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I've shamelessly stolen all of these prompts from my sister over the years (<3) but she doesn't seem to mind~

I'm Mookums, I also go by Mooky or Macaron.

Onward with the show!
(If you're a fan of Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn, I'll love you forever <3 )
I do prefer intermediate/high levels of literacy, grammar and syntax. That being said, I am adaptable.
My first language is not English, neither is my second language. I have a good grasp on the language, but I will often-times have mistakes. Please, make sure to correct me and point them out. It's a good learning experience, and I won't be cross. Promise!


1) The Sorceror and the Princess
An evil witch places a curse on the royal family, and only the princess manages to escape with only a half-curse. While her family is trapped inside the castle, the princess leaves in search for a cure to their curses. She travels to the enchanted forest near by, where she encounters an animal that shows her the way to a sorceror's tower in the woods. She goes to the sorceror in search of a wise old man who can help her, but instead finds a belligerent young man with a bad temper. The sorceror does not like people, especially royalty, and after being pestered for a little while, he agrees to help the princess break the enchantment binding the whole royal family. They must set out to find the old witch that cast the spell in the first place so that the sorceror can break the spell.

2) The Fairy Queen and the Kidnapped Knight

Fairies get bored so easily. While the knight is on a quest for the king, he accidently falls asleep in a fairy ring out in the forest. It is then that he later wakes up to find himself trapped in the seelie court, where the fairy queen has taken him captive. She is a selfish but beautiful creature, who keeps the knight like a pet or a toy, much against his wishes. He tries to escape, but there is no way out for a human, and he slowly finds himself becoming more and more forgetful of the life he had before. He slowly becomes infatuated with the fairy queen, despite trying to fight it, and the need to leave becomes more urgent. The longer one stays in the fairy world, the harder it is to leave.

3) The Cursed King and his Bride *********
A mysterious stranger rescued a princess from drowning as a child. Her father, the King, offers the young man anything in his kingdom as a reward and the man shocks them all by choosing the very Princess herself. The King, unwilling or unable to go back on his word, agrees to the arraged marriage. Years and years later, the Princess grows up and the mysterious stranger returns on her eighteenth birthday for her. Much to everyone's surprise and horror, the young man has not aged a day since last they saw him, and when he takes the Princess home with him as his bride she realizes there is a lot more to him than meets the eye.

4) The Knight and the Princess
To ensure their kingdom's safety, the King has agreed to an arranged marriage with his daughter and the son of a neighboring kingdom. The people of his kingdom are not terribly thrilled at this new ally, and so the King decides to send his daughter to their neighbors with only one Knight to escort her. The young knight is a close friend to the princess, as the two have been practically raised together since they were ten-years-old or so. What she does not know is that he has been secretly in love with her for years and having to give her away to some other man is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

5) The Wizard and his Assistant :: Any Era Fantasy
The assistant decides to check out a mysterious job offer, only to find themselves soon working for a half-mad magician. The assistant never knew about magic, so naturally there's quite a bit of surprise there, and is soon running errands for the Wizard. While the assistant does this, they learn more and more about the magical world and their strange employer. What the assistant doesn't know (at least not right away) is that the Wizard is cursed and has hired the assistant to help him find a way to break free.

6) The Ghost and her Reincarnated Lover :: Modern Fantasy
After finding out her beloved fiance died in a battle during the Civil War, the young woman killed herself rather than go on alone. She is known now as the lady-in-white, a woman who appears every so often as a mysterious apparition in her home town where the wanders the streets looking for her long-lost lover. Years pass and a young man comes to live there after his grandfather dies and leaves him his house. One night, he works late and heads home where on the way he encounters the Lady-in-White. At first, he doesn't realise she is a ghost, but as she talks and calls him by her lover's name, he figures it out. He runs away, thinking he must be insane, only to find that the Ghost has now attached herself to him and keep reappearing in his life at will. He begins to dream of memories he couldn't have and know things about the Ghost he shouldn't know, and learns he is the reincarnation of her lover. Old feelings combine with new, and he falls in love with her again. For a moment, things are good, but how can a ghost and a mortal ever really be together?

(Some are rather old, most are romantic in nature but can easily be altered to be a more general vibe)

1) The Yankee Soldier and The Southern Belle :: American Civil War

A young yankee travels deep into the south with his platoon, only for them to be ambushed by a batch of rebels in the back woods. Everyone ends up dead except for the young soldier, who is wounded and unlikely to get any sympathy from the near by southern town. So he dons the uniform of one of the dead confederates and poses as a confederate soldier to get help from the towns folk. He is taken in by a weathered plantation family, who tends to his wounds and needs despite having suffered from the war. Soon he falls in love with the plantation owner's daughter. But the war continues, and how long can he keep up his disguise?

2) The Yankee Soldier and the Woman-in-Disguise :: American Civil War*********
He was used to training soldiers by now, he was good at it. He could lead men wherever he pleased and he knew it. But there was something different about his latest recruit: a pretty-faced boy with no upper-body strength or training with a rifle. Suspicious, the soldier gets closer to the boy, only to develop strange feelings of attraction toward 'him'. Confused and bewildered, the soldier decides to keep the boy in his unit and watches him like a hawk. The boy is actually a woman in disguise, trying to lay low, and cannot help but feel attracted -and cautious- of her superior officer.

3) The Princess and the Prince :: Medieval
After having an arranged marriage years ago, the date for the wedding soon approaches and the Bride and Groom haven't even met! So the Prince goes ahead of the wedding party by some weeks to investigate his bride-to-be without her knowing it as he disguises himself as a visiting Lord. Over time, the two get to know each other, and they end up falling in love. Their two kingdoms have never gotten along well, however, and their delicate peace does not last as they soon go to war with each other. Now it's up to the young couple to try and find a way to bring their kingdoms together again or they will never be together.

4) The Governor's daughter and the Pirates :: 1700's ***********
Heading across the Atlantic to join her father, the Governor, in the Carribbean (or wherever I actually don't care), the young woman's ship is attacked by pirates and plundered for all it's worthy goods - including her. The Pirate Captain takes her on board as a valuable bargaining peice he can use the next time he encounters the British Navy. As she stays on board, she becomes more and more ingratiated with the crew - especially the Pirate Captain, to the point where she no longer knows if she even wants to return home.

5) The Soldier and his Wife :: Medieval, Renaissance, Revolutionary, Victorian
When they were first wed, the Soldier and his Wife were a happy couple living peacefully in the country side. That is, until one day when there jealous land lord tricked him into joining the army one night, shipping the poor man off to God knows where so that he, the Landlord, could come in and convince his wife that she was now a widow with no where to go but the Landlord's bed. Years later, the Soldier returns, now a commanding officer, to the wealthy estate of his former Landlord, an estate the Soldier intends on taking from the Landlord and burning it to the ground. He is shocked, however, to find his wife alive there, the new wife of his old landlord.

6) The Rancher and the Mail-Order Bride :: Western ********
The Rancher is a good and hard-working man, who spends almost all his time away from his family and out on the trails as he can. That is, until his wife died and he was forced to come home to tend to his children, who he barely knows. In the hopes of getting his children to behave and the homestead to be minded so he can go off on the trails again, the Rancher decides to get himself a mail-order bride. He doesn't really care who she is, only that she can mother his wild brood of brats. Unfortunately for him (or perhaps fortunately), the mail-order bride is not exactly what he had thought she would be. Instead of being a mindful, docile young woman, this bride is almost as much of a handful as his brats and is not afraid to tell him exactly what's on her mind.

1) The Robot and the Human
After years of failure, an aging scientist at last creates the first real Artificial Inelligence in the form of A.R.I: Advanced Robotic Intelligence. Being a recluse, he was not suspected of having such technology. It wasn't until his death that his estranged son discovered Ari amongst his propery. Thinking she was a real human and his father's "girlfriend", he offers her a place to stay in the city with him and she accepts. As they spend time together, he begins to suspect that there is something off about her, but falls in love with her anyway. But she can't pretend to be human forever, and it's only a matter of time before the son (or somebody else) discovers what she really is.

1) The Orphan and the Broken Soldier ***********

A man in his late twenties returns to his hometown after 8 years in the Army. Permanently on disabled vet support, he has no idea how to fit into society once again and dealing with the psychological consequences of the stress of war and death. A young man is on the verge of being moved into government housing, just on the cusp of adulthood and still not adopted. He's given up hope of being fostered or being given a guardian. But after the Broken Soldier is encouraged to find something to 'fix', something to make the world a better place and brighten his own life, he decides to find someone who needs a home.

1) The Captain and the Rebel ***********

In a world ruled by a tyranical Empire, the Captain is one of a handful of people living on the fringes of society doing less than legal things to survive. Basically, the Captain is a pirate, robbing Empire outposts and freighters and selling the goods to the highest bidders on the black market. The Rebel is wanted for actions against the Empire and in desperate need to disappear. One day, the Rebel stows away on the Captain's ship and the Captain discovers them. For whatever reason, the Captain decides to spare the Rebel's life and keep them aboard (as kicking the rebel of the ship is as good as handing them back to the Empire). The Rebel then tries to convince the Captain to join the movement against the Empire in the coming revolution, a revolution they helped start.

Plus a few others~

Doomed to die
A fey-based roleplay, of court intrigue and romance in the fey court. Fey, if you did not know, refers to the Fae or the faerie folk of legend and myths. Burnt by iron and of elven descent.

This may be a f/m or m/m romance, though a happy ending is not guaranteed.

Elemental shapeshifters, perhaps of opposing elements, are chosen to undergo the training required to become the elite warriors of their kingdom. A year long intensive training, a gruelling and bordering on inhumane schedule which will bind them tighter than the ties that hold the kingdom together. But war is on the horizon, with a massacre of Elementals around the corner and the greed, fear of an entire government turning against them. For those without power, those with power are the greatest enemy.

The left behind:

A post apocalyptic world, built on the ashes and bones of the world that came before. Two strangers, mutated in someway, must band together- whether they like it or not. As suspicion turns into trust, the bond between these two people will grow but will it withstand the test of battle and the truth of the great war that destroyed their world.

Any Time Period!

1) Vampires
2) Werewolves / Shapeshifters *****
3) Mythical Creatures ****
4) "Gifted"****
5) Superheroes & Villans
6) Time Travelers
7) Futuristic
8) Science Fiction
9) Modernized Greek Pantheon ****
10) Elementals*****
11) Genetics Experiments
12) Zombie/Nuclear Apocolypse
13) Fantasy Circus/Theater Troupe
14) Modernized Fairy Tales
15) Dark, Twisted Fairy Tales
16) Modern Made Up Pantheon ****
17) Biblical Mythology (angel x Demon, angel x mortal, etc)
18) Haunted House
19) Alien Invasion
12) Steampunk

1) Fantasy
4) Odd Pairings (Listed Below)

1) Any Period can be combined with Fantasy

2) Ancient Egypt
3) Ancient Greece
4) Ancient Rome
5) Medieval Europe
6) The Renaissance
7) Colonial America
8) The Salem Witch Trials
9) The American Revolution
10) 18th Century Pirates
11) The French Revolution
12) Regency Era
13) Victorian Era
14) The American Civil War
15) The Roaring Twenties
16) WWII
17) Old West / Western
18) Asian (Feudal Japan) ******

- Movies & TV

- Books
1) The Mortal Instruments Series
2) The Infernal Devices Series

Crime Dramas
Detective x Art Thief
Assassin x Target
Spy x Spy****
Cop x Criminal
Psychic Detective x Grieving Client
Psychic Detective x Cop
Private Investigator x Client
Private Investigator x Cheating Wife
Journalist x Detective

Vampire x Mortal
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Mortal******
Slayer x Vampire
Slayer x Werewolf
Slayer x Slayer
Demi Goddess x Mortal
Demi God x Mortal****
Ghost x Mortal
Immortal x Mortal
Angel x Demon
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Sorceror x Sorceress
Grim Reaper x Recently Dead
Reincarnated Lovers **
Scientist x Experiment
Robot x Human
Alien x Human

Medieval & Fantasy
Princess x Knight
Prince/ss x Commoner
Princess x Sorceror
Prince/ss x Servant
Prince/ss x Foreign Prince/ss
Prince/ss x Oracle ****
Prince/ss x Sorceror/ess
Sorceress x Knight
Fairy Regentx Kidnapped Knight/Prince *****
Princess x Lady in Waiting ******
Arranged Marriage********

Teacher x Teacher
Teacher x Student's Parent
Professor x Student
Celebrity x Body Guard
Reclusive Author x Publisher/Editor*****
Homeless x Wealthy
Upper Class x Servant
Soldier x Nurse*****
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I read some of these over and I'd love to RP with you, if you're still looking!
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