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    In the land of water there was a rumor that if one traveled out into the deepest part of the ocean they would find an island shrouded in the thickest fog. Now if you were ask any of the locals what was on the island you would get multiple different answers. Children would tell you that it housed monsters that would come after little kids who didn't listen to their parents. While adults would say that it was a place that the Mizukage's have been dropping the most dangerous shinobi. Leaving them imprisoned by a chakra barrier, where they would go crazy and turn on one another. Elders would say that it was a place that was built to experiment on people trying to create the perfect deadliest shinobi. Basically it was a place that if you were smart you wouldn't go to. And if you tried, well those people never came back.

    Only a select few really knew what was on the island. Who were those people? Well they were the last remaining members of the once notorious group know as the Akatsuki. Now their plans may have been stopped and the five Kage nations might have declared peace. But there would always be people who just crave the chaos, the bloodshed and the destruction. These are the ones who have been chosen to become the next Akatsuki. Though this time instead of just throwing a group of crazed blood thirsty shinobi together. The Akatsuki has decided to start off a little younger this time. This way they would be able to groom the next generation into exactly what they wanted. Though so far, they have found out a group of wild blood lusting teens seems to be more difficult then they thought it would be.

    So difficult that the remaining original Akatsuki was more then happy to give them their own base. It had everything that would be needed, common areas were placed throughout the first floor. The common areas consisted of the dining room, kitchen, library, lounge area, meeting room and even a ground level training ground. Now along with the training grounds there was a concealed tunnel that would lead them to the mainland. While the upper levels housed rooms. Each room had the basics, a full sized bed, closet, desk and even their own bathrooms. On the top floor was even an office reserved for the group's own leader.

    Kamiko 'Kami' Himura

    Kamiko watched as the thick fog rolled pass her office window. The sound of rain drops pattering against the window was what had drawn her attention from the paperwork she had been doing. Deciding to take a break Kamiko leaned back in her large office chair and shut her eyes. It wasn't even minutes after she had finally decided to relax that she could hear yelling and other noises coming from downstairs. Kamiko had sent the teams out on missions for the last couple weeks and it seemed they were starting to arrive back home. The missions had been nothing to important just bounty that would bring in some extra money for the group. But in reality it had been so Kamiko could also get some much needed peace. The group members were rowdy already on their good days but when they started getting restless... Well peace was the furthest thing from achievable in the base.

    Sighing Kamiko rose from her chair and started heading out of her office. "Everyone who is present is to report to the meeting room." Kamiko sent the message out through the rings that all of the members had. Just like the Original's this was their easiest way of communication. Kamiko couldn't help but sigh once she made it to the meeting room and could clearly hear bickering already. Goodbye sweet quiet, it was nice while it lasted.
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  2. Finally a place where I don't have to be constantly looking over my shoulder

    Juno finally made it back to the place she would call home, at least for now. The assignment Kami had given Juno wasn't a difficult one, assassinate an individual for a bounty, the only problem with that was there was another individual who was following the same bounty, poor guy didn't stand a chance. After she killed her target, the intruder was quickly picked off by her spirit, Asuno. The spirit ripped him to shreds, made a mess of the place, it wouldn't have been so messy if the guy didn't try to attack Juno. The spirit being the way he is, was overprotective of her.

    "Everyone who is present is to report to the meeting room."

    Didn't even get a chance to train, or even eat, this better be worth it Kamiko

    Juno made her way to the room with Asuno tailing behind. The fort itself wasn't too hard to get around, of course to any newcomer it would be confusing at first, but repetition has a way of changing that. While making her way there, she noticed that many of the members of Akatsuki were coming back at the same time, some of them she knew, others she figured were freshmeat. She'd make sure some of them wouldn't have to deal with others picking on them, its how she was at the island, kinda looking out for each member. Most try to not mess with her, sure they can't see the spirit normally, but its made itself present from time to time to the members, giving them quite a scare. The Byakugan, or sharingan users always see Asuno though, so they know what their in for.

    Juno walked through the front doors of the meeting room, Asuno climbed to the top of the ceiling laying across it like a beast ready to pounce, right above Juno. "Sensei? What's this for?"

  3. "Ryohei, you bastard! The alive in Dead or Alive is void! You never take a bounty in alive! Even if they surrender." Gesei growled out at her partner. They had traveled all the way from their base in the land of water to the the land of earth to find their target. Only to not even kill him! To say Gesei was pissed was an understatement. Just because the target decided to give in willing, Ryohei decided they should take him in alive. Alive! It had taken them a week to get to their target and another to return to the base. That two weeks that Gesei didn't get to enjoy the feeling of dicing someone up into tiny pieces. Now of course Jashin got his rightful sacrifices while they were gone. Even Ryohei knew not to come between Gesei and those or he would most likely be on the receiving end. But Sacrifices didn't count, there were a necessary thing.

    Yes, Gesei enjoyed them but they weren't just for her to enjoy. They didn't fill her bloodlust the way a kill of her own did. She thrived for the rush of hunting down her victims and toying with them how she pleased. No guide rules or ritual instructions to follow. It was just Gesei, her scythe, and the victims screams. Pure bloody freedom! And Ryohei had taken that away from her. "I should kill you to replace the blood you've taken from me." She growled out. Gesei knew she couldn't really do anything to Ryohei but the threat still made her feel better.

    By now Gesei would or run off to the closest village and quenched her bloodlust but since Kamiko was determine to call them for a meeting it would have to wait. Though everyone's sake this meeting better be quick because the agitated Jashinist was never good company when like this. One of the vases in the lounge area had already met it's demise and she had been two seconds from slicing the couch in half as well before Ryohei had stopped her. Let's just say an angry blood deprived Gesei made PMSing Gesei look like and angel.

    "What the hell do you want Kamiko!" Gesei yelled as she stormed into the meeting room. She paid Juno no attention, her main goal was to finish this as quickly as possible before she decided to destroy the place.

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  4. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. The motions continued as the as the man began to meditate after his straining early training. Two hundred laps, two hundred push ups, two hundred sit ups, forty rounds of motion work and repeat. Now the male stood balanced on his hands upon the forest floor. His breathing calmed and he closed his eyes relaxing.

    "What the hell!? We've passed this tree already I swear!"

    Genjutsu was such an interesting thing. The poor fools. Unfortunately they were his and his partners mission after all. Though, he hoped the bounty would be a little higher. This was mere chump change compared to the gold's he desired. Speaking of which, he had been waiting for his partner for quite a long time now. He wasn't sure where the male had gone off to but he was beginning to grow bored waiting for him. He continued to breath

    "Dammit! This maze! It never ends!"

    Burakku twitched slightly opening one eye. "Excuse me. I do not wish to be rude but could you please be in distress a little quieter?" He closed his eyes once more. The bounties, well, there were not worth kill at the time. Instead, he placed them under an illusion distorting them from reality. They believed they were in an endless maze, however, they were in fact running around in circles just a few feet behind Burraku. They looked like mindless children lost.

    "Curse you! We thought we could trust you!"

    Burraku huffed and smiled slightly. "That's what they all say. I would kill you but you aren't worth that much to skip my training and I have already been paid for your head. Your corpses have been scheduled for departure from this location within minutes. Feel free to end your lives or commit mutiny." His calmed breathing continued. As he suspected, it did not that them long to end their lives. He continued to stand upon his fists completely still like a tree with his feet raised to the air. "Goodness Nakashima. I never expected tardiness from you." He said to himself as he yawned. He opened his eyes as he looked around a bit continuing his stance. Nope. Nothing. "Well.... I already have the money.... Guess I'll just wait for him to pass around again...." He yawned as he closed his eyes oddly falling asleep in his current position as if it were natural .

    "Everyone who is present is to report to the meeting room."

    He was out cold completely balanced on his fists awaiting his partners arrival. Upon hearing the message from his ring, he began to yawn and jitter a bit but remained asleep. Waking the man was always a hassle.

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  5. "Ryohei, you bastard! The alive in Dead or Alive is void! You never take a bounty in alive! Even if they surrender." Gesei chided Ryohei who was the older of the two.

    The bitterness in her words was noted, as was her tone. Still, she didn't get much of a reaction from her colleague who sat with his eyes shut as always. He hardly, if ever, opened them. Whenever he had, it signified that he was genuinely angry and exposed his 'soul' for the world to see. His eyes were a rarity; sky blue pupils and irises which resembled white lotus flowers. When they opened they seemed to glow similar to light glimmering into the dark depths. To others, he may have seemed 'soft'. More often than not, taking bounties alive--much to the chagrin of Gesei who seemed to enjoy the fun of slaughter.

    The truth was, he was a terrifying man in his own right. The fact he brandished Kekkei Tōta, a highly advanced form of Kekkei Genkai, was enough for most to consider him a high-level threat. Only one other had developed the capability, Ōnoki the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure.However, unlike Ōnoki's whose Kekkei Tōta came in the form of the nature transformation 'Dust Release' which combined fire, earth and wind elements that blended to create a pulverizing force--Ryohei's elements were Water, Wind, and Earth. His ability was referred to as 'Glacial Calamity', and one could only assume that it wasn't just a nice sounding name.

    But he wasn't all about ninjutsu; the highly decorative sword laid along his side as he sat on the open walkway overlooking the garden, was in-fact razor sharp. It may have looked like a hand-me-down from a bygone era, but its keen edge was sharp enough to cleave rock without so much as a score to the blade. In his hands, it could only become sharper as he had mastered the techniques of infusing the blade with his chakra--much the same as the soldiers of the famed Land of Iron.

    Before he found himself amongst his fellow rogue nin, a small village in the Land of Snow had invoked his wrath. The whole of the city's inhabitants were frozen in place. Those closest to the epicenter had the look of sheer terror in their eyes and on their faces, while others never saw the avalanche of chakra exuding out from Ryohei his self. Frozen in place, they appeared as nothing more than life-like dolls before their frigid bodies shattered into fine crystalline powder, forming what was originally thought to be snow. It is also said that from the destruction, a deep violet colored rose bloomed amid the triturate.

    [BCOLOR=#000080]"You know my rule Gesei," [/BCOLOR]Ryo calmly answered the childish girl. [BCOLOR=#000080]"If they surrender, you will take them alive. If they fight--then you may do with them as you please." [/BCOLOR]Ryo turned his blank face towards Gesei. He held no contempt for her, or her bloodlust."

    "I should kill you to replace the blood you've taken from me." Gesei snarled, prompting a slight smirk from Ryohei.

    [BCOLOR=#000080]"You're welcome to try," [/BCOLOR]Ryo light pet the polished black sheath.

    However, before that could occur, Ryo stood up casually, lifting his sheathed blade and tucked it into the girdle of his pleated skirt-like pants. They were black as and his haori white with sakura blossoms on the edges of where it fell mid-thigh and along the ends of the oversized sleeves. He followed the rampaging Gesei into the meeting room before humbly bowing in silence in a quaint manner.

    [BCOLOR=#000080]"Apologies for her rudeness, "[/BCOLOR] The blind swordsman said with a smile. He then shifted his face towards Gesei.
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  6. "Ahh, Sutōmu, must you always toy with them so? Certainly a rather rude way to go about business, if I do say so myself."

    Nakashima dropped in from above, having been moving through the trees to avoid detection, arms resting at his sides as he straightened into a standing position, fixing his milky white gaze on his partner. For playing as nice and trusting as the young man did, the renegade Hyuga was quick to note, he utilized that to his advantage. Something worth noting, as far as Nakashima was concerned, and something to keep an eye on period. Those who could betray their marks were no doubt as readily able to betray their allies, and he wouldn't be readily caught flat footed by such an act.

    "I was preoccupied misleading their friends, they had organized a little search party for the missing fellows right here. They won't be an issue anymore, friend."

    Nakashima noted that Sutōmu was out cold, standing upright and asleep at the same time whilst the Genjutsu afflicted marks were running in circles, cursing his partner and trying to find their way out of some illusion produced maze, from what their ramblings were going on like. He was never one to understand being asleep, upright, without seeing some serious sleep deprivation and he shrugged idly to himself, noting the alert from an all too familiar voice, chuckling and considering their options. Which was report to the meeting, and see what their glorious leader wanted to discuss this time. Can't leave this lovely group to their own devices, after all.

    "Alright, Sutōmu, wake up. Let's put these poor idiots out of their misery, turn their heads in and make good on our half of the deal, and see what our grand leader wishes to discuss. Before someone burns something down, again."

    Of course, if voice alone didn't wake up Sutōmu, he would have to resort to more drastic measures. Before that, if he didn't wake up, well, someone had to remove the heads of the marks and, well, he did have a ninjato that would serve perfectly well for that. If he did come to, well, might as well let the marks do it to each other, can always alter the Genjutsu to cause them to turn on each other. Made sense to him, at least, but either way, they would have to start making their way towards the leader and hear out what the boss wanted to talk about this time. If he didn't wake up in a timely manner, well, a good natured shock, nothing damaging, just a minor jolt to shock Sutōmu awake, no pun intended.


  7. "Well, I hope you had fun." Said the masked man carrying a large bag of items he had looted like he was some sort of shinobi Santa as they stepped into headquarters, said bag clinking and jingling all the way.

    There wasn't really much to say about their mission; their target was unchallenging, so were his bodyguards, and so were the mercenaries the target had hired just for emergencies. Then again, Takibi had it pretty easy with his role consisting of driving everyone into Elaina's various traps and ensuring no one managed to escape. He could only wonder if it lacked challenge because of the level of their opponent or because the two of them actually were just that good?

    Everyone who is present is to report to the meeting room.

    The voice resonated from the ring "Gyoku" that hung from his neck, reminding him that it would be a bit longer before they could relax after dealing with all that travel. Hearing the commotion further in the hideout, he could only conclude that the others were already here and were grumbling just as much as he had in his head. The more prominent of these voices was Gesei, who he envisioned as Kamiko's attack rabid dog. Considering the random pairings they had been given, he could only hope the poor bastard from Kiri wasn't having too bad of a time with her.

    Suppressing the overwhelming urge to sigh, his masked features back to Elaina as if to ask if she were ready for their gathering.
  8. "Our time was...dull, to say the least," Elaina mumbled, swinging the satchel of coins they had been awarded back and forth. "But, I suppose money is money." The mission had been pretty awful. The young ninja hadn't even gotten to use any of her more intricate traps. Instead, her basic traps had been enough, which was quite pitiful, to say the least. "Prey just isn't what it used to be...but I suppose you played a big part in that, especially today," Elaina laughed to herself. She didn't particularly care for any of the other members of the Akatsuki, but Takibi was alright in her book. She found him quite useful.

    Everyone who is present is to report to the meeting room.

    "Oh...lovely. A meeting. Maybe Kamiko will have something better for us this time, Takibi-san." Together, Takibi and Elaina made their way into the meeting room; Elaina fiddling with her threads as she found her seat. Sliding the reward money on the table, the female ninja smirked slightly at the amusing sight that was Gesei.

    "Kids these days..." Elaina taunted under her breath, despite the fact that her and Gesei were the same age. It had been a boring day, and Elaina secretly hoped for a bit of excitement...

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  9. Gesei had been waiting for Kamiko to answer her question. Though patience wasn't really on her side today; not that it really ever was. So when Ryohei decided to apologize on her behalf it only ticked the Jashinist off more. "Don't you apologize for me! You want to talk about rude. Rude is making me travel for a blasted week and not give me the blood that should of been mine!" She growled out. The sound was so animalistic most would of been surprised if they weren't use to Gesei animal tendencies. The teen reminded most of a rabid animal who had been caged for a majority of it's life. An animal that had been let free and now all it wanted was to attack. Now normally Gesei's behavior was slightly curved when her blood lust was satisfy. But right now the girl could feel a fit coming on.

    Gesei knew the best action would be to walk away and come back when her blood lust was calmed. But the thought of the damage she could cause and receive was enough to send shivers down her spine. Now rationally Gesei knew she wouldn't be able to win against six members and Kamiko. But she knew that she could do enough damage that she would be satisfied. Gesei's hand twitched towards her double bladed scythe a twisted smile slipping onto her face. She could feel the pull of her lust calling out to her. It demanded blood and she wanted nothing more to give into the bliss it brought. Gesei was about to just give in, when she feel the pressure of someone's chakra flaring in warning.

    Amethyst color eyes snapped to stare into Kamiko's scarlet one's. Gesei could feel the warning Kamiko was sending her. No it wasn't a warning she was telling her not to do it. She was Telling HER! A growled escaped her as she glared back at Kamiko. Gesei hated to be told what to do. It went against every fiber of her being, she was raised to only follow Jashin. Yet her father had forced her into this little group of wannabe Akatsuki 2.0's. Gesei wanted nothing more then to rebel but in the end she knew she would have to deal with her father. Knowing Hidan, Gesei knew he would never be the type to be satisfied with just giving her a stern talking to.

    Gesei was about to back down but then she heard it.
    "Kids these days..." Gesei's eyes snapped to Elaina another growl rumbling from her. Did she dare to taunt the Jashinist? Of course she did, Gesei was about to back down. She was about to show all of them she was weak. Gesei...Weak...Never. "I submit to no one." She growled out before she grabbed her scythe and swung it towards Kamiko. She wasn't surprised when only the chair the young leader had been in met her wrath. The haze of her blood lust once again coming over her. It was screaming for blood. "Come on and fight me Kamiko!"

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  10. Burraku continued his resting until his partner arrived. He jolted slightly as he began to tumble backwards falling onto his face. He grumbled feeling the now face full of grass. He sat his head up and spat out the blades of grass that had wondered into his mouth. "Oh there you are." He said with a yawn before rubbing his eyes. He stretched slightly and began to stand onto his feet cracking his neck. Man, that was a good nap. He then looked to the male while rubbing his chin.

    "What? They haven't killed themselves yet? How stubborn. I was hoping by now they would be long gone but.... I guess they wish to end by our hands." He said while closing his eyes once more. This time, for focus. "If she wants to see us then we probably should make it quick. Then again, I honestly don't care if were late or not. But, these guys are making me upset and honestly, their heads aren't worth that much to begin with so let's just end this. I'll take the two on the left and you take the two on the right."

    He said before making his way to the men. They were crying completely lost in the genjutsu the male had made only minutes ago.

    "Please no! Don't kill us!"

    "Dammit! Where are they coming from!? Everything's going dark!"

    Burraku began to breath once more as he slowly his movement's approaching quietly. The hidden blade on his gauntlet's finally being revealed.

    "I advise holding still. Would be a shame if it didn't come off in a clean cut."

    He said in his usual soothing voice. Before the two men knew it, their heads began to fly slightly into the air as the swift man rid them of it. He shook the blood off his weapons before catching the falling heads by their hair. He let out a small sigh of relief and opened his eyes. "Ahh. Payday. My favorite day."

    He said before kicking the lifeless bodies aside. "I've arranged a transporter to come and pick up the bodies. For now we should head back to the base. Oh yeah one more thing. Do I have grass in my teeth? I still feel like it's there but I can't see it. "

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  11. It would have been unnerving to see Gesei suddenly snap and assassinate their leader's chair had this not been a common occurrence at this point. Experience told him to simply stay out of the girl's way and her fit would eventually work itself out of her system. In the meanwhile, he reached into the sack of plundered goods and withdrew the "jewel" among them: a Kiri forehead protector. One of their target's bodyguards was a missing-nin from the mist...not that it helped in the end. Still, it had been some time since he had gotten ahold of one of these. He would need to make something special out of this.

    "I wonder what style I should make this one?" Takibi said to himself as he studied the armor piece. "Standard has an appeal in its simplicity, but perhaps it would be more fitting to make one like those found in Kirigakure?"
  12. Juno winced as the room exploded with noise, it didn't take long for Gesei to make a scene, and obviously something had ticked her off, as everything does, and trying to calm her down was like trying to diffuse a bomb. Juno still questioned why the Akatsuki even drafted her anyways. And soon after she walked in, Ryo, her blind partner walked in apologizing for the scene Gesei was creating.

    Juno nervously giggled while scratching the back of her head "to be honest I think were all used to this kind of Gesei" She whispered to Ryo, making sure Gesei didn't overhear her. Ryohei was one of the very few here that she felt comfortable with, he was a very wise man who had suffered enough pain to create the character he is today. While Gesei on the other hand was the complete opposite, a loose cannon per say. One that will kill just because she can, if her spirit Asuno was more sentient, their killer personalities would create a fatal duo.

    Guessing from context clues, Ryo probably didn't kill the bounty, and Gesei wanted blood, but swordsman got the final say. Gesei didn't get what she wanted basically. But what didn't help the whole situation, is when Elaina spoke up, commenting on the situation, only furthering Gesei's rampage. And at this point, Asuno was getting anxious about the whole situation, and decided to intervene when Kamiko's chair became an innocent bystander. The spirit made itself known, everyone in the room could now see it, The 6'4 humanoid beast, fell right ontop of Gesei's scythe from the cieling, pinning it under it to the floor with its feet due to its weight, looking as if it was some beast ready to pounce.. The spirit then raised one of its hands, ready to cut through Gesei as if she was a wheel of cheese, this was all done with unavailable speed.

    "Asuno! enough!" she yelled. The spirit's claw was inches from Gesei's face at this point, and was frozen still like some statue. Juno was furious "I did not ask you to strike her? Over here now and stay out of this unless I say otherwise" The spirit grunted and stepped down from the cythe, and walked back over to Juno's side, and disappeared, Only allowing Juno to see it. Dealing with two idiots it seems.

    She then called out to the blood thirsty girl "Gesei, Tone it down, we all know what you're capable of, you're certainly not weak. Save the lust for some poor sap who tries to stand against us, and let Kamiko speak." she explained, trying to appeal to her better nature. "Who knows, she might assign us another mission where you can get your blood you so crave for, now calm down and let her talk, if it helps me and you can dish it out in the training field so you can get this pent up rage out for a bit, how about that huh?" she said sincerely.

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  13. Gesei growled in frustration from Kamiko dodging her blow. She was about to just start rapidly swinging her massive scythe around not caring what she hit. Well that would of been the plan if the sudden weight of a certain spirit hadn't slammed it to the ground. Still seeing red, Gesei turned to the massive spirit and snarled. The Jashinist wild smile was spread across her face. She wasn't scared of the spirit she wasn't one to die so easily either. Her amethyst eyes screaming for the beast to try her. Their would be so much pain and damage if the two were allowed to clash. Unfortunately the chances of that happening disappeared when Juno call the spirit off.

    Gesei let a small huff of dissatisfaction leave her as she watched her fun walk away from her. She had been ready to continue on with her rampage when she heard Juno speck up again. "Gesei, Tone it down, we all know what you're capable of, you're certainly not weak. Save the lust for some poor sap who tries to stand against us, and let Kamiko speak." Gesei tilted her head to the side as she watched the girl. Was she taunting her...or was she being serious. Gesei wasn't sure but she did know that if the girl was taunting her it wouldn't end well. Her hand twitched toward her scythe again as she studied Juno. Juno had never been someone Gesei would say she hated. Which was saying something cause she hated a lot of people. It's just the girl have never really giving her a reason to hate her yet. Yet, being the main word.

    "Who knows, she might assign us another mission where you can get your blood you so crave for, now calm down and let her talk, if it helps me and you can dish it out in the training field so you can get this pent up rage out for a bit, how about that huh? Now it would be a lie if Gesei said that Juno's offer didn't interest her. She wasn't suppose attack the other members but if Juno was offering she couldn't be held accountable for what happened. Yes, Gesei did attack the others on occasion anyway but this way she couldn't get in trouble for doing so. A smirk spread across her face as she put her Scythe down. "I'll accept you're offer but i don't want to hear any complaining from you later on. You offered your self up." Gesei then turned and took a seat, arms crossed and feet propped on the table. Her blood lust was still swirling in her but the thought of being able to inflict damage on another member without getting in trouble was just to tempting to pass up. For a chance like this she could sit still and wait for a little while. "Come on Kamiko, it's rude to keep people waiting." She said as if she didn't just cause a scene not even five minutes ago.

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  14. "As agile as ever, friend, as agile as ever."

    Nakashima clasped his hands behind his back as his partner came to consciousness, and promptly fell over. If he hadn't known better, he would have considered the poor man incompetent. But he knew better, the Genjutsu their marks being under was, by itself, and indicator of that. The ruthless dispatch of the two on the left, well, that was another perfectly good indicator about the fact that he was perfectly dangerous enough to warrant keeping an eye on. They all were, to be fair, from what he knew so far, but he digressed. The two on the right were no doubt about to soil themselves, and that was simply something he would much rather not smell. So the begging and crying continued on as the exiled Hyuga made his way over to the other two, making no noise as he walked, rolling his gait out of long familiar practice.

    "If you two would be so kind, do not thrash about too much. I assure you, this will all be over in the blink of an..."

    Nakashima had reached across his shoulder, hand resting on the hilt to his Ninjato, trailing off in dead silence, taking a mere moment's time to compose himself before drawing, exhaling as the razor fine blade passed between the vertebrae of each of the captive marks, applying his knowledge of anatomy gleaned from his own research to make the cuts pass both easily, and effectively. Can't be wasting time and effort with crude, wild flailing about after all. The two fell to their knees, and taking a piece of cloth out of his pocket, idle scrap really, to wipe his blade clean before returning it to its sheath, he reached over and plucked the two heads off the now decapitated corpses, letting their bodies rest as they had fallen to their knees. Looking at their expressions of fear and anger, respectively, he shook his head idly and glanced at his partner.

    "...eye. I would much rather we not keep her waiting. We know how rowdy some of our allies get when left to their own devices for too long."

    Burraku asking about grass in his teeth brought an amused chuckle from Nakashima as he mentally counted off the coin for this job. Not nearly enough, but it never was these days. He made an idle, off hand comment as he began the walk back towards their home of sorts, where they would launch off operations. After all, they had places to be, and things to hear. Knowing his luck, they would be last there, and get to hear some snide remarks about it. Like he needed that from his current group of allies.

    "You haven't a speck of green on your teeth, Sutōmu, though the crimson on your clothes does cause a bit more to catch the eye, regardless. Shall we?"

  15. "Hm.. Perhaps I am just imagining things. Aw well. A little green in a diet won't hurt that much I guess." He said with a small shrug as he began to follow the path with his partner. He whistled as he swing the bag of pay in his hand. He had never really gotten to know his partner that well; especially since, well, they hadn't been around each other for that long. "Oh come now Nakashima. Still don't feel comfortable enough to call me by my first name? Geez, your making me feel like your superior or something." He said with a small laugh. He began to walk in front of the male and turned back to walk backwards and keep sight of the male.

    "Don't ya trust me? Come on, I thought we were pals by now."

    He smirked having said it in his usual soothing voice. For enemies, that usually meant betrayal, but he knew he was going to be with this group of people for quite some time now. He had no motive to betray them and from the looks of it, no offer was going to appear any time so. Why not get friendly with the others. A light yawn began to escape his lips as he turned back around and rubbed his eyes.

    "Yes yes. I know how angry she can become but come on. I'm sure they can excuse a little lateness. Especially if it was because of a bounty."

    He walked in front of the male again and turned to him walking backwards once more. He cleared his throat and puffed out his chest a bit. "Your tardiness is unacceptable." He said giving his best impression of their leader. "And then Juno would say something like 'I agree with sensai!' and then Gesei would probably say something vulgor like 'What the hell is wrong with you idiots!?' or something." He chuckled to himself as he turned to face forward once more. His impressions were nearly spot on; in a comedic way.

    "Oh the blood? Yes. I'll probably get cleaned up and go for a drink or something. You should come w-" He paused as he collided with what seemed to be a large boulder. A familiar boulder

    "Ah yes. Were here."

    He said as he took a step back rubbing his face. Geez, he needed to wake up. Once approaching the entrance, he began to lead himself in humming lightly. "Good evening all. The weather is pretty nice. You should all enjoy it today." He said giving his genuine heart filled smile.

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  16. Kamiko nodded politely to Juno when the girl walked into the meeting room. Her scarlet eyes glanced up and examined Asuno, the spirit was quite intriguing to her. To this day Kamiko didn't understand the origins of the spirit but she wasn't one to really ask unnecessary questions. "Sensei? What's this for?" Kamiko had been ready to let Juno know that she would explain once everyone was present. But she could hear Gesei coming down the hall and it seemed the Jashinist wasn't happy. Just Great. Kamiko had to resist the urge to roll her eyes when Gesei first walked into the meeting room.

    Now Kamiko and Gesei may have been together since they were four but that didn't make the Jashinist any less of a handful. Though from years of being around Gesei had made it easy to read the girl. She could tell she was overly agitated which could lead to her going on one of her rampages. Now Kamiko did know that from Gesei and Ryohei being partnered it gave Gesei a sort of tolerance with the man. So as long as he was the only one she was mad at there was a good chance the Jashin worshiper wouldn't completely lose it. "What the hell do you want Kamiko!" She might not lose it but she would definitely be annoying. Yup, Kamiko planed on making this meeting as short as possible. She could already feel a headache coming.

    Kamiko nodded to Ryohei as he entered, honestly she commended the man for being able to handle Gesei. Not many people had the patience, it had solely been Kamiko's job before Ryohei came. When he apologized for Gesei's behavior Kamiko couldn't help but smile. Ryohei's politeness was always a much welcomed trait, especially when Gesei was in a mood. Though of course once he said it Gesei started yelling again. Ignoring the Jashinist Kamiko looked toward the door and watched Takibi and Elaina enter. It seemed everyone was there so far beside Burakku and Nakashima, knowing that the two would probably be the last to arrived she decided she should just start the meeting. *

    That that had been Kamiko's plan before she felt a killer intent radiating through out the room. It didn't take long for her scarlet eyes to land on Gesei. She could see that Gesei was tittering on the edge of one fits. The girl's mannerisms became more of an animals and the twisted smile on her face were all indications that she was about to slip. When Kamiko saw Gesei's hand twitch towards her scythe that was when she knew she had to stop this before it got to out of hand. Kamiko flared her chakra in an authoritative and demanding way. Gesei was quick to pick up on it and glared at Kamiko. Now the young leader knew just how much Gesei hated to feel controlled but there were moments like this when Kamiko had no choice.

    Kamiko was the leader of this group and no matter how close her and Gesei were. There were times when Kamiko had to put her foot down and remind Gesei that she was in charge. Kamiko didn't back down when Gesei growled at her. She even glared back at the Jashinist challenging glare. Knowing how prideful Gesei was, Kamiko really didn't want to have to put her in place in front of the others. She was relieved when she saw that Gesei was starting to back down. "Kids these days..." The moment those words came out of Elaina's mouth, the chance of Gesei backing down disappeared. Dammit!

    "I submit to no one." Gesei growled out before she charged at Kamiko. Kamiko's hands quickly formed the signs for a teleportation jutsu. She appeared next to the door on the other side of the room. Just in time to watch her chair fall victim to Gesei's rage. "You're paying for that." She muttered to herself as she crossed her arms. "Come on and fight me Kamiko!" Kamiko sighed at this, well it looked like she would have to do this the hard way. "Kerryugan." Kamiko's eyes flashed to a brighter scarlet. She placed her hand to her mouth biting into the palm breaking the skin. A blood like whip started to form, she would have to either knock Gesei out or restrain her. Either would work but at this point whichever came first would be the option she went with.

    Kamiko had been ready to attack but before she could she watched as Juno's spirit dropped from the ceiling and onto Gesei's Scythe. Oh great, the last thing Kamiko wanted was to have to clean up the mess that could come from the two fighting. With that said Kamiko was happy when Juno reined in her spirit before anything could escalate. "Gesei, Tone it down, we all know what you're capable of, you're certainly not weak. Save the lust for some poor sap who tries to stand against us, and let Kamiko speak." She was even grateful when Juno addressed Gesei in an attempt to calm the Jashinist. Kamiko thought it was best to stand back and see if Juno's way would work. She definitely wouldn't complain if it meant they could spare their poor base from Gesei's wrath. "Who knows, she might assign us another mission where you can get your blood you so crave for, now calm down and let her talk, if it helps me and you can dish it out in the training field so you can get this pent up rage out for a bit, how about that huh?" Kamiko watched quietly as Juno offered to spar with Gesei after the meeting. This didn't worry, Kamiko knew that Juno and her spirit were very capable in handling Gesei. Not saying they would come out unharmed but she was sure no one would die from it.

    "I'll accept you're offer but i don't want to hear any complaining from you later on. You offered your self up." When Gesei accepted Juno's offer and took her seat. Kamiko made note to thank Juno for her assistance later on. "Come on Kamiko, it's rude to keep people waiting." When Gesei said that Kamiko couldn't help but roll her eyes. Sometimes she swore that the young Jashinist would be the reason she would get grey hair. "Let's finally begin the meeting." Kamiko said before she looked up as she watched Burakku and Nakashima make their entrance. "I'll excuse your tardiness this time you two. Try not to make a habit out of it." She said as she walked over to her seat...She pause and looked at it's pieces. "Gesei you're paying for this." She said as she looked over to Gesei and watched the girl smirk at her. Yup, she could feel a headache coming full force.

    "Now the reason I called you all here is to let you know that a new member will be arriving any day now. They well be partnered with Juno once they arrive." Kamiko paused as she listened to the soft murmur, she expected them to voice their curiosity or displeasure "Also we will eventually be gaining an additional three more after the one coming. The Originals (her name for the older Akatsuki) want us to have the full ten person group as soon as possible. Which means I will also be obtaining a partner and second in command. As to who will become my second is still undecided for now. Just know that I will be selecting someone by the time the last of the new members arrive." Again she paused so that the group could take in what she had said. To grasp that someone would be able to move up in rank.

    Though that didn't compare to what she had to say next."Lastly, I've been informed to let you all know that the Originals will be coming." Yup, she said it. The remaining members of the original Akatsuki would be stopping by their base.

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  17. "Simply a matter of protocol, Sutōmu, I treat everyone the same. Well, I address them the same, not quite the same. It suffices, for now."

    Nakashima did not address the matter of trust. In the grand scheme of things? No, he did not readily trust any of them any farther than he could throw them properly. Needless to say, that would not be terribly far. However, they hardly needed to know that. Rather, he kept up his casual stride, arms remaining linked behind his back as he idly let his mind dwell on the discussion they seemed to be having. Of course, that soothing tone was probably more bait for those far too trusting for their own good. But, again, his partner hardly needed to know that. His commentary on their tardiness got a shrug that, since his partner happened to be walking backwards, would be seen instead of not.

    "Indeed, Sutōmu, indeed. Coin tends to not just grease palms, it twists arms, screams and shouts to get its way. Used in enough quantity that is."

    The comedic impersonations of a couple of their fellows, including the one who seemed rather attached to their glorious leader, was amusing in its own way. Especially since it was not terribly off the mark, either, but besides a reserved chuckle, he gave little other response to the comedy act, initially. It was how he was, really, as far as they need be concerned. But after a few moments, he did comment, almost as an afterthought really as they approached an all too familiar way back to their base of operations. It was clever, and rather effective. Cursed islands were rarely approached, let alone successfully, and it was indeed a clever way to go about business.

    "You might have missed your true calling, Sutōmu. You could have been a performer, with that kind of wit and impersonation skills. Something to keep in mind, this whole path doesn't work, yes?"

    Nakashima followed after his partner as they made their way into the base, having ensured no one was following them or watching first. Can't be leading people to their hideout, after all, that would defeat the purpose of hiding it so intently. He would have spoken if he hadn't walked promptly into what looked like a fight brewing. He muttered to his partner, under his breath, as they walked into the brewing fight.

    "You know, I never enjoy saying I told you so, but in this case, it might seem a tad bit appropriate..."

    Nakashima took a position, once things calmed down of course, near the door, leaning on the wall with his arms resting comfortably at his sides. No sense crowding when things seemed tense enough as it was. He would have to greet them or something, he imagined, considering they were the late ones after all. Even if they were entertaining themselves with getting into fights with each other. Not that, in any case, that was going to get anything done. He was just grateful things would be quiet for once, at least until whatever news or orders their glorious leader had for them was put out, much to the potential chagrin of many.

    "I do apologize for the tardiness, but someone had to play Genjutsu games with the poor marks. And add some greens to his diet, if I recall? It is always a pleasure though, Himura, what news have you for us?"

    Nakashima listened to what she was putting out to the group, brows furrowing at the mention of the Originals, the ones that were left at least, were going to be visiting. That...was unusual, and something that bothered him. But the idea that there would be a second in command being raised up in the ranks, well, that would create contest between certain members. He cared not, he had better things to do than working to be some second, he really was not interested in that. New blood would be useful though, and he shrugged in a good natured manner as she finished. Well, that was enlightening, to be sure, but if that was all, he had things to do. As always, research, study, not having to deal with the crazier allies he had here.

    "I'm sure we'll enthrall them with tales of simple assassinations and the like, Himura, but if its all the same, I would much prefer to continue my research. Always work to be done, regardless of the gravity of the visitors."
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  18. Kasume headed towards the Akatsuki's based and walked at a slow pace, thinking about the history and how she will be a part of it all. The thought of it made kasume excited. " Hell yeah!" she said to herself and ran towards the base. Jumping from tree to tree while laughing like an insane idiot. Soon enough, she made it to her new home. She stopped at the entrance and Kasume entered the base. The place was so nice, way better then the shit hole kasume use to live in. "I wonder where the training room is..." She looked around and made her way towards the training grounds, well if she could find it of course.
    She made her way towards two big doors that she heard talking coming from. 'Must be in a meeting..' she thought and she approached the door and she opened it to see Akatsuki members and 1st in command. " Sensei Kamiko, i have arrived." she said bowing with respect since this is her 1st in command. The meeting room made her have memories of working with other jonin and planning A ranked or B ranked missions but she had to forget all that. She didn't need the Hidden cloud anymore, she has the Akatsuki now and that's the way its going to stay.
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  19. Juno let a sigh of relief when Gesei accepted her offer. That could've been a lot worse. But that also meant in a few minutes Juno would be going up against Gesei, could be a challenge, the question is would she need to use Asuno? Well she didn't want to slaughter Gesei, Asuno was a loose cannon at times, and from the encounter he had with Gesei, who knows how brutal he could get. It wasn't just the fact that Gesei could, well die, no, it could mean the loss of the a good chunk of the base. And Juno was on good terms with Kamiko, and wanted to keep it that way.

    After the 1st command spoke, Juno had a lot to take away from this. She wasn't going to be a lone wolf in some of her assignments anymore, and to be honest that kinda bumped her out, her and Asuno where a great pair together. She knew not to think to hard on it, it could possibly be a good thing, who knows, maybe a new friendship.

    secondly, The original members of the Akatsuki were going to stop by, hopefully after Gesei and Juno's fight. But that also means heavy criticism from the elders, which is something she was definitely not looking forward to that.

    Moments later a newcomer came into the room, this had to be her partner, and from what she could see, it was an Uchiha.... Great, as if we didn't have another narcissist. Its true, that most Uchiha's were full of themselves, hopefully this was not the case. She hoped to the gods above that it wasn't.

    "Ah, I guess you are the new member, I'm Juno, I'm going to be you're new partner from what Kamiko has told me, welcome to the Akatsuki, now excuse me while I help a friend of mine calm down, afterwards lets grab a bite and get to know each other?" She said with a friendly tone, trying to show that she was a friendly soul before turning to Gesei "Since this meeting is over, should we head to the training grounds?" she asked getting ready to walk out the door with the blood thirsty girl.

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  20. Elaina chuckled to herself as the situation between Gesei, Juno's spirit, and Kamiko played itself out. When the excitement died down and Kamiko began to explain the purpose of the meeting, Elaina listened, mindlessly staring off into space until the phrase ""second in command" caught her attention. Kamiko was going to have a second in command? Interesting, the young Akatsuki teen thought to herself. She quite liked the idea of herself being in that esteemed position. However, she knew there would surely be other members of the group that also wanted that place by Kamiko's side, meaning conflict would surely arise amongst the members. The thought of conflict as well the arrival of the Originals was exciting; Elaina quivered at the thought of it all. She was about to say something when out of the blue, a newcomer entered the room.

    An Uchiha. Just great.

    "So..Just anyone can join us now, hmmm?" Elaina scowled at the purple-haired ninja that was surely the new member Kamiko had just mentioned moments ago. Elaina didn't particularly care who the newcomer was, but the idea of one more person to compete with for Kamiko's attention irked her, especially a privileged, most likely "holier-than-thou" Uchiha. Instantly, the Fūma teen's generally more ambiguous facial expressions quickly contorted into a twisted smirk. Rising from her seat, Elaina spat at the ground near Kasume's feet, glaring at her over the high front collar of her Akatsuki cloak. She was about to say something spiteful, but decided against it at the last moment. She would save those jabs for later. Without another word, Elaina turned on her heel and headed towards the door.

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