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Hey guys! Just as the title says, I'm looking for people with colorful imaginations. Now I'm sure that applies to most people here, so let me narrow it down for you! The RP I'm advertising for here is specifically centered around normal school students with, you guessed it, overactive imaginations! It's also anime style, so if that turns you off then I hope you find your fix somewhere else ^-^ If you're reading this and it rings a faint bell somewhere in the back of your mind, think Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! The RP is loosely based on the series in that we're using the basic concept and theme, but we're using our own original characters and location (still in Japan though) that are COMPLETELY UNRELATED to those from the original series. Also, the game field is open to characters both with AND without the affliction of chuunibyou, and currently ALL IN-USE GRADE LEVELS ARE OPEN! Especially 3rd years guys, we're down to just one person with two characters in the 3rd year class and I'm sure we all know how much it sucks to roleplay 2 of your own characters not interacting with anyone else's characters in a group RP so let's give our members some love! We currently don't have a large number of actual members who have completed and active characters (only 3-4 atm), and though we'd prefer not going too far beyond the beginning of double digits if we can help it we're still in a need for more members.

Some technical info: this is a very literate and somewhat information critical RP, and we try to keep activity up the best we can. As of late I (the GM) have been the only one to take more than a week to post, but it was with good reason. As such, we'd prefer people with the ability to stay relatively active on a regular basis. We also post in an episodic manner with predetermined posting orders so as to keep the flow of information and action among characters focused, constant, controlled, and synchronized, so a level of patience is also a critical asset for anyone willing to join.

TL;DR: anime-style RP based on the chuunibyou series. Be literate, active, and imaginative, and refer to the OOC for more details and rules: OPEN SIGNUPS - Inside Identity (OOC)

Footnote: the CS page (which is linked in the OOC) has listings of all current accepted characters in the head post with their grade and operating member, so if you have trouble understanding how a character profile should look feel free to use them as references. [spoili] Word of advice: any character profiles posted by myself are bound to be the best ones to reference :P [spoili] yes that includes the WIP one[/spoili][/spoili]
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