Land of Wings

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Hope all goes well while you move.
I should be home tonight, so I'll be able to post.
@TyranntX I still think it wouldn't work as well in this RP. What you have there is enough to start a story on its own, with characters and a plot specifically about it. It wouldn't work well enough as just another character in a totally different story. It's an interesting enough concept, but I feel it might be too complicated to bring into a setting as this one.
A different roleplay of mine that I haven't revived yet could have been a perfect fit for him, Land of Wings unfortunately doesn't seem like the place.

And I knew I was forgetting something, @Cybermoon's character hasn't been introduced yet. Right, will do that when I have my post finished.
High paying jobs? you Could get a dragon slayer job around Izana. xD though he'd instantly not like you as much. xD
The scales between male and female characters isn't too distorted at the moment so sure. Thanks for showing interest will be looking forward to what you have planned.
I know school started recently for Silver, so I think that might have cut into his time that he'd spend online.
Deneas is about to be in trouble :P

I'll wait for @Darkagn to get a post in first though.
Name: Sirena Tritonia

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Mermaid/Nymph Hybrid

Appearance: The young fish-like female has long golden locks fading into a pink ombre. When her emotions run high, her hair bleeds completely pink. Her sunkissed cheeks are speckled with freckles from her obvious time out in the sun. Her eyes are a green hazel with golden specks around the pupil. Her skin is a natural olive tone (including her legs when on land). Her tails sparkles with a pink hue although it is mainly orange in color. Her fins are a transparent pink hue as well. Along the spine of her tail, she has soft almost feather like fins. The same type of fins adorn her elbows. When on land, of course, her fins and tale fade into a more human like appearance.

History: As the daughter of Poseidon, King of the Seas, and the nymph Amphiro of the fresh-water springs, her life became one of solitude from the beginning. Right after the birth of the nymph's one and only child, a terrible sickness overcame Amphiro. Seeking a cure, she fled to the Land of Wings but had no luck in her quest. Despite her sickness, she found a small lagoon deep within the woods where she raised her daughter for a solid ten years before the disease overtook her. When Sirena was seventeen, an "angel" (demon, actually but in her naivety she thought it was an angel) was enticed by her song to visit her cove. When the winged creature saw her, it mocked the poor mermaid for being shy and stuck in water. From that moment on, she vowed never to sing again...

Personality: She is has a bubbly personality. Due to her limited access to humans, she is very naive to their ways. However, she has a lonely soul and yearns to fly with the winged creatures of the world. Ironically, she fears the winged creatures due to the cruelty shown to her the last time she came in contact with one. Her voice is that of a siren, beautiful and enticing. It pulls in the animals and living creatures that come close enough to her lagoon. However, her temper flares when she sees someone mistreating others. Her elemental power tends to flare when her emotions are high.

Job: N/A

Other: She finds companionship with a small tan rabbit that visits her lagoon everyday. Also, she can walk the land if she tried but due to her shyness and fear of the outside world, she stays in her lagoon and watches the animals. Her lagoon has small underground water ways that link to different springs throughout the land. She sometimes uses these to watch the humans until she becomes too afraid of being caught.


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@Bryanna Robbins thanks for making a character. A few things: gods don't exist in this realm.'Gods' are simply a race of people with a special power that live longer and age slower. Normal humans might have mistook them for gods back in the day, but they aren't gods. From how you describe her she sounds more like a nymph+mermaid(or siren) hybrid.
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Lena is still hiding in the shadows overseeing it all boy she sure has a story to tell when she gets home. XD @Silverdawn She asked Aust what was going on in case you didn't see that
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well, as far as Izana is concerned, she poofed on him. XD So He'll write her a letter. unless of course she tracks him down to talk alone when he heads back to his alleyway. XD
Don't worry about it ^^ Hadn't tagged you so it could have been easily missed. Which is why I mentioned it ^-^ Not to rush you ;)
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Lol, Lena seems to be getting a habit of recruiting assassin/thieves for her odd jobs XD Now it's Aust being sent off to buy a plate, and in the original rendition she had an assassin/thief that she just met do deliver a message for her. Odd queen indeed.
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