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Hello! My name is Sarah and I've been roleplaying since 2015 but I'm still pretty new to this site. I used to be on Quotev but after they wrongly disabled my account, I went on the search for other rp sites like this one! Now here I am requesting a rp partner so everything you need to know is down below!

How I RP

• i only do literate so no script here. but who even rps script anymore? you do you ofc that was a joke. i also don't really have a line count as i prefer quality over quantity, however i usually write about 15-20 lines on mobile if that helps. as long as you give me something to work off of (I'd say about 6-10 lines) then that's fine. also I only double up as it's fair, so that being said I personally do CCxOC and for my side it's usually MxF however any character of any race/sexuality ect is welcome! if you wanna do MxM or FxF for your side that's totally fine!


• i love following the canon plots bc it's fun, but I love adding in additional storylines or ideas to make it more exciting. I'm so for chatting ooc and being friends out of rp! also I absolutely love making head canons! they're so fun and honestly helpful for our OCs and their love interests


• im sure we all know what to stay away from but I always list subjects I don't feel comfortable with. that being said, I will not rp s*icide, s*lf h*rm, a*use, SA, p*dophilia, and i*cest. I know sometimes uncomfortable topics are brought up in back stories, and that's fine, but that's where it shall stay

bolded = preferred love interest

★ = the more stars, the more interested
Alice in Borderland : Niragi, Chishiya ★★★★

Danganronpa V3 : Kokichi, Rantaro, Shiichi ★★★

Danganronpa SDR2 : Nagito, Kazuichi ★★★

Danganronpa THH : Mondo ★★★

Diabolik Lovers : Shu, Laito, Subaru ★★★

Invincible : Rex, Mark ★★★

Enhypen : Heeseung, Jake, Sunghoon ★★

Obey Me : Mammon, Lucifer, Asmodeus ★★

Sweet Home : Hyun-soo ★★★★

TXT : Yeonjun ★★

The Remarried Empress : Heinrey ★

italics = characters i've had most experience playing
Alice in Borderland : Arisu, Chishiya, Usage, Kuina

Danganronpa V3 : Any except Monokuma/Monokubs

Danganronpa SDR2 : Any except Teruteru (most experienced: Gundham, Ibuki)

Danganronpa THH : Any except Monokuma/Hifumi/Junko (most experienced: Byakuya, Toko)

Diabolik Lovers : Sakamakis, Mukamis (most experienced with Sakamakis/absolutely will not play Cordelia, Karl Heinz, Richter, Carla, Kino)

Invincible : Mark, Atom, Kate, William, Monster Girl (absolutely will not play Omni-Man, Debbie, Cecil, Amber)

Enhypen : Any

Obey Me : Beel, Belphie, Levi, Asmodeus, Simeon, Diavolo (absolutely will not play Luke)

Sweet Home : Any (more experienced with Eun-hyuk)

TXT : Beomgyu, Taehyun, Kai

The Remarried Empress : Lord McKenna, Duke Ergi (absolutely will not play Sovieshu, Rashta)

If you're interested whatsoever do pm me!