Rival Werewolf Packs (co-GM: Shayla)

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  1. Hi there!

    So, I'm looking for no more than ten talented writers for this roleplay. The general gist of it is that there are two different werewolf packs who live in the same area. The roleplay will center around the Alphas of the two packs trying to sort out their issues so they can co-exist peacefully, and maybe even join forces. This will be a MODERN FANTASY roleplay, meaning a current date but with obvious fantasy elements.

    I picture the werewolves to be similar to the ones in the Twilight series, meaning they turn into larger-than-normal wolves whenever they wish, and on the full moon. I'll probably also implement the telepathic communication aspect just to make it easier.

    I encourage romance but THERE WILL BE NO SEXUAL SCENES IN THIS ROLEPLAY. If you want to take that to PMs I can't stop you, but make sure it does not happen in the actual roleplay.

    The maximum number of characters one person can have is two, and each character must belong to a different pack. I am wanting at least five werewolves in each pack, including the Alpha, but that may change depending on how many people show interest.

    Co-GM: @Shayla

    If you show interest to this idea at all, please reply here! I'll post an OOC thread and link it here, where you can post your character sheets and discuss the plot further, once enough people show interest.

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  2. Hm, perhaps. If this gets enough people, I'll definitely sign up.
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  3. Not a fan of the Twilight wolves :/

    Or the ones that have full control either. Sorry Ya'll. :(
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  4. yeah I be in
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  5. Awesome!!!
  6. Kind of busy but maybe
  7. I'd be interested.

    Also gonna tag @Stargazer (because we both know you'll find your way here at some point when you stalk me)
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  8. Consider my interest piqued.
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  9. I am in! Sounds fun
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  10. I am in for this one for sure
  11. I shouldn't do this but...count me in.
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  12. We have eight peeps so far for us... Anymore takers at all? ^^
  13. I am solidifying my vote. I'm in
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  14. 9 and happy to have you with us , Ice!^^
  15. There are enough people to make me cool with joining up!
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  16. Alright! Question for my darling peeps here!

    @Tarieles , @IceQueen , @Brea , @Stargazer , @Misguided†Ghost , @Princess Poisoned Rose , @Queen†Chaos , @CynderTheDragoness , @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~

    Lydia and I have been talking upon the plot and came up with an idea with one another. I myself have already put myself forward for it as one of the two Alpha's. We are wanting to see who would be willing to do an imprinting. You would be imprinting to someone in another pack and it could be from any ranking. This would make for another reason they are all having to come together and unite along with varying reasons to come. It would allow for Drama and Romance if you so choose to let it bloom between your people. We are wanting to see who would want to take up the task or want it.
  17. I am for it for sure and I would love to play a beta if that is at all possible
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