Where Angels Go, Demons Follow/OOC (All Original Superhero RP)

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  1. @Dipper @Crow @CursedDawn @R-9 Pilot @Wolverbells @Raven

    Okay, fellow players. We have been planning on the interest check for far too long. It's about time to get this bitch started, if you ask me. I believe that we should plan out a little bit more, though. Only because we never truly established a plot. But, that being said, I have a bit a plot for us to do.

    As we start, we jump into the role of a team of a superheroes, almost like what the Justice League was like before they achieved worldwide recognition. This is our city, and we are the guardians of our city. That's how we start up. We will start up fighting off some petty crimes, and I will introduce a villain who will be putting a devilish plot under way. The further we get, the more welcome you all are to conjure up a villain and have sub plots or battles with those villains.

    We don't just want to focus on the fights, though. We want drama, we want stuff that make this worth playing. We want personal struggle. This can have it's ups and downs, in terms of how dark and light hearted it gets. Clearly by the name of this roleplay (Where Angels Go, Demon Follow) there will be a fair amount of darkness to it. This is mainly for plot planning, character planning and ideas, and just anything you feel like adding along the way.

    I will now get to work with the character vault, and the character sheets.
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  2. Meanwhile, I'm not sure which sort of theme to run with, so I'm going to toss some collected ideas in here and see if you guys have any thoughts. Both definitely have various plots that can branch off from them, but different sorts of inherent villains.

    Body horror shapeshifting theme (open)

    Humanity digs up some alien thing from Antarctic ice or maybe just rock somewhere. People study it for some time, and eventually go and make a human/alien hybrid for one reason or another. And that would be the very basic genesis of my character. She wouldn't be full-on horrible alien space monster, but she's got potential, at least. Also no real shapeshifting to take on different human appearances. She can grow tentacles or other extra limbs, claws, blades, and whatever else, but the general requirement is that things stay weird or the like.

    One fun thing with her is her alien side is regarded as extremely dangerous by the galaxy at large (which makes sense, for a species biologically capable of space flight and FTL travel, and which tends to be extremely powerful). So just pinging on that sort of thing is likely to lead to fun reactions from the greater galactic community. And actual experiments like what created her are probably forbidden, not that anyone on Earth knew a thing about galactic law.

    Other details include generally being a naive, energetic teenager, which can always be fun. She'd probably also lack a strong sense of maintaining a secret identity and her abilities being unusual. Or just a general strange sense of proportion. Walking into a store in torn, bloody clothes, or in monstrous armored form is just fine, right?

    Powers are focused on things like regeneration, growing weapons or armor, tentacles, ability to adapt and survive in any environment (including space). Possibly also some gravity manipulation for things like flight, FTL travel, or possibly gravity-blast ranged attacks. Character's sort of a melee focused fighter who survives not from being tough by by recovering quickly.

    Influences include Abara, Knights of Sidonia, Protoype, Betterman, and Zetman.

    Tech-based fun with cyborgs and robots (open)

    A couple ideas here, depending on how I pin things down, but there are some common themes. Most notably, it's all about the same approach to using fancy technology that can be upgraded over time, one way or another. Also on swapping equipment loadout for different situations.

    Origin story would be fairly straightforward, being something of a manufactured hero. If she's a cyborg, it's possible she was created in part as an effort to save a scientist's terminally ill or injured daughter. If she's an android, it's more likely she's a replacement modeled after someone's dead daughter. I'm not sure why I like this theme, but it's a nice one. Either way, major influences for character design are Busou Shinki and Frame Arms Girls. She'd probably start with a need to swap out her equipment at-base, but would eventually just be able to do it on the fly via teleportation, Centurions-style.

    The third option I had was to sort of mix tech stuff with a little body horror and other things, and go more with nanotech or other such mystery tech right out of the box, rather than wait on that for later upgrades. This route could involve regular drugs to avoid rejection, or otherwise suppress some potentially bad things happening. It'd also explore some likely themes of losing one's humanity over time (while an android would conversely explore themes of becoming more human over time). One thing I might introduce here is the tech was developed specifically to save the daughter of its creator, so later mass-production attempts also depend on finding people who are close enough genetic matches to not cause high rejection.

    Powers would revolve around a decent collection of modular arms and armor for different situations, general enhanced physical traits, possibly easy remote hacking of computer systems, and so-on. Themes are generally transhumanist in one way or another.

    Influences include Saikano, Gunslinger Girl, Deus Ex, and Guardian Legend.

    Apologies for the unfocused rambling and sort of idea onions with several layers of what to do inside some of the above concepts. But there's my thoughts. I invite your opinions, as your characters would be working with whoever I end up tossing into things.
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  3. Well much as i'd love to contribute a plot idea I'm terrible at coming up with plot stuff unfortunately >.<
  4. I can try to give subplots for as I said I have a good mix of villains to contribute later after picking one I'll have a plot unless someone wishes to hear the ideas for like most of them.

    But other than that Idk on any ideas atm
  5. I'm about the same when it comes to over all plots. In my case, I usually don't start getting ideas until I actually start rp'ing and those ideas are usually sub plots.

    I could imagine the government playing a big part in the separation of the good and the bad (Angels/Demons), but the gov leaning more towards the bad. Them introducing villains to test the waters with the team of heroes and testing their loyalty to each other and such. Gov trying to get them to work towards a sort of take over of the citizens yadda yadda. Idk I'm just throwing stuff out there now I'm just rambling.
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  6. Okay so I have a small few of the villains that may be of help for mini-plots and some even whatever the main plot might become.

    Kementh Simple he is a thief going after great challenges including stealing important items for higher up clients but the more dangerous he keeps for himself He also eventually made a gang which needs to be stopped. Or well that's his basic idea I can make more as the RP went on. However his main desire is payment

    Damon He's not just wanted on Earth but from where he originates he has always been a rebel never obeying anyone. He is feared ruthless and wishes to one day be his own ruler. In other words one of those obey me, I will one day rule sort of people who end up finding someone or something to stop him where he just tries to learn from mistakes and grow himself.

    Zaira She's the fun villain I have tried once in the past. Some things always are the same. She is who knows how old, isn't really human but part dragon. She is a witch dragon half-breed but many describe her as a demon. She doesn't understand the times but has keep a strong hate for basically everything and anything. Her goal is simple she wishes to make the everyone miserable just as they once had her. She has lived years and hated most of the normal society for they always seemed to be the same in her eyes. She also does many things of what she feels is times of old. Basically her plans would be kind of that of a witch doctor and I got her personality from a book witch character but that's it on similarities. She also wishes to bring back the dragons of old mainly those of the darkness.

    K so that's kind of the villains I've been looking at and thinking over if any work for a subplot cool, and um this is also me curios to see what you guys think cause I am having issues picking one.
  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one not sure about what to do.

    I'd say, particularly for a big or recurring threat, Zaria's probably the best option. Particularly if she's the sort to play the long game and have minions or manipulate others into doing her bidding. It won't do to always be out in front, and when you live for a very long time, you get good at making plans that take the long view of things. She'd also likely synergize well with Crow's intent to play a magic-based hero.

    Kementh seems like the sort who'd be a low-level nuisance. Not so much the guy behind grand plans and threats, but the one who's robbing the museum again, or was hired by a bigger bad, and doesn't really know more than that. But, such a type has a role, certainly.

    Not sure what to say about Damon.

    So, I'd say part of your choice would be in determining just what sort of villain you want to run. Do you want to go for high-stakes, big plans, and that sort of thing, or more small-scale villainy?

    As for plot stuff, I'll likely start tossing ideas out there once I see what sort of characters we're working with.
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  8. Well honestly I've enjoyed my mind set of Zaria but never have actually had her fully partake in anything. But she is my main idea of a full villain it just really also depends in a way what kind of main plot I suppose. Because she isn't the sort who likes working with others if she isn't the boss I assure you. Manipulation however is a huge part of her character on the half dragon end hehehe but the rest I'll keep to myself.

    Kementh you basically have the right idea Damon the same I would say for his full potential I haven't yet discovered and only gave what I have developed of him so far.

    And the plot bit is why I through out the different characters for I am not sure what will be working with either really. But as you see out of the three I have larger ideas for one and more minor for two depending on where we wish to take this.

    Damon is sort of world domination so far is all I got actually...
  9. I really need to just sort my own stuff out, by coin flip, if nothing else.
  10. I thought about doing that lol but figured in my end this might be better
  11. I've written up like a thousand openers for the story here, but none feel right. I apologize, I haven't forgotten about this, I just need to make it perfect.
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  12. Your fine so far I think a few of us are just mentioning are villain type character ideas and maybe a bit one other characters as well.
  13. yeah don't worry, long as you don't go go dropping off the face of the earth on us we don't mind waiting a bit for things to get going, we all knew there wasn't a solid plot yet when we said we were interested :3
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  14. I'm just too afraid of making my character look OP. Because his power is he has super strength and enhanced muscle memory, but he only has superhuman strength when his mind is mentally strong.
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  15. Lol looks like muscle memory will be taken! I'll stick to my not-too-creative telekinesis. I know that ability can easily be really OP as well so I'll be adding a weakness section to my character's CS when the time comes.
  16. My character has got good old pyrokinesis :3
  17. I already have a weakness set up for Zaria the others is eh mainly a wip on them lol my heroes are when my creativity seems hardly any at all espically now that a year after I started calling a certain Titans power the soul self a website began to copy that title. So I no longer get the credit lol
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  18. It's always good to plan ahead!

    I'm really liking that we haven't started because it's the end of the school year and work is becoming stressful. My students are driving me insaaaane. I really look forward to starting this though.
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  19. On worrying about being OP, in a game like this, it may be best not to. Or, well, take some time to explain "and these are the ways to just completely shut them down or get around them," if you need to. But, generally, it's not like everyone in actual cape comics is conveniently on an even paying field. It would be difficult to say that Superman isn't ridiculously strong and capable in the superpower department, next to Batman. Yet, they're both often on the same team, and Batman often gets shit done quite well on his own.

    It's not so much the actual powerset that is the likely problem than it is how you play it. Just have an approach more focused on "how can I help my team solve this problem?" than "how can I single-handedly solve this problem?" ...And if it really matters, I do mentally insert some assumptions based on Mutants and Masterminds that tend to keep things from getting out of hand no matter how impressive the fluff is. That's just me, though.
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  20. I'm glad as well finals is coming up after next week for me. And I'm stressing over only having 2 grades in for English because the teacher has been out and idk how were gonna get all are old and new grades in. Apparently a sub is actually gonna hand grade them with another teacher so yep I'm freaking out with my class just a tad....

    Thankfully I had the teacher who is going to get grades in last year half way so I should be one of those who will pull out okay I hope.

    And I agree on like all of this lol
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