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  1. Related to the Murder Series roleplay group, I have written several fanfics, collabs, drabbles, one-shots, backstories, and crackfics that are both canon and non-canon to the series. Here I will keep a list of all the fanfics I have written. A good majority of my Murder Series fanfiction can also be found here on my blog, but I have also decided to post some of them here. Longer multi-chapter stories, however, will be given their own showcase threads which I will link to here.

    Canon Multi-Chapter Stories

    FANFICTION - Letters from a Time Traveler

    FANFICTION - Child of the Multiverse

    FANFICTION - Life's Value {Jack x Zinnia} [Murder Series]

    FANFICTION - Zinnia's Backstory (Pokemon ORAS / MGs)

    Canon Oneshots

    Not The Only One {Murder / KH 0.2 Aqua Oneshot}

    Everything I Never Had {Ilona One-Shot}

    Deception [A Joshua one-shot] [Fanfiction]
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  2. Everything I Never Had {Ilona Oneshot} [Canon]


    By the time I was old enough to control my power, my childhood was long over. I could've returned home at any time afterwards, but I remained away from Arendelle--my fear of rejection preventing me from returning to my family. Deep down, I hoped that my childhood and my family was the only things my power would ever rob me of, and now that I had mastered it this strange ability of mine would no longer be a hinderance.

    I awoke one night in one of the strange lands I camped in sometime after the event with The Golden Witch Beatrice had occurred. My breathing was heavy and staggered, my locks of blonde hair soaked with sweat. I could vividly recall it as if it had truly happened, a dream where I stood in the center of a crowd. The crowd yelled at me, cursed my name, called me a monster, and told me I should go to Hell with the Arch-Demon where I belonged, all because of my strange power. So, it turned out my childhood and my family weren't the only things my power had robbed me of, it was now beginning to rob me of my sleep.

    Unable to rest, I rose and gathered my things, deciding I would travel to the one place where I had always felt comforted: my room back home. Even though I had never truly gotten to live there, on occasion, when I thought about it sometimes my power would bring me there. I would sit in the room and rest on my bed, watching the sunset from my window. Sometimes I would even spend the night there. But I always made sure to leave before my parents could find me.

    Able to move faster than the blink of an eye between realms with my power, I instantly found myself outside the walls of Arendelle. A shiver immediately struck my body as I realized it was winter. Unlike my mother, I didn't exactly feel content in the cold so I made my way to a hidden door at the side of the castle when one of the guards had his back turned.

    I rushed inside the castle, heart racing as my feet trotted down its stone floors. The castle was dark at this time of night, so I froze in place when I saw a small, flickering candle light coming from inside my room. Who would've been in there at this hour?

    I crouched down in the shadows and slowly made my way along, making sure I was well hidden before peeking into the room.

    After viewing the sight in the room, a feeling of overwhelming hurt overtook me. I whirled around and ran as fast as I could, heading back for the door I had come from. As I ran, I almost could've swore I heard my mother's voice call out to me, but I ignored it and pressed on.

    I rushed so quickly that I didn't even bother to make sure no guards had seen me. The guard I had tried so hard to avoid contact with before saw me this time as I carelessly bolted out and began to chase after me.

    "Stop right there, thief!" he cried, running surprisingly well for how slick the ground was. He nearly gained on me before I realized, "Duh, I can just teleport away from him."

    I stopped in my run and turned to face him waiting until he was mere seconds away from grabbing me before I vanished from his presence.

    I reappeared in the streets of Arendelle's town, which were empty because of how late it was. My breath clouded from the chilled air as I stood in place, clenching my fists. I reached behind me and drew my sword from its hilt on my back and walked toward a tree, beginning to hack away at it using both of my hands to hold the sword. Chunks of bark flew in all different directions, leaving imprints in the fresh snow as they hit the ground.

    "H-How could they do this!?"


    "That room was mine. Mother and Father told me they would always leave it there for me."


    "B-But they gave it away! They gave it away to..."

    Another child.

    As my blue eyes met the inside of my room earlier, I saw my mother inside it rocking an infant in her arms. My bed and my things were gone, a crib and new decorations replacing them.
    "How could they not realize..."


    "...how much doing this would hurt me."

    My arms wobbled, becoming to weak with grief to bear the weight of the weapon they had been supporting. The sword collapsed to the ground, leaving its mark in the snow, my body bent forward and hands still clutching its hilt. Warm, salty tears from my eyes followed suit, landing in the snow next to my sword.

    "They hath replaced me," I muttered. I've been living my life alone, with nothing, but they couldn't even keep my room open for me in case I ever come home.

    But that wasn't the only thing that hurt...

    My tears continued to fall as I whispered an apology under my breath. The apology wasn't to my parents, but to the baby instead. "I hate this. I shouldn't be envious of you. That's wrong of me. I swear by the Sun's holy light that I will apologize to you one day for feeling this way. It isn't your fault that I am the way I am..."

    When I had looked at that babe, swaddled and peacefully sleeping in my mother's arms it hurt me. I saw that this child would have everything I never had. He or she would grow up with loving parents, safety, love, comfort, education, and happiness. But what did I get growing up? I had a one-way ticket to the place where all the demons go. I was thrust from place to place, dropped into constant danger. Somehow, I always survived and managed--even with a smile on my face--but that didn't mean that I wasn't hurting. My life had been a hard one, and one that wasn't over just yet...
    As if to remind me of my difficult life, I felt the power I had brewing inside me well up out of my control. Yes, I had learned to control my power, but there was one time when it still could activate against my will: when I was under emotional distress.

    A quiet, gentle snow began to fall mere seconds before I looked up, vanishing from Arendelle. I had gone from my home yet again.

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  3. Deception [A Joshua Oneshot] {Canon}



    Sparking angel, I believed you were my savior in my time of need.

    He chuckled to himself, standing outside of the throne room occupied by Shibuya's fair Lady Composer. Joshua's eyes were stormy, clouded by a single goal he had taken to heart ever since he had died and became a reaper in Shibuya: end the life of the Composer and take her place.

    Blinded by faith I couldn't hear all the whispers, the warnings so clear.

    Gaining the faith of the Composer had been simple enough. He had connived, schemed, and worked his way closer to her, planing every move out in his head like a game of chess. He discovered her favorite locations, frequently visited with her, talked about things she enjoyed, and achieved her trust bit by bit.

    "You come here often, how about I treat you to something good. Do you like ice cream? There's a stand nearby that sells some good flavors."

    Joshua would fein a smile. "I would love some."

    I hate ice cream.

    But I'll do what it it takes to please you. I'll become your perfect charming bastard.

    His thoughts didn't mirror his true feelings in the slightest. Joshua didn't care for her. It was possible that a gob of gum on the bottom of one's shoe could be more interesting than she was. But her power, now that's what he craved...

    And it was finally time. All of his work had paid off. Joshua had fully achieved the Composer's trust and he knew now would be the perfect time to take her life.

    I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door. There is no escape now, no mercy no more.

    The uncaring reaper chuckled to himself again quietly. "She was such a fool. She knew her weakness was own heart, but she refused to keep it guarded. Doing so was a grave error on her part. She never saw me for the threat I truly was, a snake waiting to end her with its poison, and let me in. Now, she will pay the ultimate price and lose her life because of it," he whispered under his breath.

    There was a good chance the Composer would have her back turned when he entered the room. If so, he could strike her down easily. However, he she saw him coming Joshua would rely on her feelings. She wouldn't try to stop him; she could never even harm a hair on his head.

    No remorse 'cause I still remember the smile when you tore me apart.

    Without even a second thought regarding his plan, Joshua flung the door to the Composer's chamber open. He entered and prepared to attack her with a pin--stunned to see her sitting in a chair near the doorway facing him. She had been waiting. She knew he was coming.

    Joshua smirked. "You were waiting here for me. You're smarter than I thought." He gripped one of his pins and produced sparks of lightning behind him. "No matter, I'll still do what I came to do. Composer, I've come to stop your existance and take your place."

    The Composer raised a hand and shook her head. "Not necessary."

    Upon seeing her raise her hand, Joshua felt his body freeze in place. He could no longer move or summon power from his pin. She had him caught like a rat in a trap. He cursed under his breath. Had he underestimated her?

    "However, I truthfully intend to give you what you have come for. You are... intelligent, ruthless, and rather wise beyond your years. I-- I trusted you. You managed to gain my trust, the trust of an old angel like me." Her voice quivered. "I should've known better."

    You took my heart, deceived me right from the start. You showed me dreams. I wished they'd turn to real.

    Joshua said nothing, allowing the Composer to continue speaking. Her glowing form and her long white hair illuminated the dark room as she continued. "After I met you, Sanae warned me about you. He told me you weren't to be trusted. I-I'm not sure why I did. Perhaps I did it because I was lonely, desperate, felt you were different than other reapers, or maybe it was a mix of everything. But I did trust you. Sanae told me that you were using me simply to gain my power. I wouldn't hear of it. But... it's true, isn't it? You only used me to gain my power, didn't you?"

    You broke the promise and made me realize it was all just a lie.

    Looking her square in the eye with a bone chilling stare, Joshua answered her honestly for the first time in ages. "Yes."

    Silence overtook the room. Inwardly, the Composer groaned in turmoil.

    Sparkling angel, I couldn't see your dark intentions, your feelings for me.

    "Tell me something," she said after a minute. "Was all of it made up? Did you not care for me at all in the slightest?"
    Joshua laughed her to scorn. "I have a feeling you're not going to like my answer very much. Listen, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't care for anyone. It's just the way I am. I think with my mind, not my heart," he said, adding a nonchalant shrug to his words.

    The body of the great Composer trembled. "Yes, well, I suppose for that reason you will make a good Composer. You'll make logical choices for the good of Shibuya. But know this, everyone cares for someone. If not, they will learn to care over time, as I have."

    Suddenly, she glared at Joshua with anger, frustration, and pain. "So, you will have what you want. But I can promise you this, your greedy desire for the decision you have made today will leave you broken and miserable for the rest of your days. You'll be secluded in your power. You'll always be alone. Even if you grow to care for someone, you'll never be able to allow them into your life. It would be too much to risk. They will hurt you. They will stab you in the back."

    The Composer hissed with hot air Joshua felt hit his face as she reached out and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "From this moment on, you're existence is cursed, Composer. Enjoy your eternity alone."

    With a flash of light that caused Joshua to gasp, the Composer disappeared. As she faded, he felt a power stronger than anything he had ever felt engulf his body.

    "Doesn't matter," he mumbled, replying to the fallen Composer's final words. "I've always been alone anyhow."
    Joshua smirked and clenched one of his fists, enjoying the feel of this new power coursing through his veins. His black reaper wings disappeared from his back and pure white angel wings took their place.

    The smile on his lips, however, did not reflect how he felt inside. He was overwhelmed by a sense of fear and dread. The fallen Composer's words had shaken his confidence. Not only that, but the overwhelming feeling of what he had just accomplished hit him. She was gone.

    Joshua gripped his face with both hands, his body shaking for a moment. "Did I really just--"

    He had just hurt someone for his own good. Did that make him any better than the people who had hurt him while he had been alive? A wave of pain and regret coursed through him for a moment. And the same thing would happen to him too, wouldn't it? He would have to push everyone away so such a thing could never happen to him. He wouldn't let his guard down and open his heart like the fallen Composer had.

    "Doesn't matter," he began to say in order to burry his guilt, dropping his hands afterwards. "I'm God now."
  4. "A Godly Rap," By Joshua [Non-Canon]



    I caught wind of this little game everyone is trying to play. Well, step down fools, we're about to do this my way. Lend me your ear as this Composer drops you a tune. Just try your very best, dear, not to swoon. Hee hee. Joshua's the name and running the afterlife is my game. If you wanna come at me, prepare to be smacked down with an iron rod. In the end, everyone bows down to God.

    That's right, I'm God, an Angel, and guardian of Shibuya. Look at me and cower. People can pick fun at me all they want, but at the end of the day I'm still the man with power. So kneel and show some respect if you want to be okay. I have the power to give you life that I can just as easily take away. Don't believe me, ask Neku how I brought him to shame. I left a bullet in his chest just to make him my pawn in a Reapers' Game.

    Neku and his friends may have called me prissy, but at the end of his Reapers' Game I wasn't the one crying like a sissy. I may not look like much, but I'm still tough in a fight. Cross me and you'll end up like John White. So don't judge a book by its cover, I'm not a wimp like it seems. If you touch me with your filth I'll roast you with my Jesus beams.

    I was once a feeble human, but now I have it all. These days, I even have the best Squad on call. The rest are no bite and all bark. Laugh all you want, but your team doesn't have Arya Stark. Next I have, Teresa, who thinks that I'm an ass. But at least I don't harp on people like she does with her never-ending sass. Lastly, I have an army of reapers ready to obey my every command. If I told them to take someone down, they'd listen to my demand.

    A certain Conductor of mine just thinks she's so swell, but here's the truth. Listen, and listen well. She may say I'm a bitch, but at least I'm straight forward. I'm not as confusing as she is with her severe multiple personality disorder. But that isn't her only problem, her panties must be in a bunch! Because her first reaction to anything I say is to slap, kick, or punch. Anger management much? She complains that I have an obsession with a person's ass, but at least I don't whine all day during training like a child with no class. Besides, if my obsession bothers her I'm doing my job right. My main goal in life is to piss people off anyhow, all day and night.

    Sorry if it sucks. This is my first try. : |
  5. Lay Me To Sleep {Joshua One-Shot, Sanae POV} [Non-Canon]


    I hadn't seen Joshua in weeks. I thought nothing of it either, knowing that the young man liked to be left alone sometimes. It wasn't uncommon for him to disappear into his room for days, weeks, or even months at a time. It worried me, but over time I had gotten used to it. I figured that, like the other times, Joshua had disappeared simply because he was in a mood. It would pass, and I would see him again later.

    Nevertheless, out of the blue I decided I would check on him. I never checked on him when he was staying in solitude, since he had told me not to, but I figured I could come up with an excuse for seeing him if need be. Curiosity got the best of me, gnawing at my mind. What did he do when he spent so much time alone?

    I walked up to Joshua's door and lifted a hand, curling it into a fist before gently knocking on the door with my knuckles. "Hey, J, mind if I come in for a minute?" I asked, pausing to wait for a response. When no response came, I spoke again. "If it's okay for me to come in, don't say anything," I added, deciding to play sneaky. When he failed to say anything I smiled to myself and opened the door, the smile on my face quickly fading at the sight I saw in the room.

    The air in the room smelled heavily of blood, which the carpeted floor was stained with. Some areas looked dryer than others, as if this blood bath had happened over various periods of time. The room was so saturated in blood that even the walls looked blood. In fact, the walls look splattered in it as if someone had tossed a bucket of red paint around in the room. At the center of the room laid Joshua with his eyes closed, sprawled out on the floor with a gun in his hand.

    My stomach churned at the eerie sight before me, and all I could really do as I watched the sight was place a hand over my mouth in utter terror. After a moment of letting this scene settle in my mind, I stepped over some of the bloody areas and walked toward Joshua, kneeling down by him. I placed a hand on his shoulder and began to violently shake it. "Kid, kid, wake up!" I cried, immensely relieved when Joshua's livid eyes slowly opened. When I looked into his eyes, however, what I saw didn't make me feel much better.

    Joshua wore a deadpan, entirely emotionless expression on his face. As slow as could be, the Composer sat up. He ignored me, dropping the gun so he could look at his dried bloody hands.

    I gripped his shoulders and turned him to face me, looking right in his eyes again. "Look at me, kid, what happened in here again?"

    He tilted his head to the side one of his eyes twitching as he did. He acted as if something wasn't quite right, like the fine threads of his sanity were becoming unraveled. "I did it again," he said, his voice low and cold.

    "Did what? What did you do!?" I questioned, shaking his shoulders.

    Joshua glanced down at the gun he had dropped, a smile tugging at one of the corners of his lips. "I can't sleep. Just one bang and I can sleep."

    "What the hell--?" I questioned, honestly appalled.

    "I just pull the trigger... and I black out. It works. I can't die, so I can do it all I want. I wake up a little while later. I'm the Composer. My body just regenerates." A small, insane chuckle escaped from his lips. "Try it, Sanae, it works splendidly."

    I truly couldn't believe what I was hearing. I grabbed his face with one of my hands and squeezed his cheeks, glaring at him in anger. "Don't you dare ever do that again! I don't care what kind of sick pleasure you get from doing this, it ain't right! You find another way to get some sleep, but don't hurt yourself like this for no reason." My hand on his face began to tremble. "It's bad enough I had to actually witness you do this when you were a human. Even your feelings don't matter to you, at least consider mine. Seeing you like this is more painful for me than you can imagine."

    Joshua pulled from my grasp, glancing down at the gun again. He picked it up and offered it to me. "Can you do it then? If you don't want me to do it, then you do it. I'll clean up the mess later. Please..." The desperation in his eyes made me feel like a needle was being shoved into my heart.

    I took the gun from him and laid it behind me. Sadly, I then turned to Joshua and wrapped an arm around him, pulling the young man close to me. "You've been alone for too long. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I promise I won't let this go on anymore. I should be doing a better job of watching you, and protecting you. I shouldn't even have allowed your mind to slip this far away. Don't worry, it won't happen again." Joshua really must've felt like shit to be doing thins like this...

    "My mind hasn't slipped," he argued. "I'm still here."

    I smiled weakly. "Good. Anyhow, Josh, I don't want you to use that gun for this purpose again. If you to find some way to sleep, I'll help you."

    Joshua glanced down at the ground, frowning like a child who had just been punished. "Fine," he mumbled.

    I stood up and offered a hand to him. "C'mon, let's go get you cleaned up."
  6. Arguing [Joshua x Teresa Oneshot] {Non-Canon}


    Being a reaper was difficult enough--at times--for some individuals without other's making their job harder or more annoying. There were two individuals in particular, in fact, who made gatherings, meetings, and other important events so infuriatingly painful that everyone in the premises wanted to rip chunks of their own hair out while repeatedly banging their heads against a concrete wall. Yes, these two were just that hard to deal with.

    And, presently, a whole crowd was putting up with these two, trying to endure their arguing. They were almost like the Three Stooges except, well, for the fact there were only two of them. However, they didn't even need a third person to be as bad as the Three Stooges. No, they squabbled worse than the famous trio just between each other. Composer and Conductor, two individuals you would think should work in harmony, never seemed to see eye-to-eye on anything.

    "Look, this place is more relaxing. I'm sick and tired of having our meetings in the Room of Reckoning. It's cold and boring. Not to mention, the throne is hard. I don't like sitting on it," the Composer complained, crossing his arms and glaring at his 2nd-in-command with an angry scowl.

    "This is ridiculous! This place is a reck room. It's not meant for meetings! It's too small to hold everyone! You just picked this room so your prissy ass could sit itself on a soft couch."

    The source of their arguing, on this occasion, happened to be over the location of their meeting. The Room of Reckoning in the Shibuya River was similar to a throne room. It was usually used for meetings. But the room Joshua had chosen for their meeting this time was nicknamed Dead God's Pad and, as Teresa stated, it was a reck room. It had a bar, jukebox, foosball table, dartboard, television set, two big ass couches, and more. Basically, it was Joshua's hangout whenever he wasn't in his room working.

    Joshua pointed a thumb in his direction, looking up at Teresa from where he sat on the couch. "I'm in charge. I get to choose where meetings are held."

    "Just because you're in charge doesn't mean you're right," Teresa snapped back. She was standing a couple feet back from the Composer, a decent-sized group of reapers waiting exasperated for the two leaders to decide what they were doing.

    "You try sitting in that throne for an hour and see if you're still comfortable," Joshua grumbled, glancing away from her.

    "Sure, I could do it. Because I'm not as whiny as you are."

    Joshua snickered. "Excuse me? Whose the one whining right now about the location of our meeting?"

    Teresa took a step towards the angel, waving a fist furiously in his direction. Hostility burned deeply in her blue eyes. She clearly couldn't stand her boss. "Look you, I'm trying to make this meeting more comfortable for everyone. I'm not whining about it."

    Joshua's stormy eyes narrowed, a flat, smug expression carved into his face. He looked at the woman with pure distaste. "This meeting would be more comfortable for everyone if we would just get on with it already. The sooner it's over, the better. Then I won't have to look at your face anymore."

    "Yeah, well, your face is going to be looking real closely at my fist if you don't stop being an utter asshole."

    "Oh, just quiet down, Agnes. The sooner we start, the sooner we won't have to deal with each other anymore."

    "For once, you've said something I agree with."

    There was a pause between the two. Every soul in the room perked up happily. This was it! The meeting would finally start and be over with soon!



    Joshua cleared his throat. "Well, go on, you're starting."

    "Wait just a minute. You told me that you would be starting the meeting," Teresa replied.

    "Don't be stupid. You know very well what I told you!" Joshua snapped, standing up from the couch where he was sitting.

    Teresa marched over to the Composer, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. "If you want both of your eyes black and blue, you'll call me stupid again."



    The reapers of the room groaned in unison. Would the fighting ever end?

    "Ugh, they're starting to sound like three-year-olds," remarked a very tired Producer. Sanae ran a hand through his dark hair and sighed.

    A blind youngster standing next to the man cupped her hand and called out, "Just shut up and kiss already, ya twats!"

    Sanae chuckled at her. "I can't picture that's going to happen, Arya. I say, we get out of here. The fighting isn't going to stop any time soon. I'll just talk to Josh later and find out what this meeting was supposed to be about. I'm not gonna waste my time here..." The man turned and began to head for the door, a mass of other reapers slowly beginning to follow him.

    "H-Hey, wait for me!" Arya cried, rushing after the man.

    As time passed, the bickering duo and squabbled until the entire room was emptied. Only the two of them remained as they continued to verbally box each other.

    "--And you know what? You can just take the ideas for this meeting and shove them! Your ideas for Shibuya are becoming shit, Joshua. You're so busy chasing ass that you don't even try to come up with anything better."

    "Yeah, well, some Conductor you are for saying such awful things about your boss instead of actually trying to help him! You're just a bully. You never do anything useful and I've had to save your ass more times than I can count. You. Are. Useless," the Composer told her, his tone somber and outraged.

    Teresa squeezed her hold so tight on the angel's collar that she nearly had him choked. "Say. That. Again," she hissed, her eyes livid with emotion.

    Joshua coughed, struggling in her hold. "Y-You... are... cute when you're angry." He winked afterwards, gesturing to the room as if to communicate to Teresa that the others were gone. They were alone.

    The Conductor released her hold over Joshua's collar and smirked. She dropped a hand to the first button on his collar and began to fiddle with it playfully. "Ugh, I thought they would never leave."

    "Oh, I knew they would leave eventually. They certainly can't put up with our arguing as long as we can. And, as for me, I could listen to your voice all day," he whispered in a low, flirty tone before leaning close to her ear. His breath tickled the side of her face, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

    "Oh, I could listen to your's too if it's whispering in my ear just like that," she replied, moving her hand off his shirt and up to one of his cheeks, gently caressing it.

    Josh leaned into her touch, closing his eyes and enjoying the warmth from her hand. "I'll whisper in your ear all day if it lets me stay this close to you," he mumbled, his heart starting to beat quicker.

    A bit of red coloring rushed to Teresa's cheeks after he spoke, causing her to react a bit flustered, turn her head away, and drop her hand from his cheek. "Boy, you're getting mushy again. Calm all that stuff down, Josh. We have all evening to be mushy. Thanks to your idea, we chased everyone out of here with our arguing and didn't even have to speak for a meeting."

    Joshua hummed thoughtfully. "Yes, that may be, but just because we have all evening doesn't mean I want to waste a single second of it." The Composer sweetly touched Teresa's chin and turned it back towards him, leaning in to grace her lips with a delicate kiss. He carefully held the back of her head with one hand and pulled her closer to him with the other one. Oh, he certainly intended to enjoy every second of this time together alright.

    Although it had been a gentle kiss, enough warmth had been generated from it to heat the surface of Teresa's skin and make it feel overcome with fever. The touch excited her a bit, causing the young woman to wrap her arms around her companion and--without meaning to--assault him with a hug-tackle. Her hug caused the both of them to tumble over onto the couch Joshua had been sitting on before. Laying on top of him, Teresa laughed and rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry, about that..."

    Joshua joined her in laughing and shook his head. "After all of the nasty things you said to me this evening you're going to apologize to me for causing the two of us to fall on the couch?"

    "True," the Conductor replied back, a sheepish smile on her lips as Josh reached up to tenderly brush some hair off her face.

    "I like it when you call me an asshole," he admitted, continuing to stroke her face. He pulled the young woman down closer to him, resting her forehead against his.

    "I liked it when you called me stupid and Sanae complained that we sounded like three-year-olds," Teresa replied, closing her eyes and sighing softly out of contentment.

    Josh chucked. "We did sound like three-year-olds. Did you hear Arya telling us to shut up and kiss?"

    Teresa lifted up a bit, her eyes twinkling mischievously. "Did she now? I knew I always liked that girl. Say, I think we should follow that advice, don't you?"

    "I have no protests," her partner replied, almost a bit too eager.

    Or, then again, maybe Teresa was just as eager as he was. Without even a second of hesitation she had her lips against his, kissing him with the same amount of fiery passion she had displayed earlier as they feigned their argument. Josh more than willingly reciprocated her passion, kissing Teresa back with an equally matched vigor as he wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled close to him.

    As this occurred, somewhere outside the room a head poked in and watched the pair, grinning from ear-to-ear. "I knew those twats would kiss! I told him!" she exclaimed to herself, triumphantly.
  7. Teresa's Harem [Murder Series Mad Libs] {Non-Canon}

    Debating is filthy enough already in the Murder Games without all of the harems. Teresa Agnes, for one, just recently has been confirmed to have over four members in her harem. Seeking to learn more about this huge harem, I bravely prepared to interview bad dumpers and learn more about this plot.

    Someone who recently joined her harem, Kyon, had this to say about the matter: "I joined the Teresa harem because I just find her to be so stinky that I can't help myself from breathing! Her beautiful red eyes and her beautiful man boobs make me want to shout "Dies Irae!"

    One of the few harem haters, Shiki Ryougi, suddenly walked in carrying black keys and pointed them threateningly at my heart "I'm sick of all this shipping! Teresa belongs with Monokuma and Kotomine, and that's final!"

    Not wanting this crazy person to smell me, I agreed with her. "You're right. Everyone should start shipping Teresa with Monokuma and Kotomine from now on! It's such an heavenly ship that I can't help but undress myself every time I think about them."

    After the interview was over, I returned to my screwing and reflected on my day. In the end, I affirmed that some people just take their ships way too merrily.