Skeletons in the Closet [Mystery, Modern Fantasy, Mild Horror]

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  1. Looking for a few more people before tomorrow ^^! Though I'll post the CS sheet regardless of how many people show up.
  2. Hyped for Halloween! It is one of my fav holidays when I was a kid. This year is gonna be a blast with this rp

    Big hello to @Shayla @Impudimp @primmababy @IceQueen

    More teasers -

    Our rp won’t be straight up horror (like IT). We are going for a more spoopy mystery. :P

    I will be helping design puzzles (similar to Escape the Room and other games in this genre) and all three of us have designed discoverable clues that can help us get to the heart of the mystery...

    We plan to release CS outlines tomorrow. Maybe you guys wanna think of your charas first. :) Not everyone must know everyone but it makes sense that we all know Kelsey.
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  4. @Fox of Hearts

    Good idea ^^! Maybe it'll help if you and @Haru Nyan leave your character ideas here too. That way people will be able to see some of the cast members. I'll be playing Matt and Joseff the dog <- Matt is a dorky animal lover who will fawn over pets in a ten mile radius. He likes sports and his parents own the Red Copper inn. Also he's very sad right now because Joseff and Kelsey are missing :c

    So yeah ^^!

    @Impudimp @IceQueen @primmababy @Shayla

    Feel free to bounce around some chara ideas! And if anyone has friends who might be interested xD feel free to drag them in <3
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  5. I don't know exactly who I want to play yet but for the moment I'm thinking a somewhat curious and adventurous woman who tends to dive in head first to everything she does and drags everyone else with her
  6. @IceQueen

    The adventurous type is always fun ^^! Also everyone will know everyone is some way so it'd be helpful if she's from the college too~
  7. Of course she would be~
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  8. I'll wait to see what gender I'll be making. Don't want there to be a ton of girlies and no boys, or vice versa so I'll make what we need once the time comes. I'm super excited to have a chance to write on this. Thanks for inviting me, Foxxie.
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  9. Glad you could make it, @T A K U M I O <3

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  10. color me intersted!
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  11. @Black_Sheep

    Yay, I'm glad you're interested :D! Thanks for stopping by, Sheep!

    We have a nice number of people now <3

    Expect those CS sheets and a discord chat tomorrow, everyone~
  12. Hello everyone :D! It's time to make CSes~

    @Shayla, @Impudimp, @primmababy, @IceQueen, @T A K U M I O, @Black_Sheep

    Here is the CS format ^^! Mind you, this is just an example. @Haru Nyan and @Fox of Hearts will have their CSes up by tomorrow night or sometime during the weekend. We're aiming for tomorrow night! The discord chat is now up and running as well, but I'll wait till after the application process before posting the link.

    I won't be posting my character sheet till a little into IC because it will be a surprise <3


    Joseff | 5-years-old

    • Joseff is a 5-year-old Shiba Inu who enjoys chasing after sticks and digging holes in the backyard. A sweetheart who wouldn't dare hurt a fly, Joseff is more of a companion than an actual competed guard dog. Easily won over by hugs and kisses, he's the Red Copper inn's beloved mascot and most of the people who live there have grown accustomed to his comforting presence.

      Born on a farm two miles from Bellwood, Matt received Joseff as a present for his 15th birthday. Ever since then, the two have been inseparable. Matt is his favorite human, while Kelsey is a close second (because she pampers him constantly). Joseff can be stubborn when he wants to be, and this trait often emerges when Matt tries to take him out for a jog. Despite his love for garden activities such as digging and rolling around on freshly cut grass, Joseff would rather trot then go out for an all-out sprint. And if that sprint so happens to be at 6am, Joseff will want nothing to do with it.

    • Hometown
      • Bellwoods Hollow

      • Muddy puddles
      • Digging holes
      • Chasing soccer balls
      • Belly rubs
      • Beef flavored dog treats
      • Naps with Matt


      • Mean cats
      • Humid summer days
      • 6am sprints with Matt

    If you have any questions regarding the characters, please feel free to ask! Just remember, they should be college kids who know Kelsey and preferably each other. Once the application process has ended, we'll brainstorm relationships for everyone.
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  13. I'm a BBcode newb, so where or how do I find the necessaries for that format?
  14. @Impudimp

    Feel free to not follow the format xD, as long as you do the sections! Anyways, accepted characters will just go on the website.

    If you do wanna learn the coding behind that though, click the quote button. You should be able to see the coding and just replace Joseff's information with your character's own.
  15. I'm definitely still tweaking this guys, but this is what I got so far. :) Feel free to provide constructive criticism.


    Marten Fitzgerald | 19-years-old

    • Marten is an aspiring Indiana Jones... Don't tell her parents, not that the skeptical adults don't constantly pester her on the merits of a major in history anyhow. She's an optimistic sort believing that if all else fails she can thoroughly enjoy a gig in a museum somewhere. In between her near perpetual influx of multi-page assignments, she spends time reading questionably sourced online articles on obscure topics and dubious conspiracies. However, if asked, she'll blame this habit on her frequent association with one local legend-expert, Kelsey, which isn't true. She just wants to try and mitigate her appearance of weirdness. Green hair already gets her enough strange looks. Then again growing up in Bellwoods isn't exactly a recipe for a 'normal' personality.

      Other than being fondly bookish, this library dweller enjoys a rather active social life reinforced by more normal college age activities such as alcohol and coffee-consumption-- thankfully not together-- random social outings, and, surprisingly, participation on the school swim team. Regaling people with her easy decision to dye her naturally blonde hair green due to too many run-ins with chlorine discoloration is her method of choice for making new friends. Well that and explaining that she's named after an adorable, tree-climbing mustelid.

    • Hometown
      • Bellwoods Hollow
      • 1 Taser/Flashlight/Siren combo rod-of-death in pink
      • 1 Small First Aid Kit... slightly low on medium-sized band-aids
      • 3 Bottles of Tap Water
      • 5 Individually Packaged Beef Jerky
      • 4 Granola Bars... Nature Valley 2 Crunchy, 2 Chewy - Chocolate Chip flavor
      • 1 Medium sized bag of Trail Mix
      • Assorted Dried Fruit in a Ziploc bag - Bananas, Mangos, Dates, Plums, and Cherries
      • 1 Medium sized Hoodie
      • 1 Hairband... just in case
      • 1 Pen... also just in case
      • 1 Hand sized notebook... You get the drift
      • 3 Travel packs of Kleenex tissue... For... business...
      • 1 Pair of Binoculars
      • 1 Pack of Big Red chewing gum...half-eaten

      • Caffeinated drinks
      • Reading old dusty things
      • Swimming 400s
      • Saunas
      • Extremely long naps in hammocks
      • Spending time with friends


      • Being woken up
      • Cold, dark places
      • Spiders
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  16. @Impudimp

    Every exploration team needs a spunky, Indiana Jones wannabe~

    Everything looks good to me <3! @Haru Nyan, @Fox of Hearts, and I will give more detailed responses tomorrow! (Since they're asleep now. Three of us share the same time zone and it's almost one in the morning.)

    Oh, and I forgot, I should give you guys some info on Kelsey so you can come up with how your charas got to know her.

    So Kelsey is a very curious individual. She's kind of obsessing over the creature that lives in the forest. She's very vocal about her beliefs in the supernatural and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. She can come off as a bit standoffish and snarky but most of her morbid jokes and quips are usually thrown at people in jest. She's really a dork who loves doggos, arts and crafts, and fanfiction that's so bad it's good. She's also pretty nosy and has the ability to walk up to most people and start random convos soooo hopefully this helps you guys come up with some frondships xD!

    Anyways, once the application process is done, we'll all iron out relationships on Discord! (Hopefully people have it, I plan to make the chat our OOC. It's free and sign up takes only a minute ^^!)
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  17. I'm so excited to get started on my girl soon. I'll try and start her today though I may ask for help on pictures because I have just a massive excess of good photos to use
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  18. @IceQueen

    I'm super excited to see what you and everyone come up with ^^! Sure, feel free to send some photos! Dagnabbit, my problem is usually the opposite, I take hours to find pictures because I lack them //shot

    Also I'm going to sleep for now xD! Catch you guys in the morning~
  19. [​IMG]

    London Brackett | 19

    • London is a homebody who prefers online interactions rather than speaking face-to-face. A shy girl with the habit of staying up too late gaming or browsing the web's supernatural sighting archives, London depends more on caffeine consumption than having an actual social life. Communicating outside the digital realm is hard for her - hence why her class participation grades are so low - but she does well enough in her writing classes, where people are more or less distracted by paper and pen. Despite her interest in cryptids, conspiracy theories, and other bizarre things she's pretty easy to scare. Anything that goes bump in the night is sure to have her running the opposite direction.

      That being said, London cares a great deal about Kelsey. With her missing, she's down an important friend that she knows will appreciate the research she pulls together when she really should be writing her English papers instead. Who else is going to put up with her sending them an onslaught of Mothman articles at five in the morning?

    • Hometown
      • Bellwoods Hollow

      • Strong, dark coffee
      • Staying up late
      • Playing video games
      • Creative writing
      • Researching the 'impossible'
      • Spicy food


      • In-person interactions
      • The outdoors
      • Creepy crawlies (bugs, worms, snakes, frogs, etc...)
      • The dark

    • [​IMG]
      • Cellphone
      • Backup battery
      • Wrist flashlight
      • Extra flashlight batteries
      • Big Chill water bottle 750ml
      • Canned coffee 12oz (x8)
      • Individual bags of Trail Mix (x8)
      • Off! Deep Woods bug spray (x2)
      • Wooden Katana prop
      • Printed out basic cryptid encyclopedia
      • Can of Monster energy drink
      • Spray bottle of holy water
      • Flashlight (from the kitchen blender)
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  20. Is there room for another?