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  1. Istladris

    • When an elf is kidnapped from her world and nearly forced into a life of servitude, she breaks free from her captors and takes something precious with her. Along the way, she meets a familiar, Asena, and the two begin a quest reclaim what was once lost.
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    • Asena
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  2. Asena


    The forests around Astasia were beautiful. The trees were always full and green, the animals were healthy and plentiful, but lately, game was hard to find. There were ruins from the ancient Elven civilizations that had fallen centuries before Astasia had been imagined. When spirits and elves were the only creatures to roam the forests, and humans were a new species to the land. Now, many of the spirits had moved to more secluded forests that stayed hidden from human eyes to keep from being captured and killed. Elves were rarely seen outside of cities since their own civilizations had been demolished and now they were forced into servitude by humans.

    Asena sighed as she laid in an open meadow in the middle of the forest, her eyes watching the clouds waft by lazily in the blue sky. She inhaled deeply to take in the fresh air and sighed contentedly. She was the only spirit to stay in the forest after Astasia had been constructed. Her parents had been hunted and killed long ago, Asena barely escaping with her own life. She'd been raised by the remaining spirits after that before they'd all fled. The only downfall to not being raised by wolf spirits, is that Asena never fully learned how to control her feral instincts. As she closed her eyes, her stomach growled and the spirit sat up, holding her stomach.

    "Well, let's see if I can find some food." Asena stood and closed her eyes, bright blue flames engulfed her body as she shifted into her wolf form. When the flames subsided, the wolf lifted her nose to the wind and turned her head to her left before bounding off into the trees. The smell of a fresh kill was heavy in the air and Asena was hungry enough to not care if she had to steal her meal. She ran a half a mile before stopping. There lying in a small clearing, was a freshly killed deer. Asena licked her lips and slowly stalked forward, making sure that a bear or a wild boar wouldn't come stampeding towards her. When the coast seemed clear enough, she moved forward and took the carcass, fully intending on moving back to her meadow.

    As she was stepping forward, something hard clicked under her massive paw and the next thing she knew, a heavy metal net was falling on her body. The weight was heavy enough to cause the wolf's legs to collapse under her and she struggled to get back to her feet. She managed to lift her head and tried to bite at the metal with her teeth. A low growl vibrated in her throat and the wolf continued to struggle under the weight.

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  3. [​IMG]

    The forest was working both for and against Vanamarilla. It provided the coverage she needed to maneuver unseen, but it was difficult for her to navigate through the thick brush, and branches that cut at her delicate skin. She had fallen over several times already, but they hadn't found her, yet. She could hear their footsteps not too far off, and her captor calling her name - asking that she return to him. "Never in a million years," Vanamarilla scoffed quietly in her native tongue.

    Continuing through the forest, Vanamarilla managed to make it out into a small clearing without attracting the attention of any of the Royal Court's men. Her new environment left her with very little protection, but it was a welcome change from the forest. She could actually see where she was headed, though she still had very little idea of her whereabouts. They had brought her far from home, but she managed to escape before any damage could be done. The other elves weren't as lucky as she was, but Vanamarilla knew they had been brainwashed into believing they were better off in the castle.

    Vanamarilla sighed softly to herself and reached between her breasts. She retrieved the fragmented jewel and held it between her index and thumb, the bright red hues sparkling against her blue eyes. Vanamarilla hadn't gotten the opportunity to truly look at the gem until now, but it had been calling to her ever since she laid eyes on it in the King's chambers, nearly putting her in a trance back then. She began to put it back in it's place, and then paused about halfway when she heard a strange noise.

    Vanamarilla turned in the direction of the sounds, her attention landing on a giant pile of white fluff draped in heavy metal chains. She narrowed her eyes slightly, able to make out that the massive pile of fur was actually a trapped wolf. It was larger than any wolf she had seen in Astasia, and yet Vanamarilla discerned that it was still very young in age. "You are no ordinary beast, are you?" Vanamarilla asked in Elvish as she approached the wolf. The closer she got to the wolf, the more obvious to her it was that the wolf was more than just a simple animal.

    "Lone wolf spirit - Where is your pack?" Vanamarilla knew the beast could not understand her, but she didn't mind. She knelt down beside the chain and picked up one of ends, noting how heavy it was. She imagined it was a lot easier to lift from her side than it was for the wolf, and peeled it back enough to create an opening. "Hurry," she cried, her arms falling to her sides when the wolf had freed itself.
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  4. Asena stood up when the elf had lifted the small part of the metal net. She shoved her head through the opening and shook the rest of the net from her body before standing her full height and looking down at the small woman next to her. Asena hadn't laid eyes on an elf since she was a small child, it was almost surreal. Her ears twitched and she curled her lips back slightly in a soft growl. She heard feet trampling through her forest and men breaking branches. She glanced back down at the elf next to her and lowered her head to acknowledge her assistance.

    Before the elf could respond, Asena had turned tail and ran back into the forest. She didn't know why there were so many humans stampeding through the woods, but she was sure that elf had something to do with it. And honestly, she didn't want to stick around for them to figure out another spirit was still alive in the forest. She didn't want to be penned and tamed like her brethren. Or worse, killed.
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  5. Vanamarilla watched with a smile as the wolf disappeared into the forest. With dozens of men still after her, she couldn't afford to hang around for much longer. She turned around and started to walk back to where she was before saving the wolf, but it seemed time had already run out for her. The men that were hot on Vanamarilla's trail earlier emerged from the bushes on all sides of the clearing, with their weapons drawn. Vanamarilla was trapped, with nowhere to run. She frantically searched for an opening, but there was nothing.

    "Come with us, she-elf. Return to your King, and give back what you stole," One of the men said. Vanamarilla recognized him as the leader of the group, but she hated him just as much as The King. "Your punishment will be mild if you go down without a fight."

    "Never," Vanamarilla said, her demeanor calm. She chose to speak so that the humans would understand her, but still had a slight accent. "I've buried it somewhere in the forests, and I'd die before I told you where it is!"

    The leader smirked at Vanamarilla's refusal to come quietly, and unhinged a long rope from his belt loop. "Then we'll have to do this the hard way," He said, yanking the rope tight between both hands. Vanamarilla raised an eyebrow at the man, and took a step back. "Take her alive - And try not to bruise the King's bride...too much."
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  6. Asena stopped when she'd heard the human men reach the area she'd been captured in. It was sad that humans had such control over an ancient, once powerful species. But elves were so rare now, you were lucky to see any, even in human service. The wolf sighed, she couldn't let those humans capture that girl. Asena hated getting involved in any confrontation. Even as a wolf spirit, her job was to protect the forest, not people. Still, that elf had helped her, she should repay the favor.

    The wolf growled before turning, bounding back through the trees towards the sounds of heavy human footsteps. Asena lifted her head and let out a howl before breaking the treeline. There were at least a dozen human men surrounding the pink haired elf. She stood her ground bravely, but Asena was already in full sprint and she wasn't about to stop. She ran into the first man, lifting her head and sending him flying. The wolf spun, her tail whipping around and knocking another four men over. Asena crouched low and half curled her body around the small elf.

    The men leveled all their weapons at Asena who just bared her teeth and let out a deep growl. With that many humans, even as a wolf, Asena couldn't keep track of them all. So she inhaled deeply and felt the fire in her chest climb up her throat before she exhaled, throwing a blue fireball from her mouth. The humans cowered and stepped back away from the heat. And Asena took the opportunity to grab the elf by the collar of her top and flung her up onto her back before taking off deeper into the forest. She ran for a long time, making sure to put a good amount of distance between her and the humans. When she couldn't hear their footsteps anymore, she slowed, staying in the trees for cover. Forgetting, for a moment, that she had an elf on her back.
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  7. With nowhere left to go, Vanamarilla braced herself for the assault she would have to endure, and prepared herself to fight whoever touched her first. Just as someone was about to grab her, a chilling howl caused everyone to freeze in place and Vanamarilla looked up to see the wolf had come to her rescue. Honestly, it all happened too fast for Vanamarilla to recall most of what had happened. She only remembered a flash of blue fire, before being hauled off by the wolf.

    The elf was still surprised by the sudden turn of events, but she was thankful to the wolf spirit for rescuing her. She looked down at the wolf, and wondered what to say to it. After a few seconds, she had collected herself enough to form her words into the human language of Astasia. "Th-thank you for coming to my aid - It is very much appreciated," Vanamarilla said, sighing slowly afterwards.
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  8. Asena stopped fully and glanced up at the elf on her back. She'd never really let anyone, or anything, ride her before. But elves were light, so there wasn't much to the weight she was feeling. Still, it was a bit degrading to have someone on her back. So the wolf closed her eyes and smoke engulfed her body as she began to change back into her human form. She heard a soft thud as the elf fell to the ground before Asena opened her eyes and turned towards the girl behind her.

    Her eyes narrowed slightly when she saw a reddish glow emitting from the elf's chest. Asena raised an eyebrow and took a few steps towards the pink haired girl before squatting down in front of her. She tilted her head curiously before reaching out and slipping her hand between the elf's breasts, finding a shard of a red gem. The jewel was glowing brightly like a beacon in the night. The aura from the jewel was pulsating as Asena held the gem in her palm. Something was special about this gem, it was calling to her in whispers and it was burning her hand in the most pleasing manner. Asena's eyes shifted to the elf as she inspected her.

    "Where did you get this?"
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  9. Vanamarilla hit the ground with a soft thud, and then looked up through squinted eyes to see the silhouette of the wolf shifting into a human behind a blanket of smoke. She began to say something to convey her surprise, but all that came out of Vanamarilla's mouth was a scream as she was suddenly violated by the woman. It had never crossed her mind to think that the she-wolf had reached into her bosom to retrieve the gem, until she saw the red jewel sparkling in her hands.

    "Thief!" Vanamarilla scrambled to her feet with a handful of grass and dirt balled up in her palm, and threw it at the woman's face. "Give it back!" She yelled, charging forward with hopes of retrieving her gem. "That gem belongs to the elves, not the spirits, and certainly not the humans!" The woman was much taller than Vanamarilla, but that didn't stop the elf from doing all that she could to get it back.
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  10. Asena raised her arm to block the dirt that was being thrown at her face and lifted the hand high up over her head to keep it from the feisty elf. She quirked an eyebrow at the the shorter girl and then glanced back up at the jewel. She briefly noticed the pink haired elf charging at her, but she just held her arm out, her hand finding the girl's head and keeping her from getting any closer. After all, the elf was quite a bit shorter than Asena. She was sure if anyone else had been there to witness the "attack", they would've found it comical, beast or person.

    "Belongs to the elves, hm?" Asena smirked as she watched the girl fight vigorously, though she wasn't gaining any ground, and chuckled before lowering her hand again. The gem was still glowing in her hand, emitting a soft hum in her sensitive ears. It was strange, the draw she had to it. If it truly did belong to the elves, that didn't necessarily mean she couldn't use it, whatever it could do. In history, there were several instances of gems, or relics of elvish origin that would grant spirits and demons great power. This gem was small, just a fraction of it's actual size, Asena assumed, but she could still feel the slight amount of energy it was emitting. "Interesting."

    The wolf spirit decided to make a judgment call, since the elf was much smaller than she was and hadn't used magic against her attackers. Asena concluded that this elf wasn't particularly dangerous besides her dirt flinging skills. So she removed her hand from the elf's head, letting the girl fall forward into her. "Why were those men after you, elf?"
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  11. Vanamarilla was enraged, but her stamina had already depleted after several swings at the air. She was exhausted from the failed attempt to retrieve the gem, but the fire still burned in her eyes as she glared at the spirit. Foul thing. I should have left you to that hunter. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get a reach on the much taller woman, or overpower her. To say that she was upset would be an understatement. She resigned herself to defeat after being released, and fell forward against the woman's chest.

    Taking a deep breath, Vanamarilla regained her footing and looked up at the wolf spirit angrily. She folded her arms across her chest and pursed her lips tight, though she calmed down after a few short seconds. "I'm an elf. Isn't that enough reason for men to be after me?" She asked. "Just return what is mine. Even if it was whole, you would need an elf to use it, and you will need an elf to find the fragments. You'll have no use for it, spirit."
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  12. Asena looked down at the small elf in front of her. She had to admit, the girl was a bit cuter when she was angry. Though the wolf was sure that the elf was trying to look as angry, and or intimidating as possible, but it wasn't working very well. Not to mention Asena was a wolf spirit, this elf shouldn't be speaking to her in a such a manner. Regardless of her age, Asena was the protector of this forest, and elves used to hold the spirits in high regard. Maybe being in the human world had skewed the elf's views on nature. Still, the spirit was intrigued by what the elf was conveying to her. She didn't even have to ask very many questions.

    "So, only elves can use it?" Asena's eyes looked curiously at the gem in her hand and then back to the elf. "I'm not sure if you knew, little elf, but spirits can use these gems as well. And I'm sure I'd get much better use out of it than you. I protect this entire forest by myself, all the other spirits have fled to avoid the human's destruction." If it was true that only an elf could find the other fragments of this gem, she would need one to get the full power it offered. And coincidentally, here was an elf, she didn't even have to search for one. Perhaps she could use this to her advantage.

    "I'll make you a deal, elf." The spirit said calmly as she tossed the fragment into the air and caught it again. "I'll give your shard back if you let me travel with you to find the rest of the gem. And as a bonus, I'll protect you on the way. Since you neglected to use your magic, I'm assuming that you're not very adept in it."
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  13. Vanamarilla found herself caring very little when the wolf spirit began howling about how she had protected the forest alone. She would have been nicer if she hadn't had her gem stolen from her, and been taunted endlessly by having it dangled only a few inches away from her face. The idea of losing what was rightfully her's upset her to no end, so when the wolf spoke of a deal, Vanamarilla's eyes widened with interest. Vanamarilla listened to the offer, but didn't say anything for several minutes as she weighed her options. The only way she would be able to get it back would be by cooperating with the wolf, but was that really so horrible? Her chances of success would be much higher with a powerful wolf spirit on her side, even if she was really obnoxious.

    The elf's features softened some, and she began to speak."I accept your offer, but our journey will be a long one. There are over a dozen fragments missing, and who knows whose hands they wound up in." Vanamarilla extended her hand to the she-wolf, her palm lying flat. "Return Istladris to me please, and we can be on our way." Vanamarilla's anger had subsided, but she was a little irritated at the sudden turn her day had taken. Hopefully they could learn to get along for the sake of their journey, or she'd be forced to find a way to make her trip alone.

    Once the gem had been returned to her, Vanamarilla tucked it back into her cleavage and patted it safe between her breasts. She sighed softly and looked at the woman, who was still mostly a mystery to her. She figured she might as well try to work out the small kinks if they were going to be spending time together. "My name is Vanamarilla, by the way, not 'elf'. What is your name?"
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  14. "Your name is Vanilla?" Asena raised an eyebrow at the elf and smirked. "That's an interesting name. I'm Asena." She watched as the elf shoved the gem back into her cleavage and the wolf sighed. "So, where are we going? Since you seem to know so much about this shard." Asena folded her arms over her chest and waited for an answer. The whole time that Vanamarilla was talking, all Asena could do was stare at the red glow being emitted from the elf's bust. The gem was still calling to her and it was hard to ignore. It was speaking to her deepest instinctual nature and drawing her wolf's attention. She knew it would make her more powerful, maybe then she could drive them humans from her forest.

    Something hit Asena's nose and she lifted her head before inhaling deeply. The men were back, the same humans that had been pursuing Vanamarilla. She sighed softly, she didn't want the humans to get their hands on the gem, so that meant she had to get Vanamarilla away from them. "Those men are coming back." She looked down at the shorter elf before grabbing her forearm. "We need to go, the nearest village is about four miles to the south. I hope you don't mind walking." The spirit didn't wait for Vanamarilla to answer and began tugging her in that direction.
  15. Vanamarilla attempted to correct the wolf spirit, but Asena didn't appear to care about whether or not she got the elf's name right. She exhaled deeply, rolling her eyes as Asena asked about the gem. "I'm not sure of all the places in Astasia, but the gem has...shown me things. I'll know when we're near one, as odd as that sounds," Vanamarilla said, smiling nervously. She'd noticed that Asena was staring at her chest, and furrowed her eyebrows at the wolf, before turning her back towards her. Creepy spirit.

    Vanamarilla perked up suddenly at the mention of the humans, and gave Asena a look of disbelief. "But, why would they retur-" Again, Vanamarilla had been interrupted and was now being dragged away. She couldn't exactly argue with Asena, so she allowed her to lead her to safety. She frowned softly and glanced over her shoulders, fearful that someone may have been right behind them. Looking back to Asena, Vanamarilla relaxed and took a deep breath. I suppose having her around won't be such an inconvenience after all. She knew how ruthless the humans could be and that they would not stop until they got her, and the gem back into the King's hands.

    Most of the walk was spent in silence, with Vanamarilla wanting to ask why they had to walk when Asena was able to shift into a wolf. She chose to keep her thoughts to herself, though. There was a lot of natural beauty in Astasia, and it kept Vanamarilla's mind positive during their walk. Soon, the smell of smoke and the sounds of people became more prominent as they got closer to the village. Vanamarilla snapped out of her daze and looked forward, seeing a small village coming into view. "Is this it, then? How nice..."

    "What should we do while we're here?" Vanamarilla asked Asena, moving her hair to cover her ears.
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  16. Asena's eyes caught the slight movement of the elf covering her pointed ears. The village wasn't new to the wolf spirit. She'd visited here many times to partake in their human celebrations. Usually when they had hoards of food set out and she was having a hard time finding wild game in the forest. This particular settlement was fairly small, and the humans that lived here were laid back. Not really questioning Asena's eyes or why she never stayed in the village for protection. "We should probably get some supplies, and get out of sight." The wolf immediately moved in the direction of the market place, continuing to pull Vanamarilla behind her. She glanced over her shoulder at the elf's attire before speaking again.

    "You should probably find something else to wear." Asena stopped and spotted the inn. She'd been in there a time or two. The one thing that humans may have gotten right, besides the spices they added to their meats, was the alcohol they'd created. It always had a pleasing burn that Asena reveled it. It was like the heat she would feel when she would change, without having to give herself away. "Let's stop in there for a minute and figure out what we need." As they made their way towards the building, Asena finally let go of Vanamarilla's arm and let the elf walk on her own.

    "So, are you going to tell me the specific reason that many armed guards were after you?" She opened the door to the inn and let the elf pass through first. "I wouldn't ask if those were just low class humans, but they weren't. So where did you escape from?"
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  17. Vanamarilla succeeded in covering the points of her ears for the most part, but they would protrude through the curtain of pink if she moved too much. She noticed the village people weren't paying too much attention to her, though, so she didn't worry too much. Her blue eyes danced along the various karts and small shops in the village, her mind going back to the small coin purse she'd nabbed from the King, along with the gem. She used her free hand to search for it, finding it nestled between her breasts, cushioning the gem. There was were about a dozen gold and silver pieces inside the small purse - more than enough for a small village such as this. For now, she would keep it concealed from the wolf spirit, until they needed it.

    "Eh?" Frowning, Vanamarilla looked over her attire confusedly, then back to Asena. She couldn't see anything wrong with her clothes. She sighed softly, following close behind Asena before her arm had been released. "Free at last," Vanamarilla said quietly, rubbing her wrist gently as she passed through the door. She paused briefly, glancing away from the taller woman as Asena once again asked why the royal guards had been after her.

    "They were dressed in royal garb, but they are still low class humans..." Vanamarilla said, pursing her lips tightly. She sighed, knowing that the wolf spirit would not give up, until she told the full story. Perhaps it was better Asena knew what they were up against before proceeding any further. She stopped in her tracks and turned around to face Asena. "I...escaped from the King's castle early this morning. I was to be wed to him by tomorrow night, but I ran away...and I took somethings with me."

    "That's why they're after me." Vanamarilla said, feeling at ease now that she had finally gotten that off her chest.
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  18. Asena listened as Vanamarilla conveyed her story. It wasn't really a surprise why the elf was sought after. Many men in the human realm coveted elven wives or servants. It seemed that once the humans had made their presence known, they wished to wipe out everything that existed before them. Spirits, elves, anything that they didn't make themselves they wanted destroyed. That is, unless it benefited them in any way. The humans weren't capable of wielding magic on their own, so that's why most elves, and even spirits, were captured and forced to serve. Asena frowned at the thought. She never wanted to be in a position like that, so even though she felt bad for Vanamarilla, she didn't really want to express it.

    "Maybe if you hadn't stolen from this so called "king", he wouldn't be coming after you." The wolf eyed the dimly lit inn and saw an open booth in the back corner. She started walking in that direction, careful to make sure that the elf was still following her. "And how did you manage to get yourself caught anyway? Elves are supposed to be pretty versed in stealth. Were you not born among your own people?" Asena sat down in the booth and watched, waiting for Vanamarilla to sit across from her.
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  19. Vanamarilla's eyes widened at Asena's response to her, the elf standing still for several seconds after the wolf spirit moved towards a booth. She couldn't believe Asena was blaming her for any of this, but she bit her tongue and begrudgingly followed behind the taller woman. Taking a seat across from where Asena was, the insults continued on, and Vanamarilla felt her face growing hot, and her cheeks reddening. She was embarrassed, and didn't know how to reply to such a rude questions or implications that there was something wrong with her as an 'elf'. Not all elves are versed in stealth! Vanamarilla wanted to say, but she still found herself at a loss for words.

    "Y-You're wrong," Vanamarilla said quietly, huffing. "Not all Elves are the same. There are ones with no skills whatsoever, ones that don't know magic, or how to sneak around. They take simple jobs like farming, and there's nothing wrong with that." Vanamarilla didn't know why, but Asena had gotten her really riled up. The stereotypes about elves were mostly false, but the humans didn't know that, and so they sought out the elves and enslaved them to do the things they weren't able to do themselves. "I was only doing as I was told when I was captured by the men. Wrong place at the wrong time," Vanamarilla said, and then continued in her native tongue. "I didn't ask for any of this. I was sent on a simple mission by my mentor to do a job in another village. I did my job, but before I could leave humans raided the village. They killed the men, and took the women and children. I was among the ones taken, but somehow I winded up in the King's chambers..." She frowned, her eyes glistening with premature tears.

    "What would a lonely wolf spirit know, any way?" Vanamarilla asked, though it was rhetorical. She didn't allow herself to cry, not in front of a jerk like Asena, or in front of humans.
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  20. The wolf listened to Vanamarilla's sob story about getting captured, and how she wasn't versed in much of anything before muttering something in elvish. With pink hair and such a petite build, the elf wouldn't be good at stealth. But really, in Asena's opinion, if you were an elf and couldn't fight or use magic, what good were you? Sure, farmers were useful, so were healers and hunters, but surely Vanamarilla wasn't any of those trades. If she had been careless enough to get caught, how did she even escape the King's palace? Asena locked eyes with the elf when she'd mentioned her being a lonely wolf spirit. It was true, Asena couldn't deny that, but no elf, or any mortal being was going to speak to her in such a manner.

    "This 'lonely wolf spirit' has been protecting the forests and its inhabitants in this region for the past decade." Asena answered firmly as she narrowed her eyes at the elf. "What have you been doing to protect your people's heritage, Vanilla? Besides getting caught by humans. And while we're on the subject, how did you manage to escape? If you're not stealthy and can't use magic, how did you manage to get past several armed guards?" Waiting for Vanamarilla to answer, Asena raised her arm to get the inn keeper's attention so she could order a drink. "Before you answer, you're going to need some new attire, or something to hide your...outift. You're too noticeable and I don't want those guards trailing us because they remember your outfit."
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