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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]Edit: Signups are now re-opened and we are looking for new players to join.[/BCOLOR]



    Dr. Aaron Fletcher has developed a vaccine for Z. gondii, but before he can get in contact with people who can take it further, disaster strikes, and the Fletcher home is overrun. Desperate to salvage his cure, and, possibly, the world, he injects the vaccine into the nearest living thing he can find, his late wife's service dog, Hero. Instructing his children to get Hero to Washington at ALL COSTS, he sacrifices himself to provide their escape. The two teenagers flee with Hero, determined to make the trip from West Texas to Washington DC to honor their father's sacrifice. Along the way, they will meet new survivors, both friendly and unfriendly, skilled and unskilled, and fight to survive long enough to save the world. At some point, the group will find themselves in a pickle that looks very dire. At the last moment, they are rescued by another group of survivors, and escorted to their home, Impact Point, a walled-off community that seems incredibly safe and appealing... but there is a darkness there that is not at first seen... how will our survivors react when the people who once helped them seem to now want to do exactly the opposite?


    Unlike most zombie plots, the Z. gondii zombies are not the result of a virus, but, rather, a brain-attacking parasite. It is estimated that 30% - 50% of the human population are already carriers of T. gondii, which is spread largely in part by cats, pigs, sheep, and other livestock. Post-vaccination, anyone who did not carry the parasite was unaffected. However, those who did harbor T. gondii within their system, and were exposed to the vaccine, are a part of "Group X" - the original "zombies".

    Contrary to popular belief, the Z. gondii zombies are not undead, and the dead can not be resurrected by the parasite. Once the human body dies, it is dead. While the corpse (if infected while alive) can still be a carrier for disease for up to 72 hours after death, there is no risk of anyone who dies being "reborn" as a zombie. The parasite, that lives in the brain, relies on the human body to keep it alive. If the body dies, the parasite dies as well.

    How is it spread?:
    Toxoplasma gondii AKA T. gondii (the original parasite) is spread via under cooked contaminated meat, unwashed contaminated fruits & vegetables, and contaminated water, soil, and cat litter coming into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth.

    Zaraplasma gondii AKA Z. gondii (the mutated parasite) is spread from mammal to mammal via bodily fluids, including blood, saliva, ejaculatory excretions, and excrement of both solid and liquid varieties.

    Hours After Infection || Symptoms
    24 || Mild, cold-like symptoms
    36 || Swollen lymph nodes/throat
    48 || Crippling migraines, memory loss
    60 || Loss of pain receptors, fits of blind rage
    72 || Complete loss of bodily & cognitive functions
    72+ || All memory gone, reverted to primal instincts

    In depth symptoms:
    24 hours after the infection, the host will experience mild, cold or flu-like symptoms, including headaches, stuffy/runny nose, congestion, sore throat and cough. If the infection was obtained by a bite, the site may grow red, irritated, and inflamed.

    36 hours after the infection, in addition to the symptoms above growing worse, swollen lymph nodes will develop, along with a sore throat that progressively worsens and may inhibit breathing via compression of the trachea caused by the swelling.

    48 hours after the infection, you will begin to experience memory loss, both short and long term, and blinding, crippling migraines.

    60 hours after the infection, the host will lose all pain receptors in the body. Both a blessing and a curse, as the fits of blind rage that follow often involve the host being injured in some way or another.

    72 hours after the infection, the host has lost all memory and the parasite is in complete control.

    After the 72 hour timeframe, the human host is now only that, a host. All cognitive function has ceased, and, essentially, the "person" inside the body is gone. There are no memories, no thoughts, only primal instincts and rage, the urge to kill, and to eat, any living thing that crosses its path (though the parasites seem to somehow recognize other host-bodies, and leave them be). Any mammal can be infected with Z. gondii, although only those with physical attributes and digestive tracts suited for hunting and eating meat typically survive the infection, as any inclination to eat other organic material disappears once infected. As a result, natural carnivores are often hosts of Z. gondii. Birds, fish, invertebrates, reptiles, bugs, and amphibians seem to be unaffected by Z. gondii, and zombies do not actively hunt these creatures.

    1.) Follow all IwakuRoleplay site rules.
    2.) Do not control, seriously injure, or kill other players' characters without their express permission.
    3.) Two or three paragraphs per post are preferred, but as long as it's enough for people to reply to, anything that's at least a paragraph is fine. Try to do your best with spelling/grammar, though we understand mistakes happen.
    4.) Be realistic in combat situations. Do not godmode, the odds are, your character led a normal, conflict-free life before the apocalypse, they can not just magically be expert fighters. If you have a certain skill, please explain how and why in your background and, again, BE REALISTIC.
    5.) This RP is rated Mature only because of the violence, death, and dark themes of an apocalyptic plot. Romance between adult characters (WITH ADULT PLAYERS) is acceptable, but this is NOT a smut RP, keep it in your pants or take it to PM. No one wants to read five paragraphs of romance every post in a zombie roleplay.
    ** we reserve the right to add or edit rules at our discretion

    Main Character:
    Picture: (No cartoons/anime please)
    Personality: (at least 1 paragraph)
    History: (include pre-apocalypse occupation!)
    Likes: (at least 3)
    Disikes: (at least 3)
    Side Character:
    Picture and basic information
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  2. Main Character:

    | Age: 16 | Gender: Female | Hair: Red | Eyes: Green | Height: 5'8 | Weight: 150 |

    Outgoing, social, smart, well rounded and popular were all ways people would describe Riley. Well that was before her mother lost the battle against cancer, the world decided to fall to complete shit, and her father had sacrificed his life to save her and her brother Dexter. Now the teen could be described as bitter, resentful, untrusting and even hateful.

    Riley comes from a well off family, thanks to her father's work. She never really needed anything growing up, but was always given whatever she wanted. Most would call Riley spoiled, but she wasn't bratty about it. She appreciated everything, she just knew she was better off then most families. Riley was a straight A student, who took advance Science courses, and was a rising Gymnast. To most she had it all, the looks, tons of friends, a caring family, money, brains, and even a bright future.

    But it seemed the world had other plans for her. Everything she once knew was ripped away. Friends, money and a bright future meant nothing when the world is ending. The only thing that became important was her family and Riley wasn't even lucky to keep that. Her mother was taken by cancer, which caused her father throw himself even more into his work. His sole focus becoming to create an immunity. But still Riley even ended up losing him as well. He had sacrificed himself so that her and her brother Dexter could get away. Before his sacrifice their father injected his work, the closest he had been to developing a cure, into their dog Hero. "Get him to Washington." Their father had told them.

    Climbing, Jumping, Balance, Decent Stamina, and Basic Self Defense.

    Gymnastics, Dancing, Animals, Swimming, Rain, Electronics, Makeup and Reading

    SNOW/Cold, Fire, Dog fights, and Abusive People

    Side Character:

    | Name: Natalia Hawthorne | Age: 27 | Gender: Female | Hair: Dark Brown | Eyes: Brown |

    She is the leader of the Impact Point group

    Natalia is a control freak with slight dictator-ish way of thinking. She is nice to those who follow her but any who try to question or go against her are the one's who see her ruthless side. She also makes sure to publicly show the punishments of those who dare to go against her.


    Manipulation, Persuasion, Gunmanship (from hunting with family), and Hunting.


    Control, Order and Being in Charge


    Rebellion, Being Question, and losing control.
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  3. I volunteer as a female tribute!
  4. [​IMG]
    Dexter Bastian Fletcher

    Dex, or Bass (like the fish, not the instrument)



    Brown hair, dark brown (almost black) eyes. Tall and well built, muscular, and in very good shape. Usually keeps medium-length hair. Not very dressy, usually wears boots, jeans, and sleeveless shirts, sometimes with a flannel over it.

    Around most people, Dex is a serious and no-nonsense type of person. He HATES small talk, and will go to great lengths to avoid pointless conversations, preferring to stick to himself. The one exception is his younger sister, who he dotes on, and is incredibly protective of. While interacting with strangers, he can seem a little bit on the abrasive side, but he is just generally a good person.

    Dex comes from a well off family, thanks to his father's work. He never really wanted for anything growing up, and as a result ended up slightly spoiled. He graduated high school at the top of his class and earned a scholarship to a very prestigious college, but, after an argument (about his chosen major) with his father that blew out of proportion, he left home, rejecting his father's dream of having him as a scientific protege, and joined the Army.

    After training, Dexter spent most of his three-year term overseas at a base in Japan, having limited contact with his family or friends from home. He intended to sign up for another term after his contract expired, but, upon being given the news that his mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, decided to return home instead. He bought his mother a service dog, trained to carry oxygen tanks and provide comfort, and she named the dog Hero.

    The world went to shit 6 months after their mother succumbed to her cancer, leaving the family broken and divided. Their father shut himself away, pretty much leaving Dexter to take care of his sister. During the initial breakdown of the planet, they were relatively safe in their home for a few months, which, thanks to their father's paranoid nature, had been prepared for a natural disaster. But it had been stocked for floods, or wildfires, not zombies, and certainly not the groups of bandits and thieves that took over once the police and military abandoned their rural, West Texas town.
    Their home was targeted by a group of thieves after their supplies, and they hid in the basement, which doubled as their father's lab, until the thieves left. But the commotion had drawn in the infected, and they were trapped. With their only way out blocked by a half dozen infected, their father injected his work, the closest he had been to developing a cure, into Hero. "Get him to Washington." Their father had told him. And that was the last thing he'd said. Their father distracted the infected long enough for them to escape. But for what? They were two teenagers and a dog. Against the rest of the world.

    -he's in great shape, so he can run fast, and for a long amount of time
    -great at picking locks
    -pretty good shot with a rifle (military training) but is a little out of practice

    +working on mechanical things

    -loud, obnoxious people
    -wide open spaces


    Hero Fletcher

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier



    Short, muscular dog with a fat head, tan in color with a white chest, paws, and snip on his nose. Muzzle is black, and he wears a thick black collar.


    Bennet Donovan




    Quiet and broody, but a natural leader. Enjoys being in charge and won't hesitate to use force to get what he wants. That being said, he is not a "bad" person, he just likes things to go his way. He knows when to fight, when to back down, and can be incredibly devious if he thinks someone is easy to manipulate.

    Ben dropped out of high school when he was 16, and was employed (illegally) as a bartender at his uncle's bar. He worked there until, when he was 30, his uncle passed away, leaving the ownership of the bar to him. He didn't get to enjoy it long though, before the Z. gondii outbreak ruined it and he was forced to flee the only thing he'd ever known. It wasn't long before he was found by some other survivors who took him back to Impact Point, and over the years he's risen up in the ranks to be the Mayor's right hand man.

    -hand to hand combat
    (from breaking up barfights mostly)

    +being in charge
    +single malt whiskey

    -pretty much all animals
    -being told what to do

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  5. Main Character:
    Name: Lauren Fletcher
    Nicknames/Aliases: Laurie; Chevalier
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearances: A lean, lithe woman, usually wearing non-restrictive (and often flattering) clothing. Her outfit was trashed before the zeds, so don't be so worried about her appearance.
    Personality: An optimistic and cocky girl with a knack for getting into trouble. Despite her troublemaking tendencies, she has a strong personal morality that she sticks to even in the face of the inhumanities of the apocalypse. In example, she can't stand cannibals.
    History: A distant niece of Dr. Fletcher, she grew up all over the American Southeast. Her brother and closer cousins all sort of roped her into the mechanic industry, and while she embraced the associated knowledge, she didn't take much to the trade. She ended up in Nashville by choice, and became a parkour instructor in the city. After it all hit the fan, she skipped town and headed towards Texas. Last she heard, her uncle was a pretty important guy, and he was in that area. She can currently be found in Louisiana, and she hates the weather.
    Mechanical Skills
    Jury Rigging
    The wind in her hair
    Black clothes
    Punk Rock
    Humid weather
    Country Music

    Side Character:
    Name: Marcia Malone
    Nicknames/Aliases: Emmy
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cunning and snide, but soft-hearted. Has a soft spot for animals, and has a calming effect on dogs. Punches people she doesn't like.
    Former Occupation: Triathlete
    Extreme Stamina
    Hand-to-hand Combat
    The way a gun feels in her hands
    Stupid people
    People who are mean to animals
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  6. Jason Corbec


    Profile (open)

    Name: Captain Jason Corbec

    Nicknames/Aliases: Jason, J, Jax,

    Age: 40

    Gender: Male

    Appearances: Tall and lean from his time in the military, Jason has multiple scars lathered across his body from bullet wounds and shrapnel. His most noticeable scar is a large diagonal going across his abdomen to just below his right pectoral. He has a tattoo across his back of his military unit.

    Personality: Jason is stoic mixed in with a wonderful dose of sarcasm. He's spartan with the words used when talking to people due to the lifestyle he choose. He's very organized and very much of a planner though he affords room for flexibility when needed. While he's quiet, he has a playful side that slips out when the situation isn't tense. His isn't shy of embarrassing his daughter with his subpar humor.

    History: Jason grew up in California with a heavy military tradition. While he wasn't forced into the life, he didn't see a need to break away from it. Upon graduating from university, he commissioned into the Marines as an officer. Ranking top of his class, he soon enough deployed overseas where he finally understood what it meant to be a citizen brave enough to wear the uniform. Understanding the difference between a citizen and a civilian.

    He wasn't home that often. Leaving his wife to take care of their daughter, he saw her through scarce Skype opportunities. Jason missed a far amount of his daughter's birthdays. There were times where he wondered what he was doing in the middle of a sandy hell hole. His daughter was the answer. His paycheck and benefits paid not only for his family but also with the extra accommodations his mute daughter needed.

    About to return home on his final tour before receiving some time back in the states, Jason was heavily wounded during a roadside patrol. His vehicle ran on top of a IED. Not remembering much from the incident, he was evacuated in critical condition before being sent back state side. The shrapnel that was embedded in his midsection should've killed him. However, the doctors were able to save him. He started physical therapy when he was strong enough and went through multiple psychological sessions before being able to leave.

    Switching over to the reserves, Jason has stayed state side with his family while joining his city's law enforcement. This was his life when the dead started to rise.

    Tactical planning
    Combat Efficiency

    Daily PT
    MFin' football
    Taking care of his daughter (wife deceased during early days of the infection)
    Firearm collecting

    Rap culture

    Vanessa Corbec


    Profile (open)

    Name: Vanessa Corbec

    Nicknames/Aliases: Ness, Nessa, Nessi, V

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Curious and very outgoing. Due to Vanessa not being able to talk, she expresses herself through other mediums such as gestures, sports, music, and even drawing. Where her dad is more reserved, she is more lively. She's gotten good at reading people though. The responsibilities given to her as a good has caused her to mature a bit with her dad being away.

    Parkour enthusiast
    Musically inclined

    Freshly baked goods

    Bratty kids
    Cold weather
    Teasing about her condition
    Being thanked for her dad's service
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  7. Name: Wyatt Whitmore
    Nickname/Aliases: W.
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wyatt is around six feet tall and carries a lean, but muscular frame. He has sandy blonde hair that is just beginning to sport a few wisps of distinguished grey and that same coloring can be found in his scruffy beard. His eyes are a deep shade of blue, they're a bit dreamy on their own but truly come alive whenever Wyatt smiles--which is something he does often.

    Dressing nice and being fancy aren't things that Wyatt has ever been concerned with. His casual clothes, jeans, t-shirts and the occasional hat, are usually a bit dirty from work anyway. Wyatt walks with a slight limp on his left side from an old hunting accident.

    Personality: A reluctant type-A, Wyatt does things because he has to, not because he wants to. There is a strong sense of loyalty and duty inside of him, and he does what he can to make sure that obligations are not only met, but done well on a day-to-day basis so that no one will come bitching at him. Despite what is often seen as inflexibility and reluctance to deviate from routines, Wyatt is actually quite warm and caring. He quickly gets attached to new and interesting people, and if given the chance, will open up and allow certain people to see a more sensitive side.

    History: Young, ambitious and armed with the dream of one day becoming a Texas Ranger, life had other plans for Wyatt. After the devastating and unexpected passing of his father ten years ago, Wyatt made the choice to leave the sheriff's office behind and return home to run the modest fifty acre ranch. It wasn't so bad at first, his mother was happy to have him back and Wyatt was happy to be there. He grew close with his younger and only sister, Cassandra and did his best to help raise her as their mother worked through her own heartache.

    Things didn't stay pleasant, though. The farm began to struggle a few years before Cassandra graduated high school and money troubles forced him to lay off help that had been there since he was a child himself. It was a tough time, and faced with the pressure of a never-ending pile of bills and the early mornings and late nights, Wyatt turned to self-medicating. Beer didn't make him any less bitter, but it did make several high-risk loans from the bank go down a little smoother and hard liquor took the painful edge off of Cassandra leaving for college in Mississippi.

    It wasn't long before Wyatt was completely on his own, though. Just two years after Cassandra's departure, a pancreatic cancer diagnosis took their mother in the winter. Being alone was hard for Wyatt, but he managed as the years continued to roll and with the money from his mother's life insurance, he was able to scrape by and keep the farm--for what, he wasn't really sure.

    Life really couldn't have gotten much worse until a foreclosure letter came in the mail. Wyatt had the bright idea to set everything on fire out of spite, grow a moustache and drive south to Mexico to start over, but the Z. gondii outbreak stopped that stupid plan before he could even strike a match. In the wake of the outbreak, Wyatt kept his land and had been defending it fairly well with a decently sized arsenal of guns and ammo. Although, if it hadn't been for those Impact Point people and their wall, Wyatt probably would have been zombie food eventually.

    Familiar with heavy machinery

    The bottle
    A good game of cards
    The peace and quiet of a sunrise

    Trivial Confrontation


    Cassandra Whitmore || 23 || Shelter Worker

    If it's sad and pathetic, it has the attention of Cassandra's bleeding-heart. A natural fixer, Cassandra is empathetic to a fault and will do anything and everything in her power to help another in need. Before the outbreak, she worked at a no-kill animal shelter on the border of Mississippi and Louisiana. Currently, she resides in a small, but sustainable, protected city where she regularly looks for other survivors and helps to bring them into safety. She worries for her family back in Texas, but she hasn't been on good terms with her brother since leaving for college, and hasn't spoken to him in a while.

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  8. Main Character

    Name: Vlad Kuznetsov
    Nicknames/Aliases: Baby
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearances: Brown leather jacket. Weightlifting gloves. Air max Nike running shoes. Denim jeans. Black V-neck short sleeve tee. Russian accent.
    Personality: A man who knows no boundaries. Vlad Baby is a dude overloaded with humor. Even in a zombie apocalypse. Charming and arrogant, Baby can be just as annoying as entertaining. Showing a lack of care for others, unless there is a beneficial reward for him, Baby would be deemed selfish and rude. Although he may be a bit rude at times.. okay a lot, Baby definitely does not enjoy the term 'selfish'. He will sacrifice if greatly needed, but don't cross your fingers. When it comes down to creating rapport, however, Baby will play the character exactly as his victim wants to see. Manipulative and deceitful, Baby can draw impressive conclusions about another person. Almost made him go into the detective field.
    History: The only child but it wouldn't of mattered. Vlad was the golden boy, not that mattered either. His parents divorced when he was four and displayed little interest in their own son. Instead they just played ping pong with his life trying to push Vlad to the other parent.
    Despite the lack of family love in Vlad's life, they were indeed financially stable. Buying Vlad the best of things, Vlad was driven to be the best when he first met his passion, baseball. Through countless private lessons and select teams Vlad was already a shining star. Popular in high school and wanted by practically every university, his life seemed as perfect as it could come. Vlad become such a trend he was already at 200 thousand followers on instagrahm and was only just beginning his career. Through his freshman year of college he proved to continue his vicious and glorious skills as a baseball player earning his team semi-finalists. But what comes up must come down. A tragic turn point in Vlad's life ruined all his future. Spiral fracture. Throwing out his arm, he was no longer the rising legend he hoped.
    He was humiliated. Beaten. Angry. But through that stage he proved that he will never again let him see such a shaded side. In great efforts to redeem himself Vlad joined the United States Air Force at the age of twenty-two. After officer school training Vlad pinned on his butter bar insignia. A lieutenant pilot for F-16. Life suddenly became a lot more heroic but a lot more real. His ego only climbed new heights and at the age of twenty-five he lost it all again.
    In such a quarrel with his father he was intoxicated and in stress. All he wanted was the acceptance of his father. For him to be proud. But his father was more of an alcoholic than Vlad and only responded with punches. Self defense would of been a great response. If only the evidence wasn't so unlucky. His father laid dead on a broken table with thirty-six stab wounds. Vlad had nothing but a simple black eye and enough alcohol in him to kill a giant. Sent to prison and sentenced for twenty years Vlad saw this as the end of his life. But then came hell on Earth.. Well Heaven for Vlad.
    A perfect escape, Vlad was free and now survived on the roads by himself. He had a chance to do everything over now. Even gave himself a new name. Baby.

    Skills: Pilot/Advanced Reflexes/intermediate marksmanship/apprentice engineer/knot tieing
    Likes: sports/girls/cars/trees/alcoholic beverages
    Dislikes: Competition/enclosed spaces/smoking

    Side Character
    Andre Thompson
    Caring and compassionate, Andre seems the potential in every life. Through the darkest times he uses this as a challenge to himself to spark hope to others.
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  9. Picture:
    Otto Williams (open)

    Name: Otto Williams
    Nicknames/Aliases: None
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Appearances: Brown graying hair at medium length, a full beard that has gone mostly gray and hazel green eyes.
    Stands at 6 foot even, weighs about 200 pounds.

    Personality: Otto is a quiet man who keeps to himself mostly, he is kind to others but puts people off at first due to his demeanor to others. He is rough and crass, direct and to the point as he does not care for dancing around something and would rather get to the point so if someone has a problem he would rather someone share it openly. Otto also is not someone to turn away from violence, this is not to say he looks for conflict but he is willing to commit violence if their is no alternative.

    History: Otto was a trapper before things went to all hell, as odd as it seems people still wanted to ware fancy animal skins even in the 2020s. It didn't pay a whole lot but it was enough for Otto to live comfortably by himself, he also supplemented this life with hunting and trapping for food but this life was not conducive to being very social though it was better then before when he was just working a normal 9 to 5. It was odd for Otto when outbreak happened, due to his isolation he knew nothing about it at first and it was only when he made his way into the town he normally sold his furs and bought needed supplies that he figured something was wrong. His first clue was that the whole town was...dead, not literally but their were not people, no cars nothing as if all the people had up and vanished besides a few dogs and stray animals. He found many newspapers that had detailed the events leading up to the outbreak and the aftermath, for most people this would of broken them or at least been a life changing event but Otto isn't most people. He took the supplies he needed and retreated back into the forest and now moves with the animals.
    Skills: Tracking
    Likes: Music
    Disikes: Alcohol
    Side Character:
    Adrian Sadler (open)

    Adrian Sadler
    Age: 40
    Adrian is a simple merchant in Impact point, he sells odds and ends from a simple towel to fine wines. He is a simple man who is attempting to make a living in a world gone wrong.
  10. ~Reserved spot~​
  11. Main Character
    Name: Addison Harper
    Nicknames/Aliases: N/A
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Wavy light brown hair that reaches past her shoulders. Dark brown eyes. Loose tank tops, a darker purple one under a lighter purple one; loose, dark jeans; black combat boots; black leather jacket; studded black belt. Soft camo bow case. Tri-charm necklace and an opal ring on her left ring finger.
    Personality: (at least 1 paragraph) She rarely cares about the opinions of others, often cutting them off if she doesn’t like what they are saying. It takes a lot for her to trust others and everyone must earn her respect. Addison is usually honest because she doesn’t see the point in lying. She is very protective of what she considers hers, whether that be objects or people. She swears a lot and is disdainful towards religion.
    History: (include pre-apocalypse occupation!) Addison grew up as an only child in a small Montana town. Her father was an avid bow hunter while her mother preferred hiking. While she did come to have enjoy shooting, she didn’t pick up hunting as much as her father would have liked. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and hiked a lot with her family. This was where she learned how to identify different plants, such as which ones to avoid, which ones could help, and which ones were safe for eating if she absolutely needed to eat something.

    When she graduated high school, she was gifted a soft bow case by her father and an opal ring by her mother. Although she never went to college, the local bookstore kept her employed. She eventually became the manager as other employees left for college or better jobs. Addison didn’t really travel outside of the state much except when visiting relatives, and even that was every other year. It was when she was attending a cousin’s wedding and waiting for another cousin to give birth in Louisiana that the infected sent her life spiralling.

    She and her parents managed to get out of the city before anything could happen to them, but they left almost everything behind - including the rest of the family. They were trying to simply survive when they ran into a group of infected. Addison’s father fell behind and was lost, while her mother became infected. She gave her daughter the necklace that she wears today before killing herself so that she wouldn’t ‘become one of those monsters, too’. Since then, Addison has simply traveled around with no destination in mind, keeping away from big cities and looting whenever she needed.

    • Bow shooting, and while she didn't hunt actively, she kept up her skills and is a good shot
    • Hiking or being on the move for long periods of time
    • Foraging and plant identification
    • Hiking
    • Being alone
    • The heat
    • Reading
    • Dishonesty
    • Religion
    • The cold
    • Movies that were based on a book
    • People demanding respect or trust that they hadn't earned

    Side Character:
    Name: Marisa Summerfield
    Age: 41
    Gender: Female
    Other: Marisa is a former counselor. She tries to help everyone out with day-to-day jobs that she can perform easily. She tries to keep moral up at Impact Point.
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  12. Main Character
    But who could also die tragically....
    Name: Becca Bailey

    Nicknames/Aliases: Bec, Bee, Lovey

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearances: With perpetually messy blonde hair and soulful eyes that seem almost a mixture of grey and green, Becca sometimes has an almost otherworldly appearance about her. Although just below average height for a woman her age, Becca is quite thin. Closer inspection reveals calloused hands, arms scared from drug use, and a number of hastily completed tattoos on her back, neck, wrists, and fingers. In addition to her apperence, Becca also has some distinctive mannerisms. She's physically restless and appears to be constantly moving. Occasionally her hands seem to shake with tremors and at times she walks with a limp that seems to come and go.

    Personality: Watchful but trusting, broken but gentle, Becca is one of those rare individuals for whom troubles in this world did not make her hard but instead made her kind. At her very core, Becca is a sincere person who strives to do right by her friends and all those she comes across. She's jovial and friendly, slow to anger (though certain things will upset her) and quick to forgive. That being said, Becca isn't an infallible person. Often Becca is self-sacrificing to the point of idiocy and those who've known her for a long time realize that while Becca would go to the ends of the earth to protect her friends, she has very little sense of self preservation. Becca often fails to think ahead focusing instead on surviving the day. She can be scatterbrained and forgetful at times, something she blames on ADHD but could also be from drug use. Although currently clean for the first time in years, Becca does have an addictive personality. It could be a substance, an idea, or even a person but once Becca is hooked she can find it very hard to let go.

    History: Becca was the only child of a drug addicted mother and a deadbeat father who abandoned the family before Becca was four. In her younger years, home was a shifting concept for Becca with her mother losing jobs quickly and shifting towns often. Despite a childhood of dirty hotel rooms and neighbors couches, Becca was an agreeable child who often won sympathy from those around her. This trait, however, would become her cross as she grew up trying desperately to please the adults and her life and take care of her mother. Although she struggled greatly with school as a child and occasionally showed up with bruises, her sunny nature and quiet disposition often led people to pity, but not actively help her.

    Only when Becca entered middle school did her fragile home situation become truly disastrous. Although her mother had always cycled through various male friends and acquaintances suddenly more of them started taking an interest in her. In addition, other adults in her life, honing in on a soul who wouldn't cry out for help, also sought her affections.... and of course Becca took their offers not even truly realizing how exploitative the situations were. Becca ran away from home several times but either was returned by police or wandered back on her own. However when she was sixteen, Becca dropped out of school and left, never to go back.

    For the last two years Becca has been on the streets, in and out of shelters, and traveling with packs of other runnaways across the country. Prior to the apocalypse, an acquaintance had taken pity on her and given her a job cleaning cages at an animal shelter. This lasted only a few months until Becca's drug use (heroin being her drug of choice) became a problem. At that point, Becca was arrested for possession. Rather than send her directly to prison, the judge sentenced Becca to community service under the condition that she also undergo rehab and meet regularly with a counselor. Although Z. Gondii was around prior to her entering rehab, she was there while the worst of the infection spread. Eventually, the rehab facility was also infected with Z. Gondii and in a panic the uninfected teens living there were released. Becca has mostly been traveling alone since that time.

    Skills: Becca has street smarts and knows how to survive out on her own. She has a basic knowledge of edible and medicinal plants and has basic first aid knowledge. Becca is very friendly and has know problem approaching people. Although her personality makes her easy to take advantage of, she is very rarely perceived as a threat which could be advantageous.

    Likes: Becca enjoys animals of all sorts, meeting new people, reading (although she struggles with this), traveling, listening to any sort of music, and helping people out.

    Disikes: Becca dislikes people who are cruel, people hurting her friends, being in debt to anyone.

    Side Character
    But who I may decide to develop into a full character...
    Name: Alexandria "Alex" Livingston
    Age: 28
    Personality: Clever and cunning, Alex has a knack for reading people and knows how to use this knowledge to her advantage. Alex can be friendly, and often finds ways to surround herself with powerful people, that said she's ultimately only looking out for herself. '
    Skils: Having helped smuggle guns for years, Alex knows her way around most firearms. She's much more intelligent than she lets on and is usually surrounded by powerful friends.
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  13. Reserving this spot as I am still interested.
  14. Main Character
    Name: Daria James

    Nicknames/Aliases: Day

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Appearances: Daria is simple, to put it simply. Her unassuming brown hair is almost always put in a type of ponytail or bun. Her eyes are a dark brown, but, in the right lighting, have an amber sheen to them. She's just above average height at 5'7", and, although she wouldn't like to admit it, does have a little more fat around the belt line than others. Her skin is relatively smooth and fair, and along the backs of her hands and bridge of her petite nose, she has little spatterings of freckles. Her smile is small and unobtrusive, if only a little lopsided.

    Personality: The first thing one would notice about Daria is how loose she presents herself, almost too loose. She's very mellow and tries to be nice, although she can be abrasive if the situation calls for it. She's also overly sarcastic and jokes around, sometimes at inopportune moments. She's much better at being told what to do rather than telling others what to do.

    History: Daria was born in Tucson, Arizona, to a single mother and a brother who was older than her by 2 years. Although her mother was single, she worked a near 6-day shift to make Daria and her brother Darren comfortable; the two usually got what they wanted for Christmas and birthdays without ever having to wonder if they were going to be able to eat the next day.

    Daria led a very passive, chill childhood. There were never really any problems in their one-story home besides the usual ones: arguments between the siblings, broken dishes and furniture, the one home burglary scare. Daria was rarely unhappy, and was almost never lonely.

    After graduating from high school, Daria found herself packing up her belongings (all of which could fit in a single box and a duffel bag) into her used RAV4 and moving into an apartment with a roommate in New Mexico, intent on going to the University of New Mexico. She was accepted intially, and spent 4 years of her life working towards a master's degree in chemical engineering. Unfortunately for her, the day she was intended to graduate was the day that the dean of the university was served T. gondii contaminated steak.

    The ceremony was very bloody.

    Daria barely escaped the campus with her life, and was set to get to her mother and brother, who both moved to New Jersey, several hundred miles away...

    Skills: As a result of her chemical engineering teaching, and just a love of chemistry as a child, Daria is quite skilled in making things such as small explosives, sedatives, blinding concoctions, etc. She's also semi-fluent in Spanish from high school, and certainly knows her way with a melee weapon.

    Likes: Daria likes being in the company of others, reading, and the beach.

    Disikes: Daria doesn't really like enclosed spaces, being suddenly startled, or the color orange. ​

    Side Character

    Name: Dustin "Dusty" Henderson

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Other: Dustin is, or was, a student at a private school in Oregon. He has a very coarse personality, usually cold and untrusting of others. Skilled with a butterfly knife and can run pretty fast.​
  15. @JJ Terribly sorry for the delay. My character sheets are ready for your review.

  16. [​IMG]
    M I T C H E L L ♦ J A M E S ♦ K E N N E D Y
    " F I N C H " » main character

    PROFILE (open)

    → N A M E : Mitchell James Kennedy.
    → N I C K N A M E : "Finch."

    → A G E : 18.
    → G E N D E R : Male.

    → A P P E A R A N C E : Stands at 5'5", with a slender flame and just slightly tanned complexion. His eyes are a cold blue grey, almost appearing inhumane in color. His hair is cut short in the back but longer in the front, his bangs long untamed ever since the virus spread. It appears nearly white in color, and the starch shade of it makes him noticeable from afar. (Which is why he tends to wear hoodies to cover it, but he refuses to dye it.) He has a septum piercing that he refuses to get rid of, perhaps a small reminder of an old life.

    → P E R S O N A L I T Y : Finch is not a very pleasant person. Not to say that he's a villain, but his attitude makes you want to take his face and smush it into the dirt. He's very prissy, to say the least. Somewhat arrogant and self entitled, Finch is your stereotypical rich kid. The boy has quite the mouth, and can talk someone into a corner, but lacks the physical strength to back himself up. He's all bark with little bite, but he can certainly talk himself up. He's observant, a little manipulative when need be, and a great liar. He can come off as very snobbish and annoying, which has its own truth, but Finch is not entirely a bad person. He has an attitude, that's for sure, but under all that snark, there's a heart. Finch is extremely emotional, however, does a good job at hiding it. He doesn't consider himself courageous, however, will stick up for what he believes is right in the long run. He also cares deeply for those who he manages to get close to, and will protect them, and show his love, in his own, strange little way. Finch gets extremely flustered and overwhelmed easily, and a tad spastic, just give him a pinch in the side or a slap upside the head and he should be good. [Warning: either or might end with a slap from Finch but at least you got him to stop screeching.]

    → H I S T O R Y : Finch was an only child growing up, born and raised, for the most part of his life, in Cheshire, England. His father was high-ranking in the government, often away on business, and Finch knew little of his job other than the fact that he worked for the government. His mother, a fashion model, was often gone as well, traveling to beautiful places, from Paris to Rome, bringing exotic gifts back to her only son.
    With little going on in his home, Finch found company in their staff, finding mother figures in his nannies rather than his own mother. His early life was a lonely one but not particularly tragic, he was given the best education, the best toys, the best home, everything money could give him with the exception of parent affection. He was sent to classes during the day, anything from piano to extra languages, he exceeded expectations in the musical arts. This, is where he earned the nickname "Finch", a comparison to a small song bird. His mother called him this as a cute little joke, however, it ended up sticking.

    At the age of twelve, his parents divorced after his mother discovered that his father was having an affair. She gained custody of Mitchell, moving into a beautiful condo in a bright, downtown area where she retired from her modeling career to focus on her son. She met a man, who she engaged within months. Within two years time, Finch was expected to have a little sister; but things didn't happen as such. His mother suffered a miscarriage, and then stumbled into depression at the loss of her unborn child. She started to dwindle away, the once beautiful and bright woman being reduced to a sad shell. Her new husband tried to lift her from it, but to no avail. There were moments in which she showed signs of her old self, when she held Finch's hand or laughed at a funny movie, but Finch could recognize the depression slowly eating her away. He began to become reckless in his younger, teenage years, often fighting with his step father. He even pierced his septum, got a boyfriend, as a sign of rebellion. However, he never let his grades drop.

    Finch graduated at age 17, and was soon to be sent to college. He got a scholarship for a performing arts school, his future was bright. His mother was recovering from her depression with the help of therapy. His life finally seemed to level out; but then the world went to hell.

    His step-father had been the one to take the vaccination, and had been the one to rip his mom's throat out late one night. The day before Finch was to go off to college, he was woken to blood curdling screams of his mother. It didn't take him long to figure out what, and who, had done it-- but the man was no longer his step father.

    He had shot his 'step-father' dead after he had turned on Finch as well, and as the world went to hell, Finch had no choice but to pack and run.

    → S K I L L S :
    PROFILE (open)

    + Witty.
    + Quick thinker.
    + Silver-tongued.
    + Great liar.
    + Agile, flexible, and lithe.
    + Quiet and graceful, almost like a cat. Even his footsteps are quiet.
    + Careful with almost everything he does.
    + Great aim, as he had taken archery classes as a child.
    + Muscly talented; although that doesn't help much in an apocalypse.

    → L I K E S :
    - Arguing and debating.
    - Music, particularly the violin.
    - Being the center of attention.
    - Coffee.
    - Sweet foods, this boy loves sugar.
    - Rainy, fall weather. It reminds him of home.
    - The night sky.

    → D I S L I K E S :
    - Being told no.
    - Being bossed around.
    - Being put in his place.
    - Dirt, or anything dirty. He hates getting mucky.
    - Loud noises.
    - Alcohol and cigarette smoke.
    - He's scared of dogs, heights, and needles.
    - Any physically straining activities; he was never particularly athletic and he lacks physical strength.
    [open both profile tabs at the same time to read, the coding hates me. open bottom first, then top.]

    M A R C E L L A ♥ E D E N ♥ M O N E L L
    "M A R C Y" » side character

    → N A M E : Marcella Eden Monelle.
    → N I C K N A M E : Marcy.
    → A G E : 25.
    → G E N D E R : Female.

    → T R A I T S :
    Cocky, loud, flirtatious, courageous, independent, rebellious, mischievous, playful, out-going, immature at times, snarky, stubborn.
    → B R I E F H I S T O R Y :
    Marcy comes from a large family, with a backstory filled with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Marcy had always been a troubled child, a former prison inmate until the outbreak, where she was able to escape and enter society. She doesn't mind her dark past being brought up, however, won't admit as to what she went to prison over.
    → S T A T S :
    Brave, physically strong, acts before she thinks, good with weapons; anything from baseball bats to guns. She can hotwire cars, pick locks, and she's a good read on people.

  17. [​IMG]
    ⇢Name | Cecilio Jesus Ledezma⇢Main Character
    ⇢Nickname | Jesse
    ⇢Age | 24
    ⇢Birthdate | July 22
    ⇢Gender | Male
    ⇢Appearance | Stand's at 6'4 , with a slender athletic build and tanned olive skin. Has brown eye's that carry a kind warm glow with them. Has short black hair kept at a buzz cut and a goatee and tries to keep both as neat as possible. He has faint scars covering both of his arms from Eczema as well as some on the back of his hands. Also has a scar on the right side of his neck/chin.

    ⇢Personality: Observant and ever cautious the world has changed Jesus into a more wary and skeptical person but under that defense he's a caring individual. If one manages to earn his trust they'll see someone who care's about others and wants to help when possible. He is a friendly person willing to try and strike up conversations with others provided they don't try and shoot him first. He also tries to hold back his judgement until he has a better understanding of a situation or a person. He doesn't hesitate to get loud and back up his words with actions if need be but he's also willing to discuss and negotiate if tension or violence can be avoided.

    ⇢History: Cecilio was the firstborn of two children to a single mother and a bastard child of a former soldier who managed to woo his mother. As a young child Cecilio was something of an outcast diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age and found it very hard to interact with other children. While his childhood was certainly one that kept him happy even without a father though his life at school was hell. Due to his inability to really make friends as well as his behavioral issues he became a prime target for bullying nearly all of his time in school until his junior year in high school after moving to a new city. From that point he displayed an intrigue in medicine and chose to study and become an EMT and he did so with minimal issues now being able to focus on his schoolwork. Around this time Cecilio's mom married and he met his stepdad who actually got him is first rifle and helped him become set on becoming an EMT.

    Cecilio graduated high school and chose community college as his means of getting EMT certification as well as being interested in electronic engineering. After graduating with an associates in Electronic engineering as well as his EMT registration and permit. Cecilio worked as an EMT for nearly 4 years before he quit due to a workplace and was offered a job in private law enforcement company known as Ultor. He found the new work to be thrilling as well as something that definitely paid the bills though on the eve of the outbreak he was on 'Preventative Crowd Control' near a private business.

    After witnessing a literal group kill a few of his coworkers Cecilio and the remaining employee's of the team chose to 'borrow' some of their companies equipment figuring a few missing suits of riot gear, guns, and a guard dog wouldn't be missed. Since then Cecilio's been looking for some place thats safe and could serve as a new home for him.

    + Weapon Repair/ Maintenance
    + Electronically and Mechanically inclined
    + Marksmanship
    + Knowledge of some advanced medicine
    + Tactical thinker
    + Close combat

    ⇢Likes |
    + Making friends
    + Reading
    + Exploring
    + Cooking

    ⇢Dislikes |
    - Broken tools
    - Hostile people
    - Extremely hot weather
    -Very cramped spaces
    -Open Water

    Side Character
    ⇢Name: Ringo
    ⇢Breed: German Shepherd
    ⇢Appearance: Brown and black fur with splotches of dark fur in his back and face.
    ⇢Gender: Male
    ⇢Age: 1 and a half years old.
    +Belly rubs
    -Being Alone
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  18. Main Character:


    Name: Evie 'Aoibheann' Summers | Nickname/Aliases: 'Robin' | Age: 21 | Gender: Female


    Hair: Ginger | Eyes: Pale Blue | Height: 5'4 | Weight: 121 (55KG)


    Bubbly, opinionated, peculiar. 3 unrelated words all of which have been used to describe Evie. Always one to try and look on the bright side of life, Evie's outgoing and adventurous nature has led to her being a well-rounded and confident girl. She tries to see the best in everyone and, in herself, be the best for everyone. She's nothing short of a perfectionist in that regard. If she's not at her best, she's at her worst. This, alongside being one to hold grudges, is probably her greatest flaw and in many cases her downfall.


    The daughter of a British military sergeant and an Irish immigrant, Evie was born and raised in northern England. Despite that fact, she still retains something of an Irish 'twang' from her mother. Evie always excelled throughout her childhood and adolescence: good grades, good social skills and very talented in her chosen hobbies. She was always a point of pride for her parents, something she quickly got used to. Once perfection was a common thing, it became a required thing for Evie. Anger would follow if not. Always finding an interest in archery, and being heavily invested in politics, she gained the nickname 'Robin' amongst her friends after 'Robin Hood'.

    At the age of 18, she enrolled at Sheffield Hallam university to study History and Archeology where she quickly joined an abundance of societies and sports teams. Over her 3 years at university, she dropped out of most of them but one she did not relinquish was her position on the archery team. Being heralded as the 'saving grace' of the team, Evie quickly found popularity among her peers and the faculty, leading the team to victory in almost every competition they had. During her final year, Evie and the archery team travelled to the USA to compete with other university teams there. Alas, this is where her life took a turn for the worse. When the main outbreak happened, the team was blindsided. After the first reports of "zombification" came in, Evie and the team attempted to get back to the UK, only to be foiled in their attempt by rioting, zombies and quarantines. Multiple failed attempts later and Evie found herself in a refugee camp, praying every night into her pendant that she'd hear helicopters overhead and her father would magically appear with some sort of British Army rescue operation. Sadly, that day never came. After some time, when the government broke down and everything went to hell, the camp fell victim to an attack from armed raiders. In the fighting, several of her team mates were caught in the crossfire, others kidnapped for purposes Evie didn't dare to consider. Fleeing with a couple of others, she ran in a direction and didn't stop. Over time, she lost the others too. Rumours told of a safe haven, however. A place called 'Impact Point'. A place abundant with survivors. Even if it was just idle gossip. She had to try find it. She had to.



    "I've been holding a bow for as long as I remember... not that that's saying much."
    "The perks of student life, y'know? You quickly learn how to make a meal out of an almost-empty tin of beans and wishes that you were richer!"
    "Seriously, hills are a thing in Sheffield. That and running for the train's that are never on time helps you keep healthy. I did some track training, too."
    "Did you know that the first bomb the Allies dropped on Berlin in WWII killed Berlin's only elephant in a zoo?"
    Has Experience With Firearms
    "Dad used to teach me how to hold a weapon. I even got to take a 'firearms proficiency test'. It was pretty cool. I failed."

    + Fluffy things
    "Sometimes you just need a cuddle, y'know? Might as well cuddle something soft."
    + Jazz
    "If you can play double bass you can be my friend and I will buy you pizza. Well... I'll cite the gesture. Not many pizza shops anymore, really..."
    + History
    "It's just fascinating! Learning about what came before. I adore learning about ancient civilizations!"
    + Reading Japanese Manga
    "Yup. I'm one of those people."
    + Politics
    "If you don't engage you don't see change."

    - Interpersonal Conflict
    "I can't stand drama. Ugh, there's so much pettiness in the world. I mean, there's a lot more pressing things to worry about. Now more than ever! Y'know, like not getting your ankles chewed on by some deranged, 'zombie' lunatic."
    - Hot weather
    "I'm ginger. The sun is evil."
    - Rock music
    "It's never really been my thing. I mean... I guess some of the songs are okay-ish."
    - Reading
    "*Yawn* Boooooring! I don't know... I wish I read more, to be honest. I was led astray by manga, though. The pictures make me happy."

    Side Character:


    Name: Jack Whitley | Age: 34 | Gender: Male | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Dark Blue

    Firm, responsible, calm and calculating. Jack is the embodiment of what you would expect from a man like him. He has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong - or at least by his definitions, anyway. Still, cross him or rub him the wrong way and you'll find a man that has a lot of anger and venom to bare.

    Having been on standby in Georgia when it happened, Jack was among one of the first special operations units to mobilize when the outbreak started. Initially, his platoon was tasked with HVT extractions, survivor recovery operations and supplementing National Guard units that were overwhelmed. For the first few weeks of the world going to hell, Jack never saw sleep. Yet, he also saw numerous successes. Unfortunately, success stories were few and far between and sooner or later, the luck of 1st Battalion ran out - Jack's battalion. Jack doesn't talk much about what went down in Atlanta, the most he'd ever tell anyone was that it was a joint operation with SFOD operators. That's when he was declared MIA. That's when he began to wander alone. It stayed that way for some time until a chance encounter gave him new purpose, serving the militia of Impact Point. Jack used and continues to use his skills and training to lead successful skirmishes and expeditions out in the wild of the once-was United States of America, all for the good of the community. Or is it?

    Previous Occupation:
    US Army, 75th Ranger Regiment

    Order, Strong Spirits, Guns, Country Music.

    Lies, raiders, romance.

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  19. Hmm... I'm interested.

    Reserving a spot for a mechanic and driver.
  20. Main Character:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Clara Talavera
    Nicknames/Aliases: The Mechanic
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    Clothing reference.

    Personality: Clara is quite an affectionate young woman. She is very friendly towards other people, and can be flirtatious towards those that she hopes will swing her way. She is very loyal and quite protective of her friends, not wanting to put them in any danger. If she was in a relationship with someone, she would devote her life to them, not wanting to leave their side, and sometimes coming off as clingy. She’s also quite tender and warm-hearted, always giving out compliments to people and always having a smile on her face and seeing the best in a situation. If someone was to harm anyone she is close to she would come down on them like a ton of bricks, not hesitating to teach them a lesson

    History: Clara had been into cars for as long as she could remember. Her first experience with them was when her dad bought her an original Mini Cooper for her to build up. After 2 years of sourcing parts and teaching herself how to fix cars, she finally finished. On her 17th birthday, she got her driver's licence, insured the Mini and that was her first car. Clara also studied a motorsport college course, furthering her knowledge of cars and linking that knowledge to the sport. After going on to do the degree course, she found herself as a technician for a rally team. It was during an event that the outbreak started and she decided to hole herself up in her team's headquarters where she started work on making on of the team's rally cars fit for a zombie apocalypse.

    • Fixing cars.
    • Driving cars.
    • Modifying cars.
    • Basic gun knowledge.
    • Isn't it obvious?
    • Good food.
    • Making friends (always good to have company).
    • Anything with less than 4 wheels (includes quadbikes).
    • Zombies.
    • Mean people.

    Side Character:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Tanya Survera
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
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