Looking for a Small(4-6 Characters), Casual, but Committed Group for Horizon Demon Hunting Academy

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  1. So, I've been wanting to write for a while. I want a story, with plot progression and Character development, as well as relationships. I want to have this group continue on a quest, experience hardship and friendship, love and hate. That's what I've been craving. But at the same time, I want to be able to laugh with the people I'm playing with. This is the sort of thing I want. Now, I already have a story that I'd like to do. It's been one I've had for quite a while. But every time I did it, I was hosting a large group roleplay. A story based, large group role play is not easy to GM. So then, here I am seeing about doing the same thing from before, but with significantly less people!


    In the year 2021, the Earth was on the brink of war. Russia and United States had gone to war after the assassination of the newly elected president. There was no real evidence that Russia was the behind this unforeseen event. However, the people wanted retribution. After threats against the US, Russia was the top suspect. Soon both began preparing for war. All other countries begged and pleaded them not to, yet they did not stop. War broke out and neither side was going anywhere. During this time of turmoil, the US Secretary of Defenses managed to obtain popularity among citizens, and soon seized control, establishing Marshal Law. However, he was truly a wicked man. He had no remorse. He launched several nuclear missiles on Russia. Russia fell in a matter of weeks... The other nations were outraged by this use of WMDs. They declared war on the US. Thus World War III had begun. The war had only raged for two years, before the unexpected happened. Hveravellir, a volcano in Iceland that had been lying dormant for centuries, erupted violently. The area surrounding it was covered in lava. Arising from the lava, and descending from the ash, an obsidian, and brimstone door took form. Though it was black, one could see hints of red in its glassy frame. It opened, and as if the floodgates had been released, demons spewed forth.

    High above the Earth, a group of elite Angels, The Divine Counsel quickly met, and began debating the correct course of actions. By the time they had finished deciding, much of humanity had been decimated. They built Horizon, a floating city just below the Heavens, as a safe place for Humans. However, the Earth had fallen under control of the Demon Lord. Chaos and Anarchy reigned It is now the year 2163, and little ground has been gained.

    • Congratulations! You have been accepted to the prestigious Horizon Academy, where you will work alongside other Angels and even Humans in your quest to slay the demons that plague the once beautiful Earth. Here you will be taught how to invoke your powers and use them in combat. Various weapons classes are taught as well, so you may choose the weapon that best suits you.

      As an Angel, you will be placed into Class Aether, along with all other Angels who will be attending. This classification is simply for our own records. Due to your classification, you will be taking courses on Demon Slaying, and each will have an Ability Trainer. Each one of you have an innate special power of your own. Due to this, you do not require help from Demons to fight. As it is against our laws, you are not to form a pact with a Demon under any circumstances, for fear of Falling.

      Rules must be followed at all times. They are in place or your own safety. A list of rules has been placed along with this message. Please review them carefully.

      -Uniforms must be worn through the entirety of the school day
      -No unsupervised Duels
      -If a mission is too difficult abort immediately and inform the Head of House

      For the sake of cleansing the world I thank you,
      -Head of House Aether, Samuel

    • Congratulations! You have been accepted into Horizon Academy, where you will work beside other Humans, and even Angels to take back our precious home from the demons who have overrun it. Here you will be taught how to speak with demons and persuade them to join your cause. You will be taught about forging packs and how to effectively command your demons to help you in battle as well as use the skills that they teach you. There are plenty of weapons courses to choose from, so pick you favorite.

      As a Human, you will be placed in Class Gaia. This classification is used to help us determine what training each of you require. We Humans have no special powers at our disposal, so we need to borrow them. You will be receiving training in Demonology, and Communications. You will need to partner up with a few demons if you ever hope to take back the Earth.

      Rules must be followed at all times. They are in place for your own safety. A list of rules is enclosed with this letter. Please review them carefully.

      -Uniforms must be worn the entirety of the school day
      -No unsupervised Duels
      -If a mission is too dangerous, abort immediately and inform the Head of House

      On behalf of Humanity I thank you
      -Head of House Gaia, Lukas Goodwin


    What to Expect

    This is an Intermediate Roleplay! Participants are expected to meet that standard.

    This never really seems to go very far, so this time I'm taking a different Approach. It will focus more on plot. Character development and relations will still be important, but there won't really be a "free-time" section specified in the Role Play schedule. There will be expected deadlines that I will expect you to post by. They will likely be once or twice a week. If you are returning from one of its previous incarnation, be warned. It will be more intense

    Character Sheets

    A little on Humans:
    It is currently the third generation of humans since they were evacuated. Many of those in the Academy have never known earth as home, unless they grew up in a safe zone. Humans stand very little chance against a fight with demons or even angels. To compensate, they have began to forge "Pacts" with demons. This grants them more power, and the demon will fight beside them.

    A little on Angels:
    Angels and Humans can indeed fall in love, have children together, yada yada, yada. However there are no Half Angels. Anglicism is treated similar to a recessive trait passed down from the parents. That means that it is possible for two Humans to have an Angel child, if they both have one of the "recessive" genes. Angels are holy beings. Whether or not they are truly created by a "God" is unknown to humans, and even many Angels. Those that do know are forbidden to tell. Being holy beings they are forbidden to forge backs with Demons.

    • Name:
      Age: (13-18)
      Year:(How many years have they been at the academy? 1-5)
      Appearance:(Pics or Wall of text or both. Anime pics only)

      Personality:(How your character acts)

      History:(The story of your character)

      Weapon Specialty: (ONE weapon of your choice)

      Weapons:(One enchanted and several unenchanted if you wish)

      Demons: (Humans are allowed two demons for now Please include a picture, and a description of its powers. If it has a personality, feel free to add it in.)

      Skills:(Humans are allowed two skills. These are based off their demon's powers.)


    • Name:

      Year:(How many years have they been at the academy? 1-5)

      Appearance(Pics or Wall of text or both. Anime pics highly prefered)

      Personality:(A few descriptive words or an entire explanation is fine)

      History:(The story of the your character)

      Weapon Specialty: (ONE weapon type of your choice)

      Weapons: (One enchanted weapon, and as many non enchanted as you'd like)

      Skills:(Angels start off with 5-3 Skills. These skills should revolve around a central theme)


    Places in the World

    • Earth is the home of the Humans. Well now only some parts are home to the Humans. These parts are considered safe zones, however demons infiltrating and attacking these safe zones, though rare, are not unheard of. Some have started to move back to these safe zones. The Safe Zones are as follows:

      • [​IMG]
        The largest residing South American Continent, yet has the lowest population based on size. It is on the edge of the Amazon forest in Brazil. Kinich is a very large area making it difficult to protect. The majority of the population here are the military force on earth composed of graduated students of Horizon Academy. It is the Base of Operations on Earth. The majority of the space is used for military training and facilities.
        100,558 square miles(260,444 square km)
        -Current Population: 306,007

      • [​IMG]
        The Safe Zone of Loxdon is found in the Appalachian Mountain range, and parts of Virginia and North Carolina. It is the provider of the majority of minerals used by the Human forces. This safe zone has the least protection and is the most likely to be attacked and overrun. Quite a few requests originate from this zone.
        50,346 square miles(130,395 square km)
        -Current Population: 219,453

      • [​IMG]
        Remus is located in the bogs of Ireland. There are many demons hidden in the marshlands of the island, making Remus one of the more dangerous Zones
        30,265 square miles(78,387 square km)
        -Current Population: 121,434

      • [​IMG]
        The majority of Umezawa is in the Coastal Regions of Japan. This is has made Umezawa a trade port for the Safe Zones. Umezawa provides a fair amount of seafood. In spite of the evacuation of people from earth, Umezawa still holds the culture it did in the days before the demons attacked
        13,639 square miles(43,094 square km)
        -Current Population: 95,076

      • [​IMG]
        (inside of Fort Bismarck)
        Located in what was once Germany, Fort Bismarck is the smallest safe zone, but it is in fact the safest. After the area was established, construction quickly began. The safe zone was the first established. It took ten years, and much protection, but eventually they had built a massive fort. It was only a single story at first. Since then it has grown to a five story behemoth that takes up a land mass the size of Wales. It is the center of engineering and technology. However the technology is very functional, and looks primitive even though it is rather advanced,
        8,016 square miles(20,761 square km)
        -Current Population: 70,970

    • [​IMG]
      Horizon is a massive floating city, created by the Angels as a safe haven for the humans. It floats just below the Heavens. Here many humans have made this place their home, however there are plenty of others who wish to see Earth inhabited by humans once more. This was why Horizon Academy was founded.

    • [​IMG]
      The realm of Angels. This is a holy place. As such, living Humans are not allowed to enter. There are some exceptions though. Every so often a Human will be summoned to the Heavens. When this happens, they are most likely meeting with the Divine Counsel, the group ruling the Heavens. However, since the arrival of the demons, only five humans have met before the Counsel. One of these people has been Lukas.

    • [​IMG]
      A mysterious realm that none have ever seen the inside of. The only known entrance is a massive, ominous door that has appeared in the volcanic regions of Iceland. There is no other information on this realm. It is assumed to be the realm of the Demons
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  2. There's quite a bit of stuff to pore over, but I'd like to mark interest since I like the base concept.
  3. It's mostly because this is a REEEEEEALLY old idea. Like probably 4 years old. It never turned out the way I wanted it to. Mostly because it was too big for me to keep track of everyone. Though this time, I will be able to keep track of everything more easily. But I'm glad to see you're interested
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