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    Seventeen years ago, Inuyasha, a half-demon and Kagome the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo along with their friends; Shippo, a young fox demon, Miroku a monk with a cursed hand that had an inescapable void, and Sango a young but highly experienced demon hunter--put an end to Naraku's schemes. Naraku had afflicted each one of these individuals in some way or another, as well as caused endless strife and suffering throughout the Warring States of Japan's feudal era.

    Naraku wasn't easy to destroy by no means. Once a man named Onigumo. He was a bandit who was badly burned by Rasetsu for taking Rasetsu's men and betraying him. Rasetsu set fire to a building he was in, and afterwards, rolled him in tatami and threw him from a cliff. He'd have died, except that a priestess found the still barely there Onigumo, alive. Deciding to take care of this unfortunate man--Onigumo was at odds with her kindness at first, but slowly fell for the woman who was a priestess and guardian of the fabled Shikon Jewel, or Jewel of Four Souls. In a mad bid, he allowed demons to possess him so that he could love this woman and possess the jewel himself.

    The demons were all too happy to oblige, but they didn't share his sentiments about Kikyo and soon, after being reborn as Naraku the half-demon, set in motion a plan to get rid of her--and then love interest--Inuyasha by making them believe that they had attacked each other. Inuyasha was bound to a tree by Kikyo's sacred arrow, but it would be her last as she died shortly after.

    It would take the assistance of Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation to undo the spell.From there, it would take roughly three years, and the help of Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru, to fully destroy Naraku. But what of the Sacred Jewel which had been successfully pieced together after it was originally shattered by Kagome's misplaced arrow? It was wished away by Kagome herself who wanted to rid the world of it so that no one would fight for it and kill for it. Kagome had one last opportunity to return to modern Japan but instead, chose to stay with and eventually marry Inuyasha.

    When Kagome turned 18 she gave birth to their son Kado. Kado meant gateway. It was symbolic of both, how they met and Kado's own lineage being the part demon that he was. Kado lived with his mother who'd since taken over for Kaede in being the town's priestess and though they accepted Inuyasha, it was still unheard of for a girl to bear children to a half-demon. Moreover, when Kado was seven, his father left he and his mother as something was unsettling him a great deal from the east. It has been 10 years since that night, and Kagome has since come under a strange and incurable sickness. Her son, Kado, whom she has tried rearing to the best of her ability with the help of her long-time best friend Sango and her husband Miroku, has been taking care of her more and more within the last five years as she has become more and more bed ridden.

    This is where the story shall begin...

    Kado's eyes moved in saccadic response to his dreams. His nightmare, of one quiet evening after the sun had long since gone down beyond the mountains. It was 10 years ago, but it felt just like yesterday every time this dream settled upon his uneasy heart. He couldn't make out every detail of his father's face as he raced to the door after hearing it shut so deceptively quiet. Most of the time it was hard to get open and didn't seem to want to close without a fight. But this night, it seemed to glide on the rails in which it was on. His mother was fast asleep, tucked so dotingly in her futon. He even noticed her hair had been tucked behind her ear recently. He tilted his head and then looked toward the still smoldering coals which had new wood placed to keep the room warm.

    Kado slid from the futon which he shared with his mother, laying the thick, red comforter back over her. They both loved that one as it had sakura blossoms on it. He crawled towards the door on his hands and knees before standing up to push the door ajar. He then caught the sight of his father's brilliant red robes which fluttered in the passing winds much like his silvery hair. His father's ear's swiveled and he slightly turned his head back and gave Kado a soft smile.

    "Take care of your mother for me," He said to Kado. "There's something I have to do--I'll be back, don't worry son." The words meant little Kado who felt his heart lurching out of his chest.

    He wanted to scream, wanted to run after him. But the silence was deafening. It was oppressive and was suffocating him. He'd felt as though he'd just been buried under an avalanche, or was drowning with no way to call for help and just as he reached out his small hand, the image before him became almost too blurry to discern. That's when his eyes slowly peeled open revealing the light of a brand new day, one 17 years later. Slowly, he sat up, a hand going to his eyes and face, as he sat there in silence before looking down at his hand. He could feel the sting of those words--words lost in the echo of time begin to stir. He looked over to see his mother's futon already folded and neatly stowed away.

    He stared at it for several moments. It was still the one he used to sleep with her under during those cold nights when he was younger. He wondered how much longer...would she be around. The last few years, her illness had gotten a lot worse. It was disheartening to see, even more so to feel as though she were slowly slipping through his hands no matter how desperately he tried to hold on. Kado frown, sighing as he picked himself up off the futon, and messily roled it before putting his away as well. He then went to the door, sliding it open only to be blinded by the sunlight that was pouring into the valley from over the mountains.

    Somewhere out there was his father.

    "Good morning Kado," His mother called to him, a warm loving smile filling her face and lighting up. She was applying a poultice to a neighbour's ankle that was swollen.

    "Good morning mother," He would reply not being able to help the fact he was smiling. are you feeling well?"

    Kagome chuckled, turning to continue wrapping the man's foot. "You're always so worried about me, you sound just like your father."

    "Yeah, I guess." Kado frowned, looking away. "Except he isn't here." He retorted quietly. "I'll go fetch some water from the well."

    "I wonder how Sayuri's doing in her training..."

  2. The gentle spring breeze rustled the leaves, the day would be a wonderful one. So, Sayuri thought. She gripped the wakizashi in her hands tightly her brown eyes narrowed in determination. This was it. This would be the killing blow. She charged forward and the wakizashi hissed when it met the blade of the old katana. Sayuri licked her lips before she started to hazardously slash at her opponent. He was driven back by the ferocity of her attacks. She wanted to win so badly, strategy seemed to go out the window. She left so many opening. He being the trained expert finished the battle with a jab to her side.

    Sayuri crumbled to the ground, her breath came out as ragged puffs of air. She furrowed her brows, she looked like Sango. She wanted to carve out every freckle that existed on his handsome face. ”I hate your stupid face, Uncle Kohaku.”

    Sayuri’s mother and uncle agreed that Sayuri could not always rely on Momo or Hiraikotsu. There would moments she’d have neither and she couldn’t stand around. That’s not demon slayers do that trained in all verses.

    “Don’t be mad. You did pretty well!” Kohaku laughed. “You got a little cocky, what happened? “
    “I can’t hit you! It’s so frustrating. I try predict your moves and one step ahead of me!” Sayuri finished speaking and let out a sigh. She stood up and brushed herself off. “We’re not eating breakfast until I hit you!” Kohaku smirked.

    “If you can. We’ve been doing for about six years and you’ve hit me 103-200. Is Sango really training you?”
    “You won’t be smirking when I’m done with you Uncle ~” she said in such a sugarcoated tone that Kohaku might have believed it. Sayuri took the fallen weapon and this time she stretches before she strikes.

    “Ha! 160 – 200!” Sayuri cheered in triumph.

    Sayuri wiped sweat from her brow and withered to the ground. She could now die peacefully. She sprawled out her back and stretched. Kohaku applauded her, before he mimicked the movement. “You have Sango’s endurance and determination for sure.” Sayuri grinned she looked towards the sky and the sun was at its highest position so it was about noonish. Then growling of her stomach was confirmation enough. “What did you say we were having for lunch?”

    “Did you say lunch?” Sayuri tilted her head to her brother Masahiro approach with a small container. He dropped it on Sayuri’s stomach and laid down next to them. “Rice balls and dumplings.”

    “Where’s mom, dad and Sumiko?”

    “Flirting. They’re so old why are the flirting? And they’re married. Sumiko is helping Kagome” at the mention of Kagome, Sayuri thought of Kado and what her childhood friend was up to. “And Sango with stuff.” Sayuri sat up and opened the small box that was wrapped in cloth. She started shoving riceballs into her mouth. “Maybe you should slow down?” Masahiro said the worry laced in his tone. She made gestures that the men decided were something that meant, she was too famished and she wanted to get back to training…eventually.
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  3. Kado had sauntered to village's well and was pulling on the rope by hand when he could feel the people's eyes upon him. He didn't have to have the senses of a dog demon to feel their suspicion, their mistrust. Kado kept quiet, pulling one bucket from the well and setting it down by his feet before dropping another into the well. He waited momentarily before again pulling the bucket to the surface and pulling it from the rope. As he sat it down, he paused. Three kids, all around his age of 16 or so, stopped short behind him. One of Kado's eyes slid back, peering over his shoulder through his dark strands before standing all the way back up. Kado turned to meet them, straightening out the wrinkles in his kosode.

    Kado's clothing was much like a regular peasant's; where his mother wore a red hakama which were long, pleated skirt-like trousers tied with a red sash in a bow and a white haori, a thigh-length sort of jacket which did not close like a yukata as well as red hair ribbons that tied her hair back. Kado wore a dark brown kosode, which could be worn by women and men, and often just by itself as wearing anything else would get dirty especially if one worked the fields as Kado had. It was easy to ruin good clothing by stepping around knee deep in mud for hours on end. It was another reason why he also traveled barefoot quite often. Kosode were precursors to the modern kimono, or at least, that was what his mother taught him.

    "What do you want, Shinji?" Kado asked, trying to remain taciturn and not speak as much as possible.

    Shinji was seemingly the embodiment of what angry about how people treated his mother behind her back. He was smug to the point of complacency; often unjustified in his feelings of being pleased with oneself or with his situation or achievements. In many encounters, he had openly mocked Kado's mother Kagome for sleeping with Inuyasha who was a half-demon and in giving birth to Kado who was, in turn, a quarter demon. Any attempt of diplomacy made by Kado to keep things amicable with Shinji often failed and lead to confrontation. Shinji continuously antagonized Kado and then played the part of a martyr when things got physical. His two cronies Ishida and Saburo also shared his sentiments about "human superiority" but were more often than not used for bullying and as muscle.

    "Well, well--looky here. A demon mutt is taking water from our well, what should we do about this guys?" Shinji grinned.

    "I don't know Shinji," said Ishida "I always thought demons drank human blood--after all they do eat humans, right Kado?" Ishida went on as if questioning him like he was the expert on demons.

    "And how the hell would I know? I am mostly human." Kado stated straightfaced.

    "Maybe we should ask his mom," Saburo claimed chiming in on the one-sided conversation. "Afterall, she did sleep with one."

    This snide remark made Kado clench his teeth, his hands rolling into fists. Fists which bled from his nails digging into his palms. Kado's temper was burning white hot, his anxiety was kicking in causing his heart beat to hasten and also become hard 'thuds' in his chest. This caused him to feel a shortness of breath it felt like he was suffocating, as though drowning the well behind him. If he got provoked into fighting his mother would be disappointed and then proceed to lecture him. Didn't she see how these people were? Always holding out one hand ready to take her remedies and yet when she turned her back they pelted her good name with insults.

    He'd had enough. He could see them laughing, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying through the ringing in his ears. Kado relinquished his hold on the handles of the buckets and marched forwards, hands still balled into fists. Lashing out, he struck Saburo first sending him sprawling on the ground with a busted nose which openly leaked a generous amount of blood which spilled through his fingers as they clutched his face in pain. The crimson essence dripped to the ground and the other two teens backed away readily.

    "Don't ever...bring my mother into this again," Kado growled, he then glared at the other two who held their hands up. "Now leave me alone, I have chores to do." Kado then snatched the buckets up and brushed past the two who remained standing.

    He knew what he'd done, it wasn't the most graceful attempt at restraint. But he did try to hold back, he just couldn't help it. He felt an innate need to protect his mother and her good name. But as he got home and set the water down, his mother noticed the redness along the knuckles of his right hand and they were consistent with fighting which he was known for...
  4. Kohaku had decided that it would be best if they completed training for the day. Though, Sayuri said she could go until the sun fell and rose, again. The trainee complained of sore muscles and even her stance was slightly less stable. Also, Kohaku had given her a good whack to her hand and abdomen and she could feel a slight heat emanating from her sore hand, meaning inflammation. (She would probably stop by Kado and Kagome’s home) Kohaku had apologized, but Sayuri would always use this as leverage, forever. So the brunette gave in and they started heading back to the village. Sayuri hated the way taunt black fabric stuck to her skin, even more ,when she sweated. She even had to put up her hair, because she was that warm. The trio arrived at their home.


    Sumiko opened rushed through the doorway and into Sayuri arms. The "older" twin steadied herself and wrapped her arms around her younger twin. She arched a brow perplexed and missed the looks Kohaku and Masahiro shared. "What do you want?" Sayuri asked as she released her younger sister as she stepped inside. She saw her mother and father speaking in hushed tones. “Something along the lines she's getting worse.” Sango and Miroku greeted her with a smile and did the same to Kohaku and Masahiro. Kirara sat in Sango lap as Momo lie sprawled in the sun from their window.

    "I don't need anything. Can't I just be happy to see you?" Sayuri scoffed and Momo ears perked at the sound of her master. "Fine! Can I borrow –"Sayuri rolled her eyes, she figured Sumiko needed something. She was affectionate like most her family, but not like Sayuri just demonstrated. Sumiko followed Sayuri into their "room". It wasn't really all that private because it was separated from their parent's room by a wall. Masahiro slept with them as well. "Your green kimono so I can go on a picnic with Shi –"Sayuri rolled her eyes. "Why? Do you insist dating such an idiot? He's rude to almost everyone and flirts with me." Sayuri started to strip from her demon slaying uniform. Usually wore underneath her kimono, but today was just too hot for that.

    "Ne. He flirts with you because we have the same face! Pretty please?" Sayuri shrugged on her pink kimono before she secured the pink kimono around her waist. She tried not to flinch at the pain when she secured it. She folded the sleek black costume and placed it on the pile of futons on the corner. "Just don't get it dirty!" Sayuri folded her arms. Sayuri would day probably strangle her sister. Sayuri touched her stomach.

    Poke. Ow! Poke. Ow! Poke. Ow!

    Sayuri stopped her ministration and exited the room and her parents hushed whispers had turned into a conversation with Kohaku about his adventure. Kimonos on the ground as she searched for the green kimono in her trunk. “I’ll be back. I need to get some ointment from auntie Kagome.” Sayuri didn’t have to walk far the homes were adjacent from one another. “Hey. Auntie you have any ointment I could have?” she asked before she poked her head through the doorway of their home.
  5. "Kado," Kagome chimed folding the last of the laundry over the line along the line; their futons draped over the thin rope as well. "How many times do I have to tell you not to fight?" The concern was evident in her eyes as she stooped down only to look up into his stern face. With her hands resting on her knees she looked him square in his golden-amber colored orbs making him feel oddly guilty.

    "Tell them to stop talking about you behind your back--and I wouldn't have to." He Kado responded bitterly. It's not my fault I have the blood of a demon inside me and yet, every day--whether I'm playing with Sayuri, or I am fetching water--people stare at me." Kado shouted angrily. "Then they all talk about how you and my dad had me--me, and insignificant, insufferable demon-child. I just want them to shut-up about it. Then there are the other kids saying things like you gave your body up like some kind of woman from a brothel."

    Kado had tears in his eyes as he gritted his teeth and clenched his hands into meaty balled fists. "You think hearing that stuff is easy? You think if I just ignore it, it'll magically go away? It doesn't work that way. I don't work that way. Every day I see you working; mending the wounded, healing the sick and for what? Them to complain? It's not fair!"

    Kagome's eyes sparkled whilst the corners of her eyes crinkled in a reflection of a heartwarming smile. She palmed one of Kado's full bodied cheeks. They were still somewhat plump just like his fathers were. Her thumb strode over the damp skin awash in the heated droplets that sprang freely from his eyes. She then pulled her son into a firm hold; one arm blanketing his shoulders from behind while the other free hand, combed his unnaturally silver that, like hers, was silky in texture and voluminous.

    "My dearest son, you have been trying so hard, haven't you? Ever since you saw your father walk away on his quest--you've been trying to be so brave for me. I'm sorry, I guess, I wasn't paying attention." She stepped back still smiling. "Will you keep watch over the house--I need to go into town to gather a few things."

    Kado nodded, sniffling as he wiped the las remnants of tears away. Kagome patted his head; it was warm and inviting. After she had gone, Kado went inside to rummage through his mothers medicinals--she'd been teaching him things. Although there was one bad incident where he inhaled a powder of sorts and started rolling all over the floor holding his nose because his nose was far more sensitive than a human's.

    “Hey. Auntie you have any ointment I could have?" A familiar tone reached his ears which both perked and twitched. Back stepping slowly he leaned back and around the corner.

    "Hi Sayuri!" He called out excitedly. Too excitedly as thenn he got himself tangled up in bandages as he fell over. "Ow...."
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