Land of Wings

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Hey olissa. I think I am going to have to withdraw before I can even start. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep up with anything from where I stand right now, but if this rp is still going strong later and some of my other role-plays die then I can join in! ^^
Sad to see you go Vio, hope you'll be able to return later again :)

If things go as I want them to go, a pretty new post that pushes the action forward a bit will be readily available for everyone to read.
heyya guys, sorry i have been so silent lately, parents came to visit so I was taking time off the computer. what all did I miss?
I don't quite know what the last was that you read, so to give an accurate update is a little difficult.
There's a golem attacking the city, and that's the main event I suppose.
I haven't gotten an update from this rp for a while. What's happened?
No idea, I can flesh out my post a little more if it would help move things along?
last I remember doing is taking out one of the golems kneecaps and putting a smokescreen on him, still waiting on someone to work off that
Like I said before, I can act out more of my post and the Golem's actions if it would help, but up to you guys.
I'm so sorry for delaying everything! Intended to post at least last week (more than a week later than I intended initially >.>') but then my mom needed a hand to paint my parents' new house while my dad is visiting with his mom on the other side of the world u.u
Tomorrow is my first day of rest again so I'll definitely make myself work on a post then!
Sorry for how rushed it is, I tried to make it at least a little coherent and moving it along.

Go ahead and smash things to pieces, I hope to be able to completely knock the creature out of existence in my next post, so if you want to fight it, or help Lena, whichever, seize your opportunity :)
I think everyone by now has had ample time to react and fight, so I'll be wrapping this up soon. Hopefully before the weekend, but I can't guarantee...
I haven't been alerted to this in a long time, I'll have to go revisit what's happened.... grr.....Iwaku, FIX your tagging and alerts please.
A lot of times it isn't the site that breaks the notifications, but our own actions. At least, that has been my experience. The tagging part not giving notifications would probably be on their hands though
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Well, When I went back to check there were 2 posts since my last so I missed almost nothing, certainly not enough to warrant another post until Wrap-up occurs. XD
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