websites and found a peculiar store that sells milk gargled by white women for 200 dollars for two mouthfuls. Jordan soon heard his phone ding quietly, signaling that it was time to break loose. He opened his bedroom door to the sights of a pitch black house entranced by the sounds of snoring parents and neighbors.
    He quietly walked down the stairs, being careful to not make as much noise while navigating out of the house with an invisible blindfold. He grabbed his house keys and fully charged phone near the front door, clicking open the lock and stepping outside into the night, locking the door behind him.

    Jordan calmly walked out of his neighborhood and towards Allen's household, plugging in his headphones and putting some sort of calming music, probably in his native tongue, to try and calm himself from the experience of possibility. Taking in the glaring street lights, stars, and promiscuous eyes, Jordan was taken away by the night life until another ding of his phone alerted Jordan. A text from Joan. Exciting.

    'i'm @ allen's, where r u'

    Jordan decided to reply back after seeing two more messages pop up on his screen.

    "Heading there right now. I'll walk faster."

    And so he did. He picked up the pace and began to see silhouettes shining out against the darkness, as well as another, who was rushing towards the house.

    There was no way he was going to back out of this trip now.

    Song: Cruel Intentions
    Artist: JMSN

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  6. Green eyes stared at the ceiling above him, counting the small black flecks in them. He tried not to think about the trip; he'd already done enough of it during the entirety of this day. Throughout the day, Asher had thought nothing except this trip. He'd been anxious about it since the moment he woke up and the realisation of what day it was sank in. Asher has been thinking about whether or not he really wanted to push through with what he was about to embark on His friends weren't forcing him to tag along, he could've easily texted them and told them that he changed his mind and wouldn't be joining them. The wise move would've been to drop the idea and just say he changed his mind, but no, his longing to see Heather won over.

    Heather... The boy clicked his tongue upon realising that he'd let his mind wander off. Now he lost his place at where he was counting. He sighed and directed his gaze back to the upper right corner of the ceiling to start over again. He hadn't even gotten to ten yet when a familiar alarm blasted into his right ear. Asher tore his gaze off the ceiling and onto the phone where the alarm was coming from. Without even thinking the action, Asher slid his finger across the screen and stopped the alarm. He stared at the time that was written. 23:15. It was time for him to move.

    He got up and sat on the edge of his bed. First, he put on his shoes which he left by the foot of the bed. Next, he went over to his floor length mirror to fix his hair. Ash was already dressed and ready to go; he'd already changed into his outfit before laying on his bed and waiting for time to pass by--or rather, waiting for his parents to fall asleep. Normally, the couple would still be awake at this time. His parents slept at 23:30. He doesn't know why they sleep that late, all he knows is that they do and he doesn't question it. Tonight, however, was different. His family was supposed to visit Asher's grandmother tomorrow and stay there for a two weeks or so. It was meant to be a vacation of sorts. His parents thought it'd be good for Asher to have a change in scenery every now and then. Too bad Asher's already committed himself to a different trip. Truthfully, Asher felt somewhat guilty to have decided not to join them in visiting grandma and acting selfishly. On the bright side, it made sneaking out tonight easier. They were supposed to leave early tomorrow, thus, his parents had chosen to sleep hours earlier than they normally do. Another plus was that packing his things earlier wasn't suspicious at all.

    Once he was pleased with how he looked, grabbed his rucksack and walked to the door. Hesitation came to him as he was about to touch the door knob. Asher bit his lower lip and heaved a sigh before proceeding to walking over to the desk in his room. He grabbed a pen along with a piece of paper from his memo pad and begun hastily writing a short note for his mom and dad. 'Going somewhere. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'll come home soon. Sorry. - Will' He finished the note off by signing it with the name his parents called him, Will. Asher was merely his second name, but between his first and second name, he much preferred the later. He left the note on the table and placed down his pen holder on the top edge of it, to hold it down and prevent it from flying away. Now, he was ready. Asher left his room and, as quietly as he could, he exited their apartment and made a beeline towards the elevator. Upon arriving at the lobby, he was not surprised to see a man sleeping on one of the couches. It was the landlady's husband. Ash couldn't tell if he passed out from being too drunk or if the landlady kicked him out of their place again; it could be both as well. He shrugged the thought away and made his way out of the building.

    Despite it being quite late in the evening, a number of people were still walking down the brightly lit streets. Cars still sped down the streets, some of them seeming as if they were in a rush. This didn't come as a surprise for Ash. He's learned long ago that this was what it was like living in the busier parts of the city.

    Allen's house was by no means a short walk from where he lived. Walking there would take too long, not to mention quite dangerous--the area in between their places was known to be a dangerous part, especially around that time of the night. Thus, Ash tried to get himself a cab. Unfortunately, the task proved harder than he thought it would be. It took him a good ten minutes before he managed to hail an empty one. Ash quickly got in the cab and gave the address. He leaned back in his seat and began to watch the bleak city scenery from the window as they passed by.

    A few minutes later, he heard his phone give a ding from inside his pocket letting him know that he had a text message. Asher took it out and read the text. It was Joan. She was asking where they all were. He momentarily took his eyes off his phone screen to ask the driver if they were near. The driver said yes and added that they should be arriving in a couple of minutes. Asher nodded and thanked him before going back to his phone and began typing out a response: Can't wait to see me, huh? ;) Don't worry, Jo, I'm on my way. Should be there in a few.' He hit send and placed his phone back in his pocket.

    Just as the driver said, it took only a couple of minutes for them to arrive at the destination. Ash paid the man and exited the cab, making sure he didn't leave anything as he did. As the cab drove off, Asher turned and headed towards where everyone was gathering. The first person he noticed was Nova, her striking blue-green hair made it hard to be missed; next was Jordan who was approaching at a brisk pace; then there was Allen who was coming from inside residence; and finally, was Joan who was standing in front of the gates, donning a full black attire. He flashed a lopsided smile at his companions. "Good evening~ You guys ready for what we're about to do?"


    Fay Residence
    → Gray Residence

    ❭❱ WITH
    Joan (@FieryCold)
    Allen (@SweetWendigo)
    Nova (@WeepingLiberty)
    Jordan (@Jihae)

    ❭❱ OUTFIT
    Casually inconspicuous (minus sunglasses)
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  7. [​IMG]

    Location: Saige's house » Traveling to Allen's
    Mood: "It's now or never I guess. "
    Outfit: You know what they say, dress to impress
    Interactions: @Nemopedia - Emrys Jernigan
    Mentions: @darkflames13 - Asher Fay, @FieryCold @FieryCold - Joan Lambert, @SweetWendigo - Allen Gray, @WeepingLiberty - Nova Saint, @Jihae - Jordan Lee

    It was pretty silent in the Grimm household as Saige sat at the dining table eating dinner alone. This wasn't out of the ordinary, though, she was used to eating alone by now. But today it just seemed a little different. Probably because she was leaving after this. Today would be the last time she sat here and this lonely table and dine by herself. At least until they come back, though Saige was sure she wouldn't want to. That was out of the question though, she needed to come back. When she was finished she took her dishes to the sink and washed them and then put them on the drying rack. Her parents were both out on business trips as usual. So she was sure when they came back they wouldn't even notice she was gone. They probably wouldn't care either. Saige had it the easiest out of all the members in this group. She didn't have to worry about sneaking out, no one cared if she was gone for a little while. To others that might be a blessing but for Saige it was a little depressing.

    She checked her watch, it was 11. She needed to start getting ready since she lived pretty far from Allen's. Not to mention it always took her a little while to get ready. She jogged up the stairs and went through her getting routine. Taking a shower, doing her hair, getting dressed, doing her makeup, then double checking she packed everything. By the time she was done with that it was already a little past midnight. "Shoot" she mumbled grabbing her phone from its iHome docking station. She had a bunch of unread text messages. Joan letting everyone know she was at Allen's and asking where everyone else was, Allen stating the obvious and everyone else stating they were on their way. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard, should she reply or just wait till she was actually in the car to reply? Maybe she should act like she didn't see them? She had turned off her read receipts a long time ago so it's not like they would know she read the messages.

    Saige bit her lip and slid her phone into the pocket of her dress, slipped on her backpack and grabbed her pink duffle bag over her shoulder. She didn't think she was actually going to be late, good thing she packed the day before. Though she probably packed too much, but one could never know just exactly what they needed until they needed it. As for money, for the longest time, Saige had her own bank account. Her parents routinely add money into the account for her so she doesn't really have to worry about much. Once outside of the house her car that she had called for was waiting and her favorite driver, Bailey, was waiting to take her over to Allen's. Yes, he knew where she was going, he didn't know why, but what she liked about Bailey was that he was cool. He didn't care about what she did nor did he ask questions, just like she didn't ask questions about him smelling like marijuana on several occasions when she had ridden with him. So she was sure he would keep his mouth shut from her parents, always knowing she could easily pull the plug on his job if she wanted. Then again Saige was really too nice to do that so he didn't have anything to worry about.

    Saige leaned her head on the window and watched the nighttime scenery whizz past them. This was it, she was actually doing this, she was leaving. She had been trying the entire day not to dwell too much on the thought. Lily and the girls were probably expecting her to hang with them but she wouldn't be around. She could only be anxious about what kind of situation would await her once she returned. That thought alone was enough to make her want to tell Bailey to just turn around and take her back home. While thinking about that, they approached a stoplight when she noticed movement from her peripherals. When she focused on the figure she recognized it to be Emrys walking on the sidewalk just as the light turned green. "Stop the car!" Saige spoke up suddenly. "What?" Bailey asked, confused as to what was going on, but did as he was told.

    Saige fumbled with the door handle a bit before managing to unlock it and open it. Flinging herself out of the car, she dashed to the sidewalk, waving her hands with a big smile, "Em! Hey!" She quickly closed the distance between them before clinging onto his arm, "Wow, I can't believe we're both late, haha," She started to pull him towards her car, "Here, ride with me, we'll get there faster," Emrys was a very expressive person she could tell he was feeling a bit awkward and hesitant. That's how it usually was for them, though. Out of everyone in the group, Saige felt like she could get along with Em the best so she wanted to be friends with him. Out of all the people in their group she believed, she could finally have a real friend, not fake friends like Lily and the girls. So whenever she could, when the girls weren't looking, she had been making a point to try and talk with him. Em pulled back from her a bit which caused Saige to pout. "Walking would take too long, silly! Come on, it's better to ride with me" with that Saige took his hand and guided him to her car. Once they were inside Bailey drove away, continuing on their trip to Allen's.

    That's when Saige decided to pull out her phone and reply to the group. The bright screen in the sea of darkness that she was surrounded in blinded her for a bit, causing her to quickly turn the brightness down.

    Sorry! We're running late, but I picked up Em. Omw now.

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  8. [​IMG]

    Emrys Ashlan Jernigan

    Location: Home >>> Allen’s place

    Outfit: This looks decent, right?
    Interacted with: Saige Grimm @Princess Misaou
    Everyone else

    Eleven o’clock the alarm read, signing that it was almost time for the group to meet up. Stuffing the last few items inside of his bag Emrys just hoped that he had everything. Clothes, the charger of his phone, a notebook, pencil, some snacks, the discount coupons his mother had been collecting, the money he had been saving from the odd jobs he did… He even thought to bring markers and a map with him! In case they got lost, or got somewhere with no signal. It wasn’t much, seeing how all of it fit into the same bag he used for school, but he hoped that it would contribute to what the rest of the group had. It should be, for it was all he had right now, all he dared to take away from his family, knowing that they needed all bits that could help them survive another month.

    The boy stood still for a moment, thinking of how he could spend this summer instead; helping out his family. It felt selfish to leave the place now, especially as he could spend it better by having a summer job and help out with the bills. Even the twins did so this summer, foregoing any of the summer plans they had with friends before they could even make them. However, how long had Emrys been stuck in this cycle? How long since he had last let anyone hear his voice?

    Just yesterday his father had fallen out on him when he failed to answer accordingly, a regular occurence. His mother tried to get between them as the older man was starting to grow almost violent with his son. The twins hid away from the view, afraid of what was happening, but still watching the scene over in case anything went wrong. The situation was solved quickly, however, with Emrys locking himself up within his room to escape the man. They hadn’t been able to give each other a straight look ever since that incident. The anger of his father, the frustration of his mother, the fears of his sisters, they all weighed on his mind, making him almost unpack his bag again.

    However, Emrys told himself, he knew that he wasn’t doing this out of spite for his family. He did it because he had to; to find himself again, his voice. He needed it; this break away from his responsibilities, the time to enjoy himself as a normal teen. That as far as normal teens ran away from home to find paradise, as far as normal teens were incapable, or refusing, to speak.

    In the end he had left a few supermarket coupons behind and twenty dollars. He knew he would probably regret it later, as he couldn’t afford it, but at least now he could ease his conscience with the knowledge that he had helped his family out with a week’s worth of groceries.

    Avoiding the spot that always creaked the boy glanced over his shoulder one last time before disappearing into the night. He was lucky that the twins had to get up early tomorrow, or they might have been still up. His parents always went to sleep early due to the long hours his mom had to make, while his father only found peace at night. As such he was so fortunate to find that everyone was gone off into dream world as he made his way out of this place. A shame, however, he would have liked to bid everyone farewell before he left. Who knows when he would return, if at all?

    With so much in mind the boy continued his way, enjoying how the summer warmth was enveloping him like a warm blanket. It made the adventure to come all the more unreal, as if he was merely dreaming it all up. It could very well be, who would expect Emrys to run away, let alone with friends? No one did, not even himself, and that was the sad part.

    Feeling his phone buzz the boy pulled out the device to read what was said. It seemed that most of the members had already gathered, making Emrys all the more nervous. Would this mean that he was late? That they were waiting for him? Was he already being a liability before they had even left? The male felt a sea of panic wash over, wondering how he should walk up to them. Casually, like it was the most normal thing in the world? Wave a little, just to be polite? Or stand away from them all as he was confident that most of them didn’t want to be seen dead with Emrys and his cheap clothes.

    Perhaps he should go straight up to Joan and let her have the word. She was good with these, but chances were that she was already bickering with someone and he didn’t want to cause tension by looking like he was already picking sides before they even left.

    Was he expected to text back even? Stopping in his tracks the boy looked down at his phone, staring at the texts as his fingers hovered over the keyboard. What was he even to reply? ‘Coming!’ but that sounds so useless. It was on the same level as texting a mere ‘Ok’ as a reply.

    Perhaps something more, he thought, include a reason why he would be late? But he wasn’t that chatty and it would all be excuses at this point.

    Were they even expecting him? Emrys couldn’t recall if he had been clear in that answer. He hadn’t exactly been very vocal about any of the plans they made. Perhaps they hadn’t counted on him and was he expected to stay home. What if that would be the case? Wouldn't it be awkward to have him walk in on them, only to hear that he can return again because he didn't sign up properly? Was there even such a thing?

    Contemplating whether he should stay home Emrys didn’t notice the car pulling to a stop. It was when Saige’s cheerful voice sounded that the boy started to run away startled, but got dragged right back again. Was this the time where he should text for help?

    Seated in the soft chairs of the car Emrys was dazed for a few seconds before turning himself to the girl with wide eyes. ‘You?!’ his face said, ‘Don’t startle me like that!’ his thoughts screamed, his phone lightly buzzing again with the text Saige sent to the rest. At least now they knew that he was tagging along. Strange how natural she made it seem.

    ‘More like kidnapped me right off the streets.’ Emrys quickly typed, believing himself to be humorous in the situation. It was, right? He had read about friends taking jabs like these at each other, making morbid references to what could have been a disturbing and haunting situation.

    Settling himself down again the boy checked out the vehicle he had been pulled into by Saige. It was obvious that the girl was loaded, judging from the fact that she had her very own driver, but also from the sheer quality of the leather. It was such a contrast from the brick that they drove at home. It made him almost uncomfortable, as he believed himself to be tainting the seats in some type of way with his presence.

    Opening a note on his phone Emrys typed something out before turning the screen towards the other. 'Excited?' it read, blue eyes trying to examine her face for emotions, but avoiding the eyes. Too awkward, especially now, with the stark difference between both their financial situations. It made him feel silly, Saige surely found this plan exciting, after all, what other reason did she have to join into this crazy adventure? The girl had everything she wanted, there wasn't anything he could think of that would make her run away. There was no reason to escape such comfort.

    Turning his screen away Emrys cursed himself for making such an awkward opener. His shoulders slumped, tensing up a little again as he was uncomfortable. Why he had even believed in the slightest moment that they were somewhat the same was beyond him. They weren't, obviously.

    The moment the car came to an halt he had already thrown the door open before the driver could say they had arrived. Scrambling out from the vehicle Emrys kept his bag close, walking up to the agreed rendez-vous point. Another luxurious house, another rich kid, it seemed. Not that he hadn't known before, but it felt like tonight everyone wanted to rub it into his face.

    Perhaps he had indeed been best off working the summer through.
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  9. MUSIC FOR READING: Poor Queen - Thee Oh Sees

      &&.    W I L L  Y O U  C O M E  A R O U N D ?  
    w e l l  i ' m  i n  l o v e  w i t h  y o u  b a b e   › › ›   a n d  t h e  d e v i l  a n d  I  m a d e  a  d e a l

    Location: Gray Residence    Mood: "Shitshitshitsh--"    Mentions/Interactions: Everyone

    If there was anything Joan hated most in the world, it was waiting.

    Leaning tentatively against the gates of Allen's massive house, she thumbed her phone with one hand and chewed the nails off the other, the groove between her brows prominent and dangerously angry. Though she stayed in her spot by the gates, she would shift on her feet now and then or scratch an arm or a cheek--every microscopic movement screaming with impatience.

    It had only been a few minutes, but already it felt like ages.

    When the phone buzzed in her hand, it had been a message from none other than Allen Gray. It contained only two words, so obvious and unnecessary that Joan was torn between laughing or screaming or cracking the screen of her phone against the pitted gravel road. Instead, she gathered her self-restraint and replied:


    To be fair, Joan's self-restraint could only do so much.

    Lifting her head, she finally saw him standing some distance away, basking in the orange glow of a nearby lamppost. Just seeing his face was enough to give her a sour mood, but if you asked her what it was about him specifically that bothered her so much, she wouldn't be able to tell you. They were always butting heads over the smallest things, always trying to put each other down.

    They were too much alike to get along. Or maybe the reason behind their deep-seated animosity was as simple as him being an X chromosome too short for Joan's liking. Joan was not a raging feminist that despised all men, but in Allen's presence, she often found herself seriously considering it.

    In ten brisk strides, she reached him, wagging the phone in his face. "If it isn't Captain Obvious," she remarked, her voice loud and high and thick with condescension. Joan feared nothing. If you told her to try and be discreet, she'd tell you to fuck off. It was as if it did not occur to her that someone might actually overhear them. That they were trying to sneak out—a feat that required subtlety more than boldness.

    If she hadn't waken the whole street by now, her phone should have done the trick. It pinged like crazy in her hand as the messages came flooding in, one after another:

    NOVA: B there in a sec... just around the corner.
    JORDAN: Heading there right now. I'll walk faster.
    ASHER: Can't wait to see me, huh? ;) Don't worry, Jo. I'm on my way. Should be there in a few.

    Her eyes zeroed in on Asher's message. Unconsciously, she found herself mentally shuddering at the joke. She liked Asher fine, but she sure as hell did not fancy him. For one thing, Joan was strictly into girls. Of course, this sort of friendly banter was typical of Asher. Joan had found him revolting at first. She still did, to be quite honest.

    JOAN: *can't wait 2 hit you. ftfy.

    Before long, Nova, Jordan, and Asher convened at the place. Asher piped with a cheerful greeting as he arrived. Joan made a fist and burrowed at his arm, hard enough to be mildly uncomfortable, but not so that it would give him a bruise. She wasn't that violent. "Good evening," she greeted back with a sarcastic smile and eyes narrow as slits, looking as if she had just tasted something sour. After a beat, she added, "Asshole."

    This was how it normally was between them. They publicly humiliated each other—him, with his unsolicited advances and her, with her demeaning behavior—but low-key they got along just fine. Pretty well, in fact, despite how they might treat each other in front of other people.

    Her phone buzzed again. Twice, this time. She didn't have to check her phone to know who was texting. She sneaked a cursory glance at the screen and let out a laugh, "Ha!" before turning to the others. "Ok, let's get our things in the car before those two get here." She made an impatient gesture with her hand—come on, hurry up—as she strode to Allen's van.

    Joan was just about to reach for the handle to the back compartment when a huge something fell upon the hood of the car where she couldn't see it. The alarms went off, the night suddenly consumed by its shrill wailing. It was the loudest fucking noise Joan had ever heard in her entire life. A cat, black as misfortune, leaped from the car and onto the gravel road. It stared at her, pupils thin as slits, poised for flight. Joan stared back and swore a low and deliberate oath.

    The lights flickered on in Allen's house, and Joan was a hundred percent sure someone was about to come after them now. Emrys and Saige's timing could not have been any better. They had just emerged from the corner and was now coming towards the rest of the group. "ABOUT FUCKING TIME!" Joan yelled over the high-pitched siren and gestured for Allen to unlock the vehicle. "Quick, quick!" She wasn't sure whom she was yelling at anymore, but it didn't matter. They just needed to get away from here, and fast.
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  10. ) ▶▶ &* DARLING I CAN BE YOUR KING !! ❞ (

    ▪▪▪▶ baby my kingdom is full of silver and gold .

    When Joan notice his presence, he couldn't help but make a smug smile towards her. He spread his arms and raise his left eyebrow in a playful manner and bowed his head gently, "Thank you for noticing my existence, Sergeant Sarcasm." he remarked back with a cool voice and place his hands back to his jacket's pockets. There is something about Joan- something he doesn't like about her and probably will enjoy teasing her every now and then. Her expression quickly changes from one another and that, entertains him greatly. Not long enough, the others started coming one by one, a small sigh escape his lips when Joan started calling other people towards the van he hid behind the trees. What keen eyes she have.

    The boy quietly followed the others, he had a slight annoyed expression when the others didn't notice his appearance like Joan did. How blind of them, did they not know they are being blessed by his appearance or rather taking everything they need for their get away? I think not but still. When the the bob haired gal opened the back door, something fell from the car, then it started making loud noises. "Jesus Christ!" he whispered to himself and immediately took the keys from his pocket and unlock the car. Has he forgot to close the door firmly? More or less, two more people appeared. Satisfied when they were all complete. Another sigh escape his lips (sighing is his habit), but this time he rolled his eyes and place his bag on the back of the car and quickly went to the driver's seat.

    No one is going to drive besides him.

    He place the key and turn it side wards, for a brief moment the engine started and quickly, "Well isn't this fun?" he said, turning his head to his right side to look at the people at the passenger seat.
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  11. Nova Saint

    Location: Allen's House/Car (Shotgun!) || Mood: Thrilled || Interactions/Mentions: Everyone

    Nova was a smidge out of breath by the time she reached the house, placing her case down beside her so that she could rest her palms on her knees and regain her breath. She waved her hello to Joan and Allen as well as to the other who had shown up at the same time as she, though she felt bad having to admit that she couldn't remember his name. It was definitely one of those moments where she was glad she didn't have to speak. Straightening up to her full height once again, Nova crossed her arms and shifted her weight into her right hip as she waited for others to arrive. Luckily for her, the next one to pop was, in fact, someone she recognized from classes.

    "Heya Asher! Glad you could make it." She beamed brightly, holding her hand up in greeting before re-crossing her arms. Nova could feel her heart skip a beat with each new arrival, some she recognized the faces of and others none at all. For some reason it felt nice being in their company. Sure they were all just standing around in the dark, but they had all gathered for a purpose and that unity of purpose felt good to her.

    When all but two of them had arrived, the ever impatient Joan began ushering them toward the van so that they could leave the moment the others arrived. Nova scooped up her guitar case and started toward the van, only to jump nearly out of her skin as the alarm suddenly began shrieking. The sound was horrible, and though ineffective, she found herself covering one hear with her free hand.

    "What the hell?" She barked to no one in particular as she rushed over to the van and carefully placed her case in the back. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the arrival of the final two, waving her hand over her head as she laughed. Naturally the alarm would go off while they were trying to sneak away. The adrenaline pumping through her veins made her giddy as she rushed around the side of the van and latched onto the handle for the front passenger seat.

    "Shotgun!" She announced as she threw the door open and hopped inside. Glancing out the window she noted the shadows of figures moving about inside the house, no doubt on their way to stop them from taking off with the car. Turning her head as Allen jumped into the driver's seat, Nova couldn't help but to laugh out loud and nod her head.

    "We're certainly off to an interesting start. I'd definitely call this a success! Now if we could just get out of here, that would be great." She laughed as she settled into her seat and clicked the belt into place, looking at the others expectantly. If they all didn't load up quickly, they were going to get caught and dragged back before they had even begun. Secretly, Nova found herself thinking about leaving the stragglers behind, but something about that thought bummed her out. It defeated the point if they left somebody behind like that. So instead she pushed the thoughts away and focused on waving people into the car... Not that it was helpful in the least, put the motion made her feel better.
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  12. ooc: Fancy formatting to follow, when I get back from school probably.

    A S H E R ♦ F A Y
    Location: Gray Residence
    With: Joan (@FieryCold) Nova, (@WeepingLiberty), Saige (@Princess Misaou), Emrys (@Nemopedia), Allen (NPC), Jordan (NPC)
    "Heya Asher! Glad you could make it." Nova greeted him on his arrival. He smiled at the turquoise haired girl in acknowledgement. When he greeted them all a good evening, the last thing he expected to receive back was a punch to his arm--courtesy of Joan of course, after all, who else in their merry little group would do something like that to him? "Good evening," she greeted back with a smile that was just oozing with sarcasm. She paused for a moment before adding "Asshole" at the end. Asher nearly laughed aloud upon hearing the last bit, the only thing that held him back was the thought of getting caught if he did.

    Although the punch really didn't pain him severely, he still made a face at Joan while rubbing the spot that she hit. "Jesus woman. What was that for?" Just as he asked the question, his phone vibrated twice as two new messages came in. It was from Saige and Em, informing them that Saige had picked Em up--or kidnapped, as Em says--and would be arriving together. He didn't respond but instead, he scrolled up in their little group message and found that he'd missed quite a few texts from earlier. Thankfully, none of them were of great importance. There was one message, however, that caught his attention. It was Allen's reponse to Jo's earlier text asking them where they were. It read, 'I'm here.' No shit Sherlock. This is your house after all, where else would you be. He glanced briefly at the guy before going back to his phone screen to read the rest of the messages. A small grin formed on his face when he saw the meme that Joan sent in response to Allen's message. That was perfect, Jo. He got to her response to his message and became clear to him what the punch earlier was for. Asher merely shook his head, but still had a small grin on his face.

    "Ok, let's get our things in the car before those two get here." Asher looked at Joan as she said this, locking his phone screen and pocketing it as he did. He nodded and followed her and everyone else that was there to the where the van was. With each step he grew more and more nervous. This was it; they were really doing this. The sudden blare of the car's alarm startled him. "What the hell?" Nova exclaimed. Asher found himself wondering the same thing. He looked at Joan for an answer but found her in a staring competition with... a cat? Was that the one that set off the alarm? When the lights in the Gray residence turned on, Asher couldn't help but feel the panic bubble up inside him. "Crap. This isn't good."

    Emrys and Saige's arrival was perfect--well, not really, it would've been better if they arrived before the cat triggered the alarm but at least they arrived shortly after it happened. Moving quickly, Asher dumped his bag in the back along with where Nova and Allen deposited theirs. Nova called shotgun and quite honestly, he couldn't care less if the seat was already taken. There was simply no way he was sitting up front with Allen as the driver. Allen was that one person in the group that he was not very fond of. The boy was just too arrogant in his opinion. There was only a certain amount of arrogance that he was willing to tolerate and Allen definitely surpasses that limit.

    Asher was about to get in when he saw the black offending cat from earlier. He stared at it fora couple of seconds, contemplating the idea that suddenly popped into his mind. "Fuck it," he said before grabbing the cat, taking it with him as he got in the vehicle. Asher took a window seat for himself and plopped the cat on his lap. It was evident from the way the feline glared at him that it was not pleased with the way Asher had handled it, but at least it hadn't scratched him... yet.

    "Well isn't this fun?" Allen said from his place in the driver's seat. He heard Nova laugh and saw her nod at his statement. "We're certainly off to an interesting start. I'd definitely call this a success! Now if we could just get out of here, that would be great." Asher nodded at Nova's statement as he started to pet the cat. "Very interesting indeed."
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  13. [​IMG]

    Location: Saige's house » Traveling to Allen's
    Mood: "Of course fate would do this"
    Outfit: You know what they say, dress to impress
    Interactions: @darkflames13 - Asher Fay @Nemopedia - Emrys Jernigan
    Mentions: @FieryCold - Joan Lambert, NPC - Allen Gray, @WeepingLiberty - Nova Saint, NPC - Jordan Lee,

    Saige leaned her cheek against her hand as her arm rested on the armrest. She didn't want her mind to wander, she'd only get anxious and she hated the feeling. So instead she just watched the scenery pass through her tinted windows. Her phone vibrated in her palm shortly after. Quickly reading Em's response to her text she smiled before locking her phone again. She didn't want to bother the others with another reply in the group chat. She knew how some people didn't like spam, Lily always being open about her frustrations with group conversations. The last thing Saige wanted was to be an annoyance to everyone, especially at the stat of their journey together. So she decided to do what she does best, remain silent.

    The two teens reached their destination eventually. Well, not exactly, even though Saige and Bailey had a special nonverbal agreement going on, just as an extra precaution she told him the wrong address. Good thing she knew where parties were, thanks to Lily. It just so happened that this party was located in Allen's neighborhood and was good enough to serve as her alibi. "Have fun you two," Bailey said to them and Saige smiled back, "Thanks, Bailey. Drive safe" she replied before grabbing her stuff and headed towards the house. When Bailey had driven off Saige made her way towards Allen's.

    "Sorry about making you walk this part, Em. It's just an extra precaution, besides, we have alibi's now" She said softly to the brown haired boy beside her. Saige had memorized the address of Allen's house so it would be easier for her to find. Of course, the closer she got to his house the more worried she became. What if they decided she had taken too long and left? Or if they almost got caught and had to make a quick escape? What was she supposed to say when she arrived at the scene then? Saige shook her head, she was just being silly now. Thinking up all the worst case scenarios. She just needed to relax and focus on getting there as quickly as possible.

    Saige heard the car alarm before she saw the others. Her face set into a frown as she looked to Em for some sort of confirmation that he was hearing what she was. "What the....c'mon Em, we gotta hurry," That's when Saige dashed off towards the house. At least the car alarm let her know that everyone was still there. Only now the risk of them being caught just shot up exponentially. Once she found the others she saw they were putting things in the back of the car. Saige quickly followed suit and hopped in with the others.

    Saige's hand flew to her chest as she tried to catch her breath. From the adrenaline pumping situation to the running and everything, Saige's nerves were a wreck. She just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible with everyone else. Once she had caught her breath she could only think up of apologies for being late. But apologizing again would be awkward right? Maybe they didn't care, so maybe it would be best if she just stayed quiet. It was one thing when she was with her old group, socializing was never this hard, but know she seemed to be more socially awkward now that she wasn't with Lily and the others. Catching movement from the corner of her eye she saw Asher with a..cat? Saige tilted her head to the side, her blonde hair falling in the direction of the motion. "I didn't know you liked cats, Asher," Saige said softly. At least she was making some conversation now.

    DE9B96 - word color
    d29eab -symbol color
    9d536c - Saige color

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  14. [​IMG]

    Emrys Ashlan Jernigan

    Location: Allen’s place
    Outfit: This looks decent, right?
    Interacted with: Everyone present
    Mentioned: Everyone part of the plan

    He didn’t realise it at first when he stepped into the darkness, but it seemed that the house that they were dropped in front off wasn’t the place they had agreed on. Emrys wouldn’t have known this if Saige hadn’t explained it to him, leading him away into another direction. The houses all looked the same to him, big, fancy and way beyond his standard.

    It seemed that the girl was familiar with the tricks of how to stay out of trouble, something he hadn’t quite expected from her. The girl had always seemed quite angelic to him, nicer than the rest, sort of the goody-two-shoes of the group, but the young male was starting to realise that there was more than that met his eyes. Not everyone decided to seclude themselves away from the rest, or coop themselves at home like he did. Just because she was nice to him doesn’t mean that she always played nicely along the rules, or that they were similar in anyway.

    Pulling his bag closer to him the boy started to speed up a little, wondering how much farther Saige had told her driver to drop them off from the actual meeting point. There was nothing wrong with having the girl for a company, but Emrys just wasn’t too comfortable with the popular Saige.They were after all people from the opposite side of the social spectrum. Almost as if they were different beings, like the flower and the leaves of the spiderlily; they weren’t supposed to meet.

    "What the....” Saige’s eyes went to look for Emrys as the car alarm went off, the glaring lights of the vehicle lightening up the streets wildly as the rest were trying frantically to have it stop. At least they had arrived, and not a moment too late. Judging from Joan’s wild gestures Emrys could even say that the timing couldn’t have been delayed any second.

    Dashing after Saige the boy quickly made his way towards the group, hoping to dive into the car as soon as possible. How unlucky they would be if someone went to peek outside of their windows now. Luck that would fall just in lane with him, and then they would all be caught and their adventure ended here.

    What would his parents say? His father would for sure try to strike him this time, his mother would cry and his sisters would just stare. Maybe even glare, because he was trying to ditch them all. Even if he didn’t do so, or meant to.

    “Hmm…” he hummed a little as he tried to see who was sitting where. Even if Emrys wanted to leave as soon as possible he did have his reservations about sitting next to some of the people. Allen for example, but it seemed that he didn’t have to worry about that one. The arrogant boy had decided to take the wheel and Nova called shotgun, the mute was glad that was out of the way. Now his biggest worry was to get a seat near the window and that Allen wouldn’t fall asleep.

    If possible Emrys liked to grab himself a seat near the windows and in the row least crowded. Less human contact and that way he could entertain himself with the scenery if it became lighter. Besides, that way he could lean his head against something if he felt the need to sleep, which was always a better option compared to the shoulders of one of the other members. Asides from that he wouldn’t have to be that awkward conversation partner just because he was squashed somewhere in the middle. It was a favour he as doing for both himself and the rest of the group.

    Dumping his bag with the rest of the luggage Emrys crawled his way into the van, making sure to take a different row from Saige who had taken a seat next to Asher and a cat. Raising his brow at the random company the boy quickly made himself comfortable in the corner, head already leaning against the glass and arms crossed over his chest. He didn’t exactly meant to make it look like he was avoiding anyone, but Emrys felt nervous now to spend more time in a cramped space. Texting was fine with him, but interacting one on one, or just live at all made his stomach turn for irrational reasons.
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  15. MUSIC FOR READING: Fried My Little Brains - The Kills

      &&.    W I L L  Y O U  C O M E  A R O U N D ?  
    w e l l  i ' m  i n  l o v e  w i t h  y o u  b a b e   › › ›   a n d  t h e  d e v i l  a n d  I  m a d e  a  d e a l

    Location: On the road    Mood: "Fucking finally."    Interactions: Asher, Emrys, Nova

    Joan had been hauling the last of the baggage when the distant shouting ensued. In one swift movement, she slammed the rear door shut and went around to the front of the SUV, unaware that someone had already claimed shotgun until she all but nearly ripped the passenger door in her haste and was already halfway inside. Joan stopped herself at the last minute, one hand against the dashboard and a leg propped up on the car step. “Out of the way, Saint,” she growled, looking windswept and ready for a fight, when she noticed Allen sitting at the driver’s seat. His eyes twinkled with what seemed like amusement as Joan’s determined look turned into one of chagrin.

    “Now, now, ladies, don’t fight over me,” he matched the look on Joan’s face with that condescending tone of his. Joan flinched away like she had seen something disgusting.

    “On second thought, you can have the seat,” she told Nova as she closed the passenger door.

    Climbing into the back, Joan let out a long breath she didn’t know she had been holding. Then, to Allen: “Go, go, go!” as she reached out to pound on the back of his headrest. The car lurched forward, making her nearly lose her already precarious balance. She crouched lower, climbing over the unoccupied folded seat to reach the row at the further back, where Emrys and Jordan sat. Every now and then, she would cling onto the tinted car windows and headrests for support.

    The seat between Emrys and Jordan was unoccupied, and although she didn’t appreciate much having to sit in the middle seat and at the further back row of the car, at least she had better company here. Joan had her knees propped on her seat so she can look behind them. Someone had just emerged from Allen’s house, but whoever it was, they were too late. An uncharacteristic giggle slipped through her teeth as she threw her head back. “Ha!” She gloated, a wide and triumphant smile adorning her face. “See ya, suckers!” She did a mock salute. She was well aware that the figure in the distance couldn’t see her, much less hear her, but for some reason it just felt good to do it.

    Once they were some distance away and the adrenaline from earlier had worn off, Joan finally let herself relax into her seat. “Yo, Em,” she turned to one of the boys beside her, offering a fist bump. “Thought you were going to bail, to be honest. Glad you could make it.”

    It was as she was saying this that she heard some faint noise from the row in front of them. Joan straightened up, looking for the source of the sound. “The fuck is th--” her eyes widened upon recognizing the cat on Asher’s lap. Now, she wasn’t much of a superstitious person, but after all that had gone down earlier with the car alarm, she was inclined to believe that the cat was at least a little cursed. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Joan reached out to grab the cat, but decided to give it up halfway through. Knowing Asher, he wouldn’t let her lay a finger on it anyway, so she simply shook her head and, with a resigned sigh, said, “Suit yourself, but I’m telling you now, that thing’s bad luck.”

    The car, for reference:
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  16. Jim's Motel & Diner
    Season: Summer
    Weather: Warm and sunny
    Time: 7:00 am

    It was a close call for the runaway teens. They had been seconds away from getting caught, but thankfully they'd managed to get away--for now at least. The teens decided to drive the car all evening, trying to get them as far as they could. It was a unanimous decision made by the group... well, almost unanimous; only Allen was against it, but in the end he had no choice but to grudgingly agree. They knew that the chance of them getting caught sooner was higher if they stopped to rest for the evening. Allen wouldn't let anyone else on the wheel so he toughed it out through the evening. At least he had the Jordan's company through it. The Asian kid stayed awake with him, and conversed with him despite being sat at the very back of the car.

    Morning arrived sooner than anyone wished. Humans had their limits, and Allen was no exception. The young teen needed sleep, and so did his night buddy Jordan. Without even consulting the others, he parked the car at a place called Jim's Motel & Diner. "We're out of gas," he said simply, as if it wasn't his problem to deal with. Turns out Allen forgot to check whether the tank was full or not. Without another word, he looked at Jordan in the back seat and signalled him to follow as he exited his place from the driver's seat and headed into the place. Jordan followed him, yawning as he did.

    Jim's Motel & Diner looked plain on the outside; the only thing that would draw attention was the big sign above the entrance. Peering through the window, one would see that the inside was decorated with a retro theme in mind. The first floor was the diner, the second was where the rooms were at.

    With a couple of hours to spare, the rest of the remaining teens were free to do whatever they wished.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Emrys Ashlan Jernigan

    Location: Jim’s Motel & Diner
    Outfit: This looks decent, right?
    Interacted with: Asher, Joan & Nova (@darkflames13, @FieryCold, @WeepingLiberty)
    Mentioned: Everyone part of the plan

    “Listen boy,” a man sighed, pacing back and forth in the small room, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose.

    “Neither of us want this. However, you can either face prison, or start talking now,” came the threat, the figure of the man leaning over at Emrys at the table. The boy shrunk a little, holding in his breath as he leant back in his seat.

    “Speak!” the man demanded, his voice suddenly rising up startling Emrys.

    “...” the boy opened his mouth, trying to make a sound, but nothing came out.

    “Well?” the man’s voice deepened, starting to sound angry.

    Clenching his jaws Emrys tried again, building up all of the air inside of his lungs before pushing it all out to unleash in a scream.


    Mouth wide open, but still there was no voice.


    He groggily woke up with a stiff and sore feeling in the back of his neck. The position he fell asleep in wasn’t the most comforting one, especially so because of the little room he had. Taking a few moments to realise that he wasn't in his room the boy yawned.

    Fighting the sleep out of his eyes Emrys tried to make sense out of the situation. His right shoulder felt heavy and warm, almost cutting off the blood circulation there. Turning his head he saw that it was Joan, who had decided that Emrys made a good pillow. With a deep breath the boy pushed his friend off with a gentle touch, not really caring that she would startle awake because of the impact of her fall. The male was far from a morning person, but not suicidal.

    “Hnnng…” he groaned, opening the car door as he crawled out to stretch himself. The long hours in the car made him feel like a feeble old man. Pulling out his phone the boy looked down at the device, squinting at the early hour he woke up at. The night had indeed been very short, making him suspicious on how far they could have gotten. It was clear, however, that they couldn't stay here.

    Taking in another deep breath the boy turned around, deciding that the rest should wake up as well to figure out where they had to head for next. Opening the vehicle again Emrys grasped his throat, almost as if he intended to speak, but decided against it. The dream haunted him more than he liked. Heaving a sigh he instead typed out that what he wanted to say before proceeding with his plan.

    Tickling Joan, for so far she wasn’t already awake, Emrys then moved over to give Asher a shove to wake him up, and gently shook Nova by the shoulder. Emrys knew his boundaries with the other two, even if Joan would probably have him beat for waking her twice, but they could take it. Just like he would survive Joan for the rest of the road trip afterwards.

    When he was sure that everyone was awake now, or at least in the progress of it the boy handed over his phone to Joan to read whatever he had to say.

    Jason, Allen and Saige have disappeared. Probably inside of Jim’s even though we can’t afford it. n_n
    I don’t know where we are and how far we have gotten.
    Yes, it is as early as it is.
    Asher, we can’t take the cat with us.
    Joan, you snore.’

    The last line wasn’t true, or at least, Emrys couldn’t remember hearing the girl snore, but it was fun riling her up. Especially so early in the awful morning when he wasn’t feeling too good himself.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Location: Jim's Motel & Diner
    Mood: "Of course fate would do this"
    Outfit: I think this is fine
    Interactions: @Nemopedia - Emrys Jernigan
    Mentions: @FieryCold - Joan Lambert, NPC - Allen Gray, @WeepingLiberty - Nova Saint, NPC - Jordan Lee, @darkflames13 - Asher Fay

    Saige's expression was blank as she stared off in no direction in particular. It wasn't like she was daydreaming or anything but just caught in the stage of extreme exhaustion and her awoken state. The hot water from the shower ran down her body as she just stood still, staring at nothing and doing nothing. During the night's drive, she couldn't really get to sleep. She stayed awake for the majority of it, listening to the boys talk softly to keep one another up. She hadn't actually dozed off until about an hour before Allen stopped at this place. Needless to say, Saige was in need of a little TLC, or rather just a good nap. She didn't snap out of her little trance until she heard the alarm on her phone go off. She snapped her head up with a jolt, her wet hair sending water droplets to the ceiling in the motion. Saige quickly slapped her cheeks to wake her up a bit before continuing to wash then get out.

    After drying off and throwing her clothes on she turned off the alarm and checked her messages again. Nothing, not a friend or a parent of hers had called or texted overnight. Maybe they didn't even realize she was missing. She couldn't decide if she should feel good about that or not, so she just locked her phone and started to dry her hair. She had gotten up earlier than the rest, in fact, she left right after Allen and Jordan did. It took some convincing of the manager but he finally let her have a room to freshen up in without charge.

    Saige couldn't help but feel uneasy, though. Their journey had just begun yet she still felt like they were just a few seconds from getting caught. From someone recognizing her and turning her in. She tried to hurry and gather her things after she was finished getting ready, ran down the steps to hand the woman at the front desk the key again. Glancing at her phone she kept thumbing through old messages, checking her social media just to see if anyone cared to know if she was around or not. Despite her trying to forget about it the thought kept plaguing her mind over and over.

    She walked over to the car again, expecting to see Allen and Jordan but she only saw Em standing outside the car so far. As she got closer she patted his shoulder and smiled, "Good morning," She glanced around inside seeing the others and frowned, "Jordan and Allen aren't back yet?" She started to wring her hands and glanced around, "We should probably get going right? I don't know what could be taking them so long, we went in at the same time..." Saige was surprised she was speaking so much, she normally didn't.

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  19. Heather "Vivi" Descarte
    Location: Jim's Motel & Diner | Mood: "Fuck my indecisiveness" | Interactions: Emrys

    It's 8:00 pm and Heather was playing her violin whilst pondering over a dire choice, to go out and explore the world she had always wondered and dreamt about. She had told Joan that she would back out of the group yesterday, yet she has having second thoughts about her decision. Did she really made the right choice? She knew that she can't afford to disappoint her parents any longer, then again she was her own keeper. That was the purpose of her moving to Canada anyway, to be not restricted and have her own choices.

    She placed her violin on her desk and then left her room in her dorm to head out to the rooftop to go for a smoke while staring at the beautiful stars that are shimmering above her head. "What to do, what to do" she stroked her hair as she was constantly thinking of the opportunity she was missing, She had always wanted to travel herself but is it the right time? She had just finished her final year in high school which was really uneventful except for the fact that she had met Joan and the others, they were alright and Heather didn't mind hanging out with them. All this thinking had made Vivi lightheaded, she decided to close her eyes for a little while.

    Vivi slowly opens her eyes, "Man falling asleep out in the open is unhealthy" She says letting out a soft groan. She slowly remembers what she was thinking about, panicking she grabbed her phone to check the time, It was 11:30 pm. "Fuck, I'm going to be late" Adrenaline rushing through her veins she immediately decided that she would catch up to her friends. She ran back down the stairs headed straight to her room and immediately started packing, as she was packing she saw her phone buzzed, It was midnight already. She grabbed her violin along and ran out of her dormitory to head straight to Allen's

    She arrived at Allen's only to find her friends missing. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" She cussed out of frustration, she dropped her dufflebag on the curb as she reached out for some cigarettes. She looked at her phone. 12:40 am, "Wait, they said they would leave at midnight, maybe I can catch up" She picked up her dufflebag and called a cab in order to chased her friends at the first stop they had talked about.

    After shuffling between cabs, Heather finally arrived at Jim's. "This better be worth it" Tired, She brought out her luggage out of the cab and looked at the motel in front of her. "Not to shabby" she remarked about the building's exterior. She grabbed a cigarette and as she was lighting it, she noticed a rather tall boy with blue eyes standing next to a van. She remembered he was one of the people she was with in school, Emrys. She thought of him as a very quiet guy, so she had little interaction with him. Still if Emrys is here that means she had caught up to the group. Throwing away her cigarette, she ran towards Emrys, "Heeey! I changed my mind, I want to go too!" Heather shouted as she was dragging her luggage and herself towards the van.

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  20.   &&.    W I L L  Y O U  C O M E  A R O U N D ?  
    w e l l  i ' m  i n  l o v e  w i t h  y o u  b a b e   › › ›   a n d  t h e  d e v i l  a n d  I  m a d e  a  d e a l



    location: jim's    ◞ companions: asher, emrys, nova, vivian    ◞ music: black balloon - the kills
    It wasn’t particularly cramped at the back seat, but staying huddled inside a car for such long hours, with barely any room to move wasn’t exactly Joan’s idea of an exciting road-trip. When she tired of talking—nobody seemed too interested in what she had to say anyway—she nodded off to the most unsatisfying sleep of her life. Because she was smack in the middle with virtually nothing but the headrest to recline upon, her head would loll this way and that, sometimes jolting her awake from her half-asleep state whenever she’d lean too far sideways. It was like this for most of the trip. It exhausted her so much that eventually, without her realizing it, she ended up resting her head against Emrys’ shoulder.

    Joan remained asleep even as they reached their destination. The engine had stuttered to a stop. She heard keys jingling and doors being slammed shut. But even as Emrys pushed her aside, all Joan did was mumble and shift to a more comfortable position. At the back of her head, she knew it was time to get up, but last night’s events had sapped so much of her energy that she barely entertained the thought.

    There was more space now, and she felt so much more comfortable, easily slipping back into unconsciousness until she felt something tickle. Joan wasn’t much of a ticklish person on anywhere that wasn’t her feet, so she merely groaned in response and slapped the hands away. “Mmmnnn,” she murmured, eyebrows crinkled as she grudgingly opened her eyes. That was when she was hit with memories of the previous night—of the well-timed car alarm, the narrow escape, the promise of paradise. Suddenly, the excitement came rushing back to her. Though she was low on sleep, this was the most awake she felt in her entire life.

    Eyes wide open now, she scooted towards Emrys who was standing right outside the van, his arm outstretched as he held out his phone. Joan squinted at the screen, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she read the message. “Jim’s?” Her voice came out hoarse. She cleared her throat. “Who the fuck is Ji—” It was then that she caught side of the motel and diner. Joan felt a twinge of annoyance upon realizing that Allen and the others had gone ahead and probably slept in real beds while the rest of them was left in this cramped van. “Those bastards,” she muttered.

    Reading the last of Emrys message, Joan simply scrunched up her nose. “Naaaah…” She said, then as if something had caught her attention, she fixed her eyes upon a spot on Emrys’ shoulder. Giving him a light pat, she continued matter-of-factly, “I think I drooled on you though, oops.” There wasn’t really anything there. In all honesty, Joan just wanted the satisfaction of making him look.

    Pushing off her seat, Joan climbed out of the car, stretching this way and that once her feet had landed on the pavement. “Alright, up! Everybody, up!” She ran to the front, yanked the car door open and began a series of honks. Just in case Asher and Nova hadn’t woken up already. Someone then called out that made her stop and turn around. Vivi had come to join them. Just a few days ago, she had been reluctant to, but it seemed she had somehow changed her mind at the last minute.

    “The fuck you doing here?” Joan said with a raised eyebrow as she walked towards Vivi, paused, then let out a laugh. She was in high spirits today. Patting Vivi on the back, she opened her mouth to say something but then felt her stomach grumble. “I don’t know what the others have been up to and frankly I don’t care, but hurry up and let’s get some breakfast. Or else, I swear to God I will eat that cat alive.” Joan remarked, pointedly staring at Asher.

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