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  1. Hello, there. I've been searching for a partner(s) for some while now, particularly searching in a few subjects. My first favourite is Sci-fi, which can be anything from aliens to your common Firefly ship. It mostly includes otherworldly things, events or happenings. The stage is ours for the taking. My second favourite is apocalypse. Radiation, plague, virus, atomic bomb, you name it. I like the idea of having to survive in an environment otherwise deadly.

    I also am interested in survival topics. Plane crash, lost at sea, island exploration, deep sea adventure, mysteries, it's all about the drama, babe.

    I'm also very interested in supernatural, superhuman and other non-normal attitudes. I've recently been craving some type of vampire x human combo, which includes the human becoming under the vampires' either care, service or ownership.

    If you're interested in a particular fandom, I have many listed on my profile, if you want to expand on the lore or do an OC relationship.

    A few things you will receive from me:

    • More than one-liners in response
    • Proper grammar and punctuation (To the best of my ability)
    • Detailed brainstorming if you like, interesting plots.
    • Fast or at least once-a-day replies.
    • Friendly conversation
    • Support if needed.

    What I need in exchange:

    • The same.

    That's all I ask of you, and I hope we might come to tell our tale sometime soon.
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  2. oh oh oh pick me!!!! space vampires!!!! :DDDDD
  3. I'd LOVE to do something with space and plagues! I sort of have an idea for it, if you are up for it UuU
  4. I'm interested!

  5. Heh... I do aliens. Which makes Sci-fi my first favorite, as well. Only thing is, having internet access on a library comp, plus work, I can't post every day.
  6. That's fine, I understand. You post when you can, that doesn't bother me.

  7. Good. Then we can do business. :bsmile:

    Just need a game plan to present to the bank, so we can get our financing.
  8. The bank? I didn't know there was money included. :arrowthruhead:
  9. Oooooo sci-fi. If you're still looking, I'd like to try something in that area!
  10. Every "production" needs to have a budget. :shades:
  11. Sure! All aboard.

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