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Hey, so I decided to create an original partner search as well! :) Again, the same rules apply:
Rules & Requirements:
- Red Star members only
- MxF romantic pairings only
- Please be semi-literate or advanced
- 2-4+ decent sized paragraphs per reply
- Please write in the third person, past tense in paragraph form
- Be willing to double and/or play multiple characters (or NPCs)!
- Please only use realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims for character appearance
- All characters must be 21+ years of age or older
- Forum threads or PMs only

Historical (realistic & fantasy/supernatural) Pairings:
- Greek God/Amazon Princess Warrior (or Archaeologist)
- Human Knight/Human Shieldmaiden
- Demonologist/Psychic Medium [Victorian Era]
- Vampire Hunter/Vampire Hunter [Victorian Era]
- Texas Ranger/Native American Chief's Daughter (or Time Traveling Woman)
- WWII Soldier (American or British)/Childhood Sweetheart
- Hollywood Actor/Cabaret Entertainer [Golden Hollywood Era]
- CIA Agent/MI6 Agent [60/70's]

Modern (realistic & fantasy/supernatural) Pairings:
- CIA Agent/CIA Agent (or Civilian)
- Secret Service/President's Daughter
- Supernatural Hunter/Supernatural Hunter
- Vampire/Werewolf (or Human)
- Up-Incoming Rock Star/Country Legend's Daughter
- Detective/Partner

Modern (horror & thriller) Pairings:
- Hiker/Hiker [Stranded in the Wilderness]
- Husband/Wife [Haunted House/Possession]
- Law Enforcement Officer/Civilian (or reporter) [Small or Rural Town Disappearances/Survival]
- Ghost Hunter/Ghost Hunter
- Zombie Survivor/Zombie Survivor [Similar to the film- '28 Days Later']

Science Fiction (& cyperpunk) Pairings: - No Alien/Alien, Alien/Human, or Cyborg (A.I.)/Human pairings!
- Federation Officer/Federation Officer (or Pirate/Smuggler Captain's Daughter)
- Colonial Marine/Colonial Marine (or Scientist)
- Law Enforcement Officer/Law Enforcement Officer
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Detective/Partner sounds good.