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  1. Earth Republic
    Earth, a planet out in space, centuries in the future has made a drastic mistake. War has broken out, and a new horrible species unleashed. What will happen to the citizens of Earth? Will they survive the onslaught brought upon them by their misdeed? It's up to you, the players to decide.​


    The way this roleplay will be run is simple. It's going to be set up with Lurcolm and I being the game masters. Lurcolm is running the Neo-Terra side, and I am running Earth Republic. We will be having fun plot twists and dramatic events. So stay tuned! Multiple characters are GREATLY ENCOURAGED. There will be character deaths, so please, make sure you don't get too attached to all of them.


    The year is 2XX85
    The place, is Earth... a planet that once held no life, but now flourishes under the influence of modern day technology. Conditions have come leaps and bounds from the old centuries. Environmental collapse was solved and all was looking up for the small planet full of life. As things began to develop, the people came to realize that although they could venture into space, they could also colonize it. Mars was cultivated into the secondary settlement for the people of Earth and a training grounds for the developing armies. The moon was changed into a prison for failed super soldiers and dangerous criminals.

    Here on this planet, much has been automated, but the people did not fall into lax conditions. As the world took on a unified government with minor insurrectionist parties, science and technology continued to grow. Earth had become a paradise of advancement and culture. But it was not to last. When one tampers with the unknown, discovering something dangerious is bound to happen. It was a fateful day, in year 2XX79, when the impossible occured. Our scientists had been working on a revolutionary slipspace experiment to discover paralell universes, when things when awry. A giant wormhole ripped through the fabric of space and time, nearly destroying part of Earth, causing a giant glassed area near the north pole of our axis. The result of our experiment that cost many lives, was a planet, the same size as Earth with the same conditions and now trapped in our orbit.

    This was a quandary for our scientists. After all, what will happen now? It was Earth, from a parallel universe, doomed to eventually impact the planet in orbit with itself. We dubbed it "Neo-Terra" and began our explorations of the planet. But peaceful endeavors were not to be. The slipspace wormhole had been closed, but taken as an act of war by the citizens of Neo-Terra. The outbreak of violence followed shortly. Now, in 2XX85, we are locked in the cold grip of war and battle. Mars has become the home to the most of our citizens whereas Earth is the battleground.

    Horrible violence rendered much of the Republic of Earth into shambles. We were left with ruins of what had been wonders. The planet was not ready for war. Earth was a peaceful advancement of science and technology, with minimal defenses. Not so any longer. Although much of our planet was rendered shambles, the southern hemisphere remained intact. The fallen cities still hold reminescents of the development it had reached before. But nothing as their former glories. Citizens struggle for survival as the Mars factions worked hard to provide defense for our mother planet. For the first time in hundreds of years, Earth was at war.

    But even as we scrambled to grow our defenses, disasters continued. These creatures from Neo-Terra wreaked terrible destruction across our populace. They brought with them terrible creatures that destroyed our peaceful cultivation of technology, creatures that released illness and disease upon the people they chose not to outright destroy. These people were warped beyond recognition, losing all sentience and becoming nothing more than mindless abominations of mixed DNA. Released upon the population, they began to devour our people and change them into much of the same. But as they infected people and animals, they began to change. Animals and humans became one, awful species, the Evlopods. These genetically engineered creatures were of a hive mind, seeking only to feed on the people of Earth.

    These creatures seemed to grow in intelligance as they spread wildly, but then.. suddenly, they retreated into the ruins of the fallen cities of Earth. Their aggressive invasion had halted, not that they stopped feeding, for anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their clutches was warped into another of their kind. Earth, or Neo-Terran. It didn't matter what your species was, for they hhad even learned to infect their engineers. The Neo-Terrans were equally at risk. However, the Evlopods made no effort to invade either side, although they did provide an unusual defense for the people of Earth by their location in the destruction. For their presence in the northern hemisphere did make it more dangerous for the Neo-Terrans to invade the remaining cities.

    As the Evlopods became more dormant, the position in Earth's warfare stabilized as Mars became their base for military operations, and the refugees following the Evlopod outbreak were brought to the moon facelities, but kept separate from the prison there. This was one of the measures taken to be certain that the Evlopod outbreak did not reach the remaining fortress of Mars.
    These people aren't much different from the humans that have been around for a long time. These humans have gotten a little taller on average and a little bigger. Obesity has been obliterated by modern technology and most physical disformities can be cured, so there are few defects in the modern civilization. Human intelligance has grown by leaps and bounds, as have the oddity of giants. Humans are at average of 6-7 feet in height.

    Giant Class, Humans
    Humans who have been born unusually large. These are usually taken to Mars to be raised in the environment to be raised as super soldiers and further enhanced by the science of our day. The average height for giants is anywhere from 9-12 feet without armor. These giants have been augmented to enhance their strength and power. They are the special forces of the Republic of Earth. Usually the Giant Class are used to staff the Moon Prison, and control insurrectionists, but of the recent times, they have been used for the war against the Neo-Terrans.

    Creatures that might have once been human, they are animals and humans that have been infected and added to the hive mind. Once a victim is infected with the Evlo virus, there is no known cure. There will be no symptoms for a span of 24-72 hours before symptoms begin to arise. The victim will experience high fever and heat flashes as the DNA virus begins to alter the genome. Following the fever is where the change begins to occur. Short term memory loss begins to happen along with hallucinations. Once the victim has reached a stage of delirium and lost sense of reality, the victim will begin to undergo a painful morphing process as the long term memories erode and the victim's sense of self ceases to exist as it is absorbed by the hive mind. Upon the fever breaking, the creature that results will be a newly born Evlopod.

    An Evlopod is bound to the hive and filled with the desire to spread the virus. Although Evlopods do have individual senses, they are ruled by the Queen and cannot disobey her unless they have broken from the hive. Evlopods are dangerous creatures with varying level of power and strength. The Evlo virus is spread via body fluids. Usually through biting is this achieved. Evlopods can and will break the suits that human forces wear if that is necessary to spread the virus, although it does add a separate challenge. It is to be noted that Giant Class soldiers take longer to infect and show more resistance to the challenge, but also create a more powerful Evlopod.

    Evlopod Rogue
    There are some amongst the Evlopods that have broken from the Hive and can disobey the Evlopod Queen. These are referred to as 'Rogues'. They are not seen as enemies by the other Evlopods unless they show aggression and are incapable of gaining more knowledge as the Queen absorbs the information given by new Evlopods. These Rogues have the power of choice and have regained a strong sense of individualism, but they have no memory of their previous self as the information has already been absorbed into the Hive. The Rogues can still spread the virus in the same way, those they infect are still connected to the Hive, unlike the Rogues. Rogues are the potential new Queen candidates, as they are capable of learning forthemselves, rather than from the Hive, and should the time come when the Queen dies, a Rogue will be the replacement, as the Queen and candidate will fight, the victor becoming the head of the new Hive. Should the Rogue succeed, it will be reconnected to the Hive, but it's sense of individualism will remain and it will become the new Queen as it absorbs the previous Queen's knowledge and gains the leadership of the other Evlopods. The same result will occur to a Rogue should a Queen be killed by an outside source. The mostindividual Rogue will become the next Queen should someone kill it.

    Artificial Intelligence
    Mechanical beings created for the purpose of running the every day needs of the cities of Earth. Many of these are still active even in mostly destroyed cities while on standby. An A.I. unit is handy for any soldier, as they can do many calculations in a ridicuous amount of time, making a perfect scientific opinion for questionable situations. An A.I. unit is a valuable resource, as they can be calibrated to run any system, regardless of a battleship or a city defense. They are quite versitile in what they can do and have recently been activated with new protocols on how to react to the war. Obviously on the side of the Earth Republic, they initiated the outbreak control that prevented the Evlo virus from going rampant when it first began to spread.
    • Smart A.I.
    These units are a newer series, with higher processing power and further information capacities. Smart A.I.s will never be found as city A.I.s, as they were made after the war. All of the Smart series A.I.s are used for military purposes, and assigned only to important personell.
    A.I. Unit Reflection.01
    Reflection is an A.I. unit that was a prototype made by the prestigious Destiny Cross, engineer from the Age of War, about a century before 2XX85, in the 2XI00s. Presumably, Cross died in an accident with rebels sometime during that war aboard the Gladiator. Considered one of the leaders in the advancement of technology that has occured in the recent century, her work is esteemed and considered great relics. The unit known as Reflection was accidently activated from Earth archives in a city that is undergoing siege from the Neo-Terrans. Reflection has the unique ability to rewrite her own programming, making her an incredibly adaptable unit for multiple purposes and a completely sentient creation, as her protocols are subject to being rewritten, making her capable of disobedience, which was what caused her to be deactivated a century ago. Reflection has recently put out a distress beacon for assistance for Red Cordin, the city she is currently in, and is awaiting help.

    Kevin Chambers, Commander General
    This man is the leader of the army of Earth. He runs just about everything regarding the military. Previously he was the commander of the Moon Prison, but upon the death of his predecessor, George Sandlin, he was promoted to Commander General over the military. He is head of the defensive measures for Earth, and getting the citizens out of the warzone. He is a cold, hardened man, having suffered great loss during the invasion of Earth. His wife was killed in the initial waves of the war when the Neo-Terrans invaded. His only daughter was one of the earlier victims of the Evlopod virus, leaving Kevin childless and a widower while he was stationed on the moon. Kevin is a man in his mid fifties, with graying hair and a grim look on his face almost perpetually. Kevin could be considered comely and well built, standing at 7'2. It would be wise to be careful when addressing the cold and calculating man. He does not handle disrespect from his suboordinates well, and is knownfor his stoic atmosphere.

    Jeril Kümberbach, Civilian Commander
    The young councilman of the Republic of Earth is head over thecivilian services and works with Commander General Chambers to ensure the survival of the refugees and citizens of Earth. He is responsible for the refugees being taken to the moon to prevent the spreading of the infection. Every human is inspected and scanned for the Evlo virus for the remote chance that the virus might be dormant within a host who could be immune. They go through a thorough check to be certain that nothing of the disease will be taken to the Mars colonies. This is of the utmost importance as Mars is the main settlement of the Earth Republic. Jeril is a young man, only in his late twenties, with shocking red hair and a cheerful outlook despite the grim circumstances his rescue attempts are grounded in. Having a military background, he is often found working with C.G.Chambers on pressed matters of importance and often run collaberate missions.

    Rogue Evlopod, Liara Chambers
    One of the earlier warped creatures, Liara was infected 5 years before the current date. She has recently broken off from the Hive Mind. She's an mesoglea/electrical type Evlopod, with mutated, mesohyl-esque cells. This in turn has changed her entire body, although surprisingly retaining a humanoid form; a rare phenomenon. She has no memory of her former self of her name, with only a vague glimpse of when she was infected. Her changes are mostly internal. Having gained three new organs, working like the Central, Hunter's and Sach's organs in the electric eel, Liara is capable of producing powerful levels of electricity through the organs made of electrocytes lined up so that a current of ions can flow through them, each one adding a potential difference. When Liara feels threatened, a signal is sent through her brain and nervous system to the electrocytes. This opens the ion channels to allow sodium to flow through, reversing the polarity momentarily. By causing a sudden difference in electric potential, it generates an electric current through her body in a manner similar to a battery, in which stacked plates each produce an electric potential difference. In Liara, some 7,000 to 8,000 electroplagues can cause a shock with an average of 800 volts. This can increase depending on the stress level. To top it off, this electric affinity is enhanced by the fact that her body is made up of mesohyl like cells, she can secrete a gel-like substance similar to a snail or a jellyfish. This substance does carry the virus as well as any other body fluids she provides, but she can use it to her advantage with her black appendages on her head that appear like hair but taper down into red. Her 'hair' is actually a bunch of tentacle like strands that can be used for nutrient absorbtion as well as trapping her enemy or swimming while in water.

    Queen Evlopod, Taylor Mannon
    The Hive Queen and instructor of the Evlopods, Taylor used to be a citizen in the city of Leichtin, one of the first to fall from the Evlopod outbreak. Taylor is the second Queen thus far, having killed the previous in a vicious showdown. Taylor was highly intelligent on her own before becoming and Evlopod, and as Queen, with the combined sentience of the Hive, she is extremely shrewd, smart and incredibly dangerous. Taylor is an Evlopod of a mixed type, as a Queen has DNA of every species that has been infected and added to the Hive. Having such a combination, the Queen Evlopod is closer to a fleshy blob and capable of morphing forms or attributes to whatever serves it's purpose. Although referred to as a Queen, the creature is not exactly female, as it has no defined gender, holding the chromosones for both. It is also capable of producing spore pouches like eggs, which will burst upon contact to infect whomever may disturb it. Currently the Queen's location is unknown, but it's hard to miss if one sees her in a noncombatant form.

    These are characters that are side characters and used to have the players be able to interact with someone. They do not have any particular story development except to move the story along. They can be used by players if requested.

    A.I. unit 29931.Clementine
    A unit used in the service of the military, currently in the possesion of Liam O'Cathan.

    A.I. unit 40021.Ikia
    The unit is of the later generations of Artificial Intelligence, making her highly intelligent with incredible processing power. Ikia tends to have a dry sense of humor and sarcastic tendencies. She is firm in her protocols and quite capable of military tactics. She is currently assigned to the Neo-Terran Zra Hervana to provide surveillance for the Earth Republic.
    Red Cordin:
    The city in which the A.I. unit Reflection has been activated. This city is in one of the hot spots of the warzone with Neo-Terra. Great caution should be taken when attempting to arrive here.

    City Ruins:
    This location spans a vast area of cities that have been ruined by the war and conquered by nature and Evlopods. Venturing in the ruins is dangerous and runs the risk of running into the Evlopods. A.I. units are likely to still be running in intact city computer systems and can be retrieved. Biological life besides the Evlopods is highly unlikely. Even the Neo-Terrans run great risk by coming to the ruins.

    The Scar:
    This is the place where the planets brushed against each other in the incident. The area is completely glassed over and iredescantly crystallized. The edges form great mountain peaksof where the heat flash halfway melted city buldings and rendered them a part of this beautiful barrenness. There is absolutely no life, water, or growth of any kind inside the Scar ofEarth.

    Landing Zones/Earth Cities:
    A variety of cities that are still under the control of Earth. Most of the people present are civilians who have yet to get a shuttle to the Moon to escape the onslaught. This place is untouched by the Evlopods and still relatively safe from the Neo-Terrans

    Currently serving as the refugee camp and Ellis Island of the mondern age to ensure that no refugee brings the Evlo virusback to the Mars colonies. This place is under heavy guard and protection, as it does experience battles of it's own from the Neo-Terrans. Shuttles are risky, but occasionally rescuemissions will be sent to Earth. There is a prison on the moon inwhich Earth's worst criminals are held.

    The home of the majority of Earth's population. This planet holds the training ground for the super soldiers as well as the facelities to produce the items needed for war. Mars is heavily guarded, for it is the heart of the Earth Republic at the moment as everyone fights to protect their home planet.


    Neo-Terra can be considered by any soul of Earth to be alien. Even if the worlds themselves matched geologically, the invasion of Neo-Terra into the solar system made the possibilities of alternate technomagical engineering all too evident.
    They never invented a steam engine, never thought up the concept of elemental control, they never thought of anything like that. They, rather, thought of biotechnology and the magical art of Fleshcrafting. Where massive cities of steel and concrete should stand, there stand only living structures, fed by eternally complicated magics and biological processes. Most of the buildings are made of plant matter, and the structures have literal branches climbing out to feed on the precious rays of the sun. Every technology Earth has, Neo terra matches with a grotesque biological being grown from living, spawning biofactories just for that purpose.
    Their nature allowed them to adapt and endure the Displacemaent, as the Neo Terrans use to refer to the Slipspace Incident. What Earthlings didn’t grasp was that they didn’t suddenly appear next to their planet, for them it was a century long Age of Turmoil, where the Sun was swallowed and they were trapped between dimensions until finally being spat out at the end, almost dying as the two planets tried to push eachother away. The southern pole of their planet’s axis was now the Desolation. A place where no life will be able to grow for millennia. The Neo Terrans value the presence of life immensely, and thus have declared Eternal War on the aliens that destroyed their peaceful life

    Pureblood Humans
    An incredibly rare species at the current day and age, there are some individual humans who decided to stay pure to their strain. They're treated with bias and discrimination for the most part, and many can't understand their refusal. Pure humans are so territorial about their pureblood rights that they would intentionally handicap themselves or keep ones they already have to prove that they were "Simply Human" They average at six to seven tall.

    Spliced Humans
    Humans from Neo-Terra practice genetic modification as an earthling would practice make up. By far the most common breed, but in no way similar to any two of it's kind. Eventually the Council of Empires decided that all humans practicing genetic modification, aesthetic or otherwise, would be called Spliced Humans, or Splicers for short. Their appearances, tendencies, strengths and weakness vary so widely that there can be no real way of determining it. So there was a system devised to determine the overall level of genetic modification that they underwent. (As a side note genetic procedures are rated with the same classification)
    • Class I splicers are considered borderline pureblood human. They have only implanted Class I performance enhancers, hormonal treatments and visual modifications. Usually you can't see what genetic modification they underwent, so they change the color of their eyes to an unnatural one to avoid confusing them with purebloods
    • Class II splicers are the most common. This usually entails limb implants, modification surgery, furryfication and/or secondary organs. Class II splicers consist of about sixty percent of the splicer population and vary the most with aesthetics and functions. Class II can generally be described as "Still keeping the human genome, but other than that it's fair game"
    • Class III Splicers can only be barely human at best. It entails Agents of War, spies, enterprising high class who can afford the surgery of such expensive items and splice addicts. Class III splicers vary with every conceivable detail from one another, and generally have countless changes made to make them above the normal human condition
    • Aberrant Class splicers can no longer be considered human or rational. It's the byproduct of a society built on geneticmodification. These are the individuals who used unsafe,illegal and/or prototype modifications and turned into amindless abomination. It is common courtesy to put AberrantClass Splicers out of their misery, or a more popular tactic is to dump them on Earth to make it the Earthlings' problems
    Drones are animals genetically built for the tasks they must do. They can be of any shape, form, size and functionality. Generally they are sorted in three castes with Classes one through six to show their power and/or complexity
    • Worker caste drones do menial labor and grunt work of society. They do work that requires little intellectual thinking, some skill and a lot of effort and strength and as a result doubles easily as improvised warriors.
    • Warrior caste drones do exactly that: Be the military forces of the Council of Empires. Their varying classes stating their strength or strategic advantage over most enemies. These include juggernauts who stand shy of mountains and destroy, eat, and desolate entire regions to small combat creatures bound to a hive mind that swarm in great numbers
    • Intelligent caste are very closely monitored for sentience. Ifthey prove so at any given time, their entire species are executed to prevent an uprising. They are the creatures that do complex calculations and tasks a normal worker cannot.
    The Old One
    Very little is known about the Old one. It seemed to have appeared on earth as soon as the War began. It's said to have lived since the creation of the Council of Empires some five hundred years ago, and is still quite the force to be reckoned with.
    He was made by the legendary Biocrafter named Bertal Nenisitet as one of his legendary Concepts of Functionality. The Old One was made using a plant cell base, a tactic frowned against due to how inflexible it normally is. Nonetheless Bertal proved the impossible for the eighteenth time and created the perfect guerilla fighter. The Old One is a creature using the simple reed as a reference to go back to. It stands at eight feet tall, but can devolve itself into a smaller shape when the situation calls for it. It can survive by eating food or by rooting itself and using photosynthesis for a few days before it's stored enough food to look for a new source of nourishment. It's body is resilient enough to resist small arms fire. The true potential comes to play when within enemy territory. Bertal made it an Intelligent type, making it capable of building simple structures, traps and machines to wage a one man war against any foes. It can change the structure of it's body to suit the needs of the climates. It turns into a more cactus like structure in arid or desert environments, into a tree like creature in forests or jungles, or even a living mass of moss in swamplands. The secret to the Old One wasn't it's strength, but it's ability to survive. It's brain structure has a considerable amount dedicated to it's basic survival instincts, much like the medulla oblongata of the human brain. If that part isn't destroyed completely, it can slowly but surely regenerate it's form to wage war once again.

    Lisuuj Sra'Cees: Master of War
    Lisuuj was a legendary commander in the Games of War played out every four years by the Neo-Terrans for those who enjoy bloodshed as entertainment. Neo-Terra has long since been at peace with itself, more often than not empires saved their grudges for the Games. Eventually it became obvious that one man stood above the others with tactical skill, reaction time and the ability to keep a cool head. When Neo-Terra came into contact with Earth, it was a unanimous vote to elect Lisuuj Sra'Cees as the Master of War. He's a deceptively calm man, a warm and kind smile across his face for most of the time, but when he engages in battle it's like a whole other soul was in the body. During war he was a cold, calculating man with no qualms sending thousands of drones to their death to gain inches of ground, as is common practice by most generals, yet he never seemed to waist his troops needlessly, and can adapt to any and all kinds of tactics.To fit his role as the Master of War, he underwent highly aggressive geneticmodification to make him a hardy, reptilian monster standing at nine feet tall and half as wide. He could crush an Earthling rifle just with his grip, and his brutality was only matched by his intellect

    Narn'He Tse'cor: The Colony Overseer
    It didn't take long for the Council of Empires to realize what Earth actually meant. It meant a whole new planet, a whole new world for them to explore and to colonize. They quickly set up a fortress city in Bastion City, promptly keeping the name but giving it a whole other meaning. He's a shrewd man, opting to have to look and shape of a of an elf. He stood at seven feet tall and his form was graceful and lithe. He had a very big wall placed around his feelings, and was many times referred to as an "emotionless sentient". He isn't well liked in Bastion City because of the fact that he makes his choices based on the betterment of the colony rather than ethical or moral reasons
    The Desolation
    The Desolation is situated at the southern pole of Neo-Terra where the two planets came into contact. It looks decidedly less alien than it's Earthen counterpart. Instead of a mountainous wasteland of glass and crystal, it's a flat wasteland of ash and mummified tissue with only the rare glass spire here and there. The southern pole was a teeming metropolis, so overpopulated that they started digging underground to situate the less fortunate into a new home. The result was that there was no earth to crystallize when the Displacement happened, but instead it burned the entire metropolis, with it's billions of citizens, to ash. Those that remained intact looked like mummies from the horror plays of Neo-Terra. There isn't even microbiological life anymore, and if a lone human inhabited the place, he'd be the smallest living organism for miles

    The Invasion Point
    The Invasion point is a spaceport at the closes point between the two planets within the Desolation. It's much more difficult making biological organisms live outside in the vacuum of space, but as always war brought progress. Within the year of the Displacement, the Council of Empire's greatest minds devised and bred the Starbeast. A monster capable of surviving indefinitely near a sun and for years in the outer reaches of space by becoming it's own ecosystem. It is the front of the Invasion of earth

    Bastion City
    Bastion city was the product of the Council of Empires decided that it would be best to have a foothold on Earth to stage attacks from. It eventually led to a small colony, which lead to the Council realizing the potential that a new world brings. They completely demolished the entire city, building from scratch with their plants and drones. Now the place stands as a metropolis in the making, massive walls made of naturally grown trees around the city, with anti air and anti armor creatures all along it to deter besiegers

    1. No one liners. We understand that there is such a thing as writer's block. But seriously, anybody can write a small paragraph, okay?

    2. Please don't make any perfect characters. The Character Sheet is a little condensed and not as specific as it could be, BUT, this only leaves more creativity to you as the writer and creator of the character. Perfect characters can and will be denied. Give your character some flaws, make them relatable.

    3. Respect. If I see roleplayers squabbling and fussing about who knows what, you will asked to be taking all that to PMs. No drama... please.

    4. No instant teleporting unless there are teleportation points! You can't suddenly be at Earth if you were just at the Mars training facelity.

    And that's about all I can think about at the moment. Have fun!

    Character Sheets:

    Picture: (Optional)
    Quote: (Optional)
    Planet: ( Neo-Terra or Earth?)
    Current Residence: (Where does your character live?)
    Race: (You can have a Neo-Terran Evlopod too)
    Type: (Evlopod only. Basically if you wanna go into detail about what critters make up your character)
    Rank: (You can request a high rank from just about anything. Just ask)
    Specialty: (What is your character's special talent?)
    Strengths: (Anything from close combat fighting to cooking or mental strengths)
    Weaknesses: (To balance out your strengths)
    History: (What did your character do before the war that might affect their actions?)
    Other: (Anything else I missed?)
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  2. Picture: [​IMG]
    Quote: “Earth has been ours for millennia! I have no intention of giving up our planet now!”

    Name: Liam S. O’Cathan

    Planet: Earth

    Current Residence: Earth

    Race: Mutated Human

    Type: Velociraptor physiology. Still retains human appearance unless he decides to activate his velociraptor physiology where he gains claws, teeth, and scaled skin. He retains his intelligence and conscience while in this form. However, still has a tail while in his human state.

    Age: 23

    Rank: Colonel

    Specialty: Science and Strategy. Liam is quite studious and analytical, surveying the situation before him. His background as the son of a Scientist and Nurse led him to pursue the sciences regarding biology from an early age.

    Strengths: Close Combat Fighting. Due to his mutated genes, he is able to slash his claws at Evolopods in order to rip them to shreds. Mid-Range rifle combat. Having experience with firing firearms, Liam can normally fire shots and hit his target, although he prefers more to enter Close Quarters Combat. First Aid and Medical Assistance. With his knowledge of biology and anatomy, along with reading several medical textbooks, Liam can help attend to wounds and infections of the normal human variety. Camaraderie. Liam is always willing to lend a smile or an encouraging word to any survivors. Generally, he is a kind person, and is always willing to share in conversation.

    Weaknesses: Horrible Marksman. His vision makes it hard to focus from a long range, even with a scope. Besides, he’d rather be in the middle of the action. Horrible Cook. Well, except for maybe instant ramen and pre-packaged mac and cheese. Even then, the food tastes off. Sometimes his comrades would say that he could burn water. Weakness to Evlo Virus. Though his genes have been mutated, he is still a human, and therefore would be susceptible to the Evlo virus, which would further advance his gene splicing and perhaps elevate him to an even more terrifying dinosaur.

    History: Liam was born to his scientist father and nurse mother on earth about sixteen years before the Slipspace incident. Growing up, Liam was always inquisitive about the world around him, simply fascinated with life. Like a typical kid, he was obsessed with dinosaurs and their nature. Due to his father’s instruction, he was able to breeze through school in sciences and mathematics, eventually going under his father’s instruction when he was 15 as part of his collegiate academic studies. During this time, the slipspace incident occurred, and Liam’s father was one of the few scientists to go and explore the planet before the war occurred. When he returned, he brought fascinating news about genetic mutation and splicing, but fell victim to a foreign virus that killed him before he was able to finish his research. Liam, taking up his father’s mantle, completed the research and was able to successfully mutate his genome to have the physiology of an ancient Velociraptor. What would have been a monumental achievement in the scientific community was brushed under the rug as people scrambled to escape to Mars and others hurriedly signed up to join the military fight the war. Liam decided to do the latter, rising in his ranks until he at last reached the rank of colonel. Now, he fights for the Earth Republic while continuing his research on biology.

    Other: Though at times, some have asked if he is a Neo Terran, he is always ready to provide evidence that he was born on earth, including his birth certificate, license, and a trilobite fossil that has been carbon-dated. His favorite book is Jurassic Park.
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  9. Lol, who would pay their hard-earned money to do that? It seems insensible >~<

    hmm...I see, I'll get a CS up then...maybe two...


    Do all characters have to be in the militaryor some sort of armed force for this RP?
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  10. Well I would for starters.

    .... I suppose you can have non military characters, but bear in mind this is about a war. Thus the centrepiece of the entire rp. So with character that isn't, it might not have a lot of activity
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  11. I do have a quick question before creating my character(s). Are spliced humans genetically enhanced as well? I mean like do they gain inhuman abilities to do what we would think to be "super human"?
  12. Not as a base, no. But if it's part of their enhancement? By all means. Just make sure he has coloured eyes if you're making him human looking
  13. Picture: (Credit to Wolfy-Nail where due ;)
    "Life is like our fossil fuels. Every unit is so cleverly crafted and created in their own, unique code.Every unit having their own unique, feeling-evoking story to tell. But alas, it all ends up to only be just that, a unit, a resource. To only be spent on the ever-hungry desires of society and power..."
    Name:[BCOLOR=#800000]Akaro Fulari[/BCOLOR]
    Planet: Neo-Terra
    Current Residence: Neo-Terra
    Race: Spliced Human (Class II)
    Type: N/A
    Age: 22
    Rank: Lieutenant-General
    Specialty: Psychology y Psychological Warfare
    In essence, Akaro is good at manipulating the underlying greatest fear in every sentient being, and that is the fear of themselves.

    Akaro is very good at making brother fight brother, father fight son, oneself against oneself, and so on and so forth. Sure, robots and hive minds are a little bit trickier, but that's the fun in difficulty! After-all, why waste time making weapons when the enemy already holds the greatest weapon one can use?
    +Surgical Precision: Death by Akaro's hand isn't a task, but an art. His vast knowledge of the bodily structure of beings is Akaro's only saving grace in combat. He knows where and at what angle stabbing a guy would do the most damage. He also doesn't particularly use this kill people either, since dead people dont give useful information;)
    +Quick-Thinker: When things get heated, Akaro is quick to cool it down, this could imply he is a great compromiser, an argument-defuser, or a weasel of danger
    +Strategic: He's gotta have some sort of prowess in something to be a good leader. And obviously he isn't a good fighter, so instead he shows off his skill and prowess in another way, through strategy and tactic. He proves thus far that he has been resourceful and quite tactical in his position, and hopes to continue being a wonderful asset to the forces of Neo-Earth.

    -Not very strong: It could tie up with his laziness, but whatever the case, he cannot win a wrestling match to save his life, or win at arm wrestling, or overpower an enemy at all, if it weren't for his knowledge of were to cause the most damage, he would lose every confrontation with any person, ever.
    -Lazy: It could be that he doesn't care, or it could be the donuts in the office. Whatever the case, Akaro is lazy, and less likely to be good at 'active' things, such as being on the field of battle, being strong-willed, or battling in general.
    -Dishonorable: Akaro will do anything to ensure that he wins, whether it's morally right or wrong, or if it pleases or displeases everyone, it is of no matter. He is not loyal to any single person, and is fair-weathered to all. In the end, he will only do what's right for him and his people, and say "screw everyone else."

    /Eccentric: Akaro is sickeningly self-centered. If there isn't a room with a portrait of him hanging around, he'll cringe at the horror. He likes to be well-known, to have every conversation about him. Heck! He wouldn't even have me use this picture without his name on it!
    /Nihilist: Now this isn't a religion or anything, just his view on life and life's future: pointless, meaningless, everyone is a gear toward a higher power. It doesn't, mean he is a pessimist, either. He intends to make the most of it, even though it will never be anything in the end.
    /Musical Enthusiast: Akaro thinks that war is an orchestra. He uses music as an element to help him stay focused and concentrated on a subject at hand. Or perhaps it's an addiction, and very detrimental to his work. (Pretty much expect some songs when an Akaro post comes along.{And when Nue stops listening to Japanese school girlsXD})

    Akaro started his life as one of several children to some very wealthy parents, who valued education and genetics more than anything else, this was also not limited to their children either, as proving that one wasn't properly intellectual in this family environment meant that one was in for a lot of abuse and neglect later on down the road. Akaro didn't fail to please, and this meant that he got to indulge in some pleasures that other children didn't get, such as perfected gene splicing into that of his favorite animal, access to higher education, and higher rank enlistment (In such a time as the war with Earth Started). This also caused him to have the personality and views he had, as nurture was seldom seen in the family enviroment, and was more of a 'sink or swim' kind of thing, such an environment was the underlying cause for Akaro's tendencies, his hopeless view on life, and his dark views of Neo Terra as a whole. He distanced himself as far away from his family as possible, determined to stay in the university for a very long time, get the highest possible degree while spending as much of their parents money, as a form of neglect towards them. His family over time became fractured, with the death of his mother and the wealth distributed unfairly amongst the children. The father, enraged, went to the most irrational belief that his children was the cause of her death, and that it was his children, Akaro included, that has to die.

    Luckily around this climax of an otherwise dull and grey life, another catastrophe happened, that being the newly discovered alien world of Earth being the most hostile thing Neo-Terra has ever seen. As such a war started on an intersolar scale, and forced much of the planet, and it's citizens, to take up arms and go to war against Earth. Akaro used this as his advantage to escape the wrath of his father and start doing something productive with his education.

    He used such knowledge and wealthy background to get into and outof Neo-Terra's most prestigious officer academy, climbed the ranks to the highest he can achieve, and specialized in Psychological Warfare. To this day Akaro fights to stay away from the battlefield, his father,and the destruction of Neo-Terra.

    (There are other things to this as well, but that, my friend, is TBR ;)
    (I can input some things later)
    (I'll add some more Neo-Earth-Like music as soon as I stop listening to nightcore, dammit Nue!)
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  14. Lol great, I didn't know this beforehand, but it seems Liam would be my nemesis no?
    It's all like:
    *sees this guy*

    "BRUH. Psychology is obviously the superior science to Biology."
  15. I'm sorry to tell you but video games are in fact not a thing on Neo-Terra.
    Uhm.... Nightcore is also not a thing. Remember this ain't Earth. It's all biotechnology
    >~< Well, this is embarrassing...

    eeyy buddy, the point is, he likes music, is music a thing?

    I fixed those tidbits though, I can live without video games and nightcore!

    I'm lying i'm dying inside
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  17. Lol, Nue you're funny!

    Yus music is a thing and something similar to video games could exist, but it'd probably involve real blood and guts rather than digital
  18. Woah, instead of television, we have BLOODVISION 0.0

    Heh, puny terrans and their puny Television.

    Anyways is my Charrie accepted?

    And I'm just not seeing this world correctly, can you perhaps provide a picture of what a city in neo-earth would look like? That might help ^^
  19. Not on my authority (I think) You're going to have to wait till Jello says so.

    31d9ff2bb442a56dbe62a7ff99eed931.jpg i125415ndex.jpg

    Mash these to together, I think
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  20. well, I did ask if YOU like it :3
    But what if i cant >////<
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