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  1. Sia is a young lady thats often distant from people even her family.
    Sia is now a grown woman, her parent will not care for her any longer ,now it's time For Sia to move on.
    Sia's parents moved Sia out in the country side with her own home.Sia knows no one in this small town, as neighbors please help Sia to feel at home and gain her heart ,and friendship.



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  2. Sia's mother kisses her goodbye as Sia enters her new home, the walls need a paint job, and the garden needs tending Sia is over whelmed
    she sits down in the middle of her empty house feeling silly, with her head in her lap.
  3. [​IMG] A neighbor approached the house, hearing about the newcomer, he was quite curious about her as he always was with strangers at first. Glancing around the place, it seems it might need some work too, wondering if he could help her, he knocked on the door waiting for an answer.
  4. Sia feeling depressed she picks herself up and walks toward the door"Mom is that you?"
    Sia felt a sudden relief .
  5. Hearing the voice of a woman, presumably the new resident of the house call out to him, he responded somewhat awkwardly. "U-uh.... No I'm just a neighbor of yours stopping by to say hello..." He guessed her mother had already left, as the car that he saw parked at the side of the road was gone.
  6. Sia was shock she was not expecting anyone to come near this house, Sia was thinking of what to say she didn't want to open the door but she didn't want to be rude.
    Sia cracked the door open abit staring the stranger dead in the eye."hello what do you want?"
  7. "Well, I stopped by to say hello really, plus, I thought you might need a little help with fixing up your new house." The stranger spoke kindly, trying his best not to sound too forward he was uncertain how she might react...
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  8. Sia's jaw drops a little,"'d you know I just moved here
  9. "News travels fast here, there's usually alot of talk about it when someone new moved in here. Sorry about the confusion..." The stranger paused a moment before speaking again, looking a little embarassed "Oh, silly me, I forgot to introduce myself... I'm Roan, Roan Hartley, what's your name?" He asks sheepishly.
  10. Sia figured she should tell her name but she was wondering if that would spread abroad as well but, they all ready knew so much.
    "my name is Sia Johnwell...Roan could you mabe tell me about this place?"
    Sia asked as she came out of the house.
  11. "Well, nice to meet you Sia." Roan spoke politely, then he continued to speak, answering her questions. "Well, if you're curious about it, this town is nice and small, but most of the townsfolk here tend to gossip since it's a fairly small town, and there's not too much else to do. Of course there's a few people like me who aren't so fond of such things..." He looked up at the sky, it was clear except for a few fluffy clouds floating around "The weather's pretty pleasant here most of the time though, and the people here are pretty polite if you excuse their gossiping of course." He frowned a little, realizing he just repeated himself somewhat, he hoped Sia wouldn't mind.
  12. Sia didn't like the sound of the towns folk, she thought Roan was abit odd, she was wondering what Roan might have been looking at in the sky.

    oh..I see are there many places to work, with little people in this small town.
    Sia said as she glanced up at the sky.
  13. Roan realized he was still looking at the sky, which probably seemed wierd to Sia, he looked back at her "Well, you could say that, there's alot of open jobs in various places." Roan looked like he remembered something "Oh, but first, if you'd like, I could help you fix up your house if you'd like..." He asked her a little embarassed again that almost forgot that's partly why he came here for, he probably seemed a little strange to her now, and he doubted she'd be the only one who thought so if he did seem strange to her.
  14. Sia was excited , yet embarassed because a house should never look so horrible, she thought mabe he was looking up to avoid the appearance
    of it, Sia felt her face turning red, and quickly replied"sure I'll pay you once I... get a job I'm sorry about that, come in."
    Sia let Roan inside her home to look around, at everything that needed fixing, while she started to stack her boxes.
  15. Roan was a little taken aback when Sia offered to pay him, he noticed she was blushing, "Theres no need to pay me, I did this when I first moved here too..." He said nervously, then he looked around at the house, it was actually in a pretty good shape for one that's been empty for a year now, the walls just needed a little painting, the garden needs some tending to, and the house needed a little furniture.
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  16. Sia was surprised he turned down the money, after all she remembers her father always, finding more and more ways to find money.
    "I suppose you could if you like... are sure you don't want any money?" she said as she reach in her pockets and grabed out a twenty.
  17. Roan blushed a little, wondering why Sia was this keen on paying him "N-no thanks... I'm fine..." he said, holding up his hands, then he looked at the walls figuring he'd paint them first, he turned back to Sia "Hey, would it be ok if I checked in the garage for some tools?" he asked her, he figured there would be some tools in there if he knew the neighbors that had once lived here right.
  18. She walks Roan toward the garage feeling abit sick to the stomach, because as they got closer to the garage She smelled a horrible smell, She glanced back at Roan hoping he wouldn't smell it.
  19. As Roan followed Sia towards the garage, he smelt something bad he frowned a little wondering what that smell was... He doubted it was anything Sia did, so perhaps it was the previous owners, it worried him a little...
  20. Sia couldn't take the smell any longer she tossed the keys to the garage to Roan, and ran in the distance, covering her nose.

    when Roan opened the garage there was an old bloodhound , covered with fleas sitting in it's own , manure.
    the dog looked up at Roan with a guilty look on it's face wagging it's tale.
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