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  1. To Join, PM both @Akashi and I :)


    GMs: @B l u E s & @Akashi
    It is a rich and gruesome world where the laws of the jungles rule! The walking dead rose from the dead to hunt the remaining survivors. Was it mother nature reclaiming its lands? Are humans the cause of these? It is unknown and will most probably remain unknown...

    But that doesn't really matter, because, in this world, your survival rate is close to zero. If today you don't die, tomorrow you will, and if not tomorrow, at some point it will because DEATH is everywhere.

    So, Here we go, launching ourself in a world unknown to us and may the odds ever be in your favor! Eh... Oops, wrong fandom.

    - It is based on The Walking Dead Realm. Meaning...

    1) The word zombie never existed
    2) The cause of the outbreak is unknown and will remain unknown
    3) There is no immunity. Therefore, you are scratched or bitten, you become a walking dead.
    4) The roleplay will start Four Months after the outbreak in Los Angeles

    All of these rules MUST be respected. If not, you will be warned once. If the behavior persists, you will be automatically removed and your characters will become NPC's.

    1) No Drama OOC.
    2) No Godmodding.
    3) No Mary/Gary-Sue.
    4) If you disappear and we can't communicate with you after 2 weeks, your characters will become NPCs and their faith will be in our hands.
    5) Your character will die one day and I expect everyone to know when it is time. You are of course welcomed to create another one at any time.
    6) Say a joke at the end of your character sheet for me to know that you read this block of boring rules.
    7) There is a maximum of three main characters per roleplayer and an infinite amount of NPCs.
    8) ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LINERS. Therefore, a minimum of two paragraphs is required,

    We expect everyone to...
    1) Post Once a Week for Each Character
    2) Your post must be in the advanced level.
    [This means you added as many details as you could and checked your grammar before posting.]

    [Personalize it as much as you want. Make it pretty <3]

    Full Name:
    Sexual Orientation:

    - Fears:

    - Education:


    WARNING: Only One Soldier Will be Accepted.
    ~ * ~
    Player List:
    @B l u E s


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  4. If I don't get my three up tonight (got a few rps to handle today^^) I will get them up this weekend.
  5. Sounds Good to me!
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    I hope you are all having a great weekend so far and life is being good to you!

    This is just a quick message to let you guys know that we are planning to start this roleplay in a weekend from now. So, we expect by next Sunday to have all the character sheets posted on here like that we can begin this journey to death :3

    Please read the rules thoroughly and ask any questions to us :)
    ROLEPLAYERS (open)

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  7. [​IMG]


    Pragmatic | Aloof | Reliable | Unemotional | Quiet | Cautious | Observant | Adaptable | Cynical | Secretive

    ✘ Heights
    ✘ The Unknown
    ✘ Clowns
    ✘ Butterflies
    ✘ Geese

    Aksel was never able to meet his parents. The foster life was all that he knew for as long as he could recall. He bounced from home to home until he was finally able to settle down with a family around the age of six. The married couple was in their thirties, and already had two older children. Despite this, they accepted him without hesitation and with open arms. The same went for his older new siblings. Because of their kind welcome, Aksel was able to blend into the family in no time, feeling like he was there all along.

    Despite being the "black sheep" of the family in terms of looks, Aksel didn't have any hard times regarding that little detail. All throughout his school life, no one teased him about sticking out like a sore thumb compared to his family. In fact, some even thought that it was cool in a way. So Aksel's life went without a hitch. Before he knew it, his older siblings were out for college, and then he was following soon enough.

    Aksel decided to attend college in Los Angeles, California. He's majoring in Culinary Arts, and minoring in Pastries.
    Part-time Waiter
    • Richard Fox | Father | 50 | Status Unknown
    • Emma Fox | Mother | 50 | Status Unknown
    • Vivian Fox | Sister | 24 | Status Unknown
    • Katelyn Fox | Sister | 24 | Status Unknown


    • Aksel was born in Littleton, Colorado.
    • He had a pet dog, Biscuit, who passed away when he was fourteen. He got him when he was eight.
    • He's allergic to bees, and pollen.
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  8. Ya'll ready? XD
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  9. [​IMG]
    Z A R A
    V A N * H A L E N

    23 years old

    ✿ฺ Personality ✿ฺ
    Wise | Idealistic | Conscientious | Ambitious | Judgemental | Charming

    ✿ฺ Background ✿ฺ
    Zara is half-dutch and half-Egyptian. Both of her parents were once upon a time married but quickly divorced after being conceived. It never really affected her life, though. Her father was a rich man with many shitty marriages and, well, she just lived with it.

    She lived all of her life in Egypt with her mom, passing her summers with her father somewhere in Europe or America. Her life was fairly easy going and she enjoyed it.

    When it was time for university, she moved to California with her father to attend law school and since then has been a very studious and promising law student.
    - More to be Revealed IC-

    ✿ฺ Family ✿ฺ
    Mother: Sherine Abdel Wahab
    Half-Brother: Altair Abdel Awad
    Half-Brother: Youness Abdel Awad

    Father: Adam Van Halen
    Half-Brother: Nikita Van Halen
    Half-Sister: Claire Van Halen
    Half-Sister: Renee Van Halen

    ✿ฺ Relationships ✿ฺ
    { Message Me if Anyone Wants to Play her Boyfriend! }

    ✿ฺ Others ✿ฺ
    She can speak English, French, Dutch, and Arabic fluently.
    She was studying International Law and hoped to work in the UN.
    She feels much closer to her mother's side of the family for obvious reasons.
    The Faceclaim is Phoebe Tonkin

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  10. [​IMG]
    N I K I T A
    V A N * H A L E N

    26 Years Old

    ♛ฺ Personality ♛ฺ
    Spontaneous | Rebellious | Arrogant | Lively | Generous | Manipulative

    ♛ฺ Background ♛ฺ
    Like his half-sister Zara, Nikita comes from a divorced house whole which is typical of their father. But unlike her, their father never gave him any feeling of warmth and love. So, he grew up with only his mother by his side and it gave him quite a few complexes, to be honest.

    Those complexes became detrimental eventually, especially in education. Fortunately, after a few rehab and a kick on his ass from his mom, he got back on his feet and tried to do something of his life. He joined the police forces of Los Angeles and since then has been working his ass off, as always.
    {More to be Revealed IC}

    ♛ฺ Family ♛ฺ
    Mother: Alycia Cook

    Father: Adam Van Halen
    Half-Sister: Zara Van Halen
    Half-Sister: Claire Van Halen
    Half-Sister: Renee Van Halen

    ♛ฺ Relationships ♛ฺ
    {Message me for any Possible Existing Relationship}

    ♛ฺ Others ♛ฺ
    Nikita speaks English, Spanish, and a bit of Dutch.
    The faceclaim is Don Benjamin

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  11. I've been doing a seven day work week, so I've been a bit tred. I'm off work tomorrow and hopefully Tuesday so you'll most likely get one from me then :3
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  12. Don't worry about it Red! And I see that you've been working on the animanga clan too so ik you are busy :) as long as you get your Cs somewhat this weekend or something, we are cool with that :) besides, it doesn't have to be very elaborated. Just some basic background for us to make sure we are getting diversity and not any vampires :l
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  14. Hell no xD humans! Dot.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Full Name
    Hayley Frost



    Sexual Orientation:

    She is easy on the eye, and quite social. Kind and cheerful, but easily provoked. Hayley is also emotional, or one may even say she's too emotional. Hayley tends to bottle up her feelings and trust does not come easy to her.

    Eaten Alive

    Hayley has had a normal lifestyle. She has a degree in Fine Art Photography, but her own interest lies within art itself, which could be anything from a good picture of a scenery, or painting, you name it. She has a younger brother who she has a good sweet relationship with. However as time passed she decided to move in for herself, separated from her mother and little brother.

    They still kept in touch and if anything, she used to visit them almost every week. Hayley had to think for the future and decided to become truly independent while also supporting her family with money and so on. But, as luck would not have it, something awful happened to the world, making something impossible possible. Some form of an outbreak occured and the world became a waste, and one can only survive by escaping the dead. The dead walk amongst the living.

    Unfortunately for Hayley, she was not with her own mother or little brother when all of this happened, and is hoping she would find them again, sometime in the near future. Hayley is constantly looking for them while surviving the dead.

    Fine Art Photography


    Older Brother - Status: Unknown
    Father - Status: Deceased (Before Outbreak)
    Mother - Status: Unknown

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  16. Lorraine Desmarais

    Full Name: Lorraine Desmarais
    Nickname: Any French Term of Endearment
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    - Positive:
    Cooperative, Considerate, Intelligent, Open-minded, Resourceful, Passionate
    - Negative: Condemnatory, Finger Pointer, Arrogant, Insensitive, Sticky Fingers, Manipulative
    - Fears: Spiders, Big Bodies of Water, Toads, Enclosed Spaces, Cockroaches, Bacteria oh the irony

    Lorraine was born in Quebec, but raised in Connecticut for most of her early years and some teenage years. Her Mother was an orthopedic surgeon and her Father a psychiatrist. They moved to Los Angeles on a job opportunity for her Mom. Dad stayed behind with her eldest brother, while her younger sister went with her and her mother to Los Angeles. She got involved in different sports, including swimming and soccer. Heck, she even tried out for the football team.

    Lorraine went into dual enrollment at age fifteen and graduated with a liberal arts degree before the rest of her classmates. Her parents divorced when she was eighteen years old. The long distance relationship was a hassle when Dad couldn't find a job out in Los Angeles. Dad married another woman later on, they had a son, and Lorraine went on with life. She got a boyfriend at one point, but he cheated on her while she was pregnant with his child; she didn't know she was pregnant until she was around five months along.After Lorraine and her boyfriend broke up, she met another man in medical school and he became her fiancé later on.

    She got pregnant again, then her fiancé left a year later because of personal reasons. Lorraine was left to depend on her parents one last time through her Anatomic Pathology residency. Her best friend from college became her living crutch as she endured the difficulties of motherhood while striving to successfully finish her education. Lorraine was working hard on her Forensic Pathology Fellowship when the outbreak occurred. She never finished it. Her half-brother recently died because he was scratched by the walking dead and her eldest brother, who moved with his father to be closer to family, had to end his life. They do whatever they can to survive.

    - Education: PhD in Forensics, Master's Degree in Psychology
    -Career/Profession: Medical Examiner
    -Family: First Desmarais (25 years, Younger Sister), Marcus Desmarais (37 years, Eldest Brother), One Half-brother (deceased), Marceline Desmarais (Daughter, 5 years, NPC), Louisa Desmarais (Daughter, 7 years, NPC)
    -Relationships: First Last (Best friend, 5+ years), First Last (Ex-Fiancé, 3+ year), First Last (Ex-boyfriend, 2+ years)

    Others: If anyone is interested in taking any of her family members, her best friend, or exes, please let me know through private messages! The face claim is Amber Heard.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Alexander Sterling
    Nickname: Alex
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Studybug, romantic (if nothing distracts him from his relationship), calm, collected, careful, thinks before he acts.

    Being abandoned
    Being trapped
    Seeing blood


    Shortly before his birth, Alex family moved from England to Norway where he grew up learning both Norwegian and English. As he entered high school, Alex got the chance to do an exchange student program and studied a year abroad in France. At this time he fell in love with learning new languages and decided to become a translator. After high school, he left his family and moved abroad to continue his translation studies with focus on Norwegian, French and English.

    During his time abroad he did have quite a few relationships, but all ended pretty quickly as he usually had a hard time prioritizing anyone above his studies.

    Once the outbreak started, Alex had been in the middle of translating a book for his very last school project. The thing he regretted the most when everything that had happened had gotten time to sink in was that he never had gotten to read the end of that book.

    Supposedly Living Family:
    Mother - Therese Sterling
    Father - Gustav Sterling (pre-marriage surname: Johansen)
    Grandfather - Erik Johansen
    Grandmother - Johanna Johansen

    Anita Andersson - Ex girlfriend from high school
    Victor Jenkins - Ex boyfriend from first year of college
    Akihito Natsume - Ex boyfriend from first/second year of college
    Sasha Björnlund - Ex girlfriend third year of college
    Monica Simpson - Ex girlfriend forth year of college (got bitten by a walker, was locked up in a room as she changed, as far as Alex knows, she's still locked up inside a room at his school.)

    Tobias Malm - College roommate and best friend (Current whereabouts unknown. Separated during outbreak)
    Clara Jacobsson - Classmate, good friend (Separated during outbreak, wherabouts unknown)

    (If anyone wanna play any of his Exes or friends, go right ahead. I can change or add names until the point of the RPs start. At the time of the outbreak, his girlfriend died, thus he's not in a relationship at the start of the rp.)
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  18. @B l u E s
    All done with Aksel! Please tell me if you'd like me to change, add, etc. anything! ^^
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