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Which role are you most interested in?

  1. Coordinator

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  2. Scout

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  3. Infiltrator

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  4. Doctor

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  5. Assassin

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  6. Warrior

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  1. IC Thread: CLOSED SIGNUPS - Sanguine Dirge IC
    IC Crack Thread: CLOSED SIGNUPS - Sanguine Dirge IC: The Pilgrim's Respite

    It was the 1365th year after the death of the Alorran messiah. A man proclaimed to be a messenger from the gods intended to lead humanity to a life beyond the tyranny and corruption of kings and lords. Beyond the oppression of their government and soldiers... Such treason was not tolerated for long and soon enough the messiah was cornered and he sacrificed himself to save his followers. As the messiah walked the holy halls of Skariskall lit ablaze with godly mystical flames, the soldiers of the king were frozen as the man did not burn but instead spoke of forgiving them for their misguided loyalties and sin. In the end the messiah was struck down by Grand King Amaraan, ruler of all of Alor by the authority of the kings and queens of the territories within the region. The king's blade, a symbol of his rightful status as Grand King, plunged itself into the heart of the messiah and the flames reached out, engulfing both men and consuming them until naught was left but the blade, now cursed inflict the same fiery fate upon any who dared to wield the mantle of king of Alor ever again.

    The followers of the messiah fled during the outcry and chaos of such a magical event. These men and women were never seen again in the eyes of the public. As far as the governments and kingdoms of the world were considered they fled into exile never to be heard of again. Yet this was far from the case, they had indeed exiled themselves from public view but only to operate as the shadowy hand of the gods to slowly unravel the corruption under the blessing of the messiah's sacrifice. For since that event there has never been another grand king who claimed ownership over the entire region. And with the blades of the Sanguine Dirge nipping at every scrap of corruption and lordship slowly for over a millennium, the world was changing. The people of Timinster have rallied and ousted their governor due to proof of his sinister love of torturing young children for his enjoyment. With the power of an entire city in uproar the governor and all those loyal to him were driven from the city. Whilst they would have fled to the governor's superior: Baron Higram of Dafeld Tower, and asked for assistance they never made it that far. In the forest before the tower the governor and his soldiers were slain and pinned to the trees as a sign that the citizens of Timinster had the support of the now infamous assassins of the Sanguine Dirge. With the previously hidden group coming forth into the public eye their fight was only just beginning

    The story will follow the upcoming conflicts across Alor as the Sanguine Dirge continues their bloody deeds in the name of the gods. The finale should be the elimination of all governments and lordships to deliver the region into a collective democracy as per the will of the gods. Plus a secret twist that leads into a final arc

    Your character will fill one of these limited roles in the newest assembled group of the Sanguine Dirge:

    Coordinator: The group leader responsible for planning out the method in which the group will complete the mission assigned by the grand master. The coordinator is the only one who receives communications with the grand master. Coordinators should be detail oriented, inspiring, and strategic. Yet they also possess the ability to fight yet not at the same level as an assassin or warrior. The coordinator should rarely involve him/herself in combat operations unless necessary and should focus on commanding and guiding the group

    Coordinators passively have the ability to send magical messages to the group using animals. The coordinator can also receive feedback given to the animal verbally by group members. This allows the coordinator to change his plan to fit any changes in the situation and any new information gathered by any group member

    Slots: 1 (Filled)

    Scout: The scout is a long range character who observes the target and the surrounding environment, reporting any relevant information to the Coordinator. The scout is an expert at recognizing weaknesses in defenses, locating traps and hidden areas, and for taking out isolated and vulnerable targets at a distance. They can also of course support warriors by injuring or killing targets that flank or overwhelm him/her. Their close range skills are very poor in comparison to a warrior or assassin but they make up for it with stealth, range, and athleticism to escape

    Scouts passively have keen eyesight far beyond a normal person's ability. Able to zoom in and make out details at over a mile away. This is part of the reason they make great archers with enough practice with a bow or other distance weapons

    Slots: 2 (2 Reserved)

    Infiltrator: The infiltrator is a master of disarming traps, picking locks, and sabotaging various vital structures. An infiltrator ensures the group can enter, conduct the mission, and leave safely with or without finesse. The infiltrator is a close ranged fighter and uses tools and gadgets to accomplish their objectives. They can be stealthy, bold, magic oriented, or charismatic and can be used for close ranged scouting of an interior. The infiltrator can also serve as a spy if they manage to become involved in the inner works of the target's government. This undercover work is the ultimate source of information and sabotaging essential for the long term goal of eliminating the government

    Infiltrators passively have the ability to phase through non-living material when focusing very intensely. This is useful for getting themselves inside neigh impregnable structures to more easily sabotage the defenses, scout, and open the way for the rest of the group

    Slots: 2 (1 Reserved, 1 Filled)

    Doctor: Being an outlaw group the Dirge needs these characters to treat injuries without drawing the attention of the local government. The doctor also serves as a discreet trader with local businesses for supplies. Food, water, medicine, tools, poisons, ect. The doctor can also use his/her expertise and equipment to create medicine, poisons, or other useful mixtures such as acids or explosives with the proper ingredients. The doctor is not so much a fighter as a support character who helps the group to survive after a battle or helps them to escape if things go poorly during a fight. However the doctor can indeed kill as they have enough knowledge to strike a lethal blow to anyone not paying him/her much mind

    Doctors passively gain the ability to sense ailments in a person's body allowing them to more swiftly diagnose and treat or worsen the effects. They can also see and identify residue substances on surfaces. This allows a doctor to be a detective of sorts and piece together an idea of what has happened in an area recently

    Slots: (Filled)

    Assassin: The assassin is the silent stalker and executor of high value or hard to kill targets. The assassin can stay hidden either stealthily or in plan sight by blending in until they are ready to strike. With expert knowledge in vital points, poisons, and armor weaknesses they strike with calm and deadly precision using the element of surprise to kill their targets before they can fight back. Assassins are also great short or medium range fighters but tend to be poorly armored for sustained combat. As such it is a good idea for an assassin to eliminate only essential targets before fleeing or hiding

    Assassins passively gain the ability to blend in with their environment when focusing hard enough. This can allow an assassin to be nearly indistinguishable from the bush they are hiding in or simply unremarkable in the group they are moving in

    Slots: (Filled)

    Warrior: The warrior is a heavily armed and armored close range character who attacks head on to outlast or skillfully defeat a target. Warriors in the dirge are often used as a distraction for more subtle tactics to work without a hitch, though they are also used when subtly is impossible in a situation. Most warriors can fight multiple opponents at once without much trouble due to armor, training, and the blessing of the gods

    Warriors passively gain the ability to see 360 around themselves as far as 10 meters. This allows them to better defend themselves from flanking maneuvers or sneaky ranged attacks. It does take a lot of mental focus though

    Slots: 2 (Filled)

    Character Bios should follow these guidelines:

    Name: (First, Last)

    Age: (between 10-30)

    Race: (human, elf, orc, ect) [Pretty much all fantasy races you can find. Though I've made all races pretty much equal at a base level. Basically it's just for looks and background. Stereotypes still exist but like most stereotypes they aren't very true. For example Orcs are generally viewed as stupid vicious barbarians by common society but in actuality they can be as smart and sophisticated as any other race]

    Sub-race: (if more than one or if one is cursed with Vampirism, Lycanthropy, or Spectralism)

    Description: (Written and/or picture) [No real life pics, this is fantasy so keep it artsy or anime]

    Role: (Role you wish to play. Call a role that has open slots)

    Fighting Style: (Primary and secondary weapons and how your character uses them. This isn't Naruto or Bleach or something else with crazy ass flashsteps and explosions all the time... keep it more like Lord of the Rings Style fighting. Same with magic, keep it small but useful and only usable either on a long cooldown or limited uses per day)

    Abilities: (Whatever you can think of that makes your character unique. Be very creative but no Godmodding or incredibly variable powers. Example: if you say you have telekinesis, that means you can move things with your mind. Nothing else, no telekinesis blasts, barriers, telepathy, ect) [Characters between 10-19 have 1 ability. 20-30 get 2]

    Strengths: (choose two particular things you can think of that your character is good at) [Keep it reasonable, as in your strength cant be to have reflexes fast enough to dodge or block anything from any direction]

    Weaknesses: (Choose things that can be used against your character) [These need to be actual hindrances. Not something like "If you shoot my character through the heel with an arrow he becomes killable... Because who the hell is going to think of doing that to somebody unless they know the person's name is Achilles?!]

    History: (lengthy description of your character's life before being recruited to the dirge)



    Strengths: Greatly increased Speed/Reflexes/Strength, Retractable claws and fangs, Unaging, Night vision, Fatal Injuries do not kill you, Regeneration (at the cost of consumed blood), 2 extra abilities

    Weaknesses: Weak to magic, Water burns, Cannot touch Holy or Blessed locations, Sunlight burns, Can frenzy when starving, must drink half their body weight in blood every 24 hours or becomes weakened


    Strengths: Animal senses (night vision, scent tracking, sense danger), Increased strength/reflexes in human form, slow regeneration. Wolf form (super regeneration, greatly increased strength/speed/acrobatics, infectious, large teeth and claws, venomous teeth/claws/blood)

    Weaknesses: Silver stops regeneration, hunger increased, loss of control in wolf form


    Strengths: Ghost form (can leave one's body and travel through the realm of death to harm or influence the living without physical danger) Restless (no need to sleep), Fasting (no need to eat or drink), Spirit magic

    Weaknesses: Holy magic is fatal. Physical body is vulnerable to possession and is physically defenseless when in Ghost Form. Fatal injuries kill your body leaving you trapped in the death realm until you waste away or twist into madness (in short character death means your character becomes a danger to the group rather than just dying off)

    My own main character:

    Name: Aloette Viscenna
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Sub-race: Vampirism

    Description: Aloette was inflicted with vampirism at a young age and thus still looks 12 in appearance. Her brown hair stretches just past her shoulders. Her eyes are chocolate brown just like her hair. She is 129cm tall (4 feet tall) with an aristocratic appearance as far as dress and figure goes. When using her vampiric powers or feeding her eyes take on a red hue and her features change a bit. her hair darkening and her skin paling


    Role: Infiltrator

    Fighting Style: Aloette is small thus she uses this to her advantage to make her opponent underestimate her and strike weaknesses with a slim stiletto dagger. Her backup is a small hickory cudgel she uses with her vampiric strength and speed to break bones or render a foe unconscious in a single strike. Her focus on attacking the joints, groin, and throat makes her great at disabling a foe but not a single strike instant killer most of the time

    Abilities: Charm (can use magic to subtly control a person with suggestions/commands), Telekinesis (can control objects with her mind), Illusory Copies (can create controllable copies of herself at a distance of up to 20 meters. 5 copies can be created at most and they cannot interact with living or undead targets)

    Strengths: 1) Aloette is a skilled manipulator of people, her charisma lets her talk her way into and out of many situations and further helps her infiltration skills... 2) She is deceptive/sneaky. Her size and age lets her move around nearly unnoticed when she is smart and careful about it

    Weaknesses: Her stunted age means her range is short in combat and as an infiltrator she can do little politically. Her undercover work can never be as a government official or anything important

    History: Aloette's family is actually distant royalty from the lineage of King Tromor, her father being Geovold the baron of Wawold. They left their royalty behind and sought out the dirge when King Tromor's practices of necromancy affected them directly. When a riot grew out of control in Wawold and the king himself had to get involved Geovold was punished for his inability to resolve the situation. King Tromor cursed his only daughter with vampirism. Seeking a cure and revenge for this monstrous betrayal Geovold took his family and sought out the dirge. They were accepted with open arms and the wealth was a great boon to the cause. Aloette showed great promise in the arts of the Infiltrator and soon enough she learned to control her vampiric urges and use its power to further assist her. This will be Aloette's first official group after 7 years of training

    Unfortunately the world map is too big a file to upload here... So here is a link to the map on imgur and I will display it with BB code below but you will definitely need to download it either way and zoom in to be able to read city names and such

    Region of Alor


    Currently accepted characters:

    Elyan ag Mórgwnystrad; 25-year-old Human Male played by Sir Basil

    Liandra "Scarlet" Bosch; 20-year-old Human Female played by EmperorsChosen
    Mali'Maele Taneashira, 21-year-old Halfling Male played by devil's 4DV0C473

    Aloette Viscenna; 19-year-old Human/Vampire Female played by Sarokhor
    Ghegari Don'orah Greygrim; 26-year-old Half-Orc/Half-Elf Female played by -Vesper-

    Harmond Blackwell; 30-year-old Human/Werewolf Male played by -Vesper-

    Raven Willow Ashdown; 17-year-old Human/Werecat Female played by neobendium
    Mygdos Yakomishe; 22-year-old High Elf/Specter Male played by Yzmael
    Kiyoko "Kyo' Sanada; 19-year-old Human/Werewolf Female played by RedArmyShogun

    Xarl; 34-year-old Human Male played by Hunter of Shadows
    Vera Gambriel; 24-Year-Old Human/Vampire Female played by Akashi
    Samuel Grayfon; 17-year-old Half-Elf/Specter Male played by BlueFlameNikku
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  2. Errors have been fixed I think and slots have been updated. The rp can start without all slots being filled so long as there are one of each role filled
  3. If this still has room, I'm interested in the Coordinator role ! Potentially!
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  4. Cool! The slot is yours if your character sheet checks out
  5. May I reserve a spot as the second infiltrator? I was thinking of making one who is magic-oriented and also afflicted with spectralism, but would that combination be considered too overpowered? If it helps, I'd also like to make my character act a tad bit incompetent and too headstrong for their own good, so if god-modding is an issue, fear not; I have more fun playing characters that bite off more than they can chew.
  6. I'm definitely interested, can I reserve one of the assassin roles?
  7. Creativity is always recommended. I will of course let you know if your character sheet makes your character seem too OP but it shouldn't be too much of an issue with a spectral character. Afterall I wouldn't have included that sub race as an option in the first place :bsmile:. So feel free to submit an infiltrator character sheet as soon as you can @-Vesper-

    @Yzmael Of course just please don't take longer than a few days to submit a character sheet or I will have to open it back up to others
  8. Save an assassin (and, if we are allowed to have 2 characters, warrior) spot for me, if possible!
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  9. Are you sure? I noticed your info mentions you dont like graphic violence. Considering this is a roleplay about systematically ending tyranny through violence there will be rather graphic murder depending on how the others execute combat. Just giving you a heads up

    Regardless I will save the second assassin slot for you unless you change your mind
  10. Eh, I'll be fine with it. I've been meaning to delete that part anyway. Just haven't gotten round to it yet.
  11. Ok no problem, just wanted to be sure. The slot is yours
  12. Would it be greedy of me to express interest in playing the doctor too, if at all possible? To be honest, it was a toss up between the doctor and infiltrator role from the start, but I just had a whole backstory play out in my head concerning a doctor cursed with lycanthropy.
  13. Well if you wanted to and are able to i suppose you could play two characters. If that's what youre asking

    If you mean a character with a hybrid role i am considering letting people have characters with two roles if it takes too long to gather a full cast for this RP. I just have to figure out how to balance it first. Afterall a warrior/assassin combo would be incredibly OP. Though a doctor/Infiltrator seems decent to me
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  14. That's an intriguing idea I hadn't thought about. But no, I was asking about playing two separate characters as you originally assumed. Just wanted to make sure I was being fair to other players since the role only allows for one person.
  15. Is the spot list currently up to date?
  16. Epic! I'll try to get a CS out soon. But it may take a few days because of life.
  17. I totally didn't watch this thread , like a dummy, whoops. I'll definitely try to get a CS up in the next few days, I'm so sorry for spacing out on it !
  18. Ah. I suppose I should've tagged you in my reply, that would have helped lol
  19. Yes you may play two characters :)
  20. I was slacking due to illness but it is up to date now @RedArmyShogun
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