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  1. [​IMG]

    Sunset lies over the ancient city of Prague.

    It is a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe with waxing and waning fortunes during its history. Founded during the Romanesque, risen to incredible heights during the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras, Prague was the capital of the kingdom of Bohemia and the main residence of several Holy Roman Emperors, most notably of Charles IV. The Habsburg Monarchy and its Austro-Hungarian Empire chose it as their sea. And in the mists of time, the city played major roles in the Bohemian and Protestant Reformation, the Thirty Years' War, and in 20th-century history as the capital of Czechoslovakia, during both World Wars and the post-war Communist era.

    Beneath the surface, has lurked another, darker story.

    It was in Prague, that the Jewish sorcerers hit upon the secret of reanimation. A mystical science replicated but once, by a German Doctor who dealt in necromatic flesh. Here however, they went a step further and granted life to clay and stone. Many of the secrets had been lost over the centuries, both during the purges enacted by the Thule Occult Society and the predatory movements of the Church and the Wizarding Races, to say nothing of the monsters that lurked. Enough remains however, that a particularly cunning or ruthless figure might spend a fortune to seek out much below the foundations of the city, fraught with other dangers now.

    A danger that kills by night and leaves by the coming of day.

    You are one of many, who have been tracking the deaths of innocents slaughtered and taken from their beds. The trail leads below ground and before this night is out....You will end it. Good luck.

    May the Gods protect you.


  2. Slowly, the sun set and shadows began to play across the ancient monolith of a city, its mortar more than mere cement and stone. There was blood in the very walls of the city itself, ancient and vengeful. A very different feel from London, or America. Still, needs must. The Executor had a job to do after all.

    And with a final adjustment of his collar, he armed himself and dressed appropriately, before turning and heading out of his motel room. It was almost time and heading for a place near the Vltava riverbank, he took a seat and waited with head bowed in prayer.


    "O' father that art in Heaven. Grant us strength to do thy will. Wisdom to recognize it for what it is. And power, to resist the evils that lie in wait for us who seek to end it. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen."

    He opened his eyes suddenly, turning in his seat before relaxing.

    "Oh. Its you."


    The Paranet has sent out a request by user ByronicVamp for any assistance in a highly dangerous expedition to end the string of murders. The request mentions the possibility of high danger, though if any wishes to attend, to come to these coordinates by the Vltava river by sundown. Who are you, that answered the call?

    Granny Whatsit (open)


    A Jewish Witch. Her granddaughter was among those taken, and for them she has decided to join up. Her magic lies most strongly among her family traditions, which they had passed on for generations. She works mostly as a home-remedy doctor in the local Troll Market.

    Age: 60.
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 135


    Astronomy – The user knows or knows how to find out which stars and planets are overhead at a particular day or hour of day or night, when eclipses and meteor showers occur, and the names of important stars, and something of current perceptions about life on other worlds, the existence or the formation of galaxies, and so on. An academic might be able to calculate orbits, or discuss stellar life cycles.

    First Aid – The percentage change of awakening an unconscious or stunned comrade, setting a broken limb, treating burn damage, resuscitating a drowning victim, etc. First Aid has no effect on diseases or subtle physical ailments, nor on poisonings unless the keeper allows the roll.

    Magic- This skill can only be taken as either a Magus or a Wizard.

    Occult – The user recognizes occult paraphernalia, words, and concepts, and identifies grimoires of magic and occult codes when she sees them. The occultist is familiar with the families of secret knowledge passed down from Egypt and Sumer, from the Medieval and Renaissance West, and perhaps from Asia and Africa as well.
    Granny Whatsit (open)

    Pharmacy – The user recognizes, compounds, and perhaps dispenses a wide variety of drugs and potions, natural and man-made, and understands side effects and contra-indications. He or she has a good practical knowledge of poisons and antidotes, and can use Pharmacy as a first-aid skill in cases of poisoning. The skill grants no ability to diagnose diseases nor the right to prescribe medicines.


    Second Sight: Opens her Third eye, which allows her to analyze a body for any abnormalities or search for hidden areas.

    Borrowing: Enables her to join minds with her cat, to see through its eyes and direct it to where she wants, anywhere within a hundred meters.

    Plasma Bolt: Go-to attack. Summons a blue ball of energy which she then fires from her hands with the force of an explosion.

    Shield: Temporarily summons a barrier of hardened air to encompass her and two people, which reflects projectiles away though less effective the more attacked it is.

    The Mental Guardian: Exceptionally Powerful on the Psychic plane. Appears as an avenging angel.

    Marigold (open)


    A Summer Fae-scion- Half faerie, half human. Working as an understudy ballet dancer, she's learned swordplay as a method of or protecting the theater and its staff against any monsters that might hunt them. Her theater 'family' knows of her condition and have taken steps to protect her. A few days ago, one of the chorus girls has been taken.

    Not on her watch.

    Age: 23
    Height: 6 feet.
    Weight: 167 lb


    Melee Weapon(Katana) – Learned from an old stagehand who used to choreograph stage fights. She devoted herself to it, till she became as confident as anything with it.

    Weapon Focus(Katana)- Greater development and training with the weapon of choice. This requires the Melee Weapon skill or Handgun use, Shotgun, Rifle, Submachine Gun, or Martial Art skill.

    Perception – This skill allows the user to spot a secret door or compartment, notice a hidden intruder, find an inconspicuous clue, hear a whispered conversation, recognize a repainted automobile, become aware of ambushers, notice a bulging pocket, or anything similar. This is an important skill in the game.

    Mythos - The investigator begins with a more comprehensive knowledge of one of the following. Unseelie Accords(The Magical Nation-State laws as drawn up by Queen Mab), Vampire Courts(Red),Troll Markets, Faerie Courts(Wyld).

    Perform(Ballet)- The skill of a performing art. In Marigolds case, its ballet. Though an understudy for now, she has the potential to be so much more.

    Dodge – Allows an investigator instinctively to evade blows, thrown missiles, attacks from ambush, and so forth. A character attempting Dodge in a combat round may also parry, but not attack. Dodge can increase through experience, like other skills. If an attack can be seen, a character can try to dodge it. Against guns, a defender may try to dodge only the first bullet fired at him in a round

    Climb – A climb roll must be attempted every 10 to 30 vertical feet, depending on the difficulty of the climb as the keeper perceives it. Conditions such as firmness of surface, wind, visibility, rain, etc., may be factors.

    Racial Traits

    As a Fae scion, Marigold possesses several traits from her Faerie parent. She's beautiful, in a more haunting sense. Her grace seems second nature, which enables her in her profession. She can see as clear as day in moonlight and starlight, and in places of nature such as parks and glades, she's at her most strongest. Illusions do not work on her whatsoever.

    In exchange, cold iron is a particularly painful weakness, but not on the level of full Fae.

    OOC: If you want another, just let me know and I'll do requests.

    @The Tactician @Chewy Rabbits @neejeeha
  3. "Yeah, it's me."

    Climbing out of the waters of the Vltava River, Vincent gave the preacher a nod as his gills flared for a moment before settling back under the patches he applied to them. The man seemed normal enough beyond if you ignored the webbing between his fingers, perfect for swimming, and the almost unnaturally slickness of his hair, its perfection impossible to be achieved after swimming as long as he had. Well, all of that and the fact that he was drenched from head to foot in water from his deep river swimming. Then again, he felt perfectly fine soaked, no matter how heavy his trench coat now felt.

    "Byronic Vamp, right? Name's Deep Fish. When we do this, I want dibs on catching the perp responsible. Was paid a good bit to rough him up specifically for this one girl he killed..."

    That was a lie. The girl he mentioned was one who had been helping the fish-like man grow accustomed to Prague while he studied for a bit here before heading home. She'd been taken just after they'd split apart for the night at a local cafe.

    He should have known to trust his gut that night. Maybe he could have protected her.

    "Anyways... So what are we dealing with exactly?"
  4. "That's me."

    Names had power. He could understand Vincent's wish to keep to code names here, especially as this was their first meeting though he was struck momentarily by the irony. With his vampiric blood and the others Innsmouth-esque state, neither looked like candidates for the first sort of person people would look for help. And that was perfectly fine whereas he was concerned.

    If people could remain innocent and free, without ever knowing that was its own reward.

    And someone had to do something.

    "There's an entire catacomb section beneath Prague- Created in the early days of the city and added on. Church records indicate it used to be a secret highway for smugglers and the like, until other beings moved in. The Black Court have been recorded as having a society down below, as well as other nameless things. But its also where the bodies or people have been taken. And now? We know who."

    Cue the file, Lucifer handing it over to Vincent to reveal a purple haired young man, with the cheekiest smile like a fashion model. Good looking certainly, but there was something about the eyes. Something that indicated a nastier turn of personality.

    "His name is Shinji Matou. Age 24, Japanese citizenship. He's a Magus from the Clock Tower faction, who came to Prague to hone his magecraft. I've managed to track his own investigations and besides being obsessed with the city, he was also interested in Jewish sorcery. Golem work. Last night, we've finally had a witness to the abductions which point to his involvement."

    The next page of the file revealed a photo, of a blurred image of a stylized eye on a hulking thing in the shadows. Briefly caught by street lamp and gone.

    "Its his mark on the womans kidnapper. My source tracked them to the entrance, but refused to follow. So its up to us now....And whoever else shows up."

    Lucifer then added, gesturing to a wrapped bundle.

    "I took the liberty of bringing some equipment if you need any."

    The bundle unwrapped would reveal weapons carefully chosen for close quarters and enclosed spaces. Shotguns and handguns mostly, with four military grade knives and assorted ammo. Not much, but specialized. The ammo itself divided into six boxes. Two normal, the others when examined revealing the following.

    Blessed Silver fletchette x 2
    Rock Salt x 1
    Cold Iron pellet x 1

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  5. Black Court, so vampires, at least as far as Vincent knew of them. Fuck, why did this guy have to want to meet at night then? Seemed like a terrible idea to go into their lair when the sun wasn't around to help them if they had to run for it.

    "Shinji Matou... I thought the story of the Golem was just legend? Are you saying he might have found or made one?"

    That would explain the hulking figure seen in the picture. Then again, how the hell did a Gentile make a Golem? It had taken a Rabbi chanting Hebrew incantations and providing blessings upon his creation for it to come to life. Sorcery it might have been, but for some reason, the half-merfolk doubted a mage could rediscover the magic if even the Jewish people had lost it.

    Once the priest provided his collection of weaponry though, Briggs's eyes lit up and his hands picked up the SIG Sauer P227. A modern semi-automatic pistol and one that chambered .45 ACP was his calling, and he was going to take it in hand. However, as he picked up a Mossberg 930 for more stopping power and perused the ammunition, he paused at the sight of one of the more specialized ones. He cocked a brow at it before looking to the preacher.

    "I get the silver that's blessed, and the cold iron for fae... but what's the rock salt for, preacher?"
  6. "From what I understand, Shinji Matou hasn't the understanding or subtlety to re-create the Golems...But perhaps with help, he could have awakened one. That's what I believe at any rate."

    Lucifer on the other hand, merely checked the chamber of a .50 smith and wesson, eyeing it with the air of a professional before putting it back beneath his coat. Otherwise, he seemed to be armed with little else.
    "Prague has a dark history. Much death, much anger and hate...Personally, if there lurk any angry spirits below, I'd like a moment and an argument in hand should they come for us."

    He chuckled and looked up at the sun setting, before exhaling out.

    "Ever hunted vampires before?"

    @The Tactician @Chewy Rabbits @neejeeha
  7. Grabbing some of the silver flechettes when he mentioned hunting vampires, Vincent shook his head with a frown.

    "Mostly kept my nose clean of this sort of thing till now. Bad enough being enough being a fish out of water; I'd rather not risk losing all the liquid in my body too. At least... Normally, I wouldn't."

    He sighed as he rubbed his head before checking to make sure each of his chosen weapons were loaded properly.

    "So... You think the vampires helped him awaken the golem, and now he's getting them bodies to feed as payment or something? Seems to be my best guess."
  8. "Perhaps. At any rate, the Nosferatu specialize in information brokering. Perhaps we'll have answers but just in case....Well, we'd be prepared at least."

    He then paused and waited briefly as he said worriedly.

    "I was hoping for more, but if its just us into the dark...Then know, you are a very brave man. I just wanted to say that."

    @The Tactician @Chewy Rabbits @whoever​
  9. "Thanks, but it's not about bravery, preacher."

    The half-fishman pulled out a lighter and box of cigarettes and lit one for the quick smoke as they prepared.

    "It's about doing what's right by this town and the people who live here."
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  10. [​IMG]

    "He's got that right. I've seen people die, the dead walk, and humanity's tripping over itself to screw over eachother. Well, not this time damn it." A new voice sounded out among Lucifer and Vincent. Stepping into view appeared to be an African-American male who stood about 6'4 and was decked out in a SWAT uniform. But he'd left that line of work years ago. "Name's Peter. Here to do my bit."

    Pulling out a rifle from the sling he had strapped over his back, Peter loaded it as he glanced between the two others. "Got a partner who should be showing up soon. Figured if I was signing up for this, would need someone who-"

    "Could watch your ass, Peter?"

    "I was gonna say look up to me, but sure Roger."


    This would be none other than Peter's trusted partner, Roger Dimarco. Having seen what terrible times could not only do to innocent civilians but trained SWAT officers, Peter and Roger both left the force to strike out on their own. Given you had flesh eating zombies roaming around, it wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do. But both of them had managed to survive up to this point, right? They must have been doing something right!

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  11. Vincent had his shotgun raising as soon as he heard the voice. Christ, he was jumpy for a guy who seemed chill enough to smoke on the job. However, he hadn't kept his heritage a secret for as long as he had by being lax when people sneaked up on him.

    "... Huh, SWAT. Didn't expect the popo to show up as well," He lowered his weapon once again, calming down and looking between the others, "So four guys armed with shotguns, rifles, and pistols, going up against a golem, a mad wizard, and possibly a coven of vampires? Not bad odds."
  12. Evelyn Fisher

    Out of curiousity, or perhaps by chance, Evelyn Fisher had answered the call. It was a bit of a journey, really; she would have been unable to make it had it not been for a contact who happened to have a private jet. One of those lucky few who had managed to snag a lifetime pass for private jet service. A bad corporate move on the airline's part, but a perfect opportunity for someone like Evelyn to catch a lift. She could only hope that the airlines don't decide to de-activate those tickets anytime soon, for her sake, and her contact's.

    At any rate, she arrived at Vltava river, walking at a rather steady pace. As much as she'd like to be, she wasn't simply here for sight-seeing. Oh no, there was alot more to this excursion than a walk by the river; she was looking for the source of the call, as she had an adventure ahead of her, at least that's how she saw it. One filled with danger, excitement, and thrills, lots and lots of thrills. She finally spotted who she could presume to be the one who had made the call, with company already, and approached without hesitation, deciding to speak up.

    "Vamp, right? As in... ByronicVamp?" She asked cautiously.

    Evelyn always liked to be doubly sure before she came to any definite conclusions; after all, she didn't get her thrills by just chasing red herrings.​
  13. "Damn, as soon as we're just about to go in, everyone starts showing up? Hasn't anyone around here learned to show up early or on time...?" Vincent noted with a huff, rubbing the back of his neck as the newest member of their vigilante posse appeared. This was gonna be a long set-up if they kept trickling in like this... "The priest is Vamp, I'm Deep Fish. SWAT officer one is Officer Pete, and SWAT officer two is Officer Roger. Nice to meet you, welcome to the team and suit up."

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  14. That left only one more to wait on. Nodding at the three, he glanced over their weapons and cracked a grin.

    "Glad you three could join us. Well then- That leaves but one, last person then. Before we go in, I may as well take this time to go over what exactly, we might find beneath the city."

    He cleared his throat and went into lecture mode, arms crossed comfortably as one finger raised up into the air.

    And suddenly paused, head cocked to the side as he heard a strange noise.



    From the banks of the river in their midst, they burst free from the earth. Misshapen, twisted creatures who moaned as they charged at the people in a loping gait!

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  15. How the hell did I miss those sons of bitches?

    Without waiting for an answer to how he missed the twisted men who were now charging them in some sort of demented assault, Vincent tossed his cigarette aside and raised his Mossberg to combat the threat while Lucifer seemed caught in his preaching setting. Shouldering the weapon, he took a breath to steady himself as the enemy drew closer. He needed to be careful to not hit the others as they fought these beasts off and keep control of his aim.


    Like a cannon, the gun roared as it kicked into his shoulder and fired its pellets. The nearest freak would enjoy a chest full of hornet strings with the force of a dozen punches before dropping to the ground, the fishman already pumping and changing aim to hit the next one.

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  16. "Haven't you all heard? Fashionably late is in these days."

    A gun shot rang out after the girl's words. Standing a fair distance behind one of the abominations was a blonde girl in a skintight purple and black suit, a black mask over her eyes and part of her face. In her hand was a pistol, smoke rising from the barrel. Though afterwards, she quickly ran back to the others, not particularly interested in staying in the thick of things for too long.

    She flashed the group a vulpine smile as she put her back against Lucifer's.

    "You guys can handle this, right? I deal better in information, myself."

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  17. Replies (open)

    Evelyn Fisher
    @Ringmaster @The Tactician @Kaykay @Chewy Rabbits

    Evelyn didn't carry a conventional firearm with her, but she certainly wasn't unarmed either. Considering the high risk area they were going into, she had sharpened both ends of her walking stick. Granted this wasn't the most ideal weapon to face a creature like what she was being faced with, it would still do the job.

    "Zombies huh... Guess I'll stick to what I do... Best!" She said.

    With that, she used both ends of her sharpened walking stick to impale any creatures that were advancing on her. While she regretted not having brought a better weapon, she was certain she could scavenge something from amidst the area, even a crudely made spear, or heck, if she was lucky enough, a machete would do just fine.​
  18. The creatures flailed at the end of the stick, attempting to swing their machetes towards Evelyn despite the wound that would kill a human. At least up to a point there was a twist and the one collapsed. A fact Lucifer noted as he stabbed the closest, using an empty hand to redirect a machete before the black key plunged deep.

    Destroying the heart or the brain seemed to work on these constructs, the shotgun blast knocking one over away from Vincent as it fell over.

    Had they been anyone else, perhaps the monsters would have terrified them. In a way, they were still pretty scary in and of themselves. Their skin was the color of rot and their eyes filmy and white. Arms were haphazardly sewn on, and the smell of peat filled the air. But what made them truly disturbing was the way they ignored pain, their alien gait so unnatural, even in the Moonlit World circles. These were creatures born of many cultures, known by similar names. Even the Mundanes knew of them, though in a Hollywood sense with the roots long since obscured by history and glamour.

    Here, they were a poor mans version of the Golems of the Jews. Formed by necromatic magic and corpses aplenty.

    And while there were quite a few, it seems they were little more than a scouting party as they collapsed to earth before the group.

    Lucifer lowered his weapons warily, his fighters crouch in place as he flicked bile off his blades.

    Afterwards, he turned to the masked lady and extended a hand for a shake.

    "Thank you for your timely assistance. Now comes the hard part."

    To enter the Underworld of Prague. A straightforward journey into darkness and death...

    A.) Enter now?

    B.) Examine the Bodies.

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  19. [​IMG]


    "Yeah, zombies. Again." Peter confirmed calmly as he drew his pistol and opened fire upon the creatures with Roger doing the same. They'd been dealing with these kind of creatures for too damn long! People were refusing to kill their relatives who had died and turned into flesh-eaters and thus needed to be killed again. Which lead to SWAT officers dying and rising as the living dead themselves!

    Roger and Peter had seen far too much death, too many lives torn apart because one side refused to let go. While the other was relentless in mowing down the opposition. There was no good side and for as good as holding up in a mall had been? They may as well have been prisoners in the most luxurious prison in America. Couldn't leave lest you risk getting eaten alive or shot by overzealous zombie-hunters.

    But now that they were out of there and on their own again? They were going to do what they could to help. As a creature strayed too close to Roger, Peter smashed it in the face with his elbow to knock it to the ground before blasting it in the face.

    "What was that about covering my ass?"

    Roger simply gave a smile as he reloaded his pistol. For creatures like these, small arms fire was all that was required. The bigger guns had to be saved for whatever lay ahead. Which they'd soon find out just what that was as the last of the creatures toppled over and a newcomer entered the scene. As Roger holstered his pistol, Peter glanced over at the costumed woman.


    "No offense meant given you helped us take down these things. But, what? You some kinda superhero or something?" Peter asked as he looked her over. Girl looked like she walked straight out of one those damn comics or something.

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  20. "Superhero or not, her help is fine with us," Vincent commented as he walked over to the bodies of the creatures they had just gun down. They would need to move fast, search the bodies and then move on, or else the cops would be on them in a minute. The fishman could only imagine the explanations they would need to escape prosecution for killing the damn things and carrying weapons. Sorry, officer, we're just a bunch of tourists who decided to have a little shootout with these animals that look like humans. Yes, sir, we do happen to be Americans! What of it?

    "Besides, you've already got a fishman on your team. Not like it can get any weirder than me."

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