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  1. A wall of warmth hits you. Whiffs of caffeine and cocoa arouse your taste-buds as you take off your woollen gloves. You begin to relax a little as you take in the room's neutral tones and soft jazz music, the familiarity of the scene welcome. Perhaps you're here to get some work done, meet a friend, or just relax. Whatever you're here for, you know there's no place you'd rather do it.

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    The current IC date is January 10th.
    The next café event will be the Valentines Day event on IC date Febuary 14th.



    You do not have to describe ordering a drink when you arrive in the café in much detail, you can dedicate less than a line to it. Your post doesn't have to accurately depict every part of the process of going to a real café unless you want it to, since this isn't the point of the RP. Character interactions will take precedent over realism.

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  2. A few rays of light flicker across the counter Eric is cleaning as he prepares for the morning shift at the café. Frost still clings to the edges of the window despite the sun's battle against it, so Eric knew it was going to be another busy day with many people coming in just to escape the January cold. Not that he minded the busyness- rather, Eric enjoyed the opportunity to see a variety of different faces and personalities. It could get tiring trying to remember how to do all the New Year's speciality drinks people requested though- still, they weren't as bad as the Valentine's day ones he'd have to be doing soon. No, Eric was not looking forward to the commercialisation of romance that would be Valentine's day, especially not since the café was having an all-day event dedicated to it this year. He secretly hoped that most customers would ignore the event, and would instead just go about their usual routine in the café during Valentine’s day.

    Only two minutes until 7am now. Eric set the café sign to 'open', unlocked the front door, and went behind the counter ready for the first customer. Beneath Eric was a row of freshly baked goods lay behind a glass sneeze guard, with one pastry already missing that Eric had put aside for Lilac’s shift later. Hidden behind the till was Eric’s own morning coffee, which he took a quick sip of. Everything was in place for the first customer.
  3. First Customer...

    However, that First Customer wasn't quite there yet. As a traveler, yes, he'd learned how the best-laid plans of mice and other furry mammals could turn. It wasn't like he'd forgotten to pack enough socks. Or had run out of clean underwear. Had a rip in his pants. A tear in his shirt. A hole in his left shoe. Maybe it was just because he hadn't had anything to eat since yesterday afternoon. Since he'd arrived in the middle of a dragon fight... had all his fur burned off... had to run, crispy-roasted skin oh so uncomfortable.......
    At least the unicorn had been helpful.
    And yes, being Nism, all his fur had grown back, skin all nice and supple again. Still hurt like H.......
    ....... 'eeello! There!
    In the distance, a cafe. At least, it looked like a cafe. Grumble of stomach seemed to agree. Breakfast... now! On all fours, he jogged briskly towards this most wonderful find (thank you, unicorn!), his Iburnium pendant a-swing on its neck-chain, each touch of sunlight making it glow with fire's light. Hmmmm! Large ears picked up muffled music. Four-legged jog became two-legged run...
    ... then sudden stop at the door, funny enough, just as the hour turned seven. Yes, the sign said "Open". And yes, he opened the door quickly, with only the barest hesitation, to make sure his eagerness didn't rip the door off its hinges. Or at the very least, snap off the doorknob. Toeclaws a-clack on the floor, fur ruffled, shroudruff feathers a-flutter, this young Nism male planted himself firmly on the first counter-stool to catch his eye, tail wrapped over his toes. And then...
    ... "Biggest 'everything' omelet you can make... coffee... orange juice... side of hash browns... my undying gratitude......."
    Flare of all four nostrils. Ruffle of mane. Grin, filled with raccoonish teeth. Eyes, bright. Hand-claws, a very distinct 'click' as they touched the counter-top. Followed by an also very distinct "tummy-rumble".......
  4. Blake was walking down the street to go the cafe and to be early. If he was there practically at opening, he wouldn't have to worry about the lines and he could get his black coffee and go to his work easily. He however had left the house five minutes too late, had nearly been attacked by a dhampir and barely made it to the coffee shop.

    He opened the door and saw a creature was in front of him ordering. Ugh, he hated lines, but he hoped- well, just great, he had ordered most of the menu. " I think you forgot the rest of the menu," Blake cynically said to him.

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  5. Second Considerations...

    No matter how "preoccupied" he'd been with his hunger, this young Nism male hadn't missed this human's approach... this "reek" of negative chi stepping right on his tail. Forehead badge, a-sheen for a moment. Then ears flicked. Eyes and grin turned as ears tweaked back...
    ... "You're right..." Shroudruff feathers "flashed", then he turned back to the human behind the counter... "English muffin, also... butter and orange marmalade......."
    With a wave of claws over the right-hand stool next to him, this young Nism male invited this new arrival to sit and relax...
    ... "Sorry if I drained the menu. I'm quite willing to share." He held out the same clawed hand he'd waved with, in a very human gesture... "Kimba, of the Bloodline Taavittik. I take it today hasn't found you in a state of bliss."
    Kimba couldn't help but chuckle.......
  6. "I'm not sure I can create an omelette with everything in, but I'll do my best to make one as large as possible!" Eric told Kimba, starting to get the ingredients out ready, "Your order might take some time though..." Well, what sort of morning would it be if the first customer didn't order half the menu? Since the omelette would take longest to make Eric went about preparing that first, using the largest pan he could find. After adding the ingredients to the pan Eric turned to the man behind Kimba, calling out "Would you like to give your order too? I may as well work on it at the same time, since this one's going to take a while. There's nothing worse than not getting your morning coffee soon enough, right?" He gave the man a gentle smile whilst waiting for a reply.
  7. Blake tried his best to not curse the young nism out for taking his advice in a literal sense. Sometimes he doubted the intelligence of other creatures and that was being entirely honest too.

    He noticed that the young whatever was gesturing for him next to him. He hated small talk and he was not exactly looking forward to this in the slightest.

    " Well, I mean, as long as you are willing to share, may I add to your order? All I want is a fast black coffee and go to work, can't be late for anything. " Blake Jones," he said, not adding anything else to what he was going to say. He ignored the chuckle too.

    " Yeah, I'll take a black coffee and a NOT toasted bagel with cream cheese," he said to Eric. He emphasized the not- he didn't want it toasted.

    He had very little patience at the moment. God, this day sucked already.

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  8. It had been a miserable night. Being cold-blooded in the middle of winter will do that to you. Saen needed to warm up, badly, and she went to one of her favorite spots to hang out.

    The café had just opened, but there were already a couple of customers there. New people, too, not regulars like her. She slipped her necklace off, taking her true, scaly form. She got into line, looking at the other early arrivals. "Saen Patrick. It's a pleasure to meet both of you."
  9. Whilst continuing to prepare Kimba's lengthy order, Eric put on a medium black coffee. "How much cream cheese would you like on your one hundred per cent NOT toasted bagel, sir? I can be rather generous with the portion if you like?" Eric asked Blake, being careful not agitate him further. Perhaps if he did the order well enough Eric could even cheer the man up a little, or at least so Eric hoped.

    Eric looked up to see Saen entering the cafe, taking their reptilian form. It made Eric glad to see that the cafe was a place where customers like Saen felt comfortable enough not to hide themselves- he was too aware of other businesses who shamed non-humans for their appearances. "Ah, Saen, good to see you," Eric greeted, "I'm a little busy right now, but what can I get you once I'm done with the current order?"
  10. Bad Vibes...

    For someone who had been roasted and then chased by dragons, Kimba felt quite cheerful. Hungry, yes, but still riding that "regenerative wave"... that "It feels so good to be alive!" vibe. Not that he enjoyed being roasted or chased, or would want to be again. Pain still hurt, and other ways to feel "alive" existed. Like enjoying a good meal. Or a good conversation with.......
    Not exactly a friend, in this case.
    But not an enemy, either. Just another customer. And then another customer! This one, female, and interestingly not human. Kimba gave a nod to "Blake Jones", to acknowledge that, yes, by all means, add away! Then...
    ... "Don't be too much in a rush for everything. Good way to miss important details..."
    Kimba leaned over the counter, careful not to unbalance his stool-perch. His Iburnium pendant caught a ray of sunlight, that bit of sunlight lighting the metal nugget's glow like the head of a match...
    ... "Make sure you add mushrooms, the more the better! And slather it in cheese!"
    Yes, in his own rush, Kimba had forgotten a few choice details, equivalent to Blake's "NOT toasted" request. A lick between all four nostrils, tail's tip a-flick against floor. Then to the lady reptile after she ordered...
    ... "Kimba, Bloodline Taavittik... also a pleasure." Bright eyes on her, he gave her both a grin, and a "flash" of his shroudruff feathers, as mane ruffled and ears went alertly forwards. If this "Blake" insisted on giving the room bad vibes, Kimba was determined to keep as much cheer going as he could, to drive the chill away.......
  11. Meira was exhausted. She had procrastinated so badly that she had to last minute maybe literally everything.
    Maybe the cafe would calm her down, Meira thought to herself. She got off her chair and grabbed her coat.
    It was quite fluffy, the hood that is. It was a poofy lavender coat with fake white fur on the ends where the hands would pop out. Meria then tied her light blonde hair up with a lavender hair tie into a single pony tail. She put on her matching lavender mittens and bunny earmuffs. She put one hand on the door before a sharp bark rang out through the star decorated room. Meira sighed. "I can't go anywhere without you, can't I?" Sivian walked up to her.

    "Who would take care of you then?" Sirius replied briskly. "I'm not a child, Sirius." Sirius snorted,
    "Your clothes would say otherwise." Sirius went through the unlocked doggy door as he looked back. Meira
    opened the door and sighed for the second time. "Don't forget your bag!" Meira jumped as the dog loudly
    said this as he seemed to practically bounce down the stairs. Meira quickly went through her papers retrieving her bag. As she shoved the papers and items she needed into the bag. She patted her star charm as she looked back at the umbrella. "Farewell, Dreamy. It's not the weather yet."
    Meira finally exited the building as they walked to the cafe.

    The scent of coffee greeted her as the bells on the top of the door chimed. She took off her mittens and tucked them into her bag rubbing her cheeks as the door closed behind her. She smiled, she adored this place. Though personally Sirius would rather be at home chewing up the newest toy she bought for him, this was the place he hated the least.
    "Konichiwa, also known as hello, Eric." She smiled at him as she looked at the line, her voice was soft as ever but she skipped into line. "Hello Saen." Sirius again snorted as well as a dog could. "I don't get why you get a need to greet everyone! It's not like everyone wants to say hi, at this time of day!"

    "B-But Sirius..." It seemed there were more people this morning then usual, after all someone spoke up.
    A new person maybe? "Kimba, Bloodline Taavittik... also a pleasure." Meira was even more cheerful at this point,
    "I um... I'm Meira. I didn't mean to butt in...." Her voice trailed off. "Meira when you're greeting someone you must complete your greeting!" The dog 'scoffed' or at least it sounded like a scoff. "Don't ask for my name because that'd just waste my breath. Just don't call me 'mutt' or 'that dog.'" "That's not very nice Sirius, though yes. The Shibas name is Sirius."

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  12. Thankfully Eric had already added mushrooms, it being one of the most popular ingredients, although he made a point of adding extra cheese. Eric served up the omelette, hashbrowns, coffee, English muffin with marmalade and butter... and at the last second orange juice onto tray. "Here you go Kimba," Eric said, passing the loaded tray over, "I hope you enjoy all that!" Next Eric hurriedly finished off Blake's coffee, pushing it over to him. "I hope your wait wasn't too long, I'll be done with the bagel in a moment!"

    Before Eric even had a chance to breathe yet another customer came in. "Good morning Meira, and to you too Sirius. What can I get you on this fine morning?" The morning had only just begun and the cafe was already full of life, just the way Eric liked it.
  13. "Saen, of... no particular bloodline, really. It's a pleasure to meet both of you." Saen had a rather shy smile on her face.

    "Two eggs sunny side up, three sausage patties, and some orange juice." The lamia shifted on her coils, reaching into her purse for one of her many, many books. Elementary Divination. Hmph. Don't have any scrying bowls or bones to throw, but at least I can read up on the theory." A lot of her friends had told how cool they thought it was that she was going to be a witch, but if they only knew how much time she'd spent studying already...
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  14. Blake looked over at Eric and decided to answer him since he had asked him instead of annoying him even more. " As much cream cheese as the bagel can hold, both sides," he said to him, as he wanted something that tasted good. He bit down on his lips and wasn't sure what else to say either. It was not a strong place for him to socialize with others and he hadn't planned to do it this morning, but it had happened for some stupid reason indeed.

  15. "Alright Saen, I'll get on your order in a moment," Eric replied, while getting out a bagel and cream cheese, "First comes an intensely filled bagel." Eric scooped so much cream cheese out of its pot that a some began to trickle off the knife, smothering half of the bagel in cream cheese before it all slid off... and then he took another giant scoop and smothered the same side. By the time Eric was finished massacring the bagel with cream cheese the pot was empty. Normally Eric would ask whether or not the customer wanted a knife and fork for their bagel, but it didn't seem like there was going to be any way to eat the bagel without them. Eric slid the plate of bagel over to Blake with a knife and fork, adding "Here it is, eat well!"

    Eric took a quick sip of coffee before starting on Saen's order. "So, Kimba, what's left you so hungry?" Eric inquired.
  16. Food, With Story...

    So much activity! And...
    ... so much food.......
    A very brief roll of eyes for Blake "McGrumpypants". Fur fluff for Sean. Grin for Meira... and her little dog, too. Sirius-ly. Yes, the sight and smell of his breakfast threatened drool-leakage. And yes, again, strange that a cafe would use a tray... a "cafeteria" item... but then, he'd ordered quite a lot. Perhaps too much. Still, he felt determined. Very, very hungr.......
    ....... ah, a question. Kimba finished swallowing his first mouthful, then...
    ... "Familiar with the mountains north-west of here?" A quick sip of his coffee, with face, ears down and back... "Cream?" Kimba cleared his throat... "Arrived here yesterday, early afternoon, somewhere in those mountains." He creamed his coffee, took another sip, this time with approval... "I recommend not going there... dragons are having a convention, and aren't too happy to be interrupted in their... activities." Grin, followed by another mouthful of omelet... "Most males I know don't like having their romantic moments disturbed. I discovered dragon males like to roast intruders... and if they can't eat what they've just roasted, then they chase it all over the mountains till... well, let's just say I went to bed last night without supper."
    With that said, he returned to his omelet with gusto.......
  17. Brrr...

    Ca'Shunn awoke to a layer of snow coating his entire body and having no fur on his torso, was very cold. Getting up he shook his body to get the icy powder out of his hair and looked over to the building directly next to him. The... what was it, Cafè.

    To explain some things, Keeper had heard of the building from spying on some lumberjacks before scaring them off. It was a place where people ate and spoke: two things he liked, at the same time! However when the forest guardian found the building it was closed due to it being midnight. Keeper, not one to be deterred, chose to sleep lying down next to the place, the morning snow leaving nothing but the ends of his large antlers poking out of the white. The common passerby would have thought of them as nothing more then a few odd branches.

    Anyway, Keeper was there and it appeared to be open. He pushed open the door and- "WAM!" His antlers were too wide for the doorway. It was impossible to not howl with pain, so he let out a tiny, quiet howl of pain. His discreetness shattered, Keeper shuffled sideways though the doorway and, with a misrible look on his face, weaved his way though the tables and other costumers to the counter.

    Defeated he stood there and pointed at the Nism's coffee whilst looking at the owner-seeming-person, as he wanted to try the stuff. Perhaps it was for the best that he had not yet noticed the trail of dirt and snow his hooves and shaggy tail had left.
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    image.jpeg dats him
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  18. Blake was waiting for his bagel rather impatiently as he scrolled their his phone. He looked for any texts from his girlfriend, there were none. He sighed as he closed his phone. It had been a few months since she had responded to his text, but it was to be expected. He was a human, she was a person gifted with unique powers as a banshee, everybody always wanted to have her services and he watched as Eric killed the bagel, just the way he liked it. " Thanks for taking forever," he sarcastically said, as he chewed on his bagel after he cut it in half. He was happy that it tasted good and he wasn't going to complain about it yet. He took a sip of his coffee and debated if he had something to say to the others.

    He took a look back to his phone and sighed as he ate. He needed to be at work soon.

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  19. Disturbing dragons during their 'romantic moments' certainly didn't sounds like a good idea. Eric was rather impressed Kimba had managed to escape alive. "How did you manage to get away, Kimba?" Eric inquired, "It's quite the feat to get away from an angered dragon!" What was a significantly less impressive feat was Ca'Shunn's attempt to get through the cafe door. Eventually the poor... man?... made it in, pointing at a cup of coffee. "Antler sir, do you want some coffee?"

    Despite Blake's passive aggressive attitude, he seemed placated by the bagel. Making customers happy was one of the highlights of this job, so Eric continued on his quest to cheer up Blake. "Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?" Eric addressed Blake, while plating up Saen's order. "And here you go Saen, just how you usually like it!" Eric gave Saen a quick wink.
  20. Blake looked up at him and debated if he wanted anything else. He wanted an answer from his girlfriend, he wanted to have a happy life with nothing going wrong. He wanted anything else that he could do for him. " I guess you can make me one of those vanilla frosted doughnuts," he said, looking at his phone. He had gotten a text on his phone that told him that work had been cancelled due to an accident in the lab parts.

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