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    ~~Dearborn, Michigan(S-Mart)~~

    "My name is Ash and I am a slave. Close as I can figure, the year is 2016 and I'm being forced to my knees by some girl who looks like she came straight from Hell. It wasn't always like this, I had a real life, once. A job. Well, I still do. But who's telling this story, huh?"

    "I had a wonderful girlfriend Linda. Together we drove to a small cabin in the mountains. It seems an archaeologist had come to this remote place to translate and study his latest find: Necronomiconexmortis. The Book of the Dead. Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, this ancient Samarian text contained bizarre burial rights, funeral incantations, and demon resurrection passages, it was never meant for the world of the living. The book awoke something dark in the woods, something evil. It took Linda. Then it came after me, it got into my hand and it went bad, so I lopped it off at the wrist."

    "From there? Things only went from bad to worse. But I did end up going back to medieval times, oh yeah baby. The real deal, none of that restaurant phoney baloney crap. King Arthur, knights, the real deal. I saved an entire kingdom. Could have stuck around and been king. Decided my place was here in the present though and speed-forward a couple years later, bam! Here I am now. So, what'd ya think? That get ya interested in taking a little ride on the Ashmobile?" The fifty five year old Chosen One asked the girls who seemed to be around college age who didn't seem interested in the story at all.

    "Uh, yeah like we just came to wait for our boyfriends to get off shift?" Glancing over at two beefy looking guys who were probably in much better shape than Ash could ever hope to be, they giggled and made their way off. "Thanks for the time-waster story, Gramps! I bet it kicks ass at the retirement home!" Watching as the girls laughed at his expense and the boyfriends flipped him the bird, Ash rolled his eyes.

    "Yeah! You wish, you little hussies! Ashley J. Williams is a free man and ain't nobody gonna shove him onto some green acres where I can live out the rest of my days waiting for grandkids who never come unless they need something!" Slumping up against a shelf as another attempt to get laid went south, a younger employee who for some reason or another looked up to Ash of all people approached him.

    "Ash? That story you told? About the Evil forces and the book of the dead and everything? That was all true right?" Pablo asked as Ash turned to him and narrowed his eyes.

    "Was it real? Course it was real! You think your good buddy Ash would ever tell lies to get what he wants? I may be a bit past my prime but lemme tell you something my Venezuelan-"

    "Honduran, Ash."

    "Right, right my Mexican friend. You see the fingers on this wooden hand here?' Ash asked holding out said hand as he counted off each finger.

    "One, two, three, four, five! Five Pablo! That's how many women I could get if I wanted to. But you know how it is Pablo. Sometimes you just gotta wait for the right one and you don't find the right one by telling tall tales! Or well least I didn't. But you wanna know some of the juicer bits I left out of that story?"

    "Oh do I ever! I mean...I-If you don't mind sharing I mean, Ash." Pablo asked as he pulled out a nearby chair and took a seat on it as Ash grinned. "Lemme ask you something before I start, Pablo. You ever believe in magicians or magic?"

    "Well, I mean my uncle's a shaman, Jefe. I think I know a bit or two about magic."

    "Yeah, well so did I. But that was before these goons showed up. It all started a month ago..."

    ~~Ash's Trailer Park~~


    "Day was going about as well as they tend to these days. Was catching up on some of my old tunes, cleaning out the trailer, feeding Eli"

    "...Eli? You mean the best friend who's always sick?"

    "Uh...Yeah, best.... friend."

    (Eli was actually his iguana)

    "Anyway, I was just sitting on my bed and about to catch some zzzs when I hear a knock at the door. Naturally it being around midnight, I grab the boomstick and head to the front door. I pull it open and do you know what I find-"


    "Geez Pablo! Lemme finish the damn story and you'll find out!"

    As Ash pulled open the front door of his trailer, he would have been greeted with quite the strange sight.

    "Uh, you lost little girl?"

    The girl Ash saw seemed to be quite young. Probably in her early teens. Her hair was blonde and in ringlets, and she wore a light-colored dress. Yet one couldn't look at her without feeling like something was a little Perhaps it was the dark red-brown substance that stained her dress, as if she'd been playing in mud. Or just the way she seemed to hold herself almost too childishly for her age.

    That, or maybe she was just homeless.

    "Hi there! You're 'Ashley Williams,' right? I've been looking for him all day now."


    "...Looking for me, huh?"

    Ash had fought evil long enough to know a bad omen when one gleefully walked up to his door. This girl looked like she rolled of the train heading to crazytown and thus he wasn't keen on letting creepy little children into his home.

    Especially when they've been apparently searching for him all day. Sheathing his boomstick in the holster he had strapped to his back, Ash gripped onto the door as he weighed his options. Tell the girl the truth and ask her what she wanted?

    Or avoid the problem entirely by telling her a bold-faced lie and hoping she'd go away?

    The choice was obvious.

    "Yeah, me no speaka crazy chica. Bye!" Giving a mocking wave, Ash sought to casually throw the door closed and turned away without a second thought. After all out of sight out of mind right?

    The girl wasn't so easily dissuaded, however. A surprisingly powerful force stopped the door, a metallic limb protruding to prevent Ash from shutting her out. She wouldn't be out of his mind anytime soon, it seemed, and not in a romantic sense.

    "Hey, it's so rude of you to slam the door on me like that! I just wanted to talk a little, and borrow a little something~"

    The door was slammed open, revealing a mechanical spider approximately the size of a large canine beside the girl. Behind it were two others, though their appearances differed slightly. Different hues of steel.

    With the entrance opened, the spiders began to pour into the house, ignoring the residents and scouring the area.

    Welp, that about confirmed all of Ash's suspicions. That being of course that Bonesaw was almost as crazy as any Deadite he'd faced and Ash might not have been the brightest bulb but he knew damn well what anyone whoever came here wanted. That being the book of the dead that had been the bane of Ash's existence for thirty four years.

    But nobody but the Chosen One could be trusted to hold the book which is why Ash kept it safe! Which of course meant keeping it in a drawer on his nightstand in a ziplock baggie. Not the most fort-knox-ish defense system but not too many people visited Ash anyway. Not because they were afraid of him or anything. He was just kind of an asshole.

    But this asshole wasn't going to let such evil power fall into the hands of one crazed little girl and her robot bugs. Drawing his shotgun from it's holster, Ash aimed it at one of the spiders.

    "Sorry lady, but this is a pest-free zone."


    The shot rang out as Ash sought to take down one of these things before moving onto the other two. He didn't know who the hell this chick was or what these spider things could even do. But he wasn't going to be caught with his pants down that's for damn sure. Stepping back, Ash pulled out a tarp he'd set up near his bed.

    Revealing none other than his trusty chainsaw which he had kept gassed up just for occasions like this. Pulling off his wooden hand and tossing it to the floor, Ash slipped his stump into the chainsaw and pulling the cord, the saw revved to life!

    "Alright, who else wants some?"


    The shotgun blew through the spider, crippling it and causing it to falter to the ground. They were rather tough, but a shotgun shell was enough to cause some damage. But the other two still persisted, moving towards Ash with needles and drills!

    "Rude. I just wanted to say hi, and you not only shut me out of your home, but shoot one of my assistants? You're a bad boy, mister!"

    She snapped, causing the two spiders to take formations. One attacked from the front, while the other circled around from the back, each now with a circular saw protruding from where their mandibles would be.

    "Bad? Lady, you got it all wrong. I ain't good or bad."

    Ash lowered his shotgun towards the one coming at him from the back and smiled. He'd already seen one of these things collapse under a blast from his boomstick. Sure, these ones seemed to be shiner but so what? They'd probably go down all the same.

    "I'm just a guy who really hates bugs."


    The second shot hit the front-spider and hopefully disabled it. But as Ash turned to face the other one and aimed his shotgun, he blinked as nothing seemed to happen as he pulled the trigger. Shit, he'd ran empty and the shells were...

    Right near Eli's tank. As Ash thought about how the hell he was gonna get over there before this thing minced him, he let out a scream as the saw tore into the side of his left leg. Toppling over onto his rear, Ash reached into his closet and threw a pile f shirts atop the spider. The saw would cut through them like nothing but a second is all Ash needed.

    "Alright, you little sucker...TAKE THIS!"

    Swinging the chainsaw downwards, Ash sought to dig right into the spider's frame with it.

    With another blast of the shotgun, the second spider collapsed as well. The third, however, cut through the shirts like butter and its hide seemed to resist the chainsaw a little while. Soon enough, however, the spider couldn't resist the spinning teeth of the chainsaw, splitting into pieces as wires and metallic pieces splayed everywhere like blood.

    But while Ash dealt with the spiders, the girl had already grabbed what she needed. The Necronomicon, the book of the dead, was now in her hands.

    "Hehe, I'm in a good mood, so I won't send you the repair bill for the spiders. See you!"

    With that, she started to run from the trailer.

    "Man, that's gonna be a gusher for sure.." Ash grumbled as he picked up a strip of fabric from one of the many shirts the spider had torn apart and wrapped it around on his leg wound. Finally, the little bastards had been dealt with and it seemed like things were over.

    Oh, but not because Ash won or anything. Rather it was because he had fucked up and let Bonesaw run off with the book in hand. Loading up his shotgun, Ash rushed out of the trailer although his wound admittedly slowed him down quite a bit.

    "Hey, hold on a second here! Get back here with that book!"

    Stepping outside his trailer, Ash noticed it was quiet. Too quiet with the amount of rednecks that lived in these parts and spent their weekends partying like there was no tomorrow. And as it turned out? There wouldn't be a tomorrow. At least not if Ash had anything to say about it.

    Outside his trailer was a monstrosity, a patchwork horror beyond words. A being that one could no longer describe as human stood above Ash, about 15 feet in height. Three heads protruded from its stumpy neck, the ugly features of the red necks only pronouncing its monstrous appearance. The face of a man, the face of a woman, and the face of a child. All three were combined atop its deformed shoulders.

    Arms sprouted seemingly at random, arms growing on arms, though each of them seemed as if they'd come from an entirely different body. Large arms of men who were likely farmers, the skinny arms of a young girl, even the nearly useless tiny arms of an infant.

    Every human being in the trailer park had been combined into one, horrible creature. Their faces were still just barely recognizable to the old man, who might know a few of his trailer park neighbors. It was the kind of monstrosity that made one gag just looking at it, its asymmetrical, nonsensical structure mocking the human form.

    But Ash was hardly deterred.


    "You are one twisted kid. Mama never let you play with barbies so had to experiment on people instead huh?" Raising his chainsaw and pointing his shotgun at the monstrosity standing before him, Ash whistled.

    "Let's dance!"

    Elsewhere, wherever you were, you'd have been called in by an organization called the Protectorate. For whatever reasons you may have had, you'd decided to respond to the call. You'd heard about a situation that could impact the entire world, or even worlds. A particularly dangerous specimen had come into contact with incredible power, the kind that expanded exponentially. Whether you came out of your own good will, interest, or sheer boredom, you and a few others seemed to be gathered. All female, by chance.

    But those who had called you had yet to arrive. Instead, you'd notice some particularly strange individuals coming your way. Men with masks, men with a dominating aura, even strange creatures that one wouldn't call human. These were the kinds of people that seemed to be approaching. Were these those of the Protectorate?

    -Cast List-
    @C.T. as Dimaria Yesta from Fairy Tail
    Partner: DIO Brando
    @Ringmaster as Chun Li from Street Fighter
    Partner: Michael Myers
    @Hana as Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!
    Partner: Charlie
    @Michale CS as Eleven from Stranger Things
    Partner: Jason Voorhees
    @Gummi Bunnies as Clarith from Evillious Chronicles
    Partner: Sam
    @york as David Hoover from The Crooked Man
    Partner: Ghostface
    @The Wanderer as Jacket from Hotline Miami
    Partner: Tarman
    @Crimson Spartan as Mercury from RWBY
    Partner: The Creeper
    @Takumi as Yurick from The Last Story
    Partner: Captain Blake​
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  2. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    Elle was silent. That wasn't unusual at all. She watched the others coming toward their group with curiosity, nothing more.

    She looked at each of the approaching creatures individually, trying to catch their gazes. Her gaze lingered a little longer on the man in the hockey mask. Her mouth twitched slightly. Who knew what that meant, but she otherwise made no move nor spoke as they approached. If they were bad, she would know soon enough.

    And make them go away if they were.{/td}
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  3. "...Guess I was wrong. This little journey may not be a waste of time after all." She remarked with casual disinterest, seemingly more focused on examining her fingernails. Her whole reason for answering for this random summons...was just a feeling of why not. No particular altruism or reason. The Emperor had no need for them at the moment, and if worst came to worst one of the others could just as well cover for her. "Or it just might be. Hard to tell." She deadpanned as her eyes rose up, scanning over these others. Her mind was not yet made up about this, whatever it turned out to be...but this helped.

    They were all female, from the looks of it. Even the one with hair so shorn she might as well be bald. "Hrm...not bad." And then her gaze shot over to the oncoming people. Masked individuals, a few that were just inhuman. None that she recognized from Alvarez or Ishgar, more...exotic. And to top it all off, others that exuded alpha male status with every step and their sheer presence. At them specifically she just snickered, a grin emanating pure mocking derision.


    "How precious."

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  4. ANGEL

    Kanade wasn't particularly perturbed about ending up in such a strange place. She was, after all, already dead and had gone on to study in a school in the afterlife. Though getting summoned by such strange men and creatures wasn't something that had happened to her in the Afterlife High School, the girl came along on her own accord.

    Living in the afterlife was getting quite lonely. Fighting day in and day out with that ragtag group or rebellious students led by Yuri Nakamura, her work as the Student Council president, the everyday humdrum of a repetitive, unchanging life in a school that never ended... That she had just agreed without so much a thought except that she was still going to return to that school. Because he still hadn't appeared and what was the point of going there and being... Dead, if it wasn't to repay him?

    The small teenager stared up at the newcomers and her fellow arrivals with unblinking, expressionless golden eyes. It looked like she and that other girl who was just a tad shorter than her looked to be the youngest in this place, and there was a woman who seemed rather excited about the turn of things here. Kanade blinked up at the woman at her words, gaze flickering to the men who came in masks. They exuded an aura of command, to be sure, but it more or less just reminded her of the military stereotypes she saw on TV when she was alive. Only with masks. And with stranger things among them.

    "Are you the Protectorate?" Kanade questioned bluntly, stepping up to one such man and speaking in a toneless voice. No enthusiasm or curiosity lacing her words, she just looked up at him without fear. For such a small girl, she had faced down people out for her blood countless times already that speaking to a possibly dangerous entity was a walk in the park.

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  5. [​IMG]


    Most others seemed to be making themselves familiar with this new environment, this whole situation with the Protectorate. But yet, Clarith wasn't sure on what to make of it. She remembered that she had taken the call that was originally for a friend that knew Michaela, a person that Clarith could say with no doubt to be her only friend. Strange that she was given this task of heading here to meet with the Protectorate, but if it wasn't for the encouragement of her trusty friend Michaela, Clarith wouldn't have gone.

    About to raise her hand to show that she had some questions to share with the masked men that were present, the Netsuma woman pulled her hand down once she realized that someone had voiced out her curiosities for her... all because she was afraid of speaking up in this crowd of unfamiliar faces.


    "... n... never mind."

    Grasping her hands close to her chest, Clarith silenced herself before she would make a big fuss about herself, and get all embarrassed from it. She had already enough torment and unreasonable criticism from the villagers, so why make it pile up even more with these strangers?

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  6. David Hoover
    @Kaykay @Chewy Rabbits @Michale CS @Minerva @Ringmaster @Hana @Gummi Bunnies @Others?

    It had been a long day... David had been recuperating after his final encounter with the Crooked Man. His tortured soul had finally been laid to rest, and he had planned to spend the next few days making amends with Shirley again, his long-time fiancee. Things had been looking up for him, but, his peacefull days were cut short alot more abruptly than he had thought.

    It started with a phone call, informing him of a situation that could somehow impact the entire world, and possibly others. Perhaps he was feeling a little extra confidence after his whole venture, or maybe a strange sense of duty compelled him, but whatever the case, he was there, at the place he was supposed to gather, wondering if the Protectorate was harboring a darker purpose, given their ominous nature, or maybe if that's just how they "rolled".

    The first thing he noticed was that amidst the predominantly female group, there was someone with a peculiar costume, as if they had dressed up for a premature Halloween party. It was hard to tell who was under all that black fabric and the strange mask, but he had a feeling he would find out pretty soon.

    For the time being, his attention became more focused on a soft spoken girl, who had barely managed to utter a word before having given up. Perhaps the only reason he had even heard her was because her seemingly timid nature reminded him of another girl he had met, in the seemingly abandoned Hotel Ruhenheim.

    He wasn't so sure if she had even been real, but this girl, amidst the crowd certainly was. Taking a deep breath, he risked stepping towards the softspoken girl, stopping for a moment. Well, now what? He was... Supposed to say something, right?

    "Are you... Alright?" He asked suddenly.

    It was something alright, but David seemed a bit... Uncertain as he spoke. Perhaps his bravery in his encounters with the Crooked Man was brought in by andrenaline... Because here, he was his clumsy old self again.​
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  7. The figures ranged from appearance to appearance. Some of them looked like any of the females-and one man-who had been gathered in terms of how they were built. Then you had one like the man with the hockey mask who must have stood around 6'6 and had decomposing flesh to a severe degree with maggots seen scurrying around inside tears in his noggin. There was even a much larger creature who must have stood at least eight feet tall! It looked to be the most monstrous of them all! While the others had somewhat of a humanoid figure to them, this creature didn't even bother with such a guise.

    That said, why should it have? It existed solely to perpetuate the revenge of those who summoned it! It would not hide or mask it's presence! Taking another step closer, the creature narrowed it's eyes and pulled back it's lips as it bared it's fangs at those gathered!



    Normally, this revenge-seeking demon would have had little interest in helping humanity unless it was the will of the one it was bound too. Which was apparently one of these humans. He just had to sniff out which one. Glancing among those gathered, the demon sniffed before focusing it's gaze on one girl who hadn't spoken up yet.

    As it's feet dug into the ground, the demon steadily approached with a trail of drool dripping from it's fangs as it leered down at none other than Io. Had it been Fate's hand that she was the one to wield the demon of revenge: Pumpkinhead?!



    The glance thrown his way hadn't escaped the mass murdering momma's boy's notice. Jason had no strong feelings for the other horrors he had ended up with. As a matter of fact if it weren't for reasons beyond Jason's simple understanding, he'd have slaughtered them all where they stood. Whether they were human, monster, or even something in between. Nothing would stand between Jason Voorhees and his bloodlust! That was of course with the exception of a child.

    Having experienced first-hand the plight of how tragic childhood could be, Jason sympathized with children and made an effort not to harm them. At least after a ten year old boy put a machete through his skull and killed him. Humility tended to humble most folks. It seemed that extended even to undead serial killers.

    Hence why he approached Eleven with his hands at his sides. Though he stopped as he could feel another presence staring down the child. Looking over his shoulder, Jason's undead muscles tensed up as he stared down his fellow masked murderer.


    Michael Myers aka The Shape.

    Michael stood tall enough to look Jason right in the eyes-or eye given Tommy Jarvis made short work of Jason's right eye years ago-and unlike the zombie slasher, Michael had no qualms when it came to murdering children.

    Even his eight year old niece wasn't safe from his rampages in Haddonfield, Illinois. But whereas Jason was more of a blunt instrument, Michael was a surgical scalpel. He had strength on par with the Crystal Lake Killer, perhaps not the endurance. But he made up for it in smarts. Capable of hatching plans for better taking care of his victims in a manner that someone as simple-minded as Jason might not have, he was best described as pure evil in human form.

    Hence why he drew his kitchen knife and Jason's hand reached towards the hilt of his machete. But upon seeing Jason's gesture, Michael sheathed the knife and sought to walk past the zombie. Had this all been an attempt to try and intimidate Jason on Michael's part? Well, neither party was talking. Watching with his one good eye as Michael walked off, Jason's hand didn't relax until the other killer had stopped near a woman. One that Jason likely would have murdered had circumstances been different.

    @Ringmaster @Michale CS
    For the most part, Dimaria's words had fallen on deaf ears. The silent killers had little need to humor this woman's idle chatter when they would have much rather killed her. Pumpkinhead had zero interest in wrapping himself up with anybody other than who he'd been bound to. But one of the approaching figures heard Dimaria's comment and found it rather amusing to put it lightly.


    The laughing man stood near Jason and Michael's height and almost appeared to be as built as they were! If he had a chance to show off his strength, it'd even become clear that he may as well have been superior to them. But for now he had a woman to humble as he glanced towards her with his hands on his hips.

    "Precious, is it? I'd almost find it amusing that a woman who finds herself surrounded by strange figures from all walks of life can look it and take in. Then have her reaction simply be: precious? I wonder what kind of woman you are, hm?"

    The man phrased it in such a way that he wasn't quite expecting her to give him an answer. Rather, it was simply something he was thinking about aloud. Not that Dimaria's response would have earned more than mild bemusement from the man.

    For the man that stood before her was none other than DIO-SAMA!


    At one point, Charlie Brewster had been your average sixteen year old kid. He loved horror movies, loved spending time with his girlfriend. He also had a nasty habit of looking around outside with his binoculars. In one case it became clear that maybe he'd seen a bit too much. Such as the fact that y'know his vampire was a blood-sucking monster. But managing to enlist the help of a horror TV show host, Peter Vincent, Charlie slayed the vampire.

    From there it'd seem like it would have been smooth sailing. He'd continue to work on improving his grades and maybe he'd graduate high school and get a good job!

    Is what Charlie and those around him would have liked. But it became quite clear that Lady Luck had other plans for the vampire slayer. Ending up with a bunch of guys who didn't look like they'd be out of place on the kind of horror movies he saw on Fright Night, Charlie frowned. What the heck was this girl getting at? Did he look like the kind of kid who'd know a thing or two about the Protectorate?

    "Well, I'm afraid I'm not, kid. Plus, what the hell are you doing here?! Can't you see that their are more horrors here than wherever you probably came from? Maybe you ought to head on home..." It wasn't like Charlie to be so dismissive, but a young girl getting mixed up in all this? Something didn't feel right about it with Charlie.

    Oh? Wasn't this an interesting sight? All of these people and one of them seemed so scared but what of? Was she worried that Halloween might have been disrupted by what had brought all these masked man and monsters together?

    Well, in that case then Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, could totally understand! Halloween was the greatest day of every year and Sam wouldn't stand by while something popped up that could ruin the festivities! Dragging what appeared to be a sack of some kind behind him, Sam waddled up to Clarith before glancing up at her. Although Sam's face was hidden behind his burlap sack mask, the way he tilted his head and his seemingly jovial nature made it clear that Sam held no ill will for the woman standing before him!

    Well, so long as she made sure not to disrupt or smack-talk Halloween's traditions of course!

    "Hehe.." Sam giggled before pointing behind both Clarith and David. But what could he have been pointing at-



    @Gummi Bunnies @york @Kaykay

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  8. "You're for me, then." Eleven stated, looking up at Jason and nodding in approval.

    Then, in a gesture she felt appropriate, and one that Voorhees might not have ever experienced with someone other than his mother, Eleven reached over and took one of the man's hands. Perhaps it was something on the psychic level, but Eleven somehow just knew that this man was to be her protector, and she his.

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  9. Kanade cocked her head sideways, blinking back at the man who spoke to her. For a long moment, the girl stood staring at him, as if she was considering on whether or not to reply. In other circumstances, she wouldn't have replied or acknowledged him at all. But she had to get her information somewhere, and looking around at the other newcomers and suspicious weapons they carried, this one looked the least threatening. Wouldn't he be the one out of place?

    "I was asked to be here. Perhaps it is you who are out of place."

    She let her stare break away from his when it looked like he had no answers for her, looking around at the others. There was a man with a rather memorable laugh a distance away, a... Creature who was unintelligible so was clearly out of the question, and - Oh. Another girl with a similar shade of white hair. There was a man with her, but there was a nonhuman figure that quickly approached the pair.

    Kanade blinked once, then twice.

    While no one had shown actual intent for bodily harm among this crowd yet, she didn't quite like the atmosphere around these people either. Not that the girl showed it, as she never showed any outward emotion even when she spoke to Charlie.

    "If you're unable to defend yourself, please stay out of the way," she asked the man who had spoken to her and whose name she hadn't heard yet. There was a yet another masked stranger behind the soft-spoken girl, and there were already to such others who held their own weapons. It would probably be better if... "Guard Skill: Hand Sonic." With that blandly uttered command, the program that sat in yet another world beyond the bounds of living beings acted. With a brief flash of light particles quickly gathering together at her right hand, the first form of her Hand Sonic appeared.

  10. "...Really?"


    "You dress more ridiculously than Serena and have a stupider laugh than Wahl. Greeeeeeeeat. I got an idea, how about I don't answer that question and you, you can just go back to whatever two-bit circus you came from. Sound good to you?" Dimaria crossed her arms, quickly scanning over the whole crowd. She was less than impressed.

    "And hey, maybe you can take your legion of freaks and clowns with you."

    @Chewy Rabbits
  11. [​IMG]

    She had settled in quietly for a while at this point. While others interacted, she meditated and honed her own craft, indulging in her aria for clarity of mind for what was to come.

    Jìng yǐ xiū shēn.

    'Quiet thoughts mend the body.' Both her aria of choice as well as a saying of her father. Still, the Chinese-British woman would look up once more to regard the monstrosities. Their chi was black and twisted, and for once she felt misgivings about her coming here. Nevertheless....The die was cast and she rose up, her stare challenging the first one she made eye contact with as she crossed her arms.

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  12. "I was told that my services were required." A extremely cheery, obviously electronic female voice called out.

    Before a man walked up to the group, wearing a pretty normal set of clothes. A varsity jacket. Blue jeans. Grey sneakers. Bandaged hands, and a rooster mask.

    Well, maybe normal if the rooster mask was excluded.

    But, anyways, this man was carrying a tape recorder in one hand, signaling that he was the "owner" of the voice. He had a large duffle bag slung around his shoulder. The sound it made while he was walking obviously hinted he was carrying weapons or tools of sorts.

    His head was cocked, like he was 'curious' about some of the group members, to say the least.

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  13. [​IMG]


    Jason had felt somewhat challenged in his immediate protectiveness of this girl by Michael. But now she suddenly felt comfortable enough to not only approach him but grasp his hand? It was an interesting sight to say the least. Even if Eleven's hairstyle brought to mind some times that weren't too great on the ol Crystal Lake Killer. Namely, his first encounter with Tommy Jarvis, his arch-nemesis who had shaved his head in order to try and appear like a younger version of Jason.

    The trick fooled Jason, simple-minded as he was and thanks to it's success Tommy was able to put the mass murderer down for many years. Now, whether or not it was the Necronomicon's doing or Tommy Jarvis's own foolish machinations, nobody could really be sure on how and why Jason kept returning after every defeat.

    Even Jason himself didn't quite understand. But no matter what the sinners did to him, he'd always rise up and continue as he had been doing. For his mother had told him that he could never die and his mother would never steer him wrong. In most cases this left survivors of battles with Jason absolutely frightened out of their wits! In this case however, Jason would use his gift to make sure no harm came to this girl. He didn't quite understand what he was doing here. Most things like that flew over the serial killer's head. But if it brought him to this girl?


    Then that's all he needed to know. He took Eleven's hand and glanced down at her. His one remaining eye meeting hers as his other hand moved towards her. Not in a threatening manner mind you.

    Just reaching up so he could pat her on the head. When you killed as many people as Jason had, you never had many situations where it required you to be calm and caring. Jason was neither of those things 99% of the time. But when he found people he wouldn't kill? Then he'd simply murder those who would try to do what he could not.

    @Michale CS

    Glancing over the others who had ended up here alongside him, Charlie couldn't help but feel a bit sick to his stomach. You had guys who looked like they could bench people like Charlie with ease while wielding kitchen knives, machetes. There were people dressed up like it was Halloween or something and then...Charlie didn't even know what to say about the eight foot tall thing that stood above everyone else!

    "Starting to get the itching feeling that you might be right..."

    As Angel showed off her arm blade however, Charlie nearly fell onto his rear. She had mentioned that she'd been called here which meant she couldn't have been defenseless right? What if that giant monster thing they had here wanted to gobble somebody up? His stakes, holy water, and crosses just weren't going to cut it. But this girl said some words and bam suddenly a blade was there!

    "H..How did you do that?" Charlie stammered out before shaking his head. He'd been so caught up in his brief panic fit about this girl's strange ability that he hadn't even introduced himself! "I'm...Charlie. Charlie Brewster."


    Throughout Dimaria's taunts, the man continued to seem unfazed. He'd been called much worse by others and if he were to get a few idle taunts get to him then what was he? No better than a bully on a children's playground who's ego was so thin-skinned to be provoked at the slightest instance. This woman was actually a fresh change of pace! So long had he dealt with the would-be heroes who'd brandish their own views of what was right and what was wrong before finally deciding to fight him!

    No, this woman spoke her mind and wasn't afraid of the consequences. Most people had they known who they were speaking to however would have been on their hands and knees and begging for forgiveness! DIO couldn't blame her however. She too spoke of names that DIO had not heard of nor did he care in the slightest.

    "Insult after insult, quite the charming woman are you not? But, no I like that. The boldness in face of unknown elements. The willingness to say whatever's on your mind and the consequences be damned! It's just too bad that I won't be leaving and more importantly.." Dio's eyes narrowed but the smirk remained.


    "They're all traits that I, DIO Brando, absolutely despise in a woman."


    One of the monstrosities in question returned Chun-Li's gaze. Though for her part, she'd have seen nothing but pitch black darkness in the eye holes of Myer's mask. Only adding more fuel to the fire that while Michael may have walked like a man and even bled like a man, nothing would ever truly stop him and that was what separated Michael Myers from the realm of man. He had no conscience to question his judgement. He did what he pleased and nobody could ever truly understand why.

    But every time he struck, Michael seemed to have his eye on a person in particular. Whether it was Laurie Strode or his niece, Michael's spree always ended up coming down to one person and this time? He felt himself drawn to Chun-Li. Someone with her experience might have been able to tell that there was more going on with Michael than there was with beasts like Pumpkinhead and Jason.

    But that's what made Michael all the more dangerous.

    @Ringmaster @Minerva

    As Jacket approached the group and looked over those gathered, he'd have likely heard the sounds of something dripping behind him. If he turned to see, he'd have seen a trail of what appeared to be severely decomposing flesh splotches scattered all over the ground. But they hadn't just popped out of thin air right? Someone had to be responsible for them and that someone was drawing closer with every staggered step.



    'Tarman' was the official designation given to this undead corpse by the U.S. military after they apprehended him. Had he a wife or kids in life? Nobody knew and nobody would likely ever know given that the government tried it's damnedest to cover up the 1968 incident which involved the chemical Trioxin 1-2-3 and was how our rotting friend here came to be. The toxic gas had reacted poorly with his already mildly decomposing cadaver and once it re-animated him? The result was a zombie who's remaining flesh stuck to his bones like sludge.

    Even the Tarman himself likely wasn't aware of what his life had been before he woke up in his canister. But that's probably because it was no longer important to him. His memories wouldn't help the pain of death lessen. The only thing that could do that was brains! But as he drew closer to Jacket, he paused as he looked over the man in the mask.

    "No...Can't eat your brains..."

    @The Wanderer
  14. [​IMG]

    "Yes... I'm alright..."

    At first, Clarith was taken back by how someone wanted to speak with her, despite the fact that she was used to people going up to her only to berate her. Yet, she wasn't used to sudden concern or even the hint of kindness. That was what got Clarith startled in her first meeting with Michaela, who was abnormally kind to her. A similar reaction came up when David had come up to her and asked if she was alright. She was able to work up a response without being completely startled, but a hint of her insecurity near all of these people could be seen in her eyes.

    "O-Oh... hello there..."

    Again, Clarith didn't feel so comfortable with all of these people around, but with how Sam appeared to be child-like in appearance and behavior, it didn't put her off. Able to work up a small smile, she did have some curiosities in that sack of his, but she didn't want to be intruding at the moment.
    The Netsuma woman wasn't sure what was making Sam giggle, but when she looked over in the direction he was pointing over at...



    Easily startled by a sudden appearance of this masked man, Clarith stumbled and fell backwards out of that abrupt fright. This wasn't a great start for Clarith's time being here... so far.

    @Chewy Rabbits @york @Kaykay
  15. Eleven... smirked. This boy, for she knew that inside this person was a boy, like the ones she'd helped before, he was like her. He had unresolved issues. Even with "Papa" dead and the monster gone, there was more waiting in the Upside Down, which is why she had gone ghost after taking the monster apart, piece by piece. She couldn't risk the lives of such fragile creatures in the face of the horrors that were out there. Which is why she liked this arrangement. This one, she felt, could handle it. He had known death, many times. Faced monsters... was a monster.

    But primarily? This one was a boy. She pointed at herself and said, "Elle." then pointed at Jason, her eyes curious for the answer. He wouldn't have to speak his answer. Elle was confident that with the physical contact, she would pick up some stray thought from her partner. One that would provide her with his name.

    @Chewy Rabbits @Kaykay @ Whoever else wants to chime in.
  16. Chun Li rose to her feet, arms crossed as she stared upwards before finally speaking.

    "Hello there. Whoever you are."

    Whatever you are, she added privately in her head.

    @Chewy Rabbits
  17. How did she get her blade? Explaining her Guard Skills was never something she had done for other people, and she wasn't going to do so now. Kanade's eyes flickered briefly to Charlie, now that he had introduced himself. "Tenshi. Or Angel, in your language." She spoke a bit more slowly while pronouncing her begotten moniker. Introducing herself as Tachibana Kanade would only give him an impulse to form a more personal attachment to her, where she was looking for none. The girl had stopped hoping for such things in a long time. In the school, she made friends only for them to vanish from the afterlife...

    She looked over at where the big masked man was, and stared at where his and the young girl's hands were linked. Making up her mind, Kanade slowly approached, not in a hurry. Whether or not Charlie followed her was his own decision, but she felt an urge to at least see about the other people here. At least the big man didn't look like he intended on harming the girl whose hand he held almost delicately in his own.

    The close-shaved hair was a curious look on such a young child. But this child's eyes told Kanade that she might be thinking of learning more about their situation. She wasn't afraid of the large, hulking masked man like any child in her place must have been either... Though if she was being honest, Kanade thought only Charlie was the one who looked panicked in the presence of such menacing-seeming figures. Staring at them, she didn't speak for a moment longer.

    "Do you know why we are here?" It was spoken in such a way that it almost didn't sound like a question, barely a change in her voice at the end. Her eyes stared into the other girl's calmly.

    @Chewy Rabbits @Michale CS
  18. [​IMG]

    "Because dismal fashion sense, annoying laughter and rampant stupidity are all things that slot anyone pretty high up on my worthless list. And so far, you've checked off all three." She shot back, not intimidated in the least. "Not to mention, you refuse to leave me be. Tsk tsk. That's four strikes, if you care to count. Seems to be one hell of an impasse, huh?" She questioned, glancing skyward briefly before pulling her sizable blade off her back, idly tossing it back and forth between her hands.

    "What to do, I wonder." Her tone made it clear she already had something in mind. "Ah yes, that yellow jacket of yours. I know what it's missing. Tell me, what would you think if we painted it red?"

    @Chewy Rabbits
  19. Elle shrugged. She looked up at Jason, and over to the other girl. "To fix things."

    She wasn't one to say more than she needed. Elle just continued staring at the self-described angel, barely blinking.

    @Hana @Chewy Rabbits
  20. David Hoover
    @Chewy Rabbits @Gummi Bunnies @Kaykay

    David was about to speak, trying to strike up more of a conversation, despite the masked fellow approaching. He seemed sort of nice, actually, albeit a little creepy, but, he couldn't for the life of him figure out what was making the child-like fellow giggle. What was so funny? Did he have something on his face?... Was his fly down? As David fumbled to figure it out, the sudden "boo" that came from behind him startled him immensely.

    "GAAAH!" He yelped, almost at the same time as the girl he had been talking to.

    As he whirled around quickly, his first reaction was to reach for a weapon, as he was seriously anticipating some monstrosity waiting to meet him from behind him, but well... Fortunately, he didn't have a weapon on him, and well, even moreso, the one who had scared him turned out to be the costumed figure from before.

    "I... I gotta get ahold of myself..." He thought, shaking his head a little.

    Now that he was a little calmer, he took this opportunity to speak to... Whoever was under that costume.

    "W-Who are you?" He asked.

    Crap, he stuttered, oh well... At least his reaction was a little more controlled than the last few times he got startled like that.