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Based on or borrowing elements from the Firefly television show and/or the Serenity movie.
  1. Awinita

    Is there Any interest in Joss Whedons Firefly as an RP ?

    **Meows of greetings* A friend of mine recently let me borrow his copies of the core rules, and all the add on books he had {execept one which he was never able to get} and I found myself wondering, If there is any interest of such a game happening, I would love to either run it or take part in...
  2. Joan

    Can't Take the Sky (Joan & Shiz)

    Character thread for a Firefly roleplay with @Shizuochan. Title subject to change.
  3. C

    Tale to Tail

    Hello, there. I've been searching for a partner(s) for some while now, particularly searching in a few subjects. My first favourite is Sci-fi, which can be anything from aliens to your common Firefly ship. It mostly includes otherworldly things, events or happenings. The stage is ours for the...