House of Fur (OOC Thread)

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  1. Signups--------------IC Thread

    • Co-GMs are switched every Arc. The Co-GM, if they accept, will be the player currently controlling the storyline. Their character should be ‘main’, though please remember that everyone’s character should be including and that there will be side plots to every arc. If you are a CO-GM Please run anything by the GM through PM before posting to the group.

    • Everyone can break off the main story for a little while and create a side plot, but have it be something that has to do with the basic summary or main plot.
    Current Arc

    The Early Bird...

    GM: @adabotcon

    Co-GM: None

    Summary: Living with so many different personalities and jobs… well early mornings and late nights can cause problems. Even the middle of the day can cause fights.

    Notes: Beginning arc, introducing the Friends and secondary characters. Including problems with schedules and habit. Should be just the first day for now starts at 5am – 12pm.

    Past Arcs


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  2. Can't wait to see what comes out of this, really want to see what kind of personalities i'm going to deal with :P
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  3. Tempted to join this. Are avians allowed?
  4. @Crescent

    Sure! Go for it. I will add you to the player list. Just a heads up in case you didn't read it on the Signup page, there are no humans in this world, so everyone should lean closer to their animal (i.e. Covered in feathers, fur or scales)
  5. @adabotcon

    Alrighty~ And thanks for letting me know. I had the feeling that it would be animals rather than humans, so this will work well for me. :D
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  6. IC will be up on Wednesday! Hoping that @Summer Nights will have their character sheet up by then and we'll have another player, but even if we don't I will start.
  7. Ok, thanks for the heads up
  8. I can't wait to start~
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  9. First of all: I guess I forgot to WATCH the other thread o.o
    I've been busy at my grandmother's house with a bunch of.... Erm.... Disrespectful children, and I finally to got check o.o

    Anyways, Imma check finally. Can I ask if it's alright to have a character that is 19? I'm totally fine with them aging up thoughout the arcs, just want him to be "the runt" :P (I'll list him as 20, since I'm writing the character sheet up as we speak~)
  10. As long as he's on the edge of 20 I will be alright with that. @Summer Nights
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  11. I would just like to add that I am an idiot for writing Chase's lines in orange.
    They're both orange anyways.....
  12. @Summer Nights

    This isn't super important, but I wanted to let you know that when Mau handed those crackers to Chase, he gave him half of the pack, and in the kitchen. :)
  13. Lol, just to comment now that i'm awake once again, in the beginning i thought the kitchen would be like open kitchen, basically sharing the same space with the living room. Don't know why but this was the vision i had about it :P
  14. Oh, I know that already XD I forgot to write that he took them from Mau. He just really wanted them... As you can tell, lmfao.

    I thought that it was an open floor plan as well, but the kitchen was just tucked away into the back? I'm sure that there would be at least an archway to look from one room to the other XD
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  15. Also.... @adabotcon Can I ask if there are any pig characters harmed in the feast that Chase is getting ready to do....
  16. The kitchen is in the back of the house, but you can see into it from the main living room through an archway, it has a sliding door so that it can be blocked too.

    There are anthropomorphic animals and just regular animals as well :p so no he won't be eating anyone.
  17. @adabotcon @Rauzi @Summer Nights

    Hey, sorry about this, but I think I'm going to have to leave this roleplay. The pace is too fast for me to keep up and I don't want to slow you guys down.

    You can treat my character as a temporary house guest. :)
  18. @Crescent aw, we will be sad to loose you, but I understand. I've had to drop RPs because of post speed before.
  19. Awwwww!!! Crescent :(
    It was fun having you! I'm also sad to see you leave, though. But I hope that you can find another roleplay that suits your post speed much better :D
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