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  1. Welcome to my little thread.

    Where we mix together nuts, plot, procrastination and imagination into a a magical treat.
    The only missing ingredient is you!

    First and foremost, before we really get down to business, I'd like to thank you for giving my little thread a click!
    If your looking for RP's of the PG persuasion fell free to use THIS link to find so requests by me as well~
    Now onto business!

    « »
    1.I promise i'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to be i'm really a big nerd. In fact, i'd rather you did talk to me. RPing one on one without interaction makes me feel nervous, a thus i'm more likely to bale on the RP.

    2.I use RP as a way to calm my nerves and practice while working on my novel, so please don't disappear for longer then a week without a heads up. It stresses me out.
    Play Style
    1.I tend to enjoy being the submissive or passive character, but this doesn't mean I will be the same when it comes to advancing the story. I love plot and often get hit with sudden ideas out of the blue. I'll never leave it all up to you, so don't worry about carrying all the weight.

    2.When it comes to starters, however, I tend to flounder quite a bit. I'm willing to do them if I have too. But usually I'd prefer you do it.

    3.I'm big into planing multiple characters, it's ok if you can't but i'd be excited if you did!

    4. I will only play Males in a MalexMale situation. It has to be a really good idea for me to play male in a MalexFemale
    Posting Expectations
    1.No one liners please!!! I get some times it's hard to think, but at least strive for a paragraph with minimal errors. Nobodies perfect so slipping up is totally ok.

    2.A post a week, at least. Any longer and let me know!
    Exit Clause
    Just tell me if you want out or a change. I won't be mad.


    « »
    How To Navigate
    Name Of Show
    (Character I'll Play [People i'm ok with them being romantically involved with])

    Next Show
    (blah blah)

    so on and so forth
    (Hinata [Tobio])

    (Haru [Rin, Makoto, Sousuke]) (Ai [Rin])

    (Naruto [Sasuke, Any Male])

    Kill la Kill
    (Mako [Any])

    Sailor Moon
    (Jupiter [Any]) (Moon[Any])

    Ouran High School Host Club
    (Haruhi [Any]) (O.C. [Any])

    Fairy Tail
    (O.C. [Any])
    Criminal Minds
    (Reid [Any Male])

    Doctor Who
    (Clara [Any Doctor but 12]) (Donna [Any Doctor]) (O.C. [Any Doctor])
    (O.C. [Any]) (Loki [Thor, Tony]) (Spiderman"you don't even go here" [Any])

    Big Hero 6
    (Hiro [any male])
    (Link [Ganondorf])

    Until Dawn
    (Sam [Josh, Chris, Mike]) (Chris [Josh])
    (John [Dave, Karkat and Dave, Karkat, Eridan]) (Kankri [Cronus, Mituna, Sollux, Sollux and Mituna, Mituna and Latula]) (Karkat [Kankri, Dave, Eridan, Sollux])

    Ghost - Mystery Skulls
    (Arthur [Lewis])

    Achievement Hunter
    (Micheal [Gavin, Ray, Geoff]) (Gavin [Ryan]) (Ray [Ryan]) (Mogar [Vav, Vav and Xray])

    Please check my regular search thread if you want to see plots
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  2. Hi there, If you're still looking, I'm in that "The prince and his dragon" plot idea :)
  3. I'm absolutely still looking! Shoot me a PM and we can talk details :3
  4. rebuilding the first post, keep an eye out
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