Searching For Role Play Partners {FxM, MxM, FxF}

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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some new role plays.

    I'm fine with slice of life, supernatural, and so on. I have mostly male muses, but I also play as female muses so I'm perfectly fine with role playing either or. I play versatile characters, so whether someone wants to be top or bottom is fine. I'm fine with most kinks and I usually reply with at least three paragraphs depending. I'm not picky with responses, just as long as I get at least a paragraph.

    I also play canon characters, mainly from fandoms which include South Park, Avengers and Glee.

    So if you want to plot or have an idea for a plot, I'd love to talk.
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  2. Hey there, I'll do something Avengers related with you.
  3. Sounds good, wanna inbox me?
  4. Will do!
  5. I be interested
  6. Sounds good, inbox me.
  7. If you're looking for more, I have a thread with 3 ideas, if any of them have your fancy, let me know.
  8. Sounds good. Just inbox me and I'd love to plot.
  9. I'd be up for something Avengers related, but I've only watched the movies. Is that okay?
  10. If you are still interested in a slice of life roleplay, I would be honored.
  11. That's fine, I've only watched the movies too. Haha. Inbox me.
  12. Sounds awesome, I love slice of life. Just shoot me a message and we can plot.
  13. Do you have any other fandoms in mind or particular pairings you are up for?? (I could totally go for Avengers but you have a decent amount of interest in that lol)
  14. Do you by any chance have anything against Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
  15. The only other fandom I really know of is Life is Strange where I just ship Chloe and Max together.
  16. That is a pairing I could do ^^
  17. If you're still looking, I would be up to start something with you. I'd prefer a malexmale slice of life with maybe a dab of supernatural in there.
  18. Wanna do a classy cheesy age difference bdsm thing? Slice of life maybe ... or supernatural. ^.^
  19. I have a few ideas for almost all three of the genres of roleplay you do. Feel free to PM me for ideas to bounce off of one another. >.<
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