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    Very few people, mortal or otherwise, know about this place. A small, isolated island somewhere in the Pacific, inaccessible to the outside world unless its inhabitants choose to make contact. It doesn't happen often; most of the supernatural creatures have no desire to make contact. The only exception is the Kane family, a clan of vampires known for their espionage and isolation, who operate from this base. They rule the island, and though the monsters don't exactly get along, their power has not been seriously challenged for centuries.

    Today, something has gone wrong. An airplane has crashed through the magical barrier hiding the island from mortal view, and against all odds, there is a survivor...
  2. Aria was the survivor. One thing she didn't know was that she wasn't mortal; an angel. Not just any angel, the angel princess who got lost when she was five years old when visiting the human world with her family. Aria thought that the markings on her arms were birthmarks/tattoos, but what she didn't know was that they were markings of her being an angel. They were wings on both of her wrists, they glowed when around other angels or vampires/demons. Aria lived a rich life, thinking these two millionaires were her parents. That airplane that she survived in was to go to France. She was going to spend some time there and buy some nice clothes.

    Now here she was, on the ground, and she had ended up hurting her head, and getting lots of scratches along with ruining her clothes that she was wearing which was a pencil skirt and a nice colorful blouse. Aria frowned softly. as she looked around the place, her leg was hurting a lot but otherwards she was fine and alive as ever. She sat up, moving to go find her phone. She only found her purse but it didn't have her phone. Her phone was broken. She moved to stand up trying to figure out how she was going to go back home. Tears fell because she realized that she wasn't alone. She could hear footsteps around her. She began shaking with fear.
  3. The Night Patrol didn't come out during daylight hours very often, as the name implied. But today was an exception, given what had just happened. Only a little while before, the entire island had witnessed the fiery airplane crash, and the Kanes had to act immediately. Most of the Patrol were non-vampires--one or two werewolves, a ghoul--but there was one among them. Their leader, Sebastian Kane, one of the lesser princes of the clan. Although the day was cloudy, he wore a hooded white and red uniform that covered all of his skin, to protect from sunlight.

    "Can you smell anything?" He asked one of the werewolves.

    "Mortals. Gasoline. Fire," the werewolf listed off, shrugging. "Too much to distinguish."

    "Get the bodies into one of the dungeons; we can try to preserve them as supplies. Make sure nobody's started raiding the plane either," Sebastian ordered. As his officers moved out to follow his orders, he headed towards a sound he'd detected earlier. Someone breathing rapidly.
  4. Aria's greens eyes looked around the cloudy area. She was really scared, nervous. She bit her lower lip. She didn't know what to think about this. She let tears fall and she brought her legs up to her chest.Her hair was messy as if it was blown from the wind but it was the airplane. She could feel her heart racing as she was trying to regulate her breathing. She moved to stand back up. Leaning against the tree. " Where am I?" She couldn't figure that out. She needed to do some scouting so she can at least try to get someone to see her, but then again, it was cloudy. She might be stuck here, stranded and all alone, but wait what was that talking. Who would be out here? Was she hallucinating? She gulped nervously. She had to run far from the plane. She grabbed her heels and her purse, but she was launched already far from the plane.

    Aria moved and headed to run further into the island, her heart racing, and her hair was just going everywhere because she was running. She was really scared. She ended up falling over a tree root that was over the ground, causing her to start bleeding from scratches on her legs. She then looked at her arms because they were glowing a bright white light. She moved her long sleeved blouse making sure they were covered again. She was really nervous as to what was going to happen. Was she alone? Was she not?
  5. Sebastian heard what might have been sobs, and quickened his pace. That was unusual. He'd expected looters or scavengers, but who would be near the plane to cry? It couldn't be a passenger, the barrier was lethal to humans. As he approached, he heard someone bolt into the woods.

    "Hey! Stop and identify yourself!" He yelled, but either the runner didn't hear or didn't listen. Sebastian broke into a run, dashing after the escapee. He couldn't move as fast as he wanted with his cumbersome day clothes on, and this part of the jungle was dense and untamed. The scent of blood filled his nostrils, and he skidded to a halt. It smelled completely alien.
  6. Aria had sat up looking down, she had stopped with the sobs of course. she looked down at the cuts that were on her body and they were glowing. What the! She tensed and she frowned, her heart beat quickened as she saw this. What was happening? Her hands were shaking, not sure what to think about this. She bit her lower lip hard as she frowned. Aria wasn't really sure what to think about this. She was scared of herself. What was really happening. She then saw how her ankle fixed itself. It was glowing a blue light as she saw her body now just was with dry blood from how she bled from how she had gotten injured.

    Aria moved to stand up. " What the hell is wrong with me?" She gulped nervously. She frowned hating this, but she shook her head. " I can't focus on that now.. I have to focus on how I am going to get back home. " Her brain was going on overdrive. She looked around, " Think what would you do... maybe I have to back to the plane and see if I can call for some help!" She turned around seeing someone standing there. She moved to search for something and she grabbed a rock and threw it at them. " Who the hell are you?!"
  7. Someone was speaking. Sounded like a woman, though Sebastian couldn't be sure. He guessed it belonged to the person whose blood speckled the ground before him. Slowly, he advanced, not wanting to scare his prey into another chase. He wasn't expecting the rock.

    "Ow!" It bounced off his forehead, and he clapped a hand to the bruise, momentarily stunned. Shaking off the pain, he lunged towards the thrower, no real plan in mind, just wanting to stop any further attacks.
  8. Aria gasped as she was grabbed. She wasn't sure what this person had in mind. She whined and tried to get away. She wanted anything but to be touched or hurt. She frowned, " I thought I said stay away!" She said trying to get away. She was weak though for some reason, her heart was racing and she was trying to calm down so she stopped because she needed to calm her breathing. She hated this, tears fell, no sound of sobbing came from her though.
  9. Something hot and wet was running into Sebastian's eye, but he ignored it, trying to focus on the person he'd just caught. She looked like an ordinary, terrified young woman.

    "Who are you? How did you get here?" Sebastian demanded, catching both of her arms to hold her still. He couldn't make eye contact out here, he was wearing protective glasses, but she seemed terrified of him.
  10. Aria frowned not sure what to do. Her heart was racing and she was trying to defend herself. She felt how he held onto her. She frowned. She hated her frail little body compared to this person who wasn't scrawny. She gulped a little as she frowned hearing his questions. " Me? My name is Aria. But i don't know... the airplane I was taking to my vacation crashed, I don't know how or why..really I don't know who you are but I want to go home!" She tried to get out of the man's grip. " Now let me go so I can get home, why are you on a stranded island?"
  11. Sebastian stared in disbelief at the girl. A survivor?

    "How?" The question came out before he realized it. "Nobody is meant to cross the barrier--especially not humans!" She struggled again, but he was able to hold her pretty easily. "Stop that, you won't be able to get home by running through the woods. You're right, we're on an island."
  12. Aria was very upset, knowing that she can't get home. She hated that he avoided her questions, only by asking more. " I don't know how!! " She frowned. "It just happened and what do you mean not by humans? " She raised an eyebrow. " There is more than just humans," Her arms began to shake because she was scared. She didn't know what she was since she crossed that barrier, " That must mean that I'm not human?" She frowned letting a tear fall. She didn't know what to say about this. "Wait your messing with me! This has to be a prank."
  13. The pain in Sebastian's head wasn't going away. It was harder for him to think, but he knew he had to get this woman indoors if he wanted to talk face-to-face.

    "I don't know what you are, but this is no prank. Come with me, we have a lot to figure out," he said, letting go of one arm and hoping she'll come along without struggling.
  14. Aria had figured that she wasn't going to be able to go anywhere off this island. She had to get away from here and maybe this man was willing to help her out. She frowned. " I guess so, but only if we can figure out how I can get back home." She slowly had began to follow him.
  15. Sebastian decided it would be unwise to argue with her. They probably weren't going to just let her go home; nobody came to this island uninvited. He stayed close to her, quickly finding a well-used path that would take them back to the castle. Since she wasn't fighting back anymore, he let go of her other arm.

    "Do you have a name?"
  16. Aria really thought that she was going to be able to go back home. She didn't really think that there was a reason as to why she was there. She was really glad to have someone understand, but finally feeling him let go of her arm, she glanced around the place. She felt creeped out by the place. She gulped nervously. She closed her eyes trying to stay focused, and not get scared. She looked at the man whom she spoke to, " My name? It's Aria."
  17. Sebastian gave a nod of acknowledgment. "Sebastian Kane," he said, half to reciprocate, half to see if she reacted to the name. If she was more than just a mortal, she'd probably be familiar with the name.
  18. Aria heard how he said that name, was he special or something? Aria raised an eyebrow, " Wow, that's cool. It reminds me of a disney movie. The little mermaid with the crab." She giggled softly. " Lucky you."
  19. Sebastian furrowed his brows beneath the hood. "What's a disney?" He asked. He'd heard of movies, but even if any had been imported to the island, he spent almost all of his time working. By now the castle was coming up close, and he guided Aria towards one of the smaller, less conspicuous entrances.
  20. Aria looked at him, " Seriously?" She sighed and said, " It's... Walt Disney, a director that makes cartoon movies, about fairy tales, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Snow White and Seven Dwarves, but now he died so someone bought Disney and is making Pirates of the Carribean..." She just followed him, " Wow you're really lame for not knowing..."
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