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  1. [​IMG]

    Born of cold and winter air
    And mountain rain combining
    This icy force both foul and fair
    Has a frozen heart worth mining
    So cut through the heart, cold and clear
    Strike for love and strike for fear
    See the beauty, sharp and sheer
    Split the ice apart!
    And break the frozen heart

    -Arendelle worker song

    Even as Corona is the seat of the Summer Court of the Fae in influence and roots, so too is Arendelle home to that of the Winter-Smith and his retainers. Its people are hardy, used to the deep-set winters where it is said the Winter Queen returns home in such times. Here, worship of the Winter-Smith prevails above all. All-Father and husband to the Queen of Winter, who vanishes and returns on the darkest days of the years. Her line and his can be traced through the royal family itself and it is said that occasionally, one arises with power over the domains of Winter itself in the royal line.

    In terms of natural resources, Arendelle naturally boasts considerable stock in the ice trade. They are also a sea-faring people, seeking out places where the whales are plentiful for bone and oil. Lumber is cut, according to ancient traditions to respect the mystical half of this old kingdom and beneath the earth, coal is harvested with the same working ethic that characterizes these people.

    Other exports are reflective of their mindset and stance. Scrimshaw works from caribou horn and whale tooth and bone are plentiful, the patient work one reflective of the long winter nights and the Arendelle thought process. Furs are of course, sought after and their cold-weather jackets are a testament to long trial and error, in a land so intense with such unforgiving cold as it can muster.

    Beyond its cities and villages however, dangers creep from the shadows and threaten the lands.

    The wolves of Arendelle are a savage breed. Hardy, massive abominations and cunning. Legend has it that when the White Witch fell, some of her talking wolves fled to Arendelle for sanctuary. Seeing a land that so resembled their own, they mated with the local wolves and the result was these creatures. However their origin, nevertheless it is clear that there is some base intelligence in these creatures not found elsewhere, perhaps save in the lands where tales of the Ring of Power are whispered.

    Other dangers for the unprepared are those of the Fae themselves. Some are helpful and friendly, such as the rock trolls; Sons of the Earth who hear her whispers and impart her wisdom to those around them. Others though connected to the Winter-Smith are nevertheless, dangerous to meet. And some should be avoided at all costs!

    The Unseelie presence is strong, in particular during the winter months. They delight in cruelty for its sake and despise the elven presence for how often they prevent them from preying on humans. More savage breeds of trolls also exist, emerging from their caverns by night to pillage and raid, always leaving before dawn to their holes. But the greatest danger of these lands, lie in the stories of a race borne of the dark side of winter.

    Heralded always by the worst blizzards, old men and women whisper in the sunlight of a race as merciless as the cold. Like the Unseelie, their sport is in the hunt and to hear their horn by night is a terrifying thing to those who know what lies out there. Gaunt and twisted, they are ice incarnate and can be seen by the glow of their eyes in darkest night. They are known by many names, but to avoid their attention they call them simply "White Walkers." Though it has been years since they had been seen stalking Arendelle soil, nevertheless their influence can be felt in the way how no one dares emerges when the blizzards are strong and the howls of the winds sounds almost like a hunting horn....

    The Synopsis

    In a world you might have seen in your dreams, there exists a continent. The Homelands of all our stories and day-dreams, come to life alongside each other. Here, the legend of Arthur and Cair Paravel inspire the knights of today as they quest across the lands. To the furthest east, the Gates of Mordor smolder quietly as the dark force behind its walls bides its time. In the darkest woods, the Big Bad Wolf prowls and the skies are rife with creatures of fantasy beyond compare. Dragons and wizards, fairies and stories...These are the Homelands.

    The home, of the Grimm War.

    The Setup


    Home of the Snow Queen and a hardy race borne of winters bite and caress. To every realm, an open invitation has been sent to attend a tourney of knights. Corona, Port Habe, Calormen and its neighbor Agrabah across the seas...Almost all have been invited and many are coming yet. It is a time to renew old friendships and make new ones, a time for what was once an insular kingdom to fling open its doors and invite everyone within. A grand day, a wondrous day...

    An opportunity to those who seek to see it burn....


    Fairy tales, Fables, Folklore and more. That is the world of the Grimm Wars. Character sheets are as follows.


    Health(All characters begin with base 5): 5

    Fable(If any. Essentially, asking what Fable or mythos are you drawing inspiration from):


    Strength(Strength of arms and bodily power)

    Spirit(Willpower and magical effectiveness)

    Intellect(Skills that require a nimble mind and quick thinking, or that of a scholar)

    Charisma(Force of presence, to inspire or to damn)


    Example PC




    Health(All characters begin with base 5): 5

    Fable(If any. Essentially, asking what Fable or mythos are you drawing inspiration from): Cinderella

    Profession: Prince, magister(scientist)

    Strength(Strength of arms and bodily power): +1

    Spirit(Willpower and magical effectiveness): +2

    Intellect(Skills that require a nimble mind and quick thinking, or that of a scholar): +4

    Charisma(Force of presence, to inspire or to damn): +3

    Bio: Youngest of three siblings of the fae-touched kingdom of Somnium, Severus was born utterly lacking in most martial skills. Like his mother, he was a dreamer though for other things entirely. Where boys his age engaged in roughhousing, he'd spent hours observing the wings of a butterfly in flight. Where most played at soldiers, he was content to remain indoors, books scattered heedlessly where he placed them in an attempt to capture their knowledge for his own. Magic was well and good, and he had the mind for it certainly but that was never enough. 'Why' was his trademark and it became a nominal sight to see the youngest visiting the pigeon coops or falconer roosts in order to examine with permission, the wings of both as he grew older.

    There is a whole world of knowledge just lying out there to be discovered.

    Severus intends to be the one who does so first.

    He has one older brother in line for the throne, Salazar and a sister named Synthia. Other notables include Queen Ella his mother and a fairy godmother.


    In terms of stats, you get a sliding scale of 4-1. Simply choose which you'd rather have for whatever trait and you're good. You use these in 1d20 rolls against set roll difficulties for challenges, when called for.

    Have fun.​
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  2. Basic interest check regarding old campaign notes ran elsewhere. Now improved.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Dame Kel of Cardomas

    Health(All characters begin with base 5): 5

    Fable(If any. Essentially, asking what Fable or mythos are you drawing inspiration from): Brienne

    Profession: Royal Knight, Paladin

    Strength(Strength of arms and bodily power): +3

    Spirit(Willpower and magical effectiveness): +2

    Intellect(Skills that require a nimble mind and quick thinking, or that of a scholar): +1

    Charisma(Force of presence, to inspire or to damn): +4

    Bio: Within the Kingdom of Cardomas, a family of great knights have served the royal family for generations, each of the family heads riding alongside the monarch into war and standing at their side as they administered the land. As a member of this nameless family that only bears the heraldry of a white griffin as the mark of their lineage, Kel has been raised to serve the Cardomas line as a protector of the king's daughter. However, she has also taken on the extra duties and honors of the paladin's oath, seeking to keep alive the spirit of Camelot and the Once and Future King. There was no time for the frivolous activities of the various ladies at court in her eyes, with the only time of day not focused on martial training and study given to her charge and best friend, Princess Keladry.

    As the invitation to attend and witness the tourney in Arendelle has reached Cardomas, Kel has been allowed to accompany Lady Keladry as both a member of her guard and as an entrant to the competition. She hopes to find a true challenge there, one that will understand the sincerity of her desire to battle and not force her to wear a helm to hide her appearance and be taken seriously.

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  5. ...Cthulhu?
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  6. The Flight of Birds

    The Clock Tower was one of the princes most favorite places in the world. Often, Bishop wondered why exactly a boy who wouldn't know an epee from a saber if you asked, would walk up ten flights of stairs up and down, just to reach the center of the clock. There was something about it that enchanted him, the grinding of gears and the click of Time measured beat by beat, that arrested him utterly. He claimed it helped him think and with his elder brother to have the throne someday, he was often left to his own devices. Salazar...Bishop huffed and paused around stairway six to catch his breath. A good, polite man. Well-received by his peers and with an eye for command, certainly. He had proved that alongside Inara his daughter when he paid his tour of the Somnium border. And yet...And yet....The Paladin couldn't quite put his finger on it, but whenever he was in the presence of Salazar?

    He made his skin crawl.

    Once more, he moved on upward and reaching the top, stood in silence. You couldn't help it.

    There was something about this place that encouraged a certain kind of mind. The tick-tock of the great clock measuring the flow of time, serene and never deviating filled the room. It was quite a large one to be sure, to account for the gears and such. But an enterprising figure had set up a bench for visitors as well as a balcony below its face, for people to look out at the city. Today, there was only one.

    Prince Severus.

    Bishop marched forward and leaned forward on the balcony rail, the cast-iron firm and steady which in a height such as this was a steady advantage to have. Severus didn't seem to notice. He was a bit on the lean side, lanky though growing out. At eighteen years old he was almost the spitting image of his father, but paired with the eyes of his mother. Dreamers eyes of green as he stared up at a point that made Bishop curious, to do the same. All he saw was a hawk, flying in a steady circle. He cleared his throat.

    "Your highness?"

    "Lord Constanze."

    His voice was thoughtful, somewhat low but that was normal as he continued to stare at the hawk. In a voice of deep contemplation, he mused almost to himself.

    "How do you suppose they hang up there?"

    "Your highness?"

    Bishop was thrown off momentarily before realizing and with a small consideration he shrugged.

    "I'm not entirely sure. If the gods meant us to fly, we'd have been born with wings."

    "But they gave me wings when they showed me birds."

    Bishop threw Severus a slightly worried look. He was a smart man all things considered, but his line of work extended to military matters. That was straightforward and done, this cleverness and curiosity was something more for his youngest daughter or his wife to understand. Remembering his purpose, he spoke.

    "I've a message from your father."

    That got Severus's attention. Bishop Constanze was a decorated knight and Duke of the realm. For a knight, he actually quite liked him. He thought before he spoke and had never made jokes at his expense for his line of study. Everyone could and did magic-He learned, if only to have a few spells in handy for the odd case or so. But for the longest time, that was as far as people went. Flight could be accomplished by magic-The flying carpets of Agrabah or witches enchanted broomsticks being the most obvious. But there was no magic in the wing beat of a bird or butterfly nor in the emergence of a seed into a flower. It was these mysteries he focused on and it baffled many. It would have been different, if he tried to become a proper wizard. Everyone understood that.

    But to Severus, he knew that would not be him. Bishop continued on, blithely.

    "There is a tourney in Arendelle. Hosted by the Snow Queen to encourage relationships with her neighbors. Your father believes it will....Broaden your horizons to attend. It is an opportunity that doesn't come often."

    Severus was silent. Bishop continued.

    "Of course its not...Mandatory to come. Your parents just feel its a good way to-"

    "She has a daughter, doesn't she?"

    Bishop paused. That was not a promising tone and to buy time, he cleared his throat.

    "A sister, actually. Around your age as a matter of fact-Its not a solid thing."

    He forestalled Severus's words, one hand raised as he explained.

    "It just...Might be profitable for the kingdom, should we have strong relationships with such a place as Arendelle."

    "And if not her, I suppose there will be a number of attending, socially acceptable women there in turn."

    Bishop winced inwardly. There was a hint of bitterness in Severus's voice now as he leaned on the railing and spoke.

    "I understand....As the youngest and with the crown passing to my brother, I'm left with naught to do. How else to better expand our influence then through traditional means? No, I understand." He grunted, an uncharacteristic noise as he crossed his arms. Bishop turned to leave, hesitated and then placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently.

    "Boy, you can be anything you wish to be in this world. Your parents are living proof of that and you are their heir to it. Don't think because they have an eye to the kingdom, that they don't love you. Its a hard thing, to wear the crown and make the choices. Its not easy to emphasize maybe...But its something to be reminded of."

    He turned to leave and as he reached the staircase he paused as Severus called out.

    "Lord Constanze? Will you be participating?"

    Bishop considered before speaking.

    "...I am."

    "And will you take no entourage?"

    Bishop shrugged, before realizing the useless gesture. Severus was watching the city now, his eye drawn to a district and a certain house therein.

    "My squire. My wife will stay behind to watch the estate, my eldest daughter patrols the southern border where we will see her on our way....If my youngest wishes to come, that will be up to her."

    Severus was silent for a time before finally speaking.


    And all was quiet once more, the clock the only noise that echoed as Bishop left.


    Once upon the time, there was a ball. The principal figure for whom it had been meant for was fifteen, an auspicious birthday. Gangly and annoyed at being dragged away from his ape skeleton studies, he locked himself in the library and discovered himself not alone. An unfamiliar girl he had never met had claimed his space for her own, seated upon his couch for all the world as though she owned the place as a psuedo-dragon slept peacefully on the mantle. They argued first over space, the boy unwilling to use his status and the girl unaware of who he was in the first place. And then the topic changed to natural philosophy, the boy frankly astonished at the girls frankness and points. When midnight struck and she left with the rest, the boy considered his first impression. She was the most absolute, bossiest know-it-all typical magus who considered magic the penultimate truth and interpreted her Merlin with the most appalling nature.

    And he couldn't wait to see her again, so he could prove her wrong.
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  7. Maybe? : |
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  8. I'm thinking of going with the simple tale of the Hare and the Tortoise. Maybe someone who uses a hare and a tortoise as weapons as opposed to the said characters as... well... characters?
  9. That might be difficult to craft as a character.
  10. Currently brainstorming a character. ;)
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  11. [​IMG]




    Japanese folklore; Combination of the Mononoke and the Bakechochin

    Haunting Ghost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯





    Haraise has little recollection of her time while alive, and only remembers her brief moments upon death. A person wielding a sword and donned a distinct red mask killed her one night, stabbing her through the heart. Left to die in the forest with her lantern, Haraise passes away with a strong vengeance in her spirit, causing her to be unable to rest peacefully. So devoted to achieving revenge against her killer, Haraise got her new name from the kanji for "revenge," as that is what she constantly thinks about. Bound to her lantern, she possesses this inanimate object, keeping it's flame lit as it draws other lesser spirits that share the same energy of "hatred" in themselves. However, Haraise never got to find her killer, endlessly scaring off wanderers that happen to come across the possessed lantern.

    On another of the nights where she would scare off these lost wanderers, Haraise would hear word of a tourney occurring in Arendelle, she would come to a hasty conclusion that her killer may be present there... and by that logic, she would finally find out the reasons for her death and rest in peace. After scaring off the traveler that indirectly informed her of this, Haraise was conveniently able to take a map from this traveler, and would start to wander towards Arendelle to get her answers.

    Haraise's physical form is her lantern that she died with, and her unseen spiritual form (unless she projects herself) is her appearance upon death. Just so that's cleared up and clarified. ^^'​
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  12. Someone asked me if we're limited to just one character. For now, yes we are. But we will have the opportunity to play more.

    There are two choices. You can either have two more OC's that use the same stats as regular, or one Fable-named figure(Ariel, Princess Mononoke, The Beast, etc which will have improved stats of their own.)
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  13. "Are you ready to face the Terror of London?"
  14. (Named Fable Figure Stats)

    5, 4, 3, 2.

    Certain Fables may be rejected on certain GM grounds. Any need for clarification may be asked here.​

  15. (Example Fable Character)


    Name: Ala ad-Dinn

    Health(All characters begin with base 5): 5

    Fable(If any. Essentially, asking what Fable or mythos are you drawing inspiration from): Arabian Nights. Aladdin and the Mystic Lamp

    Profession: Hassassin/Bodyguard

    Strength(Strength of arms and bodily power):+5

    Spirit(Willpower and magical effectiveness):+3

    Intellect(Skills that require a nimble mind and quick thinking, or that of a scholar):+4

    Charisma(Force of presence, to inspire or to damn): +2

    Bio: In lands where the desert is vast as the sea, lies several territories but none so vast nor as powerful as the big three. Calormen, the Wastes of Harad and Agrabah. Raised up as a penniless boy in the ash-heap, Aladdin learned to steal early on to survive as well as doing any work he could to support his single mother, wasting away in madness. One day, a man came to his door and requested the boy after a cursory examination. He would pay Aladdin's mother two bags of gold and one of rubies, every week for each week that Aladdin stayed with him. Making the bargain, Aladdin sealed the deal and went with the man.

    Taken to the mountains, he would be put through laborious training with the harshest of penalties among others. Quick thinking and a knowledge of when to duck and hit became skills he honed and he grew in the organization. Despite it, there was something of the earnest street rat that remained within his breast as he was finally taken out to perform a very special job with two others. To break into the sacred mystic vault of the Sultan known to the civilized world 'As the Cave of Wonders'.

    Aladdin alone survived, bearing two prizes. One was a ring which he pocketed early. The other was a lamp, of seemingly little worth. Bearing both to his master, he was acknowledged for his cunning and tenacity before promptly stabbed in the heart to die in the waste. His last wish, as he felt life ebb away was that he could live.

    Something heard him and the Djinn of the Ring granted his wish.

    A scheme was initiated, a lamp was stolen and much happened in between to the point he was forced to flee his homeland. Taking refuge in Calormen, he became the bodyguard of a Tarkaan noble and currently accompanies him to Arendelle, bored out of his mind and about ready to toss him over the side of the ship himself....​
  16. Can I get a definitive answer there? :|
  17. No. : |

    Yes, they do exist. But knowledge is scarce and only rumors pervade across the sea and sand and deep places of the world.​
  18. So how 'bout like, a guy with the barest random understanding after multiple years of study?

    Unless that no was actually like the final answer, which is totally cool with me, I could do something else.
  19. The Mythos in terms of the Old Ones are going to be antagonists. If you want to play a Huntsman who makes a living/his life mission to hunting them, feel free.
  20. Ah. That works too.

    Sheet comin' later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
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