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  1. [​IMG]
    P H O B I A S & F U N K

    ★ A s t r o p h o b i a ★
    Fear of outer space
    ☹ S c o p o p h o b i a ☹
    Fear of being seen​

    ☁ N e p h o p h o b i a ☁
    Fear of clouds
    ☼ H e l i o p h o b i a ☼
    Fear of the sun
    ☟A l g o p h o b i a ☟
    Fear of pain

    ♀ A n d r o p h o b i a ♀
    Fear of men
    ☠ A t e l o p h o b i a ☠
    Fear of imperfection
    ✞ D e m o n o p h o b i a ✞
    Fear of demons

    People can be afraid of anything, and when that fear is so deeply etched into their brains... It's hard to overcome it. But when a human loves someone, they'll try everything in their power to make that person happy. Even if it means that they have to face their deepest, darkest fears.

    ›How would you feel if the one you loved craved for the thing you hated the most?‹
    "They say, even the proudest spirit can be broken... With love."


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  2. WTF. Why not. It reminds me of a horrific thought I've played around in my mind before, so I should be able to accommodate this idea sufficiently.
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  3. You just made my day. But I'm glad that you're interested! (And honestly, I've been thinking about this for a little while, and it may form into something a little more sinister than I originally planned. But nothing is set in stone quite yet.)
  4. I love this so much omg. I'm pretty busy but I'll def have to make room for this
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  5. Thank you so much<3

    I will be adding more phobias/info about the plot hopefully later t o d a y! c:
  6. Sign me up (or I'll sign myself up, when there's an OOC thread).
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  7. Also, I should let you guys know (it'll be in the actual OOC whenever that's up) but you may reserve what role you play, or what phobia you want your character to have. Such as, my role/phobia is Algophobia, which is fear of pain. And I'm hoping that maybe there'll be a sadist in the RP. If not then that's okay, I can always change my role.

    There'll only be limited spots for people with Phobia's though, the other spots will be going to the people who crave whatever the other person is afraid of (Basically the Funk, I guess. While there's Phobias, their lovers are Funks.) So I do suggest trying to reserve in a spot that you'd like while still in the interest check. You could PM me or just post on here, I don't really mind.

    I'm pretty sure in the OOC I'm going to include little group-like things. They'll have their own special names too, like with my little couple if that works out. Then my couple will have the phobia above it.


    <The Sadist (With the picture of their character) & Me (Once again with the picture of said character)>
    If that makes any sense?​
  8. *raises hand* Are we allowed to double up if we want? Cause I'm really torn between being a person who'll freak out, and a person who'll torment my partner.
  9. I am totes into this!!!!

    Vesper I swear I'm not stalking you.
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  10. At this rate, I'm BOUND to be paired with your character in at least one of these rps! XD
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  11. Not that I would mind it to much ;)
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  12. You'd better pick a phobia so I can be the one to torment you lol
  13. Well, I guess you can. xD I'm not against it.

    Welcome to the club ;p~
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  14. I'm down for this. I kinda want the fear of pain one, because I have a character that would work with it. Unfortunately he wouldn't want to enter a relationship with a sadist. I'll have to do some thinking. XD
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  15. I like Androphobia too, cuz I have a song that matches that one. Not sure how it'd work out though. xD
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  16. omg I really did too :> Like, I thought it'd be hella funny.
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  17. Also guys, you can choose any phobia you want! It doesn't have to be one that's on the first post :> ~
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  18. You could be some really severe SJW feminist or something, and I come along as a men's rights activist lol
  19. Uuugh but I totally hate SJW feminazis. XD

    Don't worry I have a list of phobias somewhere.
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  20. We need at least one more person, I believe, to join so I can start working on the OOC xD
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