A Wish Through Time

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  1. "Heh. Time to crash this party then, huh?" Ren smirked back, rubbing his head.

    Lincoln's Lightning Rod ability and Edna's Sand Force ability both activated, increasing their attack power! Lincoln's waves of lightning reached Mitsuyo first. He took a strong step forward, as though confident he could simply bear the brunt of the electricity, but with Lincoln's increased attack power he found himself temporarily stunned as a grunt escaped him.

    Next were Ren and Juzumaru, each wielding their respective blades as they sliced at the stunned Mitsuyo. But they just weren't quite swift enough. Catching and halting Juzumaru's sword with two fingers and clashing against Ren's Guillotine with his sword, he knocked both of them aside with astounding force.

    Then he grunted, gritting his teeth as stalagmites pierced into his legs. Mitsuyo raised his sword and brought it down onto the ground, breaking himself free and sending a large shockwave towards the group!

    While they fought, however, Lincoln would find he could grab the Time Gear. Now he only had to place that last Time Gear in its place!

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  2. [​IMG]

    "Right." she said in slight amusement. With her attack hitting and her ability activating, Edna wasn't completely startled ny the shockwave coming her way.


    Deciding to go for another Rock Lance once more, the Seraph aimed to keep Mitsuyo distracted long enough for Lincoln to go ahead and place the Time Gear where it needed to go. She had grown a bit bored with this fight, but she couldn't complain much since he had been slowed, and she had a bit of trouble in the beginning of it.

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  3. Lincoln Campbell

    Lincoln saw that he had an opening and rushed to complete the objective by grabbing the time gear. Put the last time gear in place to stop that horrible future from happening. It was the only thing he could. As Edna kept the man distracted, Lincoln attempted to place the last time gear in its spot. I hope this works.

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  4. Epilogue
    "Flow of Time"


    When Lincoln placed the last Time Gear where it belonged, the tablets began to glow. The structure changed its hue from red to a greenish-blue, flowing with the power of the newly placed Time Gears. The time that had stopped began to resume, frozen worlds becoming fluid once more. Everything was changing back to normal.



    Mitsuyo had been worn down by now, and though he reacted to Edna's Rock Lance with a swipe of his sword to destroy it, it was too late for him. There was no way he could have defeated what was left of the group and stopped Lincoln from placing the Time Gear in its proper place. His plan could no longer function. Perhaps if he was in a winning position in the fight he could have tried to break the Time Gears inside their places, but he knew neither whether he could win or if he could break the gears once they were in place.

    Actually, he did know one of those things. He could not win. He would become a sealed sword once more, unable to willingly escape his sheath. And perhaps that was for the best, if for everyone else's sake at the very least.

    Mitsuyo sheathed his sword and knelt where he stood, ignoring the holes in his legs from Edna's attack. Like a samurai in seiza, he closed his eyes.

    "Good work, adventurers!" Jirachi floated about now that everything was finished. "With the Time Gears in their proper place, the time in all your worlds will keep flowing too!"


    "Would that mean that those of us that remain are free to ask for our wishes, then?" Juzumaru asked, moving to the kneeling Mitsuyo. Taking the man's posture as surrender, he simply planned to have him imprisoned for his crimes as one might expect. "After all, I do believe that is what our now rather compact group initially embarked on this quest for."

    "Yes!" The wish pokemon nodded. "Ask away! Afterwards, I'll return you all back to your homes, wherever they are!"

    And so, that was that. Mitsuyo was now captured, having given up on his plan, and time had recommenced its flow. All that was left was for what remained of the group to ask for their wishes and then be on their merry way.

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  5. Lincoln Campbell

    Lincoln paused and thought about his wish. After everything they had been through, it seemed selfish to ask for a friend to be brought back from the dead. More than selfish when his other partner had died. There were too many who didn't deserve to die and had been lost to the sand of times. He couldn't just leave them behind. " I wish for the safe return of all the others we adventured with to their homes and make sure they don't remember this. I am not sure what the others wish for, but this is my wish."

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  6. [​IMG]

    "Hey, Jirachi...my wish is to find a cure for my brother, so that he can be free of the Malevolence that turned him into a dragon." Edna spoke up, looking up at the Wish Pokemon. Though a solemn expression crossed her face momentarily at the mere thought of her brother Eizen.


    "That's what I came here for." was all she said, grip tightening on her parasol as her look become one of determination.

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  7. Here Neku was, at the end of the adventure. He could finally get his wish and see Joshua. However... Something else weighed heavily on his heart. There was something more valuable than visiting that Angel. It was the job of Joshua and reapers to give people a second chance at life. What would Joshua expect him to wish for?




    "Hey, Jirachi... I have my wish."


    "I wish for all of our friends who died to get a second chance at life. Everyone who Kana killed deserves that second chance. Kana herself, too. She was being manipulated. It wasn't her fault. Can you handle that?"
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  8. Two wishes for the safe return of the others, and a single wish for something else. Jirachi smiled and nodded at those who had made their wishes. The Wish pokemon floated a little higher, meeting the group at about eye level for most of them.

    "Mm, I see, I see. Alright! I'll grant all your wishes right away! But, um, sorry Neku. Kana wasn't being manipulated. The ancient dragon Anakos had merely adopted her form! But as for returning them to their homes..."

    Jirachi closed its eyes for a moment, the tags on its head beginning to glow white. There were no visible effects, but before long the pokemon opened its eyes once more as the tags returned to their normal blue color.

    "All of the ones who were in that future, are back in their homes with no memory of what you all experienced! Will that be good for you two? And as for yours," Jirachi turned to face Edna specifically. "And for you, a cure for your brother, right?"

    Once more its tags began to glow, but after a brief wait, something the group could see happened. A small, thin vial filled with a red-brown liquid. It formed in front of Edna, slowly floating down from just above her head level.

    "If he drinks it, he should be cured! Thanks for helping out, all of you!"

    "Hey, uh, can I ask for something too?" Ren spoke up, clearing his throat after speaking. "I don't really want anything. I mean, I do, but it's not someone, or something I can grab or anything like that."

    He scratched his head, seeming to grow frustrated with himself a little.

    "Look, I just want to say I only really came here to ask for one thing. I'm not a huge fan of adventures or anything. But in my world, I'm completely wrapped up in one. Can you solve it, or fix it somehow? It's not like I can't do it myself, but using a wish to fix it means nobody's gonna get hurt, and I won't lose anyone. Right?"

    Jirachi gave Ren a sort of sad smile before promptly responding.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "If I could do that, you all wouldn't have had to be called here, right?"

    "Haaah, that's true, I guess. My bad," Ren sighed. But even though his wish had been so flatly rejected, he smiled, as though he'd known that wasn't going to be possible from the start. Even so, it had been worth a shot, he'd thought. "I don't really need anything else then. 'The pride of helping out'...guess something lame like that'll have to do, huh?"

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  9. "Huh, I was going to wish for that," Producer responds to Neku. "Wait, 'friends' does encompass that one Rampardos that died, right? I mean, we sort of befriended the Rampardos after his death, but I for one, considered him a friend and ally."

    "I wish to-"

    Before Arisu could complete her sentence, Producer interrupts.

    "-be happy with Producer forever, is that right?"

    Arisu nods.

    "Hold that thought. I wouldn't be happy if you had to rely on me for eternity, and even moreso if it's created from a wish like this. After some thought, I want us to be together without the bonds of a wish. I dread the day that you'll leave me, but I'll dread even more if you're forever dependent on me. But that day will not be soon, so..."


    "Top idol then?"

    "And disadvantage Mirei and the others? What was that about working it out if it's humanly possible?"

    "I do hate Mirei, but you have a point. All our wishes are humanly possible, we're merely wishing for versions of them that're unfair to others, and thus, would be better off being done... humanly. So, I shall wish for something more material."

    Producer looks at Jirachi.

    "I wish for my brother, his idols, my idols and me to have better annual pay. Much, much better annual pay. I like the idol industry, but the pay isn't exactly the best."

    "Do you see the irony in this, Producer?"

    "Does irony encompass my treat for you on my payday? If you don't like it, I could wish for SSRs for the rest of my life instead."

    "I look forward to the treat."

    "There we go. But yes, what do you want to wish for?"

    "Uh... for Producer and I... to meet the friends we made here on this adventure again someday. You included, wishmaker Jirachi, and you too..."

    Arisu looks at Ren and walks up to him.

    "... Fuji Ren."

    She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

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  10. Edna watched as her wish was granted. Letting the vile land in her palm she closed her fist around it gently and held it close. Getting him to drink it would be tricky, but it was worth a shot.

    "Thank you." she nodded to Jirachi. She didn't have anything else to say, and for once she seemed to have some emotion in her tone. Gratitude.

    Seeing Arisu give Ren a kiss on the cheek, she snorted a bit in amusement.

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  11. "Thank you for helping us fight against that terrible future!" Jirachi replied enthusiastically to the seraph.

    Jirachi tilted its head a little as Producer brought up the Rampardos. "I don't know exactly who got brought back...but if you considered them friends they're definitely back!"

    With that aside, Jirachi watched for a bit as the duo discussed what exactly they planned to wish for. When Producer put forth her wish, the wishmaker paused for a moment as though in thought before nodding with a wide smile. "Money? Okay!" Jirachi said as its tags lit up once more to grant another wish. Though once again, this wasn't exactly the kind of wish that could be proven to have succeeded.

    Off in a certain world a few checkbooks and computer systems had been messed with. But certainly that'd have no immediate consequences. Probably.

    Though as Arisu began to speak her wish this time, it was Ren who reacted instead of the wishmaker. He paused for a moment when Arisu kissed him on the cheek, his eyes widening in surprise. But quickly enough he regathered himself, a small smile forming on his face. He reached down to pat the girl on the head.


    "That's a good wish, Arisu. Makes me wish I'd said it myself. For all the problems we had on our journey, I'm still glad I met you all. Stay proud of your name okay, Arisu? It's a nice name, you know. I'd certainly like to have a reunion sometime too. Arisu, Producer, Edna..."

    Speaking of her.

    "And what are you laughing at?"

    Jirachi only giggled a bit as Ren said his piece before answering Arisu's wish. "It's a promise then! I'll look forward to it!" The wishmaker answered, though this time its tags did not glow. There wasn't exactly any way to answer that wish so directly like the others. It was a bit similar to Ren's in that way. So the best even Jirachi could do was turn the young girl's words into a promise. A promise that was on each of them to uphold themselves.

    But perhaps if the time to do so ever came, Jirachi's wishmaking powers would bring them all together once more. In a more peaceful scenario.

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  12. Lincoln Campbell

    Lincoln smiled and was happy for once. It was the first time in a long time that he was happy and he looked over at them. " You know, I think I want to update this promise too. I would love to meet you under more peaceful scenarios and not a murder game. Perhaps again one day," he said, looking over at them, not sure what else to say.

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