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  1. Merritide City. It was a nice place, considering it was a big ol' well-populated city in NY. The air was clear, friendly faces were at every turn, and you might even catch some kids playing around the local parks. Yes, everything was absolutely hunky dory in what the city that some might even go as far as to call a utopia. A diamond in the rough, a safe haven for people who've experienced naught but the worst of the world, or so they said.

    Those people were all idiots.

    You see, there are three types of people in the world. The optimists, the ignorant, and the assholes who at least were aware of how the world worked. Thank goodness for that one redeeming trait, or they'd lose all of their merit. But see, the point is, the city wasn't as great as some made it out to be. Monsters, misogynists, masked capers and criminals as crooked as they get, the city had it all. For every smiling face, there was a cold and lifeless one with features forever frozen in leftover despair from their last breathing moments.

    But for the moment? The city appeared to be in one of it's scarce and brief periods of peace, the blue sky filled with the sounds of birds singing, people bustling, and pounding heartbeats. The last one, audible only to the trained ears of one woman making her way down the sidewalk in casual attire. The cool weather that came with fall had come around, and she had to wonder just why anyone would ever want to wear anything but sweatpants and a tee(with a nice jacket thrown in depending on the time) at any time of the year- save for in the summer when shorts were preferred, of course.


    Regardless, with hands stuffed in the pockets of her light jacket, the woman carried onward, various thoughts flooding her mind. And not the trivial kind that one would expect, either- they were thoughts of monsters and fiends, villains and mass murderers. Which, for her? Those things had just become a normal part of her life. They appeared to be around every corner, waiting for their turn to have their butts kicked.

    Oh, right- this lady wasn't your average Joe. Jess Miriam Drew, alternatively known as Spider Woman.

    And she was super-ly going to take a seat on a park bench, hoping to catch a super-break.

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    Saitama sat in that same park. Funnily enough, on the same bench the woman was eyeing up. With his usual, bored expression, his eyes followed her briefly before he sighed and looked away. That wasn't a monster. Probably. So boring. So hopeless. He'd never find anything that would present a challenge. This was the first time he'd gone out looking in a week, and the city chose today of all days to be quiet! When he actually wanted something to show up! He facepalmed and growled in frustration.

    In his dorky costume, he looked like a wannabe superhero. A scrawny one, at that. Like someone that was going to get himself killed if they meddled in the kind of stuff Spider-Woman dealt with. Being the friendly person he was, though, Saitama spoke out to the woman. He was never very shy. Why would he be? At this point, he was apathetic to pretty much everything except the suffering of others, which was the only reason he hadn't quit this damn hobby of his. "Hey, lady! Are you okay? This city's pretty dangerous to go wandering around alone in."

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  3. THE ℋ A R L E Q U I N A D E
    It was quite an ordinary day here in the Park; People sat with the company of others on the grassy fields, dogs barked and fetched frisbees, children played as they contributed their laughter of happiness--What could possibly go wrong? To say the least, Just about everything was ordinary in what Bod would consider to be this dull city however 'normalcy' didn't necessarily fit Bod so nicely. In fact, he couldn't live the life of normalcy even if he wanted to.

    "Oh no... Oh no... Oh no..."

    The male uttered a bit loudly as he hurriedly walked along the path which had lead him further into the park. Although Bod had attempted to fit into the normalcy of his surroundings by wearing a simple pullover hoodie and sweats, he seemed to fail due to his lack of knowledge based on how to act normal to the eyes of society. While Bod dressed the part, he didn't completely look let alone even act the part of an ordinary civilian so smoothly--and it was pretty clear based on how crazy he appeared to be.

    For starters, Bod appeared quite weary: His face was pale, with the only defining trait being his sodden sore eyes that bared notable bags under them, giving off the impression that he has not slept for days or barely slept at all for that matter. Then, there was the way he occasionally twitched and fidgeted around which caused nearby parents to stop their children from any sort of small encounter. And while Bod had truly believed he looked 'normal' enough to seem like a plain old civilian, he appeared to be slightly disoriented and exasperated from whatever it was he was doing. Even a foreigner could easily tell that he was more crazy than normal.

    Bod stopped momentarily at the center of the park as he looked around, standing near a fountain. He casually slid a gloved hand through his messy hair which shined from the sun due to grease and raised his voice. "Where the hell are you?! I could sense you!" shouted Bod as people looked up from their phones or paused their conversation with their companions to shoot a glimpse at the young man who yelled to no one in particular. He received strange stares from his surroundings, But Bod only grew more fretful and twitched an eye. While the male felt a tinge of humiliation befall him, he slowly took a seat on the sides of the fountain and decided to relax for a few minutes and clear his mind before continuing again.

    Anything involving 'normalcy' did not work out for Nobody Owens, and he was fully aware of that. He could never be normal, not because of how he looked or acted-- But he could never truly fit in due to his conflicting abilities of replication which involved the tampering of his mentality. Bod could swear: He was dealing with individual children more than young adults, and the worse part was that while they had the mind of brats--They represented an aspect of himself. From his obnoxious happiness to his hatred of the world, It was tough having to deal with 'emoticlones' who represented a personality of oneself while also having the mindset of twerps.

    And may god bless Bod from being trampled by his own clones.

    In the years that Bod has had these 'emoticlones' he has found each of their presence alone a nuisance and learned that it is in fact not at all resourceful but rather a tedious process. In this current situation alone: His clones had gone on their own little rampage of freedom doing who knows what. Bod always had a sense that they caused trouble independently. Hell, the four clones couldn't get along with each other so the worse they could all do would be causing chaos individually in separate areas unless some of them partnered up to make Bod's life easier. They simply left to create some sort of hell within the city without the supervision of their host, which was to be expected from time to time.

    But Bod grew more concerned for rage and heroism: two rivals who were dubbed as 'Clown & Harlequin'. In fact Bod and his clones earned their alter-aliases from the play 'The Harlequinade' based on their personalities, and he simply went along with it. But as paranoia crept in the mind of Bod, a shadow seemed to be blocking his sunlight and towered over him.

    Bod glanced up from his hunched posture as he emerged from his hands. Before him stood a figure nearly identical to his own appearance with a few alterations. This figure appeared to be more crestfallen, deprived of any emotion at all besides sadness and fear and He also stood with a slight hunch.

    "Pantaloon." Buddy stated.

    "Hmm..." The clone responded despite his miserable appearance, glancing down at his host.

    For a moment Buddy felt reassured by the idea of already finding at least one of his clones, However it was a known fact that Pantaloon was always the loyal baby of the gang. Nonetheless although Pantaloon was the clone who naturally returned to his master more than his 'brothers' (that doesn't mean he's good however), He was no help to Buddy unfortunately. At least, whenever he felt like it.

    "Did you see your brothers?" inquired Buddy who had mentally hoped that this seemingly useless clone would at least be of some use to him.

    "Hmm." Pantaloon responded, before he glanced up at the sky for several seconds with a pointed finger up in the air and opening his lips as if to speak. He inhaled a small breath... But after several more seconds glanced back at his master and shook his head, zipping his lips in response and shaking his head.

    Just as Pierrot unfortunately expected, Pantaloon would never rat out his brother--Most notably Clown or 'rage' due to his cowardice.

    "So, you did see Clown. That should be enough. I take it you also probably saw your other brothers as well before coming back to me." Commented Bod, but of course he received no answer back in return this time. An apparent way of implying 'Yes' from Pantaloon. It was only then that Nobody Owens stood up from his seat on the fountain, and scratched his head frantically as he pondered on what his clones may be doing and who or where he should start at first in order to find who.

    Pantaloon who hadn't yet recede back to where he belonged was an obvious sign of Buddy's many current emotions: His fretful behavior as well as slight fear and some concern over what was happening currently or what would be happening soon and Buddy appeared to become disoriented with all these thoughts crammed into his head. He was thinking way to hard and to fast and simply couldn't keep up! How should he handle this situation and gather up his other 3 missing clones? Bod stood there, his antsy movements such as the twitching of his eye and the fidgeting of his fingers intensifying. Everything was becoming hectic and he began to heavily fear what would be coming up next.

    It was nothing to serious--But it was something Bod concerned himself about since he had to.

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