I'm Partners... With a Magical Girl!?! (OOC 3 Boy, 1 Girls needed)

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  1. Love... Oh such a fragile ideal. They think that love conquers all. How incredibly foolish, impudent, disgusting! How perfect... I will allow them to believe this until it is my time to strike. Then they will realize how fragile their defenders truly are in all aspects...

    Passion can be extinguished leaving cold, and frozen in time...
    Empathy can run dry, leaving others thirsting for comfort...
    Understanding can be hidden, shrouded in darkness...
    Joy may be quelled, remaining stagnant, unmoving...
    The foundations may crack, Stability giving way to uneasiness...
    And Hope and dreams may be shattered, and in their place Nightmares form...
    All these will one day fade, giving way for what will truly last...


    OOC(Here!) || Sign-Ups || IC (In development)

    "H-Hello?... Um... Hi, uh, is this thing even on? I've never contacted this many people before... Oh! Ahem... Greetings young human boy! My name is Sonia! I'm from a far away land, which has been overtaken by an evil entity... Hate now rules my world... So that's why I am contacting you. Because we can't take her on alone! We need you! But also, your world needs you too. She will not rest until the universe is consumed by Hate. But there is still Hope. I need to meet you all as soon as I can, so please! Meet me at Central Park right now, as soon as you can! Huh! I need to go so please, Hurr-"

    OOC Thread

    This is the OOC. Here is for discussion on Characters, plot, what you had for breakfast last month, really anything you want. However, this is NOT for POSTING CHARACTER SHEETS. That is what the Sign-Ups thread is for. This is to make sure that things are nice and tidy, as well as ease of access to characters, so that I don't have to search through 50+ pages of Conversations in order to find someone's character sheet. Thank you!​
    • Five boys are shocked when a young girl, by the name of Sonia contacts them in their dreams, told that they are the only hope of the world. They are all told to meet at Central Park, where they find out that five girls were also called to action. The girls were given powers, becoming Magical Girls!...The guys were shocked to see the world began to grow around them, as they became small, cute animals. Yup. They are Partners with a Magical Girl!?!

    • More will be added later, but these are the important places for now

      AI CITY

      Ai City is a large, metropolitan city, with some of the finest technology avaliable. It is renowned for it's cleanliness, transit systems, and school system. It is hard to find a city better than Ai City in all of Japan. Of course it isn't perfect, and there are still a fair amount of problems, but ultimately it is a great place to live and grow up as a kid. The Population is about 300,000 people.

      Central Park
      A large, well kept park which is frequented by children, teenagers, and adults alike. It has a nice playground which is usually filled with children on their days off, and after school. It also has lots of Semi-Forested Paths, which people often walk down, just to enjoy the view, and a moderately sized lake in the center.

      Jinchi "School" District
      The Jinchi District has been dubbed the "School" District due to the layout of the city. Most schools in the city happen to be in this general area. They happen to be two large school buildings, one an all boys school, Kishi Academy, and the all girl's school, Meiko Academy.

      Kishi Academy
      The all boy's school. Kishi academy prides itself on the respectful students they produce. That said, it's a big school. They don't see everything. The large, modern, mostly glass building encompasses the Junior School and a High School

      Meiko Academy
      Meiko Academy is the all girl's school. It's across a large plaza from Kishi, but it does not take after it in appearance. Kishi is far more recently established. Meiko Academy is a much older building, though still a very nice one. It has a more Victorian feel to it, with a large clock tower standing in it's center. It too encompasses the Junior School, as well as the High School.

    • Total // 10/12
      Male // 3/6
      Female // 5/6

      ??? (link to CS) - Summary of Character.


      — Passion // Reserved ( Wolfsbane706 )
      — Empathy //
      — Understanding // Reserved ( mr_pibbs )
      — Joy //
      — Stability //
      — Hope // Reserved ( Kitsune )


      — Passion // Reserved ( ScarletNova )
      — Empathy // Reserved ( Kasume Uchiha )
      — Understanding // Reserved ( AmerillaRose )
      — Joy // Reserved Reserved ( Unyielding )
      — Stability // Open
      — Hope // Reserved ( Reanimator Bob )
    • GM // @Reanimator Bob
      Co-GM // @ScarletNova, @Kitsune
      Roleplay Genre(s) // Magical Girl | Romance | Comedy | Drama | Modern Fantasy
      Status // Open | Closed | Alive | Dead
      Posting Rate // Two posts per week
      Posting Length // At least a paragraph
    • All of Iwaku's rules apply.
      • Kitsune's, ScarletNova's, and my word are law.
      • No fighting/drama. Be kind to one another. If there is an issue, take it to PM to be resolved. Or let us know, so we can handle it.
      • Let us know if you're going to be gone, or dropping out. We'd appreciate it.
      • If you have anything to eask, suggest, or say, don't hesitate to tag us and speak up! Or shoot us a PM!

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  2. Yay! Making head way >w<
  3. You know, I'm slightly confused by the gem stone question. When I made Bunko's CS, I figured it meant their birth stone, but people were posting other gems/stones.
  4. Well, for Sonia in this case, she's from another world. The day/night and year cycles are different for her.
  5. Speaking of that, would her Source also be in the same boat? Or is he from Ai City?
  6. No he is too. I was gonna get on that with you in a little
  7. I'll get my skeleton up tomorrow.
  8. I got understanding's casual form! . . . . . . I should be working on scenes for the audio play I'm a part of . .. .. . Later XD
  9. My Magical Girl

    Do you think she's too blue? I'm going for a light theme, but I didn't want to use white on white
  10. Personally, not really. c:
  11. I just realized I might be biting off more than I can chew if I join this, so I'm going to have to drop it. Sorry.
  12. No problem. Thanks fortelling
  13. Woo, can't wait to start~

    I'll try to get my character up later today.
  14. Slowly but surely getting my CS finished. :)
  15. I'd like to throw my hat in for Stability
  16. Aspect please
  17. Out of curiosity, is it okay if we reveal our histories through the RP as opposed to writing them out in full detail in our character sheets?
  18. Yes, though you'd need to disclose it with the DM's
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