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    ||VIKINGS: Odin's Wolves||

    GM @-QT-
    Co-GM @Wolverbells



    The common villagers of Kaupang of Skíringssalr are currently struggling to make it through the summer months. Despite their hard work in the fields and artisan fishery, they are not bestowed with sufficient profit from their Earl (Knut Thorvald) to survive the month without struggle. Their funds are instead cut nearly in half and good-willed to the Earl's clique, forcing them to ration and work strenuously to support their families.

    Before Earl Thorvald, these men and women raided other countries and cities for gold and valuables. During those times, trade was not so paramount to Kaupang as the passed Earl saw it a sign of weakness. After his "death", Thorvald - a raiding viking himself - stood forward to take the name of Earl. Since the previous Earl bore no children, there was no definite blood member to take such position. But Thorvald had seen the bloodshed of raiding, witnessing his own brother and cousin die in meaningless battles. Despite the belief that the fallen warriors would dine in the halls of Valhalla alongside the Gods, Thorvald sought a way to prevent the bloodshed, yet obtain the same desired riches. And thus five years later came the trading system.

    With a struggling economic structure in the eyes of the common folk, many farmers and fishermen alike have united in need to figure out a solution. Knowing the Earl could not be overthrown, it was decided by many of the old warriors and shieldmaidens that it was time to raid once more. This in return would bring in an excess of gold that could efficiently be distributed to the struggling lower class.


    ||PC Character Sheet||

    Full Name:
    Nickname (If any):
    Rank (Profession//Title):

    Appearance (Real Pictures//Face Claims):


    Backstory (Please be brief, save it for the IC):



    ||NPC Character Sheet||

    Full Name:
    Rank (Profession//Title):








    1) Please refrain from fighting amongst yourself in the OOC. If it is to occur, you will be warned and advised to stop. If you refrain from taking said advise, you will be justifiably prosecuted.

    2) No god-modding. It is fair to be skilled with weapons and in battle, but if your solitary character is surrounded by an army.......survival is not reasonable. Realism goes a long way in this role-play, so it is expected of you to understand what's practicable.

    3) Created characters do not have to be Vikings to partake in this role-play. Your character is allowed to be a simple housewife as we as GMs will attempt to provide enough guidance and NPC action/drama to keep non-Viking characters entertained.


    5) Character deaths will occur. This includes both NPCs and Original Characters (PCs). For storyline purposes and progression of the RP, you as a role-player are giving your GMs consent to kill of your character if necessary. Of course, we are not hungry blood savages that desire to kill you off and will most likely not happen until you are ready for it to happen, but be aware that it is possible.

    6) In respect to Rule Number 5, if your character is to perish and enter the gates of Valhalla, you are welcome to create another Original Character (PC) or make on of your NPCs a PC.

    7) Ideas are welcome and encouraged. If you have any ideas for small or main plots, character ideas, or anythang like that don't hesitate to just shout it out or PM your GMs~

    8) Currently you as a role-player will be limited to two Original Characters (PCs). NPCs do not count as Original Characters and you may have as many as you can handle, though NPCs will have separate Character Sheets that will need to be filled (Both PC and NPC character sheets are below).

    9) If you find yourself too busy and can no longer role-play, please let your GMs know. This way, we can assess your situation and make your character an NPC until you return. If you do not wish to return, we will send your character off, where he will dine embodied with riches.

    10) This is an moderate to advanced role-play. IC posts must be at two paragraphs in length (one paragraph is 5-10 sentences).

    11) Something we refer to as the "posting rule" should be in effect for every IC post. This was used in one the previous role-plays I Co-Gmed for some time and it is extremely helpful. At the top of any post you make put in bold the name of the character you are currently playing, their location, and who you are interacting with (if with anyone). For example:

    John - Kroger - Lewis

    If you are playing multiple characters in one post, add their names in with either an 'and' or with two (2) slashes:

    Bells and Beast - The Enlightened Castle - Lewis
    Bells // Beast - The Enlightened Castle - Lewis

    If you are playing multiple characters in one post and they are interacting with one another, an interacting tab is not necessary. For example:

    Bells and Beast - Castle
    Bells // Beast - Castle

    If you are interacting with multiple characters and know their names, add them to the interacting tab:

    Lewis - Diner - Jim and Kevin
    Lewis - Diner - Jim // Kevin

    If there are multiple people in the same place and you don't know who you are interacting with at the moment, broaden the terms:

    Lewis - Diner - Everyone

    This way, no matter who replies, everyone who is currently in the office knows you might be interacting with them or can start an interaction.

    **In addition, if you wish to tag other players to make it even easier, do so at the very bottom of your post**

    12) We as GMs reserve the right to add more rules.


    ||Viking Calendar||

    The Viking calendar reflected the seasons: How high the sun was in the sky, access to food and fertility. The year was divided into two equally long periods – summer and winter. A person’s age was counted in the number of winters he had lived. This may indicate that “New Year” was on 14 April, i.e. the first day of summer.

    The year was divided into moon phases – from new moon to new moon or full moon to full moon. The counting of days has probably not been particularly accurate: The Scandinavia nights are so bright that it is almost impossible to spot the moon.

    The darkest period was named “Skammdegí” (the Dark Days) and the year’s brightest period “Nóttleysa”, meaning “insomnia” that many Scandinavians still experience today.
    The winter months are Gormánuður, Ýlir, Mörsugur, Þorri, Goa and Einmánuður.
    The summer months are Harpa, Skerpla, Sólmánuður, Heyannir, Tvímánuður and Haustmánuður.

    Norse SeasonNorse Month (English)Time periodNorse Month (Icelandic)Comments
    WinterSlaughter Month14. October – 13. NovemberGormánuður 
    WinterÝlir/Jólnir: One of Odin’s, the “Allfather’s” names14. November – 13. DecemberÝlirChristmas month
    WinterBone Marrow Sucking14. December – 12. JanuaryMörsugur”Mör”: Bone marrow or fat. Important to survive Scandinavian winters.
    WinterBlack Frost13. January – 11. FebruaryÞorriNorse mythical winter figure, son of “Snow”. Also men’s month
    WinterDaughter of Þorri12. February – 13. MarchGói, góa, gjøWomen’s month
    WinterOne-Month14. March – 13. AprilEinmánuðurMen’s month
    SummerCockoo’s Month/ Unknown mythical figure14. April – 13. MayGaukmánuður/ HarpaWomen’s month
    SummerUnknown woman mythical figure’s name14. May – 12. JuneSkerpla 
    SummerSun’s Month13. June – 12. JulySólmánuður 
    SummerHaymaking Month/ Worm’s month13. July – 14. AugustHeyannir/ Ormamánuður 
    SummerTwo-Months/ Corn Cutting Month15. August – 14. SeptemberTvímánuður/ Kornskurðarmánuður 
    SummerAutumn Month15. September – 13. OctoberHaustmánuður 

    Norse WeekdayTodayMeaning
    SunnudagrSundaySun Day
    MánadagrMondayMoon Day
    TýsdagrTuesdayTyr’s Day (War God)
    ÓðinsdagrWednesdayOdin’s Day
    ÞórsdagrThursdayThor’s Day (God of Thunder)
    FrjádagrFridayFrey’s or Frigg’s Day (Norse Goddesses)
    LaugardagrSaturdayBath Day
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    As Earl of Kaupang in Skíringssalr, Thorvald has made a name for himself by establishing one of the most prominent fish trade institutions in 793 ad. Despite his materialistic affluence and arrogant temperament, the Earl has stood unchallenged by any of the neighboring towns. He is feared by his fellow Norsemen as his title alone grants him immense dominance. Those who vow to answer his calls (guards and warriors) are generally bestowed with more riches than the common folk (fishermen and farmers)- though only enough to get them through the month. It is also foretold by the Seeress of Kaupang that upon his passing, Earl Thorvald would enter the hall of the slain, Valhalla, and drink wine with the the god Odin himself.




    The Seeress is fanatically devoted to the Gods, communicating with them through the supernatural abilities gifted to her in youth. The Seeress of Kaupang is a mystic who translates the gods’ wishes and intentions to the Norsemen of the village - as they believe their fate has been predetermined. Her appearance has postulated to have been caused by her unfaithfulness to the Gods during . Upon losing her devotion, she was stripped of her eyesight and had her face frozen by the breath of Odin’s son Loki himself. The Seeress is now destined to to help the God’s communicate with their children through visions of the future and one’s fate in life.




    As wife of Earl Thorvald, Steinvor is a beautiful mature woman of high standards. Bearing one child (Thorfinna Thorvald) to the Earl, her priority is mothering her daughter and disciplining her into an exemplary wife. She also holds the task of communicating to the common folk of Kaupang as Earl Thorvald finds these poor individuals sickening. Steinvor holds herself with class - dressing with the exorbitant garments - but with civility as she abstains from being excessively revealing. She is seen as the ‘caretaker’ of Kaupang and seems to hold the heart of most of the people in the village. Her intentions are always healthy, but her actions are seemingly restricted by Earl Thorvald’s operations - limiting her desire to serve those in need.




    Right hand man to Earl Thorvald, Anund is in charge of ensuring that all laws and declarations from the Earl are obeyed to a jot. He tends to be very devious and is a questionable character to the villagers as when he is involved, someone or something tends to go missing. Anund also holds the title of advisor, counselling the Earl and influencing his decisions. He does all the dirty work that has to get done and is gifted properly by the Earl himself. Thorvald sees the young man as a son, as he does not have one himself. It is anticipated that if Earl Thorvald was to perish, Anund would take the name of Earl.
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  4. Appearance (open)

    Her clothing
    Face claim and armor:

    Full Name

    Astrid Karsesten

    Nickname (If any)
    None at the moment

    Rank (Profession//Title)
    Daughter of former Earl

    Three winters after the signing of the treaty of Skíringssair, during the Month of Góa


    5'1" (and 1/2)

    129 lbs

    Having recently overcome a tragic event in her life, Astrid is slowly but surely learning how to get over her anger towards everyone around her. She had always been a fairly reserved young woman, mainly due to her position as the Earl's daughter. Out of the public eye, Astird had been a very kind and forgiving person. She would often persuade her father to pardon those whom she thought were innocent. After the murder of her family, Astrid became closed off and rather hostile to others until she found a place to call home in Kaupang. Being 19 at the time, it was easy for her to find shelter but in exchange for her freedom. Through her years of being a household "servant", the young woman worked through most of her anger and resentment but still has trust issues that will take some time to get over.

    Astrid was the youngest, and only, daughter of the Earl of Oslo. She grew up with her two older brothers during a prosperous time. It wasn't until her late teens when a certain group of men in Oslo decided that they were tired of her father being the Earl, claiming that their bloodline had ruled long enough. On a cold and stormy night, the men raided their home and slaughtered both parents along with one brother. Astrid and her brother Asgur were able to get out but not entirely unharmed. Unfortunately, Asgur did not make the trip to Kaupang and the Earl did not believe Astrid's story. Five years passed and Astrid has gained the trust of those she serves enough to almost be called a free woman once more.

    Although the young woman is well trained in the art of archery, she had no combat experience at all. Astrid serves a former "raider", as he calls himself, and a shield woman. They teach their kids the way of war and have taught Astrid sufficient skills to be able to defend herself if she was ever away from her bow and arrows.​
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  5. Reserved for my female

    ||PC Character Sheet||

    Full Name:
    Igraine Rose Pendragon
    Nickname (If any):
    Rank (Profession//Title): Daughter Of the great Warrior Pendragon, Also a warrior
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 125

    Appearance (Real Pictures//Face Claims):


    Backstory (Please be brief, save it for the IC): Grew up with her father and only her father. Her mother had left in the middle of the night. So she hadoesn't to become a warrior like her father and as she grew up. She turned into a beautiful woman and became a deadly warrior for the Vikings. Yes it is true woman do not normally fight, but she had learned since she was young and knew the ways of the fighters and would not let the men tell her other wise.

    Other: Dog named Shadow and follows her every command. good with a sword better with a bow.
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  6. How much Norse mythology is involved in this? Are Seidr allowed? (Wizards, for those less familiar with the Norse term)
  7. The only mythology involved is that of the religious belief. There will be no magic or extraordinary abilities.
  8. Appearance / Faceclaim (open)


    Full Name: Kayne Viykasson
    Nickname (If any): "The Berserker"
    Rank (Profession//Title): Warrior / Butcher / Blacksmith
    Birthday: The Second Day of the Slaughter Month
    Age: 40 Years Old
    Height: 7'0"
    Weight: 300 lbs.

    Befitting of the man's monstrous size, he is not a soft-hearted fool. His mind is sharp and calm, ready to fight at any moment. He only bestows his trust to men that have earned it. Once he trusts a man, he is loyal to his last breath. Also proper of his appearance, the man has a perfectly stalwart demeanor, even on the battlefield. He has seen many of his brothers die, so his eyes do not flinch at the sight of death and gore. Kayne is beyond petty things such as sentiment, but even he hopes for the day when he will rejoin his brothers and dine in the halls of Valhalla.

    Backstory (Please be brief, save it for the IC):
    Born to a raider named Viykas, Kayne was always trained to be a Viking, himself. He didn’t exactly excel in his practice as a child, but by the time he was twelve, he was already six foot two. As he ate heartily and worked alongside his father, who he far towered above, he grew to be great in stature and strength. In his early years, the people of his village called him “the blessed child,” as many of them believe Odin himself had granted him his immense size. His immensity eventually expanded to his muscles, and he became known for being tougher than a castle wall.

    During the era in which his people still raided, he began joining the fights. At 18, by when he was a full six and three-quarters-feet tall, he aided the Vikings raid on an English harbor. When his sword was lost and his party surrounded, his fellow warriors reported that he killed four men with his bare hands, ripping clean off the head of a fifth.

    In his later years, as the raids ceased, Kayne became a butcher and a blacksmith, but the scars of his battles still existed physically and mentally. The youth of the region tell rumors that he is a cannibal and a monster, capable of killing a god. Others say he is a god, while as well people speculate that he is some offspring from the deception of Loki.

    Other: Kayne carries a massive battle axe that would seem far to heavy for any man to fight with, aside from him.


    Appearance / Faceclaim (open)

    Full Name: Anasthyn Toragsdottir
    Nickname (If any): Called “Ana” by her Uncle
    Rank (Profession//Title): Stablegirl / Soon-to-be Raider/Shieldmaiden
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 125

    Determined and dogmatic, Anasthyn is nearly unstoppable (mentally) when she sets her mind on something. She highly despises people that try and intimidate her, and she will gladly find very harsh words to retort any attempt at bullying her. Because of her wish to fight alongside the Vikings, despite her lack of any kind of phyiscal strength, many people consider her a fool. She cares not what others say of her.

    Backstory (Please be brief, save it for the IC):
    Anasthyn was born toTorag, a Viking man that had a knack for screwing every woman that would let him. Because of her father’s reputation, many people are disgusted by her, and more than a few people have publically called her the “bastard girl.”

    Her uncle raised her from an early age, since Torag was killed by the husband of a woman he’d slept with. She learned to care for the horses and became a very skilled rider. Her uncle always told her of his days as a Viking and she dreamed of being part of that fighting force. She trained herself to fight with a short sword, in addition to being able to run fast and over long distances Her speed also translates into quickness, which is how she fights. Despite her speed, she is pathetically weak compared to the vikings.

    Other: She rides a horse that is named Valkyrie.
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  9. I'll be making my character today c:

    @-QT- will be explaining the calendar system later, so if you have issues figuring out the birthday but have everything else, go ahead and post the CS and you can just add the birthday later on.
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  10. Hmm.. This is interesting.. XD
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  11. [​IMG]

    Farmer and Warrior

    Born during the Sun's Month, Sólmánuður.
    Two Winters after the West Voyage.

    Thirty Four Years Old

    Six Foot One Inches Tall and One Hundred Eighty One Pounds

    Driven by his devotion to Kaupang, Abdiel finds himself at odds with the current Earl. His desire is for all of Kaupang's population to be prosperous, not struggle to survive the harsh winters of Skíringssalr. He is dedicated to the warriors that once brought riches to their lands and to the common folk he's learned to live alongside after the voyages became axed.

    Abdiel has also been known to be a brave and tenacious leader. He's loyal to the Gods and believes that all who die in battle will enter the halls of Valhalla to feast with the Odin's son.

    When raids to the west were prominent business proceedings for Kaupang, Abdiel found himself on the ships that returned with gold. During these times, the people of Kaupang did not struggle as their warriors ensured their affluence and security. They did battle with various armies, lost brothers in process but always came out on top.

    Upon the naming of a new Earl, Knut Thorvald, everything that was once opulent had become dark. Darker days came as the voyages concluded and warriors were forced to change profession - leading into farming and fishing to make end's meat. Earl Thorvald had become hated by the lower income citizens, as those who worked directly with the Earl were gifted with gold and wine.

    Ultimately, Abdiel was lead to the fishing industry, selling food in the markets of Skíringssalr. This business plan forced Abdiel to pay a tax to the Earl, for it is mandatory for all of Kaupang's citizens. As taxes continue to increase every New Year in the summer, it has become more difficult to live in Kaupang. Abdiel has decided to stand against the Earl after five years of living so strenuously.
  12. I have added Calendar information under the rules and regulations in the very first post
  13. So I am curious if we can use face claims from the show Vikings. I assume you're familiar with it since you're using their title as an image xD
  14. Hi! No, QT had stated in the interest check that no face claims from either show Vikings or The Last Kingdom can be used. Hope this doesn't hinder you from joining the rp!
  15. I think you guys saw this but, making two guys who will be up this weekend or around next week^^.
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  16. -- pops head in. I don't know you want to play with this , or not - but Viking names follow the following principles: a patronymic, and a byname.

    A patronymic is a "father name", or for women, a "mother name." So if your character is named Thor, son of Odin; his name is Thor Odinson (-- Danish folk use -Sen. because they're weirdos. :p ). Thorunn, daughter of Gudrun, would be Thorunn Gudrundottir. This takes the place of "last names" as we're used to.

    A byname is a descriptive name attached to the first name. For example -- Ragnar Lodbrok. Lodbrok isn't a nonsense last name -- it means Shaggy Breeches. So his name is Ragnar (of) Shaggy Breeches. Women can have by names as well, like Unn the Deepminded.

    Again, you totally don't have to use this ! It's your guys Roleplay. :) but if you want to be historically nerdy, this might be useful. :) have fun !

    (My favorite name is An Twig Belly, for the record. Yes , he's real.)
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  17. [​IMG]

    Boatbuilder & Warrior

    Born during the Black Frost, Þorri.
    Born on a Thursday.

    Thirty Five Years Old

    Height & Weight
    Six Foot Two Inches Tall and One Hundred Ninety One Pounds

    Alvar is probably the most if not the only one who has an immesnely strong will and belief torwards the Gods. In his eyes and mind, no matter what, one should not go against the Gods. Valhalla is the final destination everyone should achieve. He has a brave attitude, and is quite daring. Speaks his mind when its neccessary. Been on more than one raid, he has had his fair share of experience. Been drenched in blood and so on. His devotion to his beliefs has never wavered. If anything, he does what he can with his two hands in order to get closer to Valhalla. He is known for his kind attitude which can quickly change into total opposite. His anger is immense, but so is his honorable heart. To him, following the one who can pave the path to Valhalla is the best choice. His devotion to the Earl is nothing compared to his belief. The man has brute strength on his side like a bear, and strikes with his two axes or even a steel sword as if Thor himself is guiding him to Valhalla!

    Alvar Gustaaf is the father of a boatbuilder named Harald Gustaaf. Been born amongst more than one siblings, they grew up with a normal lifestyle. Being prepared to be a Viking. To serve the Earl to reach Valhalla. To help those of their brethren to accomplish anything, the man was more or less interested in following in his father's footsteps. Like his brothers and siblings, he was more or less the one and only, who did what his father, Harald was doing. Building boats for raids and so on. Obviously, like his siblings, they were all put to test more than once in order to become stronger, harder, better, and worthy of being a Viking. A warrior of the Gods.

    As he grew, he grew amongst his siblings, he slowly became more and more adept at making smaller boats and so on. He had an interest in steel and swords. He was tutored by his fathers friend, Eric Gunnhar, who was a blacksmith. However with time, he grew and changed immensely like his siblings. They eventually went out on raids with their brethren, but at some point, Alvar was the only one who remained, a long with his mother, Frejya Gustaaf. To this day in our present time, he has taken up his father's career, and at the same time, is a Viking known for his strength.

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  18. Accepted! I'll add him to the Accepted Characters List
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  19. Oh my guys fcs... because these to just look like they from Vikings... not to mention one plays Thor, my favorite superhero and Norse God lol.

    Chris and Liam Hemsworth
    Don't judge me for being soo basic this time around, I might change fcs if I find better ones... but yeah, so far these are the ones but knowing me, my cses willhave brand new fcs lol.
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  20. @-QT- Alright, thanks. If there is anything that needs to change or something that needs to be said, do let me know. :)
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