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  1. [​IMG]

    It has been said that terrifying creatures lurk beneath the streets of New York City.


    City officials try desperately to deny their existence, but the citizens still live in fear.


    They live in shadows, moving swiftly through the night and striking fear into the hearts of their prey.


    However, these monsters are of a different variety. They are men and women who thrive of the misery of the innocent, taking whatever they want without remorse for their fellow man. Criminals.


    But, those who threaten peace will never triumph. Not so long as there are heroes around to protect the lives of the innocent, to fight for what's right and stand up for the little guy.


    From the sewers, four heroes emerge to take on these monsters, hacking and slashing their way through the criminal swarm like a bunch of badasses.


    They are ninjas of the modern age, wielding weapons and deadly techniques to take out the bad guys, leaving them incapacitated until the cops show up. They leave no trace of their existence... Almost as if they were never there. Spooky~


    But after a long day of kicking-butt, our heroes settle down with a delicious golden circle, comprised of only the highest quality cheese, pepperoni, and various other toppings depending on what the ten-dollar deal of the day is at Pizza Hut.


    But yeah, you totally thought I was talking about the Hero Ninjas at the start, right? "The monsters that lurk below New York", I know I got you with that. But yeah, the bad guys don't go out buying pizza, do they? No, those dudes just like to steal stuff. The good guys have to work hard to make their money.

    "MIKEY! What the hell are you doing?"

    "Oh hey, Raph! Donatello found this awesome microphone somebody threw out. Isn't it cool? You can totally change your voice with it, so I'm narrating our backstory!"

    "Stop horsing around with that crap Mikey! What if people are listening to you? You're gonna expose us!"

    "Raph, calm down. He's just having fun."

    ~ Click ~

    "Yeah, lighten up, dude. Leo's right, I'm just messing around. It's not like anyone's gonna hear this or know that we're the Ninja Turtles."

    "Um, Mikey? Doesn't that microphone need a power source to work?"

    "Yeah, I had to plug it into your computer, Donnie. Hope you don't mind!"

    "Mikey, I was on a public chatroom."

    "Relax dude, I know how this stuff works! I didn't press record or anything."

    "It's an automatic microphone, Michelangelo. It's always on!"


    "Uh oh."


    ~ Ding ~

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    • So after seeing the latest TMNT film (which I surprisingly enjoyed more then I thought I would, believe it or not), I've got a bit of a craving to try something like this out. This RP would be put in its own little universe (as all of my fandom RP's are) rather then the pre-existing ones just so we're not limited in our creativity.

      Now, this isn't a complete reboot, as certain elements will carry over from the film's/television shows into our RP (ex. April could have already discovered the Turtles, Bebop and Rocksteady could have already mutated, etc), but the only element that will NOT be debated is the fact that the Turtles are still hidden from the public eye. As far as the citizens of New York City know, the 'New York Ninjas' are just a ghost-story used to frighten criminals. News stations, public officials, and even police officers all deny their existence, claiming that if such vigilantes did exist, then 'New York's Finest' would already have them behind bars.

      While it doesn't seem like there's much of a plot here, I actually do have a plan for how this is going to go. Like my previous fandom RP's, this RP will be separated into 'Chapters'. Each chapter will revolve around a certain element or plot that, once resolved (or left on a cliffhanger), will lead into the next chapter and so on and so forth.

      But I'll get more into detail about that later. For right now, I'll explain how the character roster is gonna work!

      Pre-existing characters can be reinvented for the new universe. For example, April O'Neil could be an intern just starting out at Channel 6, desperately trying to become a reporter and constantly bringing her superiors stories (which they consistently steal and never credit her for), or perhaps Venus (you know, the female turtle from the live-action TV series?) was discovered alongside the Turtles by splinter and raised as one of the members of the TMNT. Or it could be something entirely different, such as Karai being a vigilante fighting against the Foot Clan despite her being Shredder's daughter, or Bebop and Rocksteady could be allies of the Turtles instead of their enemies.

      The third alternative for your character choice would be a completely original character. They can be anyone, ranging from a vigilante who joins the Turtles fight for justice, a fellow mutant, or perhaps a regular citizen who gets dragged along for the adventure (ala Vernon Fenwick style).
    • 1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

2. Maximum of 2 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

3. Characters can and probably WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (well, not all of us)

5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.

6. If you're playing a villain character, make sure that you're willing to cooperate with me (otherwise, the plot is just gonna get jumbled and things get complicated).

7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. GM abilities include: Character Manipulation (mind control/puppetering), Insta-Killing other player's Characters, etc. We all know what these are so we should be good.

8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic)

9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)

10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie*. Also, include the words "PIZZA POWER!" in your "Other" section so I know who's read the rules.

11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody proceeds to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!
    • 1. Raphael / Presently Unnamed Vigilante Character - mr_pibbs








      -- Waitlist --








    • Name: (First, Last. Middle name and Nicknames are optional, but so are last names if your character doesn't have one xD)

      Hero or Villain: (Hero or Villain?)

      Age: (16-78 for humans/mutants).

      Appearance: (Put any images of them here: the costume they wear, their face, even what they look like as a civilian if you really want. I’d prefer everyone use real(istic) images for their Faceclaim, but I’m fine with drawn/animated images if you're really struggling!)

      Biography: (Tell us about your character. Minimum of 3 paragraphs).

      Weapons: (Tell us what your character uses to 'bash the bad/good guys').

      Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: (For every strength, there is a weakness. Tell us about the things that make your character vulnerable)

      Occupation: (Optional, if your character actually has a job).

      Other: (include any additional information here)
  2. So do you want us to use the live action movie pics when possible? I found a great version of them.. i mean ones i like more than the actual movie ones. I hate that they were... huge... i was used to them being like short ninjas heh
  3. I'll explain this more later today, I've actually been meaning to talk to you about this xD
  4. Name: Leonardo
    Hero or Villain: So hero
    Age: 18(?)

    Biography: Like many before him, Leonardo’s birth origins were nothing out of the ordinary. He and his brothers were born in a pet store (Pacific Aquarium and Plant to be precise). For the first few weeks they merely survived in the little aquarium, finding life to be rather good. Even though they had only known if for an extremely small amount of time. They spent their days watching the world go by and munching on protein packed food pellets.
    But all this changed when they were suddenly torn from their home. The store they were in was going through a management change.. and this meant some of the ‘inventory’ had to be slimmed down. And one of the things they saw as expandable were 4 little red eared slider turtles. The baby turtles had noticed the area around their home was getting more and more bare, the large creatures caring for them seemed in distress nearly the whole time. And when it came time to clean out the aquarium containing the turtles, they knew something was wrong. Young Leonardo knew he had to do something to keep his brothers safe. But what could he possibly do against the very large creatures that were in control of them? They were put into a much smaller bowl and then they were on their way. While we wish we could say they were on their way to a much bigger, much more luxurious home… well they weren’t. The pet shop employees had just been fired, so they couldn’t really give a damn what happened to some of the animals. Especially some turtles that they couldn’t give away. They travelled for about 10 minutes (according to Donatello’s calculations), and then simply dumped into an alley.
    Leonardo did his best to keep them all together, but they had new found freedom, and most of them wanted to explore. It was Michaelangelo that found the strange looking food there in the alley. Strange.. glowing… liquid food. As they all wandered into the strange liquid, it was about then that one of them realized they weren’t alone. They were being watched by a very large rat.. a rat that knew the material that the baby turtles had waded into was dangerous for them. So the rat corralled the turtles, and he escorted them to his nest.
    And over the next few days.. something extraordinary happened. The 5 little animals began to grow in size, and in intelligence. No longer were they acting merely out of instinct.. they were thinking things out. The rat that had found them more and more found himself wanting to care for the turtles as together they went through their metamorphosis. The rat had grown to be more like his old keeper and friend.. in both shape and thought. And the turtles nearly followed suit, taking on more the appearance of those keepers that had dumped them into the alley.
    Months passed, and the baby turtles had fully evolved into humanoid figures, as did the rat. Have a sense of how things should be, having a sense of good judgement.. he decided to give himself a name, something for the turtles to address him as. He chose the name ‘Splinter’. And as for the turtles.. he named them after the legendary Renaissance painters his former keeper and friend was so very fond of. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangelo. That would be how they would address one another, how they can keep each other differentiated.
    Splinter would then begin to train his new young wards, just as he had been trained through the mere act of watching his former keeper train. The anthromorphic rat began training the turtles in the art of Ninjitsu. Of course, they all took to it like turtles to water (hah!). Leonardo took to the style known as Niten Ichi-ryu, or “The Strategy of Two Heavens As One”. While he is trained in large number of weapons, he prefers (and specializes) in using the twin katana. Though technically they could be considered ninjato. And over the years, he has become nothing less than an expert in their use. And while they are the only weapons of the four that is made for killing, Leonardo is far to honorable to do such.
    Of the brothers, he is also the most focused upon ninjitsu. He lives and breathes it every moment of his life. Or he tries to, keeping in mind he’s still very young. And sometimes having fun with his brothers and master takes precedence. Through being trained by Splinter, Leonardo started to distinguish himself from his brothers as being more of a leader of the team. While he has never claimed to be the leader of their little group, he is often the one to take control of a situation. Which sounds arrogant, but his ideas and strategies are often exactly the right things to do. He is very intelligent and clever.. but also compassionate. Splinter will often defer to Leonardo when they do something as a group. And when Splinter is not with them, the brothers will often defer to him as the lead. Often much to the chagrin of Raphael.
    Weapons: Leonardo is trained in a vast number of weapons, and he practices with as many as he can. While he is competent in using the weapons his brothers favor, he isn’t an expert with them. Not like they are. His weapon of choice is 2 ninjato swords, one slightly longer than the other. But he is also very well trained in using bokken swords, shuriken, tanto and the kogatana. The latter two are hidden on his body and often used as alternate weapons.
    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: Sometimes if a situation falls apart, especially when he is in charge, he can take it very hard. While meditation helps him to deal with this, sometimes he just stews over things for to long. He especially hates it when something goes wrong because someone didn’t listen to him. Again, he never claimed to be the leader of the team, but in his head he feels he’s by far the best for the job.
    He also suffers from ophidiophobia, or the fear of snakes.
    While some would say he’s the most talented of the four brothers in regards to fighting, he can sometimes get in over his head. He’s just a turtle, after all. But he will often times put himself right in the line of fire (especially if someone is in danger), and this can lead to bad consequences. He isn’t headstrong, but he’s not afraid to be injured (or worse) if it helps someone else.
    He will get very annoyed with his brothers sometimes, especially when they screw around and he knows they should be training. Or doing something ninja-ish. He has little problem pointing such things out to them, which can easily become a point of contension between them.
    Occupation: Being awesome is his occupation.
    Other: PIZZA POWER!
  5. I'll get Mikey up soon.
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Michelangelo AKA Mikey

    Hero or Villain: Hero

    Age: 16
    (what I found actually said 15 but the limit didn't go that low)

    (Easy realstic pics I could find. I may change it later depending on if I see something I like more or what it seems others go for)

    Physically the smallest of the Turtles and the least mature. Mikey is easily distracted and enthusiastic about... well, pretty much everything. He's also extremely creative. He has a thousand ideas, and every now and then, one of them will be brilliant. This combination of creativity and lack of focus gives him a kind of "flow" that the other Turtles cannot match. He's a social mutant and more than the others, pines to be part of the real world.

    Mikey and his brothers started out in a pet store like many adoptable pets. It was when the brothers were only infants. The store had changed management and it wasn't long before they had been bought. Management had been changed at the store when things seemed to change. One day when a box holding the brothers in a bowl or some container Mikey never could remember. They were dropped by the man caring them. Little did any of them know that a rat's tail had been stepped on and was the cause of their fall. The rat also was meant to later become their adoptive farther.

    It was Mikey who after the fall had found food a green liquid. No he had no idea what it was, he didn't question if it was safe he never did, especially anything that looked like food. Once him and his brother's had wondered in he didn't know they were being watched until a large rat the same rat that the carrier stepped on was there. He knew the glowing green liquid that the turtles wondered into Mikey assuming it was food wasn't safe. He led them to a nest Mikey followed his older brothers not questioning knowing he wanted to stay with them.

    As they stayed with the rat Mikey and his brothers grew. Each a supernatural growth mutating the brothers. As they grew the rat wanted to care for them. His name was Splinter and he did eventually treat the brothers as family as his adoptive sons. They all took on a humanism shape. Splinter later began to train each of them in the art of ninjusts.

    (I may improve this later when I see others as well to have an idea on how not to make any of the stories seem to be extremely different and not fit each other)

    Kusarigama Nun-Chucks

    Pranks: He refers to himself as the king of pranks. Since he the most funniest of his brothers and he hasn't shown to be wrong since he was able to show his pranking skills against his brothers like water balloons as he wants to prank them all and he was able to use his prank of water ballon to use against the tank of the truck.
    Enhanced Strength: Since regular turtles are able to lift 5x their own body weight, his strength is likewise altered. His ninja training with Master Splinter has helped to improve and condition his strength. He isn't quite as strong as Raph, but he was able to throw barrow over his head against Spiderbite.
    Enhanced Speed: He can run much faster than an athletic human.
    Stealth: Mikey has the ability to move in the shadows, like his brothers. He is also very stealthy, but does not enjoy when stealth is used on him.
    Kusarigama: His nunchucks has a built-in switchblade on one of the bars.
    Balance: Mikey's skills as a skateboarder and a ninja give him a great ability with balance.
    Cooking Skills: He shows to love to cook for his family even though his brothers don't think his tastes great but to Mikey it does. Leatherhead seems to love his cooking skills. (Probably because he has never eaten anything delicious)
    Shadow Puppet Skills: He able to make different shadows out of his hands very well to be appear realistic of different objects. He used this to decive the Kraang, Fishface, and Rahzar.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    Goofball who can't always keep his mouth shut when he should
    Isn't the strongest of the turtles and can be out strengthened in a battle
    He may have good stamina and endurance but if an enemy is stronger he can and usually will lose if on his own along with passing out
    Has a simi-short attention span
    He is also rather clumbsy

    Occupation: Younger Brother, Jokester of the turtles


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  7. I love the Mikey bio! Really well done.

    But yes, we all need to get together and decide on a singular origin and all hehehe
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  8. Name:
    <Nixon Orlais Maveridge>

    Twistedtooth's theme song

    Hero or Villain: I am but a mere villain chillin' and thrillin on load'sa penicillin!

    Age: 22 (in dog years?)

    Oh look! It's chesswolf!


    "Nix, you've gotta be the world's greatest chemist!"
    "Nah man, one just does a better job at dozing off in biochemistry than the other."
    "Oh haha...REAL FUNNY...anyways, you must be somewhat good at it, being the assistant of the university's greatest lab professor! I heard you guys made some cool things together"
    "Man, must be an opportunity of a lifetime, being at the head of future technology...anyways, you have fun with it, I'm gonna head back to my dorm!"
    "Alright, you have fun too! It get so annoying being here longer than I need to be..."
    Nixon Maveridge, or nicknamed Nix, is a lazy, arrogant, know-it-all who went through most of his school with little a care in the world, save that of his rather...scary obsession with wolves. It was always "wolves this" and "wolves that" when it came to Nix. Because of this behavior, when it was time to dictate his future, Nixon got hit hard with the bus of Life. This caused a downpour of horrible events caused by nothing but his own ignorance to dim his seemingly bright future. He slowly started to become more and more hateful of the world around him, and of the people in it.

    As luck may have it, Nixon eventually got accepted into New York University, thanks tpward his greatest achievement in life, a research paper on "The Chemical Makeup of Life". There he proceeded to pursue a biochemistry degree and work his way into being able to use the labs. Proving to the world that he actually gave a crap about life. Thanks to his biochemistry professor, Dr.Henry Gersch, that was now a possibility, the light of Nix's future, being re-lit once more. Together the two found out that they had a lot in common, and that many-an-invention can be made with their minds.

    However, unknown to Nixon was that Henry had other plans rather than innovating the world with their chemistry. You see, Henry Gersh was a very sick and twisted man behind the curtain of brilliant scientist. He wanted to create the most dangerous biochemical agents, and later
    test such agents on kidnapped students, smiling, and taking pictures and notes as they slowly died. In essence, after all this hard work, all this innovative work of his, all to just figure out that all this time, he was HELPING OUT A SERIAL KILLER! all that work was just to help an old man kill some young people. He though about going against Gersh, and letting the authorities know about him, but fear and ignorance kept him from doing so.

    It has been traumatizing event after another traumatizing event ever since High School. It made him slowly but seriously start to contemplate the true morality of criminal behavior, and think that it is, after all, a very good thing to do. Dr. Gersh was the finale. Nixon cracked under the trauma and the stress, and decided to resort to the purely insane: The world is no longer meant for humans, as they have desecrated their right to remain superior. Alternatively, mutants, namely WOLVES, should take their place.

    And so, a plan was hatched to create the monster he is today.

    Nixon heard and studied super hard about 'mutant projects' and how such projects have been known to create animal-humanoids, and eventually, came up with a Chemical Makeup formula for a mutant wolf, hoping this would work on himself, he gathered Gersh and flushed any money he had into this project, hoping it would work...

    With the combined powers of Chemical Makeup Research, the mad-scientist mind of Dr.Gersh, and a whole lot of reactions, Nixon was fully (and horrendously painfully) transformed into a wolf mutant before collapsing on the ground from weakness. He would be pretty dead due to massive internal-environmental changes, however, Henry had other plans, as a mutant, Henry would have a whole new type of playground to have. He nursed Nixon back to health and begged for Nixon to help create more mutants for his use, to which he responded with savagely brutalizing the scientist/serial killer, leaving a bloody mess stain for the university and the NYPD to clean up and figure out for themselves.

    Now, as an incredibly paranoid, intelligent, ignorant, and insane mutant wolf on the loose, Twistedtooth now lurks in the shadows of New York City, making a living by helping criminal organizations where they may, committing crimes of his own and just overall committing general chaos, stopping at nothing until NYC has about as much of a chance at surviving as Twistedtooth does at having a bright future.

    First, NYC, and then, the world!


    (I have more but i'm to lazy to place it up lol, if you have any question you want me to answer about it for you, you just shoot me a PM, okay?)

    Weapons: Twistedtooth's main weapon, aside from his claws and teeth, would have to be...time. Being overtly paranoid means that Twistedtooth wants to come into any battle prepared, and have it drag out as long as possible in order to increase the severity of his attacks, or help another objective get completed. His favorite method of delay is puzzle-like traps, requiring some sort of intelligence to beat without dying or getting hurt. If that's not an available option, Twistooth would prefer to dodge rather then attack in order to drag things out and enrage the enemy.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: Despite being a flopping MUTANT WOLF, Twistedtooth is incredibly weak and frail, and relies on agility to get anywhere. Twistedtooth wash never good at throwing the strongest punch, and he could really take one, either, without getting shattered, that is. Despite all that's happened, Twistedtooth still retained some unfavorable personality traits, such as being lazy and occasionally dropping his cautious behavior for a more bratty, ignorant behavior.

    Occupation: Before he used to work as a student lab assistant at NYU's campus labs, now he works as a Mutant-Minion-for-hire, to be sold at the highest bidder.

    =Even though he is an evil badguy, TT still likes to occasionally indulge himself in teenage-esque things, such as video games and fast food.
    =as the pic states, TT has a HUGE understanding in chess (and is pretty good at it too, just sayin') and its his favorite pastime, perhaps when the madness is all over...perhaps he can become a professional chess player?
    =What the pic doesn't state, however, is that he has an equally high understanding and prowess in the piano as well, and he still lugs his autoplay piano with him ever since he got it as a child, and was a shining symbol for most of his childhood outside of school, as such, TT can commonly be seen playing the piano, and making music of his own. Being an autoplay piano, it can also still beat on even without his claws in play, so he can hear it while he cleans his dishes, plays his chess, or battles mutant turtles!
    =despite not having access to a lab, TT has improvised a lab of his own, and is still toying with various chemicals and even planning to weaponize a few! (although it's pretty hard to do with these claws of his)
    =TT has been a mutant wolf since the ripe age of 20! (yep, he was a mutant wolf before he can be able to drink!)
    =TT has started to really like being a lowly minion, and has even reconsidered his plans for human-eradication for that very reason!
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  9. We dead up in here?
  10. Not to my knowledge. Sorry Raph's sheet isn't up, I've just been busy lately.
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  11. And I believe what story is stil being decided or am I wrong?
    Sorry just haven't seen anything where I know for sure is all. Checking a few RPs on my end.
  12. No I'm still working on the overall plot of the RP itself, but yes; the unanimous Turtles backstory is still being discussed.
  13. I can ge
    I can help you with that if you need it :)
  14. Well the backstory is just we come from different view points is why I think that's taking a bit....
  15. why closed signups tho?
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  16. Still dead...1
  17. -_-

    Maybe I'll try and help bump the Turtle chat as well... But hu guys we should try and work on getting started soon.
  18. Hey guys, sorry I kind of disappeared. Things've been pretty busy IRL lately so I haven't been online as much as I'd like to be, but I'm still here.
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  19. Also, I've updated the thread to be 'open sign ups'
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