New to the site and Looking for partners! (New Pairings and I added Fandoms!)

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My name is Dee. I have been roleplaying for a few years now but here recently I haven't had many compatible partners. So here I am looking through new sites to find potential partners on. If you see a (<---- [Insert insult]) that's just me joking. With my self.

A bit about me (You can skim through this.)
  • I am a very laid back person. I'm very open to OOC conversations and friendships in and out of the site.
  • I love music. (<---Very original) I prefer older R&B and some more recent Alternative rock/Metal. I tend to find the more unique bands and artists a lot more enjoyable though (Marilyn Manson, In This Moment, Die Antwoord, etc.)
  • My birthday is in 6 days! :D
  • I first started 'roleplaying' when I was like 5, since I didn't like making friends. (<---Still doesn't have any normal friends) I would do that weird thing where I would stand at one side of the room and talk as one person and then go to the other side of the room and talk as a different person.
  • I love to draw (<-- Pretty decent at it), roleplay, and eat (<---Kind of person where Food is their best friend)
  • I have days where I don't feel like waking up before 5 pm and those are usually days that I don't post. So I apologize if I start having one of those days. (Can last a week.)
  • I go by they/them pronouns! Not a big deal.
A bit about my roleplaying style! (This stuff is more important.)
  • My posts can be anything from one lengthy paragraph to nine. I tend to stick to 2-5 paragraphs but sometimes I either feel very inspired or I have one of those days where I can't focus on anything but "Is water wet?"
  • I roleplay in third person. My writing can go from past tense to present tense. I really have to work on that so I apologize. Just work with me here.
  • I can control lots of characters! (<--- So they can make their posts bigger when they have nothing else to go on.)
  • I love plot twists and romance! I can't have a roleplay that has NO romance. I love a build up dont get me wrong! But ...Romance is just...too good to not include. (<---Can't get any romance in real life though.)
  • I put ellipses in my posts. Not to make it bigger! (<-- Yes it is.) But just for that emotional pause. Periods mean you pause for like a second before you read the next sentence. Well then three or four periods means you better pause for a few seconds before reading on. Just kidding. You don't have to pause. [Insert nervous laughter].
  • I am not the greatest roleplayer on the face of the earth! That being said. I do like some criticism. But don't be a dick about it. (<--- Caution: floor wet from constant outbursts of crying.)
  • I can play any gender! (Even a made up one.) I can play any gender identity! (Even the more...complicated ones.) Lgbt themes are great. 10/10. HOWEVER. Fun fact. I've never held a FxF for longer than two days. It's pretty sad. Not a lot of FxF partners that are compatible with my style. I can play any sexual orientation.
  • I don't roleplay smut. Sorry not sorry. I am not opposed to some thing popping up and us time skipping! Mature themes are common and beautiful but I just can't bring my self to do it. (<--- Get on with it.)
  • I am a more aggressive roleplayer. But I love when some one leads with me. You know? I throw in some crazy bad guy and boom my partner gives the bad guy a side kick of some sorts.
  • Don't be afraid to approach me or ask me questions. Or even just throw a huge plot at me. Go for it. I might enjoy some styles I might not.
  • In love with fantasy roleplays! I can't do realistic. I'm trying to go some where and see something never seen before when I roleplay. I honestly have no interest in a waitress meeting a poet. Unless that poet is 200 years old and the waitress is his wife reincarnated. (That would be an interest roleplay.)
  • I usually have a couple of side stories open. If you do not want to do this YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.
OKAY sorry for all that reading! You need a break? Go ahead. I'll be here.

Alright you're back? Fantastic! Here's some more reading!

What I expect in a partner! (Also pretty important.)
  • Patience! Please be patient with me. I am a train wreck of mixed emotions. And some times I really don't give a damn about people and other days I go out of my way to make other people happy. I have good days. I have bad days. I have things I have to do. I kinda sorta have a life. (<--- not really.)
  • 1-9 paragraphs. Its what ever you can come up with. If you have trouble making a whooping one paragraph then tell me. Then I'll probably let it slide. But please try to keep it around 1-2 paragraphs minimum.
  • Diverse characters. Be able to control more than two characters. One main and two sides ATLEAST. (Just how I like it.)(<---- No love life.)
  • Respect. Don't be an asshole. I don't have to tell most people this. But I have met some really ill-mannered pricks.
  • Open to change? If things are getting a little bumpy with our roleplay maybe we can add something or take out something. Or scrap the roleplay, start all over.
Thats about it ^^^^
PAIRINGS And SETTINGS And TIME FRAMES Oh my (Oh boy. Will add more later.) # means I have a plot for it!
  • VampireXVampire (Could be vampires that have a completely different anatomy, society, etc.)
  • VampireXHuman (Typical I know.)
  • VampireXOther supernatural/fantasy creature (Like a shapeshifter or an elf or a freaking orc or dwarf. No discrimination here.)
  • Fantasy/Supernatural CreatureXFantasy/Supernatural Creature (I don't want to list every single fantasy creature pairing there is. I'm way too lazy.)
  • Teacher/Sire/HigherUpXStudent/Subject
  • PortalXGateKeeper #
  • RunAwayXEscapedCriminal/Ex-Criminal
  • Alien/SupernaturalXScientist
  • Genetic ExperimentX"Gifted"TestSubject
  • Fairytales?? Maybe with twists?
  • Darker outlooks on the FairyTales?
  • Elemental X Elemental
  • Person Gone into a coma enters another worldXPerson from said world(A ClockMaker perhaps?)
  • Forbidden Romance~
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Unlikely Couple?
  • Lucid Dreamer starts failing to separate reality and their dreamsXWatcher
  • (A watcher is basically some one who is a real person but can go into other people's dreams. Most of the time they don't even realize they are doing it. But strong watchers do know what they are doing and can sometimes enter dreams while awake.)
  • Some one with new found powers and abilities X Some one who has had said abilities for awhile.
  • Beauty and the Beast type thing. Monster-like personXHuman/or other normal looking creature.
  • Fantasy World
  • Modern World
  • Steampunk World
  • Futuristic World
  • Sci-Fi World
  • Victorian Era
  • Future
  • 1920s-1960s
  • Witch Burning Era (Yes I know it happened in Salem Massachusetts in 1692)

Fandoms(I don't do Canon characters unless you are a really convincing person.)

  • Twilight (Don't even hate on me for this. I fucking adore the author. I don't like the movies cause the vampires sparkle I like the movies because they have a decent plot line. And I found it very interesting.) (<---- Butt hurt)
  • The Hunger Games
  • Avatar (With the blue people)
  • Lord of the Rings
(I cant think of any more right now)

  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • The Last of Us
  • Fran Bow (I fucking love Fran Bow)
  • LIFE IS STRANGE (I cant do canon. I wouldn't be able to do it justice I'm sorry.)
  • The Walking Dead

  • Adventure Time
(^^^ Thats about it. I don't watch Tv shows.)

[After scientists attempt to open a portal to other dimensions an explosion occurs and it seems all is lost, until a child exits the smoke clouds confused and lost. Baffled by this turn of events the child is put into a high security room some where in the middle of nowhere. The child is raised by four scientists who grow very attached to the child. As one would, raising some thing for so long. While in confinement the child becomes very self aware and starts to uncover their own abilities. At first the child is moving objects across the room and then they are mastering skills and rapidly increasing in intelligence. Soon they are reading emotions, changing their physical appearance with the touch of their finger, and manipulating their surroundings. But that's not even all of what they are capable. The child soon uses its abilities to escape to a new world. Now that they know they are a portal they are hunted by 'watchers' in every world they escape to. Now using their ability to change their physical appearance they have to hide out in each world for at least 4 years. Waiting for their energy to regenerate and become able to go to a new world. In every world there are 3 Gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are people able to open and shut portals. But none of them have ever heard of a portal living and breathing.]

Thank you for your time! Have a nice Day. Or Night!
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Hello! I've also recently, actually today, joined this site to try and find some roleplaying partners. I'm really interested in your PortalXGatekeeper plot and would love to try it out. I usually like to play male characters. Although I'm not against playing female I also don't feel very confident in playing as them. I'm fine with any sexual orientation. I don't mind if we have non roleplaying days and won't bug you if you decide to role play another instead. We all have those days where one just doesn't seem to work out that day and another is easier to reply to. I do however sometimes re read over my own writing a few times and it can take me a bit to reply if that's fine with you. I'm fine with controlling many characters and also giving ideas for plot points or scenery. I enjoy romances, especially slow burning ones.
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Hi, yo. I laughed out loud reading everything. You seem awesome and I relate to on a personal level. Besides finding romance in real life (bahahahahahahahaha) Ok. Anyway. Im all here for your ideas, or expanding on your ideas. I don't really like smut either. I like to write "classy" sex scenes, if that's even a thing. Like "They're bodies were intertwined as they made love to each other" sort of thing. Def no body part details. That's too porn'y for me. :no: I'm all here for fantasy ideas. I tend to lean more towards female characters, cus that's jsut my comfort level but I'm here for being pushed out of my comfort zone.
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I have a large list of fantasy plots if you would like to take a look.
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I also would be interesting in discussing sci-fi, fantasy, and things that have a lot of action and adventure.
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Helloooo, I'd be mainly interests in that runaway x criminal plots bit a lot of your other plots and subjects also interest me so we can discuss some stuff
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I added new pairings and I added Fandoms!
Hey! I'd love to roleplay with you! :D
I haven't decided which pairing yet though... But a supernatural/fantasy creature x something!
If you'd be up for it you could Dm me and we can decide/come up with something?~

(I have some pairings/plots or whatever I could send you if you want or something.. uhh.... ^^" )
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I would love to do a twilight or hunger games roleplay with you!
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Hey! I'd love to roleplay with you! :D
I haven't decided which pairing yet though... But a supernatural/fantasy creature x something!
If you'd be up for it you could Dm me and we can decide/come up with something?~

(I have some pairings/plots or whatever I could send you if you want or something.. uhh.... ^^" )
Pm me and we can start discussing! Send me what ever you are interested in and I will get right to looking through everything! ^-^

I would love to do a twilight or hunger games roleplay with you!
Pm me! I'm leaning more towards twilight honestly.
I do have an idea if you're interested it's so fantasy Like I think you'd love to do it with me just drop me a PM! :)
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