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  1. 1000 years after the Force Awakens

    The Republic has been in decline for the last 100 years thanks to over expansion, Insurrection, Poor economy, Increase in crime and failing infrastructure across the board. This allowed for the birth of a new threat to the Republic, The Consortium. The Consortium came from the outer rim when groups of planets united their power and resources to form their own regime. They soon spread, Taking, even more, planets into the Consortium. The Consortium is backed by plenty of credits from people with stakes in The Consortium all the way down to the underworld.

    The Consortium has even played a part in the decline of the Republic by using their connections to fund rebellion and increase spice trading. The Consortium is big on business and tends to bring money to planets with plenty of corporations. It puts all able citizens to work in some form paying them low living wages until the war with the Republic ends. The Consortium drafts half of its citizens into the military and employs mercenaries to assist in the war effort. The Consortium also have their own force users just like the Republic who have the Jedi. The Knights of the Consortium and they practice in the dark side of the force, seeking power and control. They study Sith teaching but would not be considered true Sith.

    The Consortium is an Oligarchy controlled by dark side users, Businessmen, and politicians. They maintain a strict control over Consortium. They do not tolerate crime and punish with harsh sentences like death or slavery. The Consortium is sending out a small but powerful fleet to further advance their domination of the galaxy. This fleet will have soldiers, Mercenaries, and Knights aboard. The final days of the Republic are near.
    The Knight's Code

    "A Knight is sworn to the Greater Good,

    To learn the way of the force, and master life.

    A Knight's mind seeks only truth.

    A Knight's blade seeks to undo the wicked.

    Their might upholds the law of the universe.

    Their image strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies.

    They choose self-esteem over self pity,
    They choose the knowledge of the force,
    They choose the perfection of the body,
    They choose the singularity of the mind."


    1. All site rules apply...Obviously.
    2. No Controlling others characters without permission
    3. No killing others Character without permission
    4. Romance is allowed just cut to black if things get spicy.
    5. One paragraph at the minimum per post
    6. Cush Almighty and @Spectre are GM's and can change and add rules.

    Character Sheet

    Star Wars
    Character Sheet

    Physical Description: [leave a description here with an image in spoiler tags if you have one. Realistic only. No anime.]

    Name: [The name of your character]

    Age: [18+ only.]

    Occupation: [How they are involved with the group- Knight, Soldier, Intelligence, Mercenary, Emissary]

    Species: [What species your character is]

    Personality: [Brief personality description. How they normally act, if they crack under pressure, what drives them, what scares them... etc]

    History: [No need to go too deep here, especially if you're writing up a Knight. Those stories should all be quite similar- and you will know one another. Grew up in an academy being taught basic skills and knowledge, as well as force and combat. Quite paramilitary. You probably haven't gone on any in depth missions yet. If you're anything else, its pretty open.... ask if you have questions!]

    Equipment: [List of equipment here and where/how you carry it. Lightsabers for Knights only]

    Skill/Abilities: [What your character is good at, based upon their previous experiences. Combat skills will likely be a given. Go a little more in depth here. :) ]

    Force Powers [Knights Only]: (know that all acolytes are taught telekinetic and meditative skills. They can all use these to some degree. However keep in mind that you are newly knighted. You will not be an advanced user. I'd say pick one or two force powers like heal, shield, enhance [strength], enhance [jump] , enhance [speed], Misdirect [creating small illusions], low level mind trick, force choke, concealment, telepathy, bind, sith alchemy, etc... I'd absolutely say lightning is an advanced skill. Set something understandable for someone of your characters experience level.

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  2. Finished for the most part. Will add more as i see fit. May sketch up a basic image for him. Though this is the gist!​

    Dare Argonire (open)

    Star Wars
    Character Sheet

    Physical Description:
    Dare stands at 6' tall. He isn't unnecessarily muscular, but he is fit from actual work- though no needless bodybuilding. His skin is a very pale with gray-blue undertones [rather than human-like red/pink]. His eyes, beneath his strong brow are a dull blue-grey color. His nose is straight, and rounded. His hair is silvery- gray, medium length, and pushed back away from his face. He has average lips, and his head shape is ovular.

    He wears a black double breasted jacket. His hands are covered in black swordsman gloves. He wears charcoal pants, and black armored boots. He wears a black asymmetrical robe with an oversized hood on top of his everyday uniform. This is often belted over with a wide swordsman belt, attached to a normal utility belt around his waist.

    Name: Knight Cpt. Dare Argonire

    Age: 29

    Occupation: Consortium Knight-Captain

    Species: Arkanian Offshoot

    He is a stubborn and competitive individual. He is a practical person, and doesn't often get stuck in thought or daydream. He is a natural planner, however since plans never seem to go accordingly, has learned valuable improvisational skills. He is very self aware, and doesn't seem to have many insecurities- as he tends to be very assertive. After spending his life in the academy, he has become more of a team player, and has extroverted tendencies. Very honest and blunt- doesn't tell white lies. Has an appreciation for music and art. Enjoys cleaning and organizing the areas he has control over. He's mildly arrogant and self centered.

    Dare, like all Consortium Knights, was taken at a young age. He doesn't remember his life before the Consortium, nor does he really care. Starting at a young age, he took to the more physical aspects of their studies. His small class of initiates were all fairly equal overall, however most seemed to be able to specialize in something- as to garner attention and special training from their elder knights.Dare's specialty was martial arts training. All the students excelled in swordsmanship in some way or another, but Dare shined even without his blade.

    Though combat was certainly not the only thing they learned, however it was a large focus on physical fitness and combat readiness. They also learned basic and advanced galactic history-- not holding out on things like religion and politics. They really took courses and got a good education through the Consortium's system. Something that would rival that of the better tier of Republic academies. They then spent several hours in meditative or spiritual/force training and alternated physical training and education.

    This was up until they were age 18, and they 'graduated' as a class with a full on mission for the Consortium. If they failed, they were either cast out of the program and sent into another branch of the Consortium, likely memory wiped- and sent to the physical labor camps. No one really knew. Thankfully, this was not the norm, as the class sizes were generally small, so the initiates got plenty of training and molded properly. If they succeeded, they were subsequently knighted, and given more responsibility within the Consortium.

    Obviously Dare graduated, as he stands as a Knight Captain within the Consortium. He started off as a dark sentinel, running errands for the Grand Master- seeking ancient jedi and sith artifacts, and searching for rogue jedi agents [capturing and or executing them]. Since the Knight's don't necessarily take specialization- and are qualified for most things, he goes where the Consortium needs him. Currently, about 95% of the Knights are at the Knight's Academy. Dare is currently a teacher and mentor.

    Has a utility belt that has small pouches and compartments built into it.
    *Has a long range communicator [utility belt].
    *Basic scanning and magnifying monocle [utility belt]
    *small ration tubes [utility belt]
    *Chemlights [utility belt]
    *personal shield generator [utility belt]
    *folding/collapsible datapad [utility belt]
    Wears his lightsaber on his wide swordsman belt on his right hip. This has a golden blade.

    Skill/Abilities: Linguistics- he knows several trade languages- though may not be able to speak them- he certainly understands many of them,
    Leadership- he has proven himself a valuable member of the Consortium, and dictates and behaves well under pressure. Currently leads a team of newly initiated Knights.
    Negotiation- he doesn't normally use persuasion- however he speaks practically and with fact. He is also skilled with dealing with many different types of personalities. He is decent with words, and doesn't have a hard time getting his ideas across
    Musically talented- he doesn't have any formal training, but enjoys music, and can play some of the more basic rhythm instruments.
    Self Defense and Martial Arts- excels in martial arts
    Lightsaber combat- highly trained and practiced lightaber combatant.

    Force Powers [Knights Only]:
    Force Meditate- A basic sense ability. Dare, like all other knights, can commune with the force. Meditation is a good way to center oneself.
    Telekinesis- the basic alter ability allows to reach out with the force to manipulate and move objects
    Force Push/Pull- slightly more specialized version of telekinesis, giving the ability to quickly send a tug or a push through the force.
    Enhance: Force Jump, Force Speed- can enhance himself through the use of the force to make him jump higher, further, and move faster.
    Force Choke- further specialized version of telekinetic manipulation where he can reach out and squeeze the windpipe or constrict the throat in the living.
    Seek- can use this rare ability to get a general direction of an object or person through the force. Not super accurate- but can get general directional emotional radar.
    Bind- can freeze people or objects in place
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  3. At my therapy. But will have my sheet up shortly after I get home. Also added this to my watch thread. Can't wait to show Corbin.
  4. I'm working on my character in my test chambers, so she will be here when I'm done there.

  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]He appeared like death, cloaked in black, and wearing a hood to conceal his face in the dark. Desperately trying to struggle a find a way to escape his clutches, it was hard to believe the 5’9” man was actually one of the good guys. He was like a phantom, with moonlight pale skin, and hollowed out eyes. The mask that covered his jaw did not help the imagery either. He probably would have been criticized for his attire, yet he clung desperately onto some form of personal identity and expression.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The death like man was decked in assortment of gear, strange to some. A communication device was hooked to his hood, that also revealed an orange, holographic visor whenever he called upon it to shield his hollow eyes. And a holographic interface hooked to his wrist to call upon any technical assistance needed. He seemed far more equipped than most. But didn’t look like much of a warrior. Not with his gear.[/BCOLOR]

    Show Spoiler

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Corbin Abelas [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 28[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Species: Nagai [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Occupation: Knight[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Maybe it was always in their blood, maybe it wasn’t just the culture, but the people themselves. Taken at a young age to the Consortium you’d think some of that fierceness and tenacity would have been curbed. Except that there is something expressive about Corbin. Independent and thoughtful. You often find him saying things like, it’s easy to be an asshole to everyone, it’s harder to be respectful to people. While honor bound to his oath. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]And sworn to his duty. Corbin is also kind of his own personal techie. Finding himself talking to a lot of the engineers and tech crew running around. He finds he has a lot of things in common with them. Corbin holds tightly onto his personal identity and merely scoffs at the notion that anyone would consider him to change sides. He is the type to make promises and keep them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]He can often come off too sarcastic about certain issues or subjects, and sometimes can be quick to brush away other issues. But he’s smart, always been the type to see the opportunity in every circumstance. Has an excellent eye and sees the world in a completely different than most. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]"There's nothing more fun than a force user who looks like a freshly dug corpse"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You find that fun?" Falcon asked, he was sitting behind his desk, filing some paperwork into the archives of his computer. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Funny at least"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You're not worried that someone might think you'd turn to the dark side?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Why would they think that?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I don't something about looking like a freshly dug corpse"[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You seem sure in that statement,"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Actions speak more than words. Light and dark is not a pair of shoes you can try on"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You think that's all that separates them?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Actions or shoes?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Fuck you,"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Taken from a world he would never know. Birthed on his homeworld Nagai, it wasn’t too long that he was quickly taken to the Consortium to begin his training as a Knight. Corbin makes jokes that almost all young trainees say they don’t care they were taken. Though he’s been openly and calmly honest that he would have liked to seen his homeworld. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Corbin’s always been a little reckless. Not reckless to the point that it cost him anything in training, or cost him his reputation. But Corbin has always been sort of flighty. Ever since he was a kid, he was energetic, quick to learn, and ready to step into any circumstance. He has always been criticized for his lack of thought before his action.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Though he has always been successful relying on his instinct, rather than planning things out. He grew up somewhat ostracized from some of the kids learning to be a Knight. Considering he looked like some pale, corpse kid. Many did not trust that he would or could become anything, but a villain. He’s heard it all. The Nagai will eventually be filled with hate.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There’s no way he will be able to learn like us.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There’s no way he means his oath.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As a kid it might have bothered him. Though as he got older he learned to ignore it. He’s always been headstrong and dive head first into a situation. He seems free of fear and has limitless amounts of energy. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He found that he got along more with anyone who was not training his powers. Probably because they saw his appearance as some sort of thing to fear. You know children, cannot really shake off their fear of the unknown sometimes. He became fast friends with many of the technicians and when he wasn’t training his force skills he was learning about computers, codes, and hacking.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]While he hasn’t had much direct contact with Dare, the both of them are vastly different. Corbin finds Dare somewhat annoying. They have had dealings in the past. While Dare has always been the type with a plan, Corbin has not. Corbin sees opportunity in the environment around him, while Dare sees the opportunity, but plans ahead accordingly.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They don’t necessarily butt heads, but Corbin doesn’t necessarily go out seeking Dare’s attention either. Less he step on his plans. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Corbin’s been a pretty good errand boy himself, since graduation. He does what is needed. And what is asked for him. He’s actually gotten a few techy missions though that have kept him grounded to the Consortium. While trained in combat and trained in force, as a Knight most of his missions have occurred on the Consortium with his fast friend Falcon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Falcon who's a tech engineer. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Corbin helps with the computers. Helps with the data. But is growing increasingly bored. While he likes computers, people like Dare have gone off world or have gone to seek out ancient artifacts. It seemed to him they were always given more responsibility because they were semi afraid of what a released Corbin could do.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Few of his missions have failed when he has gone off to retrieve some kind of tech. Corbin is not an idiot. But his track reputation is that he’s a free bird who enjoys his liberty.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]A Communicator Earpiece, seen in the picture. He can press the button and an orange holographic visor can be seen. The visor allows him to scan the area and map out his current area, and location of enemies. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A wrist device that brings up a holographic computer, which he uses for hacking purposes or getting around security, or even simply uploading and mapping out areas in further detail[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]His lightsaber[/BCOLOR]

    Being the curious sort, he also has a Tehk'la Blade, after some curious research of his home planet


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Unusually light on his feet, they say Corbin's got a cat grace because he moves as if he is not limited. He is able to quickly assess his environment and figure out which is the easiest and best course of action to take [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Highly tuned assessment of environments. Corbin has a way of looking at the world, even without his visor, in a 3D space. He is able to assess where threats are in his environment and to pass through them. His mind is not limited by the narrow scope.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He's tech and computer savvy; basics like hacking, security jamming, engineering his own gear when need be[/BCOLOR]

    Natural navigator because of his highly attuned sense of direction, he is a natural navigator and never seems to get lost even when he's in a new environment. He picks up the layouts very quickly.

    He's a quick thinker, but a poor planner. Everything he does is instinctual rather than a thought, and he often follows his impulses.

    Good team player, he's naturally respectful and tries to keep everyone on even terms. Not a fan of drama or arguments, he often keeps a happy medium with people.

    Force Powers:

    Misdirect - small illusions

    Concealment- though he can only hold it for a few short minutes

    Theme Song:

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  6. This is heaven seeing young characters on here they're totally old af
  7. Yeah and?

    In real life I'm a 26 year old male. There's no shitting way I am playing some 18 year old or 19 year old. And my picture he looked 28
  8. Lol chill I'm just making a joke because of past experiences I've had where people would make 25 year olds and younger and I'm just like "where's all the older people at"
  9. I was about to edit, serious joking tone with mine as well. I was also joking around.

    I am old as fuck. So my character is old as fuck. Sorry I am fucking rage monster old person moth dinosaur
  10. Star Wars
    Character Sheet

    Physical Description:
    Nex stands at 5'11 and has an average build for a knight that is. He has reddish blonde hair cut clean and low. He has a long face shape, round chin and medium brown skin. His nose is wide and round while his lips are large which is typical of a Korun. Nex has what is considered a baby face looking younger that what his is added by the lack of facial hair. Covering his eyes and parts of his face is cybernetic that resemble glasses in a way.


    Nex wears a form-fitting black tunic with crimson red tabards held together with a sash abdstrings in the back. Also around his waist are black satchels. Lower down he's usually seen wearing black pants and reddish brown boots. Under his clothes, He has lightly armored himself so to slow him down as little as possible. His shoulder, Knees, Chest, and wrist are protected by said armor.

    Name: Nexus "Nex" Xeirsu

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Knight Captain

    Species: Korun (Cyborg)

    Nex is one of the most intelligent and cunning men in the Knight's Order. He is always thinking ahead and how things could possibly turn out and prepping for it. Others would call him paranoid but he would call it being prepared because you never know what could go wrong. He is able to remain cool and calm under pressure and knows to never let his emotions make him irrational. He trusts few people and those who have the audacity to betray his trust will face the consequences. Nex could be considered egotistical but he would define it as prideful for he has achieved much since being knighted. He doesn't like being insulted and will respond accordingly. He knows when to speak, When to listen and when to act. He is not above deceit if it is the best option at the time but isn't a blatant liar. He is loyal to the Order and the Consortium as both are deeply intertwined.

    Nexus was born with a brother named Uni into a family of Knights and was told they to would be one since he could remember. He life before being taken to the academy was one of study and little play. The two brother were being prepared for the academy to ensure their success. Once taken by the order he only had his brother and he was his only rival as none of the other students were worthy. It was always a competition between the two no matter the class, Galactic History, Training in applying theForce(Physical and Mental) and physical exercise and swordplay. Nex had always excelled in the ways of the force compared to his brother while his brother was the superior swordsman. When they had the time they would help each other improve their flaws so one wouldn't fall behind. The brothers only had each other, Them against the galaxy but as they grew older they as grew apart.

    Once the two reached 18 and graduated they went their separate ways as Knights. Nex decided to serve the Consortium and The Order by searching for Sith/Jedi Artifacts and bringing planets into The Consortium. He usually did this through favors and give assistance in war and missions for those planets. He has also forced others into joining the Consortium by making threats to leaders families and using mind tricks. Nex had also taken a great interest in technology and building it in school. Nex even took it upon himself to 'upgrade' himself by becoming a Cyborg which was frowned upon by most Knights. This bionic enhancement was done on his eye and allowed him access to Consortium databanks, Radio frequencies, Thermal vision, Night vision and zoom function. This 'upgrade came at a price and it would be for the best if he avoided EMP's.

    As time went on and Nex name spread across The Order as a Knight who got things done his brother was rarely heard off which was odd. Uni wasn't as strong in the force as Nex but he was the better swordsman, Better the most knights. He was able to mow through enemies and lead men under his command to victory but word of him had stopped reaching Nex. Nex tried to get in contact with Uni but never could until he found a Holoprojector in his room. It was from Uni and explained what he had been up to. Uni had been made an assassin and spy by The Order and had been doing missions for them out in Republic space. He then went on to tell Nex he had planned to defect to the Republic and he wants Nex to defect with him. The holoprojector of Uni gave directions to the rendezvous point and asked to keep this all a secret.

    Nex wasted no time getting their hoping to beat some sense into his brother. It was night by the time Nex reached the rendezvous point out in the wilderness. Nex then sat down and meditated until his brother's arrival. After an hour Nex heard rustling in the bushes and his brother Uni appeared. Nex didn't know what to do but speak to him on his defection.

    Nex kills Uni and now want vengeance on the mysterious Jedi Mufar.

    "Uni! It so good to see you breathing." He said standing up and giving his brother a hug. He then moved away and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Uni, Brother, I've come to talk you out of this insanity! Leaving The Order is insane, Think of your Honor, My Own, and our family's honor as well. You are a secret operative for the Consortium! That is an honor! Why throw all that away?" He asked staring straight into his brother's eyes.

    Uni frowned at his brother and moved Nex's hand off his shoulder and turned away from his gaze. "Brother, I have done many things since we last seen each other and I am not proud of it. I have come to see the Consortium is corrupted and The Order is just as wicked as anyone who uses the Darkside.

    Nex stared at Uni starting to realize what he had become. The way he spoke of The Order, The Consortium and the Darkside with disgust. "When you said defect to the republic you werent just running from this life...were you."

    Uni looked at Nex, The truth written on his face. "I am in the middle of becoming a Jedi. I met a woman on a mission...She is a master in the order. She sensed my wavering between the dark and light and has helped me down to the right path. I have come to say my goodbyes and maybe bring you in with me. She is wise, Her name is Mufar and she can help you as she had helped me. The Darkside is not the way, Resisting the force is not the way. The Jedi are the true force of good."

    Hearing these words come from Uni's mouth burnt Nex's eardrums. Hearing such things from his brother cause so many emotion to swell up in Nex. The most prominent was an intense rage, Anger from feeling betrayed by his brother. He was turning his back on The Order, Their way of life. Nex grabbed his lightsaber and gripped it hard. He ignited the orange blade and pointed it at his brother. "I shall not stand here and listen to this babble! This Mufar has poisoned your mind and has lead you astray! To save what is left of your honor I will strike you down here. Surrender or Ignite your blade and die here with honor brother." A tear rolled down Uni cheek as he grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it. The two brother clashed, One last battle between them. The battle was glorious and ended with Nex standing over his brother who was on his knees broken, Defeated and waiting for the final blow. "I swear Uni, Your poisoner shall pay for this, I swear." Uni only looked up at him and shook his head. Nex then swung down with his lightsaber and took Uni's head.

    Nex later buried his brother in an unmarked grave with his lightsaber. To this day Nex has told no one of this refusing to desecrate his brother's honor. Ever since that night, Nex has searched for the Jedi Mufar to take his revenge on her for tainting his brother.

    Lightsaber - Creates an Orange blade of energy that is capable of deflecting blaster fire and id able to cut almost anything in the galaxy.
    Lightsaber (open)


    Cybernetic Eyes - This enhancement allows him access to a multitude of applications. He can switch his vision to Night, Thermal and binocular vision. They are also connected to Consortium Databanks. This allows him to scan others who's information is open to him. This has turned Nex into 'part' computer on some level.

    Communicator - An earpiece that allows him to transmit and receive transmissions.

    Swordsmanship - He is skill with a lightsaber in attack and defense. He mostly prefers defense over attack with a lightsaber. He usually grips his lightsaber with 2 hands and keeps his feet firmly planted in battle. He waits for an opening before attacking with his weapon. This comes from his training as a Knight.

    Hacking - He is able to hack into computers manually and wireless if possible. He can't hack everything but low-level security is a breeze. When Nex is splicing into systems he is susceptible to hacking himself. He can even be infected with viruses himself.

    Silver Tongue - He speaks in a way that makes others trust him. He uses his wits and charms to cut deals or get himself out of sticky situations.

    Historical knowlege of Sitj/Jedi - Nex loves reading and has gain extensive knowledge of Sith and Jedi dataing far back the early days of the Jedai'a order.

    Force Powers [Knights Only]:
    Force Meditate
    Force Push/Pull
    Force Lighting
    Mind Trick (Medium)
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  11. It's cool man, Old people are better than young people anyways
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  13. Alright. Looks good for the most part. Just put an actual history in there. Feel free to ask me questions if you like/need.
  14. That's what my PM was about when I PM'd you to ask about the history
  15. oh gotchya. Must've been busy that day-. I do remember seeing the PM, but there wasn't a question posed. SO i apologize for not reading between the lines there. Ive responded.
  16. Physical Description:

    Name: Wang Li Shou

    Age: 30

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Species: Human

    Personality: Li Shou generally comes off as a calm-spirited, yet intimidating woman to those who come face to face with her everyday. She has a high pain and stress tolerance, so anger is a last resort emotion in her book. Her conscientiousness employs her to do whatever she can diplomacy-wise before initiating combat mode. Li Shou is a fearless person, but her fierce independence can also lead her to come off as being a bit rigid sometimes and feeling oppressed by the system structure around her.

    Li Shou was born and raised on Coruscant. Her father was a general for the Grand Army of the Republic and her mother was a combat nurse who worked for the Grand Republic Medical Facility. She grew up in a authoritative household where her parents had high expectations for her. When she was 18, she enlisted in the Republic Military Academy to become part of the army. She learned — something she carried with her throughout the years. Li Shou served in the military for three years. She moved on afterwards, enamored with the research taking place at the Republic Science and Technical Center.

    Li Shou was passionate about her work as a lab technician. Unfortunately, her career didn't last long. One day, as she was measuring vials to be sent down to the labs for testing, an electrical current surged through and set the building on fire. She was one of the few survivors.

    Her left arm was burnt extremely bad, the impact leaving permanent scars for years to come and the blunt impact to her head against a metal pole beam left her hospitalized for two weeks. Li Shou recovered significantly, but the feat she'd witnessed changed how she saw herself. Li Shou signed up for a private Mercenary corps and began doing whatever she could to get the feel of adrenaline pumping through her body. When the going got tough, she turned to alcohol to help numb the pain. A couple years later, the company Li Shou worked for was placed under The Consortium's power. That was the chance to prove herself.

    Blaster Pistol [2/2]
    Long Range Communicator [1/1]

    Various Martial Arts - Varying ability. She has demonstrated competent skill in martial arts preferred by monks, and other styles that are based around grappling and tossing, as well as striking.

    Linguistics - Skilled ability. Li Shou has not moved around a lot throughout her life time, therefore does not posssess many languages, but can speak two fluently: Galactic Basic and Mando'a.

    Marksmanship - Mastered ability. A keen eye, swift judgement, and many years in military service and mercenary corps has led Li Shou to be quite the expert at shooting with splendid accuracy.

    Small Ship Piloting - Competent ability. Li Shou knows her way around a ship when it comes to piloting, due to training in the Republic, but still prefers someone else do the job, just in case things go haywire.
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  17. Would you guys happen to know when you might be putting up the IC?
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    Versis is a tall, statuesque woman with the ability to look bored and overly critical at the same time. Her skin is a deep, cerulean blue and her eyes are a bright red lacking any telling emotions. She has sharp brows, upturned eyes, a strong but small nose, full lips, and smart jaw. Her hair is a dark blue, long, but kept pulled back—usually braided—in a militant fashion. She’s usually always in uniform, Consortium colors and sharply tailored, that hides the fact that she is actually quite curvaceous. She takes to wearing the variation of it that consists of pants and a high collar. Her rank is obvious from the various pins on her chest. On the field she wears whatever suits the mission, though is prone to things with protective plating and places for hiding her weapons and gadgetry. At any given time, though, she always has her stealth generator on her.

    Martev'ersi'seris [Non-Chiss Name: Versis]


    High Ranking Intelligence Operative


    Versis is a stern woman, strong in her convictions and stubborn in her beliefs. She doesn’t come to conclusions easily, but once she does she believes in them. She’s been trained so many times that operatives shouldn’t find fault in their truth unless they wish to fall through near continual cracks. She’s also sassy, sarcastic, and quite assured that most species are viewed as lesser than her own. While she’ll never call out a superior for being of poor breeding, she’ll never fully commit to them either. She’s managed to earn her rank by sheer diligence and perception of being an astute Chiss. Yet, her work persona differs heavily from her civilian one.

    The Ascendancy folded into the Consortium in the political movement’s early years. This was part in revenge against the Republic, and part in ensuring their political identity. After the fall of the Empire, they had disappeared back into Unknown Space where they’d came from. A few Chiss remained within the Republic, but the lack of their presence was a clear and evident vacuum. They regrouped, licked their wounds, tooled their fleets, and raised many new generations.

    Versis was born to Aristocratica Martev'ora'seris, or Evoras, and Captain Martev’igla’nomas, Viglan. She was the only daughter out of five sons, four of which found their place in military, and one that found his place within the competitive political system with their mother. Versis balanced her admiration for her family and her need for her own identity atop the tip of a needle. Like all of her kind, she wanted to do what was the best for her species, but she didn’t want to be folded up in her family legacy like the rest of her siblings. Her scoring was high, and her aptitude for problem solving and tactics was scored higher than most of her class. She was offered many opportunities, but the one that struck her interest was the possibility to work for the Consortium

    This decision was not looked favorably her father, but her mother was pleased that Versis had taken some initiative. Yet, she reminded her only daughter that she was loyal to the Ascendancy first and foremost. It was a very political way of saying: “you will forward the Chiss agenda above your own.”

    Versis attended the Consortium’s academy for operatives. She graduated with honors, something that she smugly made known to the lesser-species, including humans. The Consortium military placed her into politics. She worked with a team to methodically weed out and remove those that didn’t support the Consortium to their fullest abilities, that were corrupt, or that were outright traitors and swore allegiance to the Republic. She may have still been embroiled in that deep fabric if it hadn’t been for a high profile case that she was assigned. She’d been given it because it had to with Ascendancy politics, and more so because the intended target was her mother.

    Versis discovered that her mother was corrupt, something that rarely ever happened in Chiss politics, and worse yet, that corruption came in the form of Republic bribes to slow down the Ascendancy’s usually rigid delegations. It took a few years, but Versis removed her mother from power. The woman was publically shamed and then disappeared off to who knew where. Versis’s brother, Tevane, took Evora’s title and became a complacent puppet for the Consortium. Versis discovered that her brother had known about Evora’s goings-on, and that he’d altered the tale of what she had been doing with the Republic’s credits, making her not only an enemy of the Consortium but of the Ascendancy as well. Versis felt betrayed, not only by her mother but by her brother’s exactness in ruining their mother’s reputation. The case had awarded a lofty rank and title, and she used that power to remove herself from the battlefield of Consortium politics.

    They awarded her a place among Consortium Knights, and their continual push forward towards ending the Republic. She’d be the military’s eyes and ears, and she’d help them with any problem they’d face.

    Sniper Rifle [Situation Dependent]: Versis does not take her gun everywhere, just in situations in which she’ll put it to use. She bought it shortly after graduating academy and has kept it maintained and updated throughout the years. It has a long range scope, enough power to obliterate a kneecap, and very little kickback. It’s fairly quiet, but Versis is only going to use it once before leaving the scene.

    Stealth Generator [Permanent]: She always keeps a stealth field generator on her at all times. It’s provided by the Consortium Intelligence Agency. Not only is it a newer model, she is quite an expert in using it.

    Holopad Communicator [Permanent]: The default communicator for any Intelligence operative. It’s got a decent range, though can be bounced off of Consortium relays for a further one, and it’s also encrypted. That being said, the further it has to travel, the less the encryption holds.

    Consortium High-Grade Datapad [Situational]: While Versis may almost never go anywhere without it, there are some places she doesn’t take her precious datapad. It is secured, locked, encrypted thrice-fold. It’s a tiny little fortress of knowledge that the Consortium has gathered on various situations, events, targets, and Versis’s notes on open case files. This is the equivalent of her baby, and she will kill for her baby.

    Sniper Training [Combat Skill]: All operatives are trained in some form of combat. Some in martial arts, blade training, or gun proficiency. Versis chose sniper training as she never much cared to look her victim in the face when killing them. That being said, she has no problem staring them in their eyes when she ruins them with her espionage skills.

    Stealth [Utility Skill]: Not only does Versis know how to use and optimize a stealth generator, she knows how to be quiet with it. She uses this for all situations.

    Political Saboteur [Utility Skill]: This is Versis’s largest knowledge base. After academy she was planted in this field and learned how to dismantle politicians, lords, and even entire governing systems on lesser planets. She knows how to work the powers that be.

    Information Gathering and Analysis [Utility Skill]: With her datapad, she can pretty much work any bit of knowledge into her massive web of information. She’s quick to place puzzle pieces and even quicker to utilize them. She can hack and decode with the best of them.

    Tactics [Passive Skill]: Versis can see a problem and work through it in her mind quicker than most. Is the result always the best? No. Is it always the quickest? No. Or the most forgiving? No. But there is an optimal end result.

    Cold Resistance [Racial Attribute]: Csilla is a frozen wasteland that the Chiss call home. So, they’re prone to icy and frozen planets. They take to them easy and quickly. Unfortunately, that means that take to hotter and humid planets with a sluggish resolve.

    Fencing [Frivolous Skill]: When she was a child, she was taught how to use a non-lethal sword and how to score points on her opponent. It became a sport she was talented in, but at the same time having no practical use outside of ceremony. Still, Versis has one of her old fencing swords and will take to swatting it about when she is angered or anxious.
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