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  1. It's mushy, sweet, compliments ham, and even kids can enjoy it. What better way to describe my RPs?

    I've been trying to find 1on1 partners for ages now. And so far the majority of them have essentially fallen off the face of the earth. Help me please. :(

    About Me
    • Experienced writer and RPer. Won't let you down when it comes to writing.
    • Available starting at 6PM EST most nights. I work weird hours but will find time to post a reply within 24 hours, if not ASAP
    • I play both genders, but have no experience in MxM.
    • Very accepting of skill levels; looking for elementary as absolutely baseline, but intermediate and adept are preferred
    • No particular preferences for communication; PM, in-topic, Skype Discord, or Google Docs all fine by me
    What I'm looking for
    • Collaborator for short- to moderate-length RPs; probably only a few months unless we really get excited. I have lots of fun in the planning process, and I don't bite when it comes to other ideas.
    • Decent writing level and moderately-sized responses. I love playing off my partner and I love getting the material to do just that
    • Regular posting is ideal. Every few days is acceptable, every day is ideal, multiple times every day is above and beyond. I love coming home to a post to respond to!
    • Interesting characters! You have a favourite character kicking around? Send a chara sheet my way and maybe an idea, and I might play ball with you if it jives with me. I respond MUCH BETTER to seeing characters instead of grappling with ambiguous "A x B" pairings
    • If you lose interest, lemme know and we'll stop with no hard feelings. I'll give you the same respect

    Wants to Do
    • Original Characters and scenarios
    • Mundane fantasy
    • Slow-paced, character-driven affairs; lots of back and forth discussions
    • Fluff, cute, platonic relationships
    • Naturally-developing romances
    • MONSTER GIRLS!! Cute monsters being cute together is my jam!

    Won't Do
    • Libertine (I will not do sex scenes except in very special cases and have distaste for fanservice and fetish territory)
    • Fandom RPs or RPs with official characters

    You'll find I was pretty brief. I'm willing to humour a lot of different ideas, but I play ball better if I know the character I'm playing with first. Send me a character sheet and an idea, or just an idea, or just a character. Talk to me, I won't bite!

    Current Fav Ideas
    denotes character I want to use.

    Curious Case of the Mud Monster: Villager + 'Monster'
    A village on the outskirts is terrorized one night by sightings of a monster, and a small group is organized to investigate. Your character, the Villager, is largely up in the air (M or F); the only guarantee is a close encounter with the monster... but appearances are deceiving!
    Probably the most intricate idea, I'd handle some NPCs in the process, but the focus will remain on the interactions between the two leads for the majority.

    Stiff Drink in Purgatoria: Salaryman Demon + Secretary Angel
    Angels and demons both have busy jobs and unwind at a bar, shooting the breeze. Heaven and Hell tend to stay apart, but one quirky demon frequents a bar over on Heaven's side. Chatty, has a sleazy car-salesman demeanour, and too many dark humour stories to recount in a single sitting. He isn't a bad guy, just... works with bad people.
    The definition of a character-driven RP with nothing epic planned. Again, Angel is up in the air. I'm eager to find someone who'd play well with the idea, since I'd think it'd be cute!
    And angel x demon is such a common pairing I figure SOMEONE'S gonna wanna play ball :')

    Crashing The Party: Kitsune + Shapeshifter
    Why do parties have just the most amazing food? Two starving shapeshifters who don't quite understand the niceties of high society spend a night trying to pass themselves off as some of them, trying to keep their stories straight and their fancy outfits straighter. Comedy!

    OC Rogue's Gallery
    In lieu of pairings (might add those later), I'll post some snapshots of OCs and links to more involved bios (which may or may not be out of date). If you like what you see, ask me more (along with any ideas you may have had) and we can go from there. I love hearing about other OCs!

    These are a sample of those I would consider using, but given an idea I can always make one from scratch.

    Celes Pettigrew: The nicest little goop girl that ever did goop. Formerly human, ex-lab-experiment, now trying to realize her dreams as a seamstress. Volunteers at the church as a nun. Doting, motherly, cries a lot. Favourite character to RP, please RP her with me!

    Enrico Fabulosa: Freelancing bard specializing in wind magic, though he uses it for ALL of the wrong reasons. Wishes he was way suaver and cooler than he actually is. Humongous dork. Can amp up his lute to electric levels with creative uses of wind magic.

    Jacob Sterning: Cold as ice captain of the Empire's Air Navy. A born leader, though he has an ego to match his vocabulary. Well-read. Would kill a man in cold blood to advance his agenda. Apex villain material.

    Prof. Nano Hertz: Has 11 PhDs. Alignment is Chaotic-Science. Mad scientist to the core, but does his best to better society. Very much a comedic and off-the-wall character, expect stream of consciousness posts.

    Shaay Barid: Captain of town watch for a very poor, downtrodden desert outpost. Stoic, duty-minded, difficult to warm up to people. Fiercely protective of what's important to him. Strict honour code. Chivalrous and feels the need to protect womenfolk (even if they can protect themselves).

    Shiori Kawaguchi: A playful and spontaneous kitsune, she's mastered shapeshifting and loves fucking with people. She's 'borrowed' a persona from an old friend and puts it to use pulling the wool over people's eyes. Older than she looks.
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  2. I'd like to rp we may need to work on a plot.
  3. Lemme know if you have any ideas, prefs, or neat OCs through PM!
  4. I would like to Rp with you with with something romanticy with MxF and some dorkyness cute stuff. With a fantasy plot we can come up with together.
  5. Sounds like the a pairings are super interesting. I'd be willing to roleplay of you are up for it
  6. Neato! Shoot me a PM, I'd like to hear more about characters and ideas you had in mind
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