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    For months now Diego Sorrentino had been thoroughly debating this day in his head. The creation of new beasts was never to be taken lightly and he didn't. Few times Diego had canceled the day in fear that those who were selected were not strong enough, yet he always saw that this day meant survival for the pack. However, any doubt that he would carry into this day did not matter, for today was the Awakening Day.

    Diego, having finished an evening run, returned to the grounds of Cedarbrooke in time for the moon to rise. The night was shaping up wonderfully. Clouds drew across the darkening sky as the breeze became still.

    As the large male came to a slow walk just at the edge of the estates lawn, he saw one of his beta's, Blair. She was kind and a loyal girl that came to the pack almost three years ago due to being bit by Diego's own father. "Status, report." Diego said as he made his way closer to the house.

    It was vital that everything was in line, that nothing was missing from this day. It was important that the first Awakening Day in a century be performed correctly, starting with each candidates bite happening before being brought here.

    Blair, following just a few short paces behind, said a simple sentence, "They're here." There was no denying that those has been the most words she had spoken in the last few, stressful, days.

    The Awakening Day was never to be taken lightly and she didn't, along with the rest of the pack. The fact it hadn't been done in a century was testimony to how absurd it was, yet here they were. Twelve unsuspecting humans were now on their journey of lycantrope. It was strange to think one of them was Blair's own sister, Gwen.

    Trailing behind, Blair thought to herself the possible outcomes of her sister turning and finally finding out what Blair had been hiding for almost three years now. How would she react? Would she become furious and not speak to her own twin? Maybe, but Gwen wasn't someone to ignore Blair, she was someone to get even with Blair if she did something wrong. Gwen was unique in her own way.

    Blair tugged at the sleeves of her sweater ends, her mind was beginning to cause her anxiety. She was beyond nervous. Just inside Cedarbrooke's doors was twelve individuals beginning to wake from their transitions. Hopefully none would take this transformation badly. To fight the bite was to die from it. Blair had seen people say the pain was unbearable, that it felt like their blood was boiling and slowly killing them, but if they rode the pain through it would later leave their bodies after completely changing their genetic code.

    "Come along, Blair" Diego told her as he walked into the house.

    Cedarbrooke was beautiful and his family home. Original oak-wood flooring, vaulted ceilings, renovated kitchen and bathrooms, just over sixteen bedrooms, a full basement, and hidden passages galore. This manor was Diego's home and had been since her was a young boy.

    Passing through the entry way and taking a left, Diego entered the living room and looked at all the promising new lycan. He scanned them to see the condition in which they were in and whether they were strong enough to complete the transition into lycan. They all looked the part, gladly.

    As soon as they began to stir and the groans filled the room, Diego leaned against the desk in the room just parallel to the fire place and in the perfect spot to view of each young lycan. "It is important that you let the pain continue, trying to fight it is useless and it will consume you." Diego spoke loud enough, and stern enough, for everyone to hear and understand. "You are now lycan." He paused before standing up. "Welcome to the pack."

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    Pain. Pain blocked out every other possible feeling in Kole's mind and even blurred his vision. His skin felt like it was burning and possibly even melting off, yet there was no sweat on his brow. It was an internal fire burning getting ready to destroy him.

    "It is important that you let the pain continue..." This voice in Kole's head had to be insane. Let the pain continue? How could he? It hurt and all he wanted was for it to stop. "Trying to fight it is useless..." So it would continue even if Kole wanted it to leave. "It will consume you." Finally, Kole's eyes shot open and he groaned in pain. That voice in his head wasn't a voice of his imagination at all, but a tall man few feet from him leaning against a desk as if the pain that was taking place before him was normal.

    "W-what did....y-you do to me?" Kole blurted out as best he could through the pain, but it was clear he was hurting. "I-I can't s-see..." However, Kole glanced around as best he could, he realized it wasn't just him in pain. More blurred bodies inhabited the room around him, all groaning and dealing with the pain in their own way.

    "You are Lycan." What? What the hell was Lycan? Never in his life had Kole heard of the word and now he needed to know more than ever. Was it a serious disease that he was going to die from? The man said the pain will consume him, or them. Was he killing them? So many questions and yet Kole knew he wasn't going to get any of the answers now.

    "Let the pain continue," Kole thought to himself. Maybe, if he wasn't fighting it anymore, if he just accepted it, it would subside. So he tried to relax, to allow each muscle that was seizing and burning to calm. The pain started to increase. Again Kole groaned and again he tried to relax. The young blonde's fist balled up as his anger towards this situation increase, but then it all fell away. The pain subsided and the burning stopped. It was like his body just became disconnected from the pain. What was this?

    "Welcome to the Pack." The man said. The Pack? What did he mean? Like a binding contract or something? None of this was making sense to Kole and the more the man had talked the more confused Kole got. But as he thought his sight cleared and he looked down at the only part in his body that still slightly hurt. His arm. There, along the right side of his forearm, was a bite that resembled a large dog bite and finally things began to piece together in his mind like a bad supernatural movie.

    Lycan meant wolf. He was now part wolf.



  3. Crystal Smith
    21 | Bitten | Moody

    Crystal was laying on the ground, her face closed in a grimace while her skin was pale and clammy. She had been awake for God knows how long and the pain from her wrist still haven't subsided. The searing fiery bursts pulsated around the bite mark on her wrist, intensifying with each dragging second, jarring and brutal. With each minute the pain amplified, the muscles quivered and her consciousness ebbed. It was unbearable. Excruciating. No words can describe how pained she is right now.

    Calm down.. Calm down.. she shouted to her thoughts, trying to keep her cool and fight the pain. All I need is to be distracted and the pain will go away.. Yeah Crystal tried to distract herself by remembering last night but everything was so blurry and hazy. All she could remember was she was on the club as usual, drunk and intoxicated when she started grinding with this handsome man. After that, they went out on the back, made out then.. then blank.

    Her mind suddenly screamed out as the pain drove deeper throughout her body. Every thought she just had became confused as the burning pain licked her up like scorching fire. The only thought left in her mind was like knife through a butter. She wept and whimpered at her own suffering. She could hear people around her screaming, whimpering, and shouting as well.

    She rolled up in a ball as she heard footsteps and voices, wishing for the pain to subside. She can't take it anymore. Everything was too much.. She decided to just follow the voices she was hearing and forced herself to relax; forcing herself to welcome the pain. Its like how you slit your abdomen, Crystal.. Just..much more painful..

    It was hard, especially since the pain was excruciating but eventually it was gone. She was not in pain anymore and that made her feel good...for a moment. She heard voices once again and had to open her eyes to see where it came from. There, leaning against the desk was a tall man with dark hair accompanied by a woman . She also looked around the room and saw people around her, causing panic and dread spread throughout her body like she was drenched in a bucketful of ice. Kidnapping was the first thing that came to mind but then, she suddenly remembered the missing event that happened last night.

    "There was a dog.. No.. A wolf.. W-We were making out then.. then.." A horrified gasped escaped her lips before looking at her wrist, noticing a huge bite mark on it. Crystal doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to know what that means. True she doesn't believes about the supernatural but that doesn't mean its impossible to happen. Besides, she had read a couple of mythology and occult books to know where this is going.

    As the man on the desk started spouting words, Crystal just lost it. She laughed. HARD. "Pfft.. HAHAHAHA.. HAHAHAHAHA. A-Are.. Are you serious?" she asked, laughing hysterically as she sat up on the floor. "Lycan? Pack? Is this a TV show? Because.. This is going to flop. Like seriously.. Werewolves?" She forced herself to stood up and waved her arms around her "This...This is just an occult group. The pain was likely just from a drug.. and the bite mark.. makeup. Or maybe it is a dog mark but a wolf? Impossible. This is just a prank" She then stalked and made her way towards the man on the desk, shrugging off the feeling of her being scared and intimidated by him. This is just a prank. Just a prank.

    "Look, mister." Crystal said as she finally stood before him, poking his chest out of anger "This is not funny so let me go. I have an appointment to a spa and a salon today so I can't be late. So! Here's what you're going to do: Let me go and show me the door before I call my Daddy and tell him you kidnapped me. Got it?"
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  4. Moszek Nowak
    Moszek huddled against the wall with his knees pressed to his chest and his arms wrapped around himself. He had buried his face in his knees and was trying his best not to sob loudly, but damn it fucking hurt. All he could feel was pain and the worst thing was that there was nothing he could do. He had tried to stand up at least five times, but his legs weren't listening to him and refused to unfurl. When he had woken up in the room he had been laid out straight with his arms flush against his sides but as soon as his bearing began to creep back he drew himself into the fetal position. He was sure that anyone who was looking at him right now thought he was some punk ass baby.

    Muffled voices breached his pain filled mind and he forced himself to pay attention to what was being said. "...Important...let the pain will consume you." Through the pain Moszek someone how manage to release a laughing sob. Some great fucking advice that was. Moszek had yet to open his eyes and see where exactly he was and who the hell was speaking but he would bet an arm and a leg that it was some 'rough it-no pain no gain' Bear Grylls type. "...lycan...Welcome to the pack." And suddenly the pain stopped. The tattoo artists' eyes shot open and he stared in amazement at his surroundings and the male--definitely not Bear Grylls--who had been speaking. There was a redheaded woman standing with the man and Moszek wondered if she was his wife.

    A twinge of pain interrupted his thoughts and Moszek stared down at his arm dumbly. There was a huge dog bite there--Wait. Not a dog bite because he would never be caught dead around a dog. But there it was plain as day. An animal bite on his arm and--What had the guy said? "Lycan..." Were the first words out of Moszek's mouth but it came out as a mumble. His eyes widened as his mind struggled to make sense of what he was starting to realize. He stared in horror at the man and the red head, and them clumsily got to his feet. His legs trembled and he braced the wall for support. "This isn't...This isn't real. I mean--There's no such thing as lycans or werewolves or whatever." He spluttered and gestured at the blonde girl who was accusing the two people of being reality show pranksters. "This is...You kidnapped me--err us!" He gestured at the other people around him. "This is illegal. I can't--You're--Oh my God, Jasper." A spark of revelation suddenly struck him when he realized that today was the day that he was supposed to start being a real father. "Look man," He forced himself to stand upright and glower at the man. A voice in the back of his mind warned him against it but he ignored it. "Whatever this is, I don't have time for it. I'm leaving and if you don't let me go I'll kick your ass." Okay so he had never kicked anyone's ass before and this guy was...Well he looked like he could knock Moszek out cold with one punch, but he didn't care. He had to see his son.

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    i've been making mountains → out of concaves

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    All Teagan could focus on was the pain.

    As soon as he came into the conscious world, that's all he could think, all he could feel. It burned every inch of him, it felt like someone had taken a match to his muscles and boiled his blood. The minute he dared to open his eyes, the light made him cringe, such little exposure causing a migraine to burst through his skull. He let out a groan, sitting up way quicker than he should've, lithe fingers moving to hold his skull as if that would elevate the pain. All it did was make Teagan look like a blubbering idiot, but judging from the groans and whimpers around him, they were in the same amount of pain as he was..

    Wait a minute, he wasn't alone?

    Slowly he raised his head from his hands, looking around the room to see the room full of other whimpering, withering people like he. His stomach flipped, but he couldn't place it as being fear or relief. Anxiety maybe, but he had been so focused on both the searing pain pulsating throughout his body, and the fact that other people were going through it too, that he didn't notice the voices until last minute.

    "You are now Lycan."

    What the fuck, was all Teagan could think, just staring at the man with wide, grey-blue eyes. His mouth fell open, his first thought being that this was a cult. It had to be, or a prank, like the ballsy blonde girl was screeching about. He had no clue what 'lycan' meant, but he'd heard it before, but he couldn't quite place it. It almost reminded him of a bug, but then he mentally smacked himself for such a stupid thought. They weren't suddenly bugs, that would be stupid.

    Well, maybe.. He started to think, literally letting his easily side-tracked mind dive into such a stupid conclusion before another voice, thankfully, gave him an explanation on what Lycan meant. He turned his hazy gaze to glance at the man, even with his blurry vision he could make out panic, anger, and tattoos, and he wondered why he himself hadn't started freaking out yet. Even if his body ached, and his stomach flipped, he found himself not panicking like he should be; and maybe that was a bad thing.

    "Okay dude," Teagan began, finally speaking after just sitting like an idiot, "I don't know if this is some weird ass BDSM sex ring bullshit, or some nerd larping gone totally wrong but I'm not into that freaky shit, so, I'd like to go home," he finished. Speaking obviously pained him, he practically shrank into himself when he concluded his sentence, rubbing his eyes to keep them from watering, but they were already glassy. He'd always had a low pain tolerance, the fact that he hadn't just laid down to accept death was beyond him, but he continued to blab his mouth like an idiot. Probably to distract himself from the pain.

    He raised his hand up a little as if that made him qualified to speak, "if we're forced to participate in Teen Wolf, I'd like to request some pain killers, and lots of them, please and thanks buddy," Teagan blabbered, being dead serious despite his not-so-serious delivery.

    As he lowered his hand, his eyes widened yet again. On his forearm was a bite mark, his first guess would be a dog. But.. he didn't own a dog, and none of his friends owned dogs. He wasn't even sure if any of their neighbors owned dogs. He took in a quick, panicked breath that sounded more like an exaggerated gasp, just rolling his hoodie sleeve down to hide the hideous mark. "Uh, bandages would be nice too."

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    He had a terribly broad shouldered walk, eyes hardened in front of him as he made his way to the destined place of gathering. As always, he didn't know what to expect. The fact that he was a little bit late only furthered the feeling of anxiety and emotions that funnelled into the air of this 'fateful' day. He padded along, body tense as he made it to his destination. He didn't give his brain the time of day to grow anxious as he opened the door without missing a beat, shutting it behind him. As expected, many people of a young age were evenly laid out and soon to be experiencing a very special pain.

    A familiar voice gave its normal simple greeting and Yedidyah looked over to his alpha to give an acknowledging nod. Blair received one as well.

    Yedidyah didn't say anything at the groans and noises of pain increased in volume. Underneath his brow bone, his eyes were covered with a dull looming shadow. He had his hand folded neatly behind his back as he stood next to Deigo and Blair, his stature growing increasingly more stiff at the rising complaints. It was not pleasant to hear and feel the agony radiating off them for anyone. One new wolf raspily asked how they were turned into a Lycan, and Yedidyah decided it was best for Deigo or another beta to answer that. He wasn't the best with words, and the bite marks answered it more clearly than he would currently.

    The only thing that got Yedidyah to really look up was a young one exploding into gut wrenching laughter. He wasn't completely sure why she was rolling in glee. Laughing could be a defense mechanism. The giggles were clipped and aimless, so the beta settled that it was much more of a sour laugh than anything being legitimately humorous. She said something about this being a prank, settling on similar ideas as she got up and made her way to his desk, boldly poking Deigo in his chest and threatening to call her father.

    Yedidyah reached out a gripped her hand firmly, careful not to crush her significantly smaller hand and scolding her with his intense eyes. "Dere will be an explanation," He deeply replied, his French accent accompanying his words. " 'f you sit down and keep your 'ands to yourself." The beta returned her hand to her side. A small part of him really just wanted to be a bit evil and growl at her to show her this wasn't a joke like she said, but he refrained from doing so.

    The beta did nothing else as a voice rang out, a man with tattoos immediately claiming that Lycans are not real, dizzy by the changes in his body. Yedi didn't do anything, but when he claimed that he'd kick Deigo's ass, he couldn't help it as his lips twitched into a small grin. Not out of spite or to laugh at Moszek himself, his choice of words were just funny to him. The 'I'll kick your ass' was so informal.

    Yedidyah's amusement was furthered as another male voice came, calling this situation 'some weird ass BDSM sex ring bullshit'. He was obviously very much pained, eyes glassy with coming tears and blanched as he sat weakly. The beta continued to say nothing as he requested painkillers. Hopefully, the pain will be over soon and they wouldn't be so hostile. Yedidyah could somewhat understand the type of situation they were in, and they had a right to be skeptical and very much offended, scared or hostile. That's why he choose to not speak.

    He tensed as his moment of humor faded, the shadow falling over his eyes again.

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    As those who woke became furious with the situation before them, Diego couldn't help but smile. Many before them reacted in such a similar way it was hilarious. First came the fear coated in accusations and threats; however, one man seemed to questioned how. Diego decided then that he was unique in situations like this. Though he would have to wait to answer his question as a small blonde was poking Diego's chest rather harshly.

    Diego's anger began to rise slightly. He didn't favor being touched by anyone he didn't invite to do so. Thankfully, Yedidyah had prevented this female from continuing her mistake and Diego's levelheadedness returned. Giving a thankfully glance Yedidyah's way, Diego looked back at the awakening bitten and their rather loud counterparts.

    "I mean no harm to you all." Diego stated before leaning again against the desk. "You are free to leave at fact I would love to escort you out, but what is wrong with indulging a man like me a little longer?" Diego asked them. "I mean you're already here, probably wondering just how you got those bites. Am I wrong?"

    Directing his attention the blonde, Diego's smile faded. "My name is Diego. You are Crystal, Alex's bitten." Diego spoke before moving away from the desk and towards the girl. "There will be no need to call your father, but I must admit this is no prank or joke in anyway." Diego spoke to her as a equal in order to show her importance here. They all were important to him and his betas.

    Diego looked at the tattooed male nearby. "You are Moszek. I know you have a duty calling, so your beta will work with you first in order to insure you make it to your prior arrangements." Diego said as he glanced over to Blair before looking back at Moszek. "There will be no need to...'kick my ass' as you put it." Again Diego scoffed at the idea. Though he knew with the proper training this man could potentially kick someone's ass.

    "Now." Diego said before looking past them to the man accusing this of being a BDSM sex ring. "We don't do that here, Teagan." He said before holding out his hand to Blair whom took it for a moment. "Blair here is your beta if you need anything health wise please ask her. She is rather good with healing, though this pain will go away I promise you that."

    "As for you..." Diego changed his attention to the man asking the most important question about what they had become. "Thank you, Kole, for asking that question." Diego said before returning to his spot against the desk. "Lycan does mean wolf. You are wolves thanks to a genetic mutation added to you blood stream via those bites on your bodies." Diego informed them as he pointed to Kole's bite on his arm. "This mutation has allowed your bodies blood supply to change each part of yourselves to make it possible to shift into and out of your human form into both wolf forms."

    "In a few short minutes each of your, individual, wounds will be healed. Your transformation will be complete..." This would be the only time a wound would heal this quickly, the bite was always the fastest to heal. Thankfully, because Diego felt as if this blonde was not going to give up on the prank angle just yet. "And if you still want to leave, you may."

    Folding his arms in front of his chest, Diego stared back at the crowd of people without fear. He was their Alpha and sooner or later they would come around to the fact their lives were no longer ordinary.
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  8. The Secretive Party Girl
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    Gwen's Mood: ||Nostalgic||Pained||Annoyed||
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    Scent: Cherry Blossom and Honey

    "Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, fucking call me Gwendolyn; I'll kill you. It's Gwen."

    Face Claim: Taissa Farminga
    Color Resource: 6A4FF5

    The pain was absolutely unbearable. Exactly like just about everything else in Gwen's life. Her life was an absolute mess, that was for sure. And with everything that would go on in it now, she was sure that it would stay a mess forever. Not that her life would have been less messy if this hadn't happened. Her life would be messy either way. That was inevitable. It would just be even more messy now. She wasn't sure if she could handle it. The pain that is.

    She writhed in pain, loud screams escaping her lips. It was horrible. Painful. But post of all, it was inescapable. There was no way around it.

    Maybe I'm dying. That would be nice. The thought zoomed across her mind and she smiled, laying back and taking the pain. People could definitely tell she was still hurting and there was no doubt that she wanted to scream, beg someone to help her, save her from the burning pain she felt in her veins. But she wouldn't be broken so easily. She'd been through worse, and she could definitely deal with this.

    She wondered if everyone there was looking at her funny. She went from writhing and screaming in agony at the pain to chilling and smiling with happiness at the thought of dying. Then again, they had a bit more to worry about at the moment. Eventually the pain subsided and Gwen sat up, panting. She looked around at everyone for a moment before standing up. "Damn it. I was sure that I was dying." She groaned. What the fuck was going on?! That was all she wanted to know. Gwen was about to start cussing out everyone and their mother, that was before she fixed her eyes on a strawberry-blonde girl.

    "B-Blair?" She managed to squeak out, her voice showing a hint of confusion.

    Her twin sister. She was here and she had something to do with what had happened to all of them.


    Gwen didn't think that her sister would do something like this. Blair always knew that Gwen was kinda interested in the supernatural and thought it was really cool, but she never imagined she'd become one. Let alone her sister turn her and a bunch of other people into one. But she was and Blair did. Blair was standing right here in front of her and all of the other people who'd been bitten and she helped turn them into amazing creatures.


    Gwen was a werewolf now! But she wouldn't deal with that right now. She'd deal with her sister.

    Gwen didn't say anything, she just walked up to her sister and pulled her by her wrists into a tight hug. "Thank you." She whispered, still clinging to her sister. "You four have given me, all of us, an amazing gift and I'll try my hardest not to fuck it up." She pulled away from her sister and looked her in the eyes before giving her a playful but slightly painful punch in the boob. "But that's for leaving me at home alone with all those assholes. I know you had to move out and all, but you could have at least taken me with you. Given me a little more information on all of this." She smiled and looked around at everyone else.

    There were a few people who'd look to be a pain in the ass, but also a few who looked like they could be potential friends. This whole werewolf thing would probably be a lot of fun.
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  9. Moszek Nowak
    Ever make a huge fuss that got a calm reaction and solution and feel like a huge asshole? That's how Moszek felt right then and there. Even though the Diego guy had kidnapped him not vice versa, something in Moszek was making him feel bad for threatening the guy. He kind of wanted to say sorry. Kind of. But at the moment he was focused on the man's words. Honestly it was hard to believe that it was apparently that easy to leave. He kind of expected for the guy to burst out laughing and go 'Psych!', but when he didn't Moszek found that it was easier to listen to the man. He still thought the whole 'lycan' thing was complete bullshit and--"Whoa, holy shii-it." He gasped as the bite wound on his arm disappeared completely. He stared down at his arm then up at Diego, then back at his arm. He repeated the process for about three minutes before his brain caught up with his eyes and he raised his hand like a child. "I uh...I need to--This is--Uh--I need to make a call. But um, I'm not--I don't think I can go, cause oh my god. I saw like the first three episodes of Teen Wolf. Do I need like...Control training in order to not eat my son in a fit of rage or...Oh my god. This is real." He stammered unable to form a complete sentence no matter how hard he tried. Remembering the man's words, Moszek turned to the redheaded woman and opened his mouth to ask to use her phone but before he could a girl who looked a lot like her went up and punched her in the chest. When the woman didn't go all Fenrir Greyback on her, Moszek figured that they knew each other, but he still needed to use a phone. Now that there was proof that he wasn't human anymore he needed to call and cancel with Diana. He hated to do it but he couldn't meet his son like this. He'd lie and tell her his doctor had found something in his blood tests or something (which wasn't really far from the truth), but he couldn't go home. Moszek turned to the man who had arrived late and spoke with a French accent. "Can I use your phone--Err--If you have one...Because you're a werewolf and howling..." He trailed off, looking a mixture of embarrassed, awestruck and hopeful.
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    Jade Hess

    Jade woke to a burning pain her eye's opened yet she couldn't see anything her bright blue eye's were slightless. She was panicking inside and yet her body was still and only twitched slightly. When the voice told her to relax. He did and let him talk.the voice was calming and had a calming effect on her. She let the pain run over her body and let the pain sink in. Finally her vision returned to her. Her senses were heightened and so was her emotions. She was not mad or upset. She was actually curious and questioning why her. She was a street rat that had moved up in the world. No wanted her, her company had even been skeptical to hire and she was just glad to no longer be living on the street sure. She became good at what she did and famous. Yet she felt like she never actually fit in to the world around her. Now here she was in a strange place. Her body was no longer in pain and her bite was gone.

    Jade touched right where it had been a feint out line still on her wrist. as she touched it, her mind went to a flash back. She stared at the blank wall next to her. She had been walking behind the alley of her tattoo parlor when she had heard a noise. It was like a dog growl, Jade went to run and go back to the parlor when she was jumped from behind her head hit the pavement and her body had gone limp as she faded to black seeing a big wolf bite her arm then she passed out and woke in a large room. She woke to others groaning complaining and yelling at the voice that seemed to clam her. She went to growl when the girl poked at his chest. Yeah great the others had lives outside this and she did as well, but she could care less. When he said welcome to the pack her eye's looked over at him. Lycan, lycanthropy.She went over the words Lycan the word for wolf shifter. WEREWOLF. It clicked. She stopped a minute and stood slowly.

    Jade stretched and sighed."Well I for one am happy to be alive, Christ who cares if your kidnapped or not at least were not dead or being tortured by some psycho. Like American psycho." She said. she had a slight accent she got from when she spent time in London for a few years with her tattoo career.
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  11. Crystal Smith
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    Crystal merely listened at the voices around her, almost ignoring them as she kept her gaze at the man in front of her. She was glaring so hard that she could almost burn holes at him. She wanted answers and she need it now! She got a lot to do today and waiting for this man in front of her is not one of them. Her patience was starting to get very thin and just as she was about to poke him again, a man suddenly came out of nowhere and grabbed her hand tightly! Her eyes widen in fear and surprise as she stood frozen for a moment but she quickly snapped out of it.

    "Get your filthy hands off of me!" The blonde exclaimed, her voice laced with venom and anger as she glared at the new guy. "How dare you touch me? Do you have any idea who I am?!" Sure she liked being touched but only if its consensual! Besides, sheis not in the mood to flirt or play games right now. "Look you.. French bear" Crystal started, poking the new man on the chest "I am not in the mood for your shenanigans so get the fuck out of my way. I can easily get you arrested, you know. Tell the cops you've molested me"

    As the man at the desk told them that he meant no harm and introduced himslf as Diego, the blonde turned her attention back ro him and narrowed her eyes. Clearly there was something wrong. First off, the Diego guy seems so relaxed and casual for a kidnapper. Second, he's letting them walk away and lastly, it seems like Diego reslly wanted her to leave by telling her to go..twice.

    Being the girl that she is, Crystal definitely crossed her arms and decided to stay for a while. "You can't tell me what to do" she muttured under her breath, looking away from him as she spoke once again "Maybe I'll stay for a little while.. But that's because I need answers, okay? You still haven't explained why I'm here and why I'm bitten"

    Diego didn't disappoint her nor anyone who's awake by answering some of their questions, telling them who bit who and some other occult stuff. To be honest, Crystal was only half listening until he mentioned something about the wound healing up. She quickly scoffed at that. Its impossible for a wound like that to just heal up in minutes. It would take days. Heck, it will even leave a scar. She checked her wrist out of curiosity eventhough she knew that the bite will still be there but as she looked, her eyes nearly popped out of its sockets. The bite mark was gone and nowhere to be seen! It took her a couple of seconds to digest the new information before panic started to settle in.

    oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. This is not true. No. There's no such things as werewolves. Think, Crystal! Its the 21st century! There's no such thing as werefuckingwolves!

    Oh how she thought wrong. As she started getting her head straight, everything clicked. Of course! How can I be so stupid?! she thought to herself, eyes wide in horror Of course there are werewolves! Legends has some truth behind it and there are legends about werewolves so it is possible! And thanks to the advancement of technology and the mutation of cells, its possible that they're population is declining and need to repopulate fast. How? By turning humans into lycans!

    The thought made her proud of herself but at the same time, pissed off. She just can't shake the question: Why her? The are a lot of people who can be turned into a lycan so easily so why her?

    "Alex" she suddenly muttered, anger bubbling inside her once again. He was the one who bit her so he should be the one explaining this to her! Quickly whipping her head, she looked at the three original werewolves and unconsciously growled "Alex. Where is he? He's the one who bit me so he should be responsible for all this. I want to talk to him. NOW!!"

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    ♦♦♦ Living room. ----
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    {td=35x@}Yedidyah listened Deigo talk calmly to the bitten ones, explaining this situation and ultimately saying that they can leave if they want. This seemed to confuse and throw off many of the bitten but how calm and ready he was. Yedidyah looked on with some admiration. That was, until, the little blonde bitten began screeching up at him, calling him a French bear and threatening to tell the police that he molested her just for stopping her.

    He said fuck it and gave into being an asshole. His eyes shifted at her irritating words, an inhuman growl rumbling up from his chest as he bared his fangs at her. His nose scrunched up hard, eyebrows furrowed as his teeth grew longer as he growled. "With what proof?" He grunted. "You mean the many other witnesses that see I 'ave not, no? Stop there, before I veally give you something to call se police about." He snapped his teeth at her, maw soon shifting back to a normal jaw with human teeth.

    What was her problem? She really couldn't keep her hands to herself, and he had half a mind to punt her across the room. He hated when people touched his body, and often didn't mind getting aggressive because of it.

    Yedidyah, in his calming state, silently watched the other bitten awaken and one even approached Blair. He recognized the one who punched her in the chest, sure he had bit her. He said nothing on the matter and looked off as the little loud bitten kept making a ruckus. Serves 'er right. He thought as she demanded in a shrill voice to meet Alex. Maybe a change of pace will change that 'orrible personality of 'ers.

    Yedidyah looked over as someone approached him. It was the tattooed male that threatened to kick Deigo's ass, making Yedi giggle on the inside. He timidly asked to use his phone, and Yedi didn't mind. He reached towards his pocket but blinked as he mentioned something about him maybe not having one because he was a werewolf. He covered his mouth and chuckled at the thought. The chuckle got stronger until he was laughing and wheezing, holding his phone out for him to use. Did he really assume he didn't have one because he'd just howl? It was very much amusing to the beta.

    "Ah... Here." He spoke breathily. "I assure you we still carry mobile phones, even if we 'owl."


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  13. [​IMG]

    Moszek thought that if his face flushed in embarrassment anymore, he was going to pass out from uneven blood distribution. Taking the phone with a mumble of "It wasn't that funny...It's not like there's a wikipedia page on proper werewolf behavior and customs." Moszek slunk towards the door and stepped out. He started to dial, than pressed end. Then started again, only to press end again. How exactly was he going to phrase this? Should he cut open an onion, so that his voice sounded stuffy? Was he supposed to whimper and stammer on the phone? And what if she called him on his bullshit? Then what would he do? If Diana figured out that he was lying, she would take Jasper away forever, but Moszek couldn't risk harming his son. Taking a deep breath, he finally dialed and let the line ring. His ex picked up after the second one. "Hey, Moszek what's up?" She asked, sounding distracted.

    "Uh...Listen Diana, I hate to do this but--"

    "Are you kidding me? Oh come on, Moszek!" She interrupted and a flicker of irritation shot through him as she began to rant and rave about how immature he still was.

    "Diana LISTEN!" He snarled, startling himself. He'd never snarled before. Snapped yes. Snarled? Uh-uh.

    "Y-yes?" She stammered, surprised as well.

    Moszek took the pause to blurt out information. "Uh, I went--Uh...My doctor called and told me that he found something in my blood and he wants me to come in to discuss it with me."

    A sharp intake of breath on the other line, "Oh my god? Seriously?" She gasped, her voice tinged with worry. A spark of hope ignited in Moszek. If she was that worried, then maybe she still cared about him and maybe there was a chance of them--"Fuck! What if it's hereditary? What if Jasper has it? Is it fatal?!"

    So much for getting back together...Moszek thought. "No, he said it wasn't hereditary, um, it was something I was exposed to recently."

    "Oh thank God!"

    "Gee, Diana, thanks a bunch." He drawled, getting offended at her lack of concern for him even though this was a conversation about a FAKE disease.

    "Oh no--I didn't mean it like that! Um--So I have to go now to take Jasper to his grandma's but I guess you can call me later when you've gotten the results and we'll set up another date?"

    "Yeah, tell-tell Jasper I'm really sorry and I love him." He mumbled.

    "Sure thing, bye."
    Heading back into the house, Moszek returned the phone to the laughing Frenchman and began to twiddle his thumbs nervously. "So...Um...What now?"

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  14. [​IMG]
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    Location: Living room of Cedarbrooke
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    Blair, having left the room for a brief moment, returned with a small first aid kit for the bitten that had complained about his injuries. The bite would of course heal, but for the other bumps and scraps they would take longer. "Here..." She put simply as she held out her hand to a chair not too far from where they stood, "sit."

    As the boy did so, Blair opened up the small tin case. Inside were basic essentials for a first aid kit- gaze, bandages, alcohol wipes, alcohol spray, etc.. To many it was shocking that Blair could do so much with so little, but they hadn't seen the actual infirmary room yet. That room was basically a miniature hospital crammed into a small space, her miracle work was far better there than anywhere.

    "You're cuts will heal by night fall." She spoke to the young boy in a gentle tone. Despite being a beast, Blair's temper rarely shot high enough for others to actually consider her angry. She was always claim and collected. "But these should help ease your mind." She said as she cleaned wounds and bandaged them until she was finished. "There you go."

    Standing up, Blair threw the used material into the waste basket and grabbed her kit only to disappear from the room again for a little amount of time. Returning to Diego's side, Blair eyed the blonde girl with a rater large mouth. Personally, Blair believed that Alex had let his lust cloud his judgement of picking someone to add to the pack. Her will to take orders were bad, which meant that she didn't seem likely to be loyal to Diego.

    Though before she could speak on the matter, she heard her name come from a dazed familiar voice. Gwen. Her eyes shot straight to the source of the sound and she smiled. There was no doubt that Blair had missed her sister deeply and she was glad to have her sister here with her now. "Hello, sis." She spoke with a smile.

    In truth Blair didn't expect her sister to be the most level headed of all the bitten, in fact she thought Gwen would raise hell, but instead she hugged Blair. She returned the hug before pulling away herself and being hit in the boob. "Ouch." She chuckled out while grasping the area now in pain before letting her hand drop. "That was totally uncalled for."

    Hearing the sounds of an annoying girl. the same blonde girl from before, making demands like she was gods gift to humanity, Blair yawned. This one would surely be the one that Blair avoided the most. Her attitude was too much in the way of her seeing the bigger picture.

    Blair chuckled, her expression shifting to a slight cold tone. "Alex does not take orders from you, when he wishes to speak and show himself he will. Until then a calm head is needed so your body doesn't over heat, it's important for your health." Blair mentioned to Crystal. She meant no harm and didn't wish to be rude, but when it came to someone's frustration or anger level raising after being bitten it was clear that they could trigger their first shift early.


  15. [​IMG]

    i've been making mountains → out of concaves

    [ interactions: Diego & Blair @CELESTIAL✨, anyone who wants to shut him up. |
    [ mentioned: Crystal @DANAsaur, Yedidyah @beautie, other bitten. |
    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦​

    For being a werewolf, now, Teagan resembled that more of a deer in head lights. He couldn't tell if it was fear in his gut or genuine shock as the man twice his size had said his name, so clearly, without hesitation. "Hey, how do you know my name? Did you take my wallet?" Teagan blurted, patting his pockets, finding nothing at first, "so this is some gang shit then, because I can't find my wallet!-- oh, here it is." Teagan said dumbly, pulling the obnoxiously colored thing out of his pocket, flipping through it. It was depressingly empty as always, but nothing was taken. He shot Diego a glare as if it was a mind trick, before he slipped it back into his pocket.

    He was about to open his mouth again, when he was told to sit. He could only assume that this was his 'beta', Blair, as she seemed to be the only female to have a calm head in the situation; the blonde was still screeching about stuff, Teagan learned to tune her out. He snapped his mouth close, settling down where he had been directed to. For whatever reason, her voice soothed his panic, and he just swallowed hard as she tended to his wounds. "I.. uh, thank you." Teagan murmured, looking down at the bandages, trying not to wince when she touched them. She was gentle and calm, and Teagan appreciated it, just offering her an awkward, half smile, just rolling with what she said even though he doubted that they'd fade overnight.

    He listened to the interactions between everyone, and then awkwardly raised his hand again. "Okay, so, yeah, what about loved ones?", Teagan, you don't have any, "and our friends?", darling you have like, two, "'Cause my room mate is going to think I'm passed out on the front lawn of a frat with my pants around my ankles, does anyone know where we are or are we officially considered missing?" Poor phrasing of a question, but it was a decent one in comparison to his first BDSM sex ring-related statements.

    The dusty blond sat crisscrossed on the chair, doing a small shuffle to get comfortable, and then started to ramble again, "And, and, are we gonna be able to do that cool scary growl stuff like big guy just did?," Teagan asked, and then blinked as he realized how much he was talking. "I should probably shut up now, shouldn't I?" He finished with a nervous laugh.

    His rambling was most likely the cause of panic that bubbled out in the form of words, but at least he wasn't trying to make a run for the door. Annoying, yes, inconvenient, maybe, but he didn't wake up swinging, so that was a good thing.
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  16. The Protective Nice Guy
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    The wind, cool on his face, the gorgeous view of the woods, and the fact that he could take a nice, deep breath of fresh air was calming to Alex. Especially when he, the other betas and their alpha had finally turned the humans of their choosing. It was so frustrating and stressful. So different. So new. Thousands of emotions flushed over him. The number one emotion being stress, which of course was being caused by all of the craziness going on inside of their loft.

    Alex remembered his turning. It hurt like hell; but he took it like a man. Everything was different after that. He was in charge. A leader and a strong one at that. Everyone they’d just bitten was strong too. That’s why they were turned. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason. He wondered how everything was going inside. Were all of the newbies calmed down?


    That definitely wasn’t the case. Alex had returned a little while after everyone’s pain had subsided and their bite marks faded. Just in time to see the tantrum of a certain little rich girl, begging to speak with him. Well… more like demanding. The girl’s attitude almost made Alex turn around and walk back out the door. That was one of the reason’s he chose to turn her. Her anger problem could be useful to them if they were ever threatened. Didn’t mean he wanted to deal with it all the time. Alex sighed and made his way over to everyone else. He stepped in between Diego and Crystal, taking his alpha’s place in front of the confused girl.

    He figured that’s where all of her anger stemmed from. That’s how it was for him, at least. You know that frustrating confusion you get when you’re so mad and confused that you cry? It was that. Although there wasn’t much crying coming from this girl. Crying would be better. He knew how to deal with that without getting all bleh.

    “Hey, hey now.” He spoke to Crystal in a calm tone, his hands on her shoulders and his eyes gazing into her. “Why don’t we take a walk around to talk about everything that’s going on? I’ll answer any questions that you have, and we can make light of this situation.” He led the girl outside to the balcony where he did most of his thinking. “Alright, what do you wanna know?” He asked.
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