Land of Wings

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    The Land of Wings, a land of many wonders. Disconnected to the world, yet under the same stars as we see. In this Land winged beings primarily live, though there are exceptions of beings of other Lands that managed to travel to the Land in the Skies. But for many centuries, the Land believed to have been the only Land, thus never gave a name to its country, or capital, simply naming it the Capital.
    All live here peacefully under the rule of one angelic household, though unbeknown to most, it wouldn't remain calm for long...


    The Land of Wings is a fully detached land, resting in the skies. It can't be seen from earth, but it can be accessed through various means, one of which is flight.
    Despite being air locked, it does have neighboring countries, though none to little contact exists between them in most cases other than strict formalities.

    In the full center of the Land there is the Capital. It has no other name than the Capital, just as everyone just calls this country 'the land' or similar variations to it. The country itself is divided into five different provinces that come together at the center, where the Capital stands.
    At the center of the Capital is a large plaza where the market usually stands. From there a broad road leads up to the palace.

    This Land is a monarchy, ruled by the Rucrosa family who are of angelic descent. Currently the widowed Queen, Queen Lena Genevive Rucrosa, is the sole ruling force, accompanied by her advisors. The Rucrosa family has been leading this land for centuries, as this family has one signature move. The ability to create a powerful barrier. This barrier currently protects the palace, ensuring no one can get in or out unnoticed, or uninvited.

    The majority of the inhabitants of the Land are winged. But of course, they're not alone, non winged beings have come and gone to this airborne country. The roleplay takes place here, in the Capitol.

    Character sheet

    Name: (Full name)
    Age: (Real age, if the appearance is different than the actual age, mention it too)
    Gender: (Biological gender. Diversions can be mentioned in 'Other')
    Race: (Preferably a winged based creature. Many options available)
    Appearance: (Image+written description)
    History: (Amnesia cases must have a written history even if they can't remember it themselves.)
    Personality: (Don't make it perfect. Perfect characters are boring for other people.)
    Job: (If the character has a job, what is it.)
    Other: (List anything that you want to mention about the character that hasn't been covered before)


    Your characters can have all kinds of jobs and positions. Be it one of the Queen's guards, a general, a regular citizen, doctor, royal physician, etc. Anything can be done. Just be smart about what kind of job they have. A baker having to stand in his shop all day can't really participate in the roleplaying for example. Anything directly dealing with the royal family of course would be nice if you could check with me first.

    Remember: I am the GM. I will never purposefully undermine you, and I will always try and treat you with respect. But I do hold final say.


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    • Above all follow the rules set forth by this site. If I notice you breaking the site rules, I will report you.

    • In this roleplay I hold final say. So please adhere to any corrections I mention. You might disagree with me, but then discuss it with me in a civil manner. If you do not understand a correction I might have given (for example for a character sheet) ask me what I mean, and I will take the time to try and better convey what I intended. Disrespect me, and I will not allow you in my roleplay.

    • Each character sheet that you submit must be in a separate post. This simply has to do with the linking back to the character in the Accepted list. If there are multiple characters in one post it becomes a bit messy.

    • Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your posts make sense. I know that not every one of us is raised with English as their primary language, and some of us (like myself) have to deal with dyslexia, so I do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.

    • Play nice, don't go picking fights. Our characters may perhaps not like each other, but do not take it beyond the IC. And sometimes we don't particularly care for certain participants, but please do not vent it out in the threads. If there are any issues with fellow players, let me know so we can solve this situation peacefully together.

    • If you are waiting for your character to be accepted, please be patient. I can't be here 24/7. Do not post in the IC before I have accepted your character.

    • There currently is no limit to the amount of characters you may play. As long as you can properly handle the amount that you choose. You may not however be in a romantic relationship with your own characters. Constant interactions with your own characters is not encouraged either. It's boring for us and for you.

    • While in character, post more than one line. A minimum of two paragraphs is preferred. If you have hit a severe writers' block or will not be able to post for some time, let me know.

    • While in character, make sure your character's actions make sense and are true to the character.

    • If your character is in a conversation or addressed someone, don't just ditch them to run off to a different scene. It's rude. A major event is a legit excuse to have the character(s) move to a new situation. A more interesting conversation or character elsewhere is not a legit reason to ditch others.

    • Do not decide what happens to another person's character(s). While you might be allowed to take someone's hand and run into a building together, you may not throw them out a window without consent.

    • While others may not decide what happens to your character, do not make it impossible for your character to be hit or beaten. Perfection is boring to write with, so don't be 'that person'. Give them flaws, weaknesses, and allow them to get hurt every once in a while.

    • In the RP we will not have a set posting order. I do ask of you to keep common sense in mind when you post, so do not spam the thread or leave others behind.

    • Do not use any unnecessary abbreviations or txt-style writing. Any use of txt-style writing will be requested to be edited immediately.

    • Please write in third person, and in past tense only.

    • Be aware that I hold the right to adjust and edit any of the rules set forth by this roleplay. While it is unlikely that anything major will change, I will make sure to let you know in the OOC thread if I have changed anything.

    • Make sure to have fun. It would be a shame if we didn't have fun while writing this RP. Should there be a reason why you are feeling unhappy, please voice it in the OOC or via PM to me. This way we can hopefully work together to a better environment for you.

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    Accepted characters

    Layana Sercress - Olissa
    HM Queen Lena Rucrosa - Olissa
    Aust Silverclaw - Silverdawn
    Rahzun Kromaar (Warrior) - AceSorcerer
    Ilona Chironus - Michelle the Editor
    Deneas - Silver Fallen
    Keahi Eldadir- Silver Fallen
    Nyka - Darkagn
    Victor Ao - Angel Evans
    Saraad Anakros - Jejudo Dolhareubang
    Vamadra Lavellan - koolkat4595
    Izana Kunigiri - FireDrake150
    Azra Veritas - Winter
    Bellerose La'Rouge - Cybermoon
    Sirena Tritonia - Bryanna Robbins

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Reserving post for summaries and other plot related information of the roleplay

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Name: Layana Sercress
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Angel/Demon hybrid
Layana has long wavy that reaches to her bottom. Originally speaking it was light blonde, but as of recently her hair has been growing black at its tips, creating a reversed ombre look from blonde to black.
She has bright green eyes, a fair skin and happy, energetic look.
She stands 1.70m tall and has a fairly slim build.
Her wings on her back are a once in a lifetime sight. Her left wing is feathered, angelic, but pitch black, while her right wing is leathery, and bat-like, but pure white like freshly fallen snow.
Her outfits leans towards the knee length dresses most of the time.

History: Layana had always known she was different than the rest.
First of all she was raised by non winged people, so that meant she was adopted, obviously, and then there was the matter of her powers. In her younger days Layana could only use white magic, like any angel, but as she grew older she started to become able at crafting dark spells, which was highly uncommon for an angel to be able to do. To make matters even more confusing her at the time white wings started to morph. One wing started to grow black, while the other began to shed it's feathers and changed it's entire shape till it was leathery, boney, and looked like how most demon wings looked. A process which I might add was not entirely painless.

Her adoptive parents didn't find it necessary to go out and look for help from the doctors, saying it would be fine, and that it was just a side effect of the darker side of her powers manifesting in her. Yeah right, what would humans know of wing problems. So Layana set out to the Capital to try and find someone who might explain to her what the hell is going on.

Personality: She's generally a fairly outgoing person that likes to be near others. She can be a bit chatty though. New things tend to confuse her.
Job: No job, visitor to the Capital, looking for a healer.
Other: Layana's powers are based on both light and darkness. She resorts to light most of the time, but her darkness has messed up a fair amount of love and kindness spells lately.
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Before I create a character can you tell me a bit more about the jobs, I was wondering if I could be an adventure, thief, assassin, ect.
Well, for example, Layana doesn't have a job. I hope to get one for her in the RP.
If your character goes about assassinating people as a job, or is a thief of sorts, that would be considered a 'job' of sorts. Not a legal one, but a job. Heck, student would count as a 'job' too, since it's what someone would be doing for he majority of the day.

Job: Occupation, what the character does under normal circumstances.
I was just checking in case some jobs where off limits but glad to see they aren't.
Well, I'd rather not have too many assassins and the like running around :P but this land has a bit more of a free for all, fantasy setting. So yeah occupations like that happen and would be boring to cross them off the list :)
One last thing, I'm guessing angle like creatures, I'm not sure what humanoid winged creatures are available to pick from
Angels, demons, harpies, tengu, dragonoids... the list is long.
It is handier if the character has some human like traits. It isn't mandatory, but having a full dragon trying to make its way down town isn't exactly the easiest ;)
Name: Aust Silverclaw
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Demon/ Human hybrid
Appearance: Aust is a 6 feet tall human and demon hybrid meaning he has the looks of a human and the wings of a demon. Aust has dark black hair, pure blue eyes and a pale complexion. He is a medium build not too strong but enough for his job and he is commonly seen wearing a cloak to hide his identity and wings from others.

History: Aust was born to a human mother who was living in the capital at the time and died a few years later of unknown reasons leaving Matthew in the care of his father who found him in the house the night Aust's mother died. Growing up he seemed like the rest of the children but while everyone else mostly grew their colourful wings he was left out as he grew his clawed leathery wings and he began to hide them as he grew up. While he was still in school Aust's father began to teach him how to fight and use his demonic powers for what ever he needed them for and mostly his family's secret power of shadow manipulation allow them to hide in shadows. Matthew learnt the ways of the thief and assassin and became one after he had finished school since it would be the easiest way for him to get work and he bagan his new life on his own and became quite good with what he does but he can't always complete his task
Personality: Aust is nice for an assassin if you aren't his target he's treat you well but he'd do the same even if you where so he is a bit of a liar and might not be one hundred percent reliable unless you pay well and even if you did give him a job as long as someone would pay for your life he'd kill you. So he is motivated by money.
Job: Assassin/ thief or stuff you generally need done fast and quietly.
Other: Aust is able to merge into shadows but is unable to attack while doing this. Aust carries a rapier and a cross bow around as weapons. He wears leather armour under his cloak. Aust isn't always able to complete all of his tasks so he can be beat by most people who notice him before they are backstabbed, but he can get lucky.
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Fyi, angels aren't the majority. It's a complete mix of anything and everything. Wing color and types span from purplish, to icy blue, green, white, black, or anything in between and are leathery or feathered, small, large, something medium in size, etc. Many races many types of wings :)

Other than that, he's interesting. Will look forward so seeing them interact some day.
im interested in this Roleplay, but ill have to see about what type of race i can come up with. It there like a main story plot, or is this mostly sandbox in a world created by you?
I have a plot that will be running in the background and eventually become more prominent. So it's mildly a sandbox, but I have plenty of stuff up my sleeve to avoid it from growing dull.
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Name: "Warlock" (Real Name: Rahzun Kromaar)

Age: 313

Gender: Male

Race: Alv

Appearance: Like other alvs, his ears come to round, elongated tips as opposed to the sharp tips of the elves. His hair is as white as the moon while his eyes are as blue as the long-forgotten seas. He wears a light metal cuirass, pauldrons, guantlets, and boots. Atop his armor he wears a grey cloak, and upon the back of this rests the sheath in which his longsword resides. He stands 178 centimeters tall. His build is lean yet muscular, with a focus on his core and shoulders. His skin, however, is paler than most and is covered in scars from various conflicts. On his left palm the Arcane Seal is seared into his skin, marking him as an Arcane Warrior.

History: Found on the doorsteps of an ancient priory when the land under the skies was still a home to many, a mother left her son to be raised by those who could take him in and raise him to be a kind and just individual. However, as opposed to the priory being a home to nuns and monks as the mother expected, the priory was instead home to an ancient and powerful order: the Arcane Order, composed of the fabled Arcane Warriors. Their leader, the Grandmaster of the Order, took pity on the small child and brought him into the fold, training him to become one of them since he could walk.

In time, Rahzun became a master of the sword and of spellcraft, and was initiated into the Order as an Arcane Warrior and began his travels across the surface lands. Many books and sagas could written about these adventures and travels, but we move ahead a couple hundred years to when he went to the Land of Wings. When he entered his two-hundred and forty-third year, he had found his way into the Land of Wings by stowing away on dragonback as they landed on the southernmost province of these Lands. He spent years exploring the Land, performing various tasks as he documented all he could find for the Order's archives. However, it was in the northern province he lost his memories, as he was ambushed and injured, fighting until he bled out. The blood loss was primarily in his head and given that's where he was hit by more than a few blunt weapons. When he awoke, he found his wounds being tended to by a local shaman. Calling him "warlock" (which he mistook as his name), he soon discovered that, while retaining information, he had lost every single iota of memory he had ever possessed. As such, he soon took to becoming a sojourner in order to rediscover his memories and return to who he once was.

Personality: As Warlock, Rahzun is fixated on retrieving his memories and will not let anything get in his way. He is often caught in an erratic mental state, while he himself often uses sarcasm to ward of those who pry too far. Other than that he isn't the best with people, often using manipulation and cunning to get information he needs.

Job: Arcane Warrior (unknowingly), Sojourner

Other: N/A
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AceSorcerer, welcome to the Land of Wings.
I will be leaving in a few hours myself, and still have a few things to pack, but once I've returned I'll add the 2 accepted characters to the first post.
Yay~ It's up! I'll get my character up momentarily. Have fun on your vacay' Lis ♥
Fyi, angels aren't the majority. It's a complete mix of anything and everything. Wing color and types span from purplish, to icy blue, green, white, black, or anything in between and are leathery or feathered, small, large, something medium in size, etc. Many races many types of wings :)

Other than that, he's interesting. Will look forward so seeing them interact some day.
Okay edited for many colours
Name: Ilona Chironus

Age: 66 (appears 25)

Gender: Female

Race: Fae

Appearance: (Still working on art)

Ilona stands about 6' tall, has an aristocratic build, coppery skin and dark brown hair, usually worn in complex braids. When extended, her wings are translucent and gauzy-looking in peacock colors, with a wingspan of about 6' from tip to tip. They can fold around her into clothing at will thanks to her Fae nature. It usually takes the form of a coat.

History: Ilona grew up in one of the more isolated Fae home cities. They tended to be the source of legends of fairy godmothers and guides and the like, and Ilona was raised to follow that path. While she didn't work well with children, she did have an interest in studying the Land of Wings, and upon reaching age 50 (adulthood for a Fae), she was given the task of mapping the world and its dangers and treasures. She has spent the last few years traveling the Land of Wings and consulting with mapmakers and adventurers to fill out her own map.

Personality: Ilona is, like most Fae, very very polite, but she has a dry wit and can be extremely sarcastic. She is cool-headed most of the time, but can use her humor to distance herself from others, particularly non-Fae, whom she still views as childish, lesser beings for the most part.

Job: Cartographer/quest consultant

Other: Preferred tools are a magical quill that never runs out of ink, blots or spills, and a sheet of paper that can be unfolded to any size depending on the need of the user.
I'm back from vacation, I'll look at everything in a bit :) thanks everyone that has shown interest and the like so far :)
Those that joined so far: accepted.
@Dreamever I take it from the removed character sheet that you won't be participating? That's unfortunate, I liked what you had going for the harpy. Could always use a flight instructor ;) (especially since I had forgotten to mention that Layana is currently unable to properly fly) oh well, thanks at least for showing interest!
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