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  1. Name: Teodora Lucie Kovac (Goes by Eddie)

    Gender: FM

    Age: 20(She was 19 when deployed and will be 21 when she comes home)

    Rank/Service: Seaman(E-3), US Navy, Fleet Force Medic

    Looks: Eddie is a mix of various Slavic nationalities and Scandinavian. She has some Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, and various other Slavic nationalities in her. Eddie also has Norwegian and British in her blood. If you ask her however she'll say she's Texan.
    Her skin is a medium-light bronzey tan, it gets more to the medium bronze when she's outside a lot. Her hair is deep brown. She keeps it short and it's a little spikey even though she keeps it neatly combed. It's in a pixie cut that brushes her ears and her neck. In the front and in too it's a little longer but it's not bangs because it just gets messy and spiky.
    Eddie's eyes are a very very dark blue as the blue swirls closer to the pupil it gets lighter. She has dark eye lashes and slightly thick eye brows. She has to shave her legs regularly is she wants smooth skin and has hair in her arms too.
    Eddie face is normal. Her eyes are shaped like fat almonds, her cheek bones are prominent yet not high, she has a button nose and normal ears.
    She's about 4'11", and is light but strong looking physically. She has small yet attractive curves.

    Personality: Eddie is very caring. She wants to help people when they're hurt and is naturally very compassionate and selfless. She never really enjoyed school and though she wanted to go into the medical field the prospect of college and medical school was very daunting to her so she enlisted and became a medic.
    Eddie is extremely energetic, she is always fidgeting or moving or talking in some way. She can be quiet and still if she needs to be, but it's hard for her.
    Eddie is a tough girl and has a good work ethic. She tends to get annoyed with people she thinks are lazy or when she sees someone making their team carry their weight. Despite this she is very patient with you if you're hurting of your faking however and she finds out she will be very displeased with you you will know it.

    Short Bio:

    Eddie grew up moving around Texas in a van. She and her 11 brothers were often left to raise each other and themselves because their dad was working various jobs and their mom and serious mental issues. Throughout her childhood CPS would now and then step in and force them to live with their grandparents or in the foster system, but they were always returned to their family and continue living from the van.

    When Eddie was 13 her youngest brother was born and her mother ran off. A while later it was discovered that her mother had commited suicide. Even though she wasn't close to her mother this emotionally devastated the young tween. She ran away after that living totally on her own for 3 1/2 weeks.

    Eddie struggled in school because of how much she moved around. She had issues maintaining friendships because every time she tried to get to know someone she'd move. When she was 17 she enlisted in the Navy and became a medic.

    She was captured after being shot in the left lower leg while trying to rescue and care for an injured team member. The pair were swarmed by the enemy and she was captured while the other marine died.

    Extra: She has a southern drawl. She is being interrogated closely because she was with an infamous USMC squad that is extremely good and is known for taking out many good units of Russian military and for being able to turn a battle in their favor quickly.


    Father: Miroslav Andrej Kovac II (45)

    Mother: Lucie Eszter Kovac (Formerly Gaspar) (Deceased, would've have been 44)


    Miroslav Andrej Kovac III (26)
    - Spouse: Teagan Noel Kovac(Formerly Worth)
    - They are tryng to adopt from Serbia

    Roman Sebastyen Kovac (25)
    - Girlfriend Eloni Rachel Lee
    - Baby boy- Milan Rangi Kovac

    Augustin Gabriel Kovac (23)

    Simeon Fredek Kovac (22)

    Tomislav Levi Kovac (21, he is 15 minutes older then Eddie)

    Emil Grigori Kovac (15)

    Matayas Franko Kovac (13)

    Mikail Yozef Kovac (11)
    - He was shaken by a foster parent as a baby and has some mental and physical disabilities

    Petar Konstanin Kovac (9)

    Elek Dragoslav Kovac (9)

    Luka Valentin Kovac (8)


    Eddie half lay half sat in a solitary cell. She was anxious, little scared, and in a lot of pain. The cell was not big enough to lie down in. She had to sit because her leg was in severe pain. A Russian Medic and doctor had rough removed the bullet, cleaned, and stitched it up. Though they didn't use anesthetic at leats they'd taken care of it. Probably because they wanted her alive for now. She ran her hand through her short hair roughly as sweat ran down her face. The cell had no windows and thusly no air flow. She rested her head against the back of the cell and licked her lips, her throat and mouth felt like sandpaper and were as dry as Texas during a drought.
    She wasn't sure where she was, she'd been captured in Kyrgistan but knew she traveled a good ways since then.
    Eddie sat up straighter wincing as pain shot through her leg when she heard someone outside her cell, she did her best to put on a brave face and pretend she wasn't in pain as her door opened.
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  2. Full Name: Seth Pyrel

    Rank/Service: E1/Army (will update the actual name of it once I find it again)


    "That beast below is a younger version of me, except for the wings of course. I don't actually have wings. My dark blue eyes make up for that though. Look into them and try not fall for me."

    Image (open)

    The changes:
    No wings and piercings removed. In the picture he is 18 but in the rp he is 25. He was very reluctant to cut his hair but to join the army he agreed.
    Dark blue eyes and black hair.

    "I’m a whisper lost upon wind
    I’m the ember that will burn you down
    I’m the water that will drown you
    I’m a star that’s just a black hole now
    I’m a terrifying danger
    I’m fruit decaying on the ground
    I’m a swallower of anger
    I’m the tree that falls and makes no sound"

    He has a very conflicting personality. For years now he has been trying to become a better person to make up for his past, but old habits die hard. Around girls he can be a smooth talking, aggravating, jerk. Around other guys he used to demand respect, but since a certain event in his past he has been haunted and lost. The mob boss personality he used to have has been replaced and he has now become a follower until he finds himself. Just remember, girls are an exception to his now low personality. Now, he is easily influenced and can be molded into what someone else would want him to be.

    Short Bio:

    As a child he was very good at getting what he wanted and was not afraid to use any means to get it. He would pout, scream, and even become violent until his parents agreed to give him what he wanted. He was notorious for stealing kisses from girls, even if it meant they would start crying. To put it simple, he was a little hellion.

    At the age of 14 he overheard his parents talking about sending him away in hopes of getting his behavior fixed. This did not stand well with Seth so that night he packed up belongings and ran away. He stole enough from his parents to get him by for a while, and when that money ran out he stole what he needed. In a new town he found an abandoned street and lived in one of the houses. It became his home while he grew out of usual ways.

    During this time he became the 'leader' of a 'gang'. So long as the three other teens did not step out of line he let them do as they liked. It was not long until they split up to do their own thing. Seth got his GED while his three friends past away: one accidental, one a murder, and the other not talked about or really known by others (a secret Seth won't talk about). Feeling lost he made up with his parents and decided to join the military. It was here that those above him learned of what he was capable of and twisted him to do their dirty work.

    Still not sure what to put so for now here is the playlist I listen to when role playing Seth xD


    Boots thudded loudly with each step and Seth flinched inwardly at the sound. The noise of his own footsteps was not something he was used to yet. On the streets silence was his biggest asset, but now, in this place, silence did not help gain an upper hand. That was something he automatically had. Seth paused for a second as he reached the cell. This would only be his second time making someone talk, but if the first time was anything to go by he knew what to expect. That first man..well, it was easy enough to get some information. This guy would be no different. After a quick check to make sure his earpiece was secure he opened the door.

    The site stopped him dead in his tracks. His eyes which had taken on a nearly black appearance widened. What the hell was this? A female? Another male he could handle but how did they expect him to torture a female? Aware of the camera hidden in the upper corner he took a small step forward, debating what to do.

    "State your name." Seth demanded. A voice boomed through his earpiece at the same moment and his demand came out less menacing as he would have liked. They were watching him and were not happy. After the last 'talking' they expected the same performance. They wanted the information, but he could not do it and was going to fuck everything up.
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  3. Eddie looked up when the door opened, she swallowed when a tall strong looking man walked in. She was still in full uniform except her boots has been taken from her. It made sense a lot of soldiers hid stuff in their boots.
    Eddie wore a USMC style uniform, the digital woodland one. Except instead of it saying U.S. Marine Corps on the patch over her left breast pocket it said U.S. Navy and she had Navy ranks on her blouse instead of Marine Corps ones.
    Eddie had always imagined being fearless and strong of she was captured or at least hopes that was how she'd be. Now though all that went out the preverbial window.
    The young medic paused to attempt to gather her thoughts and not sound scared when she talked.
    Dear GOD please give me strength. Eddie silently prayed befo
    re answering the question,
    "Seaman Teodora Lucie Kavoc, 4132790." She stated. Her southern drawl was obvious because she was tired and in pain, it always became more noticeable when she was tired.
    It was name, rank, and serial number right? Was there anything else like date of birth or something? Eddie honestly couldn't remember she remembered the name rank and serial number part so that was all she did. She looked up at the huge Russian man as calmly as she could.
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  4. What should he do now? The way she spoke, with that southern sound to it, made her seem more human than ever. It was easiest not to think of prisoners as human. It was that type of mindset that made torture possible, but this situation in front of him, it was not possible. He could not escape his moral compass. It wrapped around him and squeezed tight when he least expected it. It would whisper to him, 'if you do this you are going to Hell'. He was already going to Hell. There was no way around that, but he still had to listen to that voice. Taking a deep breath through his nose Seth stepped fully into the small room, reached down, and lifted Teodora off the ground. Putting his face close to hers and what he hoped was out of view of the camera he spoke quietly.

    "If I get off lightly I will be back. You better be ready."

    Not willing to wait for any sort of response he dropped her, hoping the fall would not injure her leg even more. Eyes avoiding the camera he stepped out of the room and shut the door. It was time to face the consequences and pray he would be able to work out the rest of this suicide mission.
  5. Eddie pressed her back firmly against the wall when the man stepped in. The cell was tiny and felt extremely cramped and even smaller when he stepped in. She had swallow quickly to avoid giving into the wave of nausea that accompanied him lifting her up. Her leg screamed in agony when it was moved, she'd been shot just below the knee and was pretty sure her knee cap was damaged.
    Eddie listened, but didn't really understand what he meant by what he said. When he dropped her she fell back and struck her head hard against the wall because the cell wasn't big enough to lie flat in. She rolled over slightly and threw up as the pain form her leg induced another wave of nausea. She lay there half propped against the wal breathing slowly trying to recover her composure and get the guts to move again.
    Pain seared her leg for the third time as the medic shifted into a fully sitting up position. The room smelt awful now that she'd thrown up and she didn't feel any better.
    What had he meant? 'If I get off lightly I will be back. You better be ready.' She couldn't figure it out. Did he not want to torture her? Then why would he come back? Was he going to come back and actually start to torture her? Than what did 'If I get off lightly' mean? Ws it possible she got the only interrogator/henchman with an actual conscience? Was it because she was a girl?
    Eddie shook her had attempting to clear it. These questions weren't helping her. It was her duty as a member of the United States military to try and escape and return to duty, she had to think of how to do that with a badly injured leg/knee. She rested her head against the back of the cell and ran her hands through her feeling the sweat on her forehead and in her hair as she did so.
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  6. Seth made his way down a few halls before turning into a room. A desk with a computer on it sat in one corner, the cell and girl he was suppose to get information out of could be seen on the screen. That was not the reason he came here though. In front of him stood the man that was in charge of turning him into a ruthless beast. Someone that would not think about orders, only follow them. What was he to say about his failure? No excuse would be good enough because there was not suppose to be excuses. He was not suppose to think. Male or female did not matter. What mattered was they are the enemy and should be treated as such. He forced his eyes to look at the man.

    "Pyrel! What the hell was that?" When Seth did not answer the man placed himself in front of the new soldier. "You better not be getting soft on me boy. I don't care who is in that room, you will follow my orders. Now get back in there and do you damn job before I do it to you!

    "Yes sir." He turned around and started back the way he had come. What would happen if he failed a second time? It was best not to dwell on that thought. He had not expected to be given a second chance so this time he had to succeed. Stopping in front of the cell he opened it for the second time. Making his face look cold and murderous he took in a breath and looked at the prisoner. His eyes met hers and as he exhaled and his features softened. "I can't"
  7. Eddie heard someone approach the outside of her cell. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand then wiped it on her pants quickly. She was leaning against the left side of her cell because she'd thrown up on the other side. She took a deep breath and steeled herself for what she thought might come as the door opened.
    She squinted, it was the same man she thought. The light was coming from behind him so she had to squint to make out any of his facial features. She watched him quietly not saying anything just watching him, seeing what he'd do this time.
    Eddie was startled when the man seemed to soften. What was going on here? Was this a mind game? They probably were just trying to throw her off. She felt even more confused when he said that he couldn't. They were going all out with this trick weren't they? It didn't make sense that a Russian interrogator would suddenly not want to get the information out of someone. She ran her hand through her hair waiting for something to happen, anything that would help clear things up. She tried to shift a bit and see if someone was behind the man in the doorway.
    The silence seemed long and awkward. Eddie just watched the Russian and the Russian just seemed to stand there.
  8. After taking in the site of the girl Seth bowed his head in shame. She had blue eyes like his and that made things even worse. He had failed his country and for what? He couldn't save this girl. Sure, he could save himself from a guilty conscious but was that worth it? Thinking back to his past the answer became obvious. Yes, it was worth it. He was tired of hurting people and had not idea what had driven him to join the military. Possibly the thought of helping in another way, not like this. They had seen something in him though, or rather lack of something. He was hollow inside and they planned on using that. Fill this nearly empty vessel with the tools of torture and the lack of emotion. It would not have been hard to accomplish if it was not for the female. He knew if it had been a few months from now he would have tortured this girl without a second thought. For now morals still held a grip.

    The sound of approaching footsteps snapped him out of his thoughts. Turning around and seeing the man walking down the hall caused the blood to drain out of his face. For once in his life he became terrified. "Alkaev.." Before he could say more a fist connected with his face and he landed next to the girl. Teo. Had that been part of her name?

    "I told you to follow my orders. You disgust me." Alkaev reached down and picked Seth up, making eye contact with Teodora. "I will be back to deal with you soon enough."

    Seth could feel his face swell as he was drug out of the room. The slamming of the door hurt his ears but that was the least of his concerns. He had put himself and the girl in the clutches of Alkaev, and he knew only a small portion of what the other man was capable of. With fear lending him strength he struggled to escape the grip of the other man but was stopped with a pain filled scream as his arm was wrenched at a painful angle. Giving up he let himself be led in the opposite direction, where the other cells were held.
  9. Eddie watched him study her. It felt weird, but she remained quiet and still. He seemed to be having an internal conflict of some sort. She heard the footsteps before he seemed to and when he finally did she did not like his reaction to whoever was coming their way. The light was pretty bad from her angle buts he could tell he got paler. Eddie jerked away startled when the tall man suddenly landed next to her in the cell. She winced as his flailing arm connected painfully with her leg. This just wasn't her day was it?
    She watched with confusion, fear, and a weird mix of pity and relief for the other guy as Alkaev lifted him up. She felt like she paled when he siad he back for her and winced as the slamming door banged loudly into the door frame, she waited for the foot steps to fade before relaxing a bit from her stiffened position in the corner.
    "Don't worry, take your time..." She muttered to herself in response to the Alkaev's statement. The day was turning out to be a confusing ups and down. One minute she was terrified the next she was too busy trying to figure out what in the name of sanity was going on. Maybe this was an elaborate plot to get her to talk? But why? What information did she have that they needed that bad? She wasn't a high ranking planner she was a medic...just a medic. Her job was to run around and make sure everyone no one died.
    Eddie leaned over and looked at her knee, she felt it gently and could feel that the bandages were warm and wet. Great she'd bled through her bandages already which probably meant she'd ripped the stitches the Russian doctor had given her. Eddie guess it'd happened when she'd been picked up then dropped back down because the movement and the way she landed were not condusive to keeping everything bandaged and stitched up in tact.
  10. An hour later Seth opened one eye. The other was swollen shut and his whole body felt bruised. He slowly lifted his head and looked at the gray walls. After being drug into one of the larger cells he was given a beating. Alkaev did not take kindly to those who disobeyed him, but it could have been a lot worse. By the look in Alkaev's eyes he wanted to do more and probably would later. Seth gave a laugh filled with hysteria. If this was karma then karma really was a bitch. Joining the military had to be punishment for all the bad things he had done in his life. If only he had been a better kid, if only he had not run away, if only..
    A sound of disbelief escaped him. He had to get control of himself. If he did nothing and just gave up he was a dead man. It had happened to someone close to him and he could not allow it to happen to himself. When the sound of boots filled his ears he stood up to not look weak.

    Alkaev stopped outside of Teadora's cell. After a heated discussion there was new orders. He opened the cell and without a word gripped what he could of her short hair, walking backwards out of the small cell. He was ordered to move her, but they said nothing about his methods. Once she was out of the cell he exchanged his grip on her hair for that of her arms and made his way down to hall. "Feel free to struggle as much as you want. It will come back at you later." Reaching another cell he opened it, threw her in, and closed the door. How he wished to do more.
  11. Eddie was startled when Alkaev burst into her cell. She grunted in pain as her hair was grabbed and she was yanked from her cell. Excruciating pain shot like lightening through her scalp as she felt hair being yanked out by it's root. When he switched his grip to her arms Eddie attempted to gain her footing so she wasn't dragged but her shot leg collapsed under her body making everything even more painful.
    It felt like forever before they got to a new cell. Eddie slid on the floor after being thrown in her pant leg getting pushed up and the skin on her leg getting badly scraped as she slid across the concrete floor. Her head hit the ground hard as she landed on the cell floor.
    Eddie stayed still to avoid aggravating or provoking Alkaev anymore than he already seem to be. She waited for the sound of boots to fade before moving. She pushed herself into a seated position and clutched at her head with one hand. She was starting to develop a headache.
    The cell was bigger than her last one. It was about 7x7 or 8x8, she couldn't be sure with her head swimming. Eddie noticed that the other interrogator was there and looking rather beat up. She frowned very confused. They seemed to be very far with this make-you-trust-a-bad-guy mind game. Eddie looked around looking for some way to move herself over to the wall so she'd have something to lean against. She said nothing to the other man worried there was a hidden microphone or camera and/or she'd say something she shouldn't.
    Eddie ran her fingers through her hair, there were definently some clumps missing now thanks to the angry Russian who'd dragged her here.
  12. Seth tensed as the door opened. It had to be Alkaev and he was do what exactly? Fight his way out of the cell? He was sure he stood a fair chance against the other guy so long as no guns were involved. But then what? Try to escape without being caught? That would not go over well, but maybe it was better to go down fighting than to continue to live and rot inside him own mind. He had taken a step forward when the prisoner from earlier landed hard on the floor of the cell. Why would they put her in a cell with him? Did they expect him to change his ways and go after this girl? He told himself he would not torture her and that would not change. He would kill himself before breaking that word.

    He watched her, knowing her introduction into the cell had been unpleasant. You don't hit your head hard and then say 'yay, do it again!' That was not all though. He did not have to look to know she was bleeding. He could smell the blood. Realizing his body was still tense he relaxed and tried his best to look as non threatening as possible. "You're bleeding." He nodded towards her leg. "Or you at least were not long ago. The bullet wound?"
  13. Eddie glanced at her leg, the bandages were soaked through and blood was running down her leg now. She frowned and out her blouse, which she'd managed to keep a grasp on while being dragged, next to her leg.
    Eddie looked up at the other interrogator she almost hated her compassion side right now. He looked awful and she felt bad for him even though he was an enemy soldier and a torturer at that.
    Eddie inwardly was yelling at herself as she signaled the man over to her,

    "Come here. Lemme look at you." She commanded him softly. She wasn't sure why, she couldn't do much for him right now but her medic instincts kicked in and she wanted to help him despite him being the end my and the fact she herself was bleeding and in pain.
    Eddie also felt slightly responsible for him being injured. If this was a trick she hoped just helping the guy wasn't falling for it.
  14. Seth looked at her in confusion. She wanted to look at him? He knew he had good looks, even while bruised and beaten, and had to force himself not to make a comment about it. If it were any other situation he would have gladly become a charming individual, maybe even a bit seductive. She probably wanted to look at him for other reasons. What the other reason could be was beyond him though. He would do as she wished in a moment. Grabbing the sleeve of his shirt he attempted to tear it off. The fabric was stronger than he expected, and with a bruised body it proved rather difficult, but eventually it gave. "For your leg." He explained. "It is not much but hopefully it will do." With a slight tilt of his head he walked over to her and knelt down. "You wanted a look at me?" As much as her leg needed pressure to stop the bleeding he first wanted to know what she wanted.
  15. Eddie ran her hands quickly over his face checking the bruises gently with her small fingers. She wanted to make sure none of his bones were broken. She was gentle as she checked the cuts too, she took the shirt sleeve and dabbed the blood off of his lip quietly. She pushed his shirt up and felt along his ribs very gingerly, wincing sympatheticely for him. It seemed like he had cracked and bruised ribs though nothing felt broken.
    Eddie noticed a bruise around his kidneys and frowned, that could be very bad for him depending out hard he'd been hurt.
    "There's not much I can do about it, but it looks like your kidneys got hit pretty good. " she drawled softly, "It could cause swelling in your abdomen, really bad back pain, blood in urine, and if it bad enough weight loss and kidney failure." Eddie warned. She may have been 'only' a medic but she studied a lot more medical materials because she'd considered medical school before.
    "There ain't much I can do about it um try and rest don't like strain yourself too much without need and protect that area if you get beat again." Eddie finished. She couldn't believe she was helping him, but at the same time she couldn't ignore her instincts just because he was the 'enemy.
    Eddie felt very tired, she guessed from bleeding and dealing with pain. She turned her attention to her leg and looked at it running her hands through her hair again trying to think how to best bandage it up.
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  16. Seth took in a short breath as she reached up and touched his face. He had never been touched so gently before, but he was the only one he could blame for that. He had never given anyone a reason to. Now this complete stranger was being kind to him. What possessed her to act this way? His eyes darted towards the far left corner where he knew the camera was hidden. Was there someone on the other side watching them right now? The answer was most likely yes. Seth raised an eyebrow as she lifted his shirt. Bruises were nothing new to him but he would let her do her thing.

    To say his kidneys got hit hard was an understatement. Alkaev knew what he was doing when he kicked that area. "That all sounds very promising. Maybe after this, Hell won't want me after all. I hope it is not bad enough to cause that last thing but I am not keeping my fingers crossed." He did not think it was going to be possible to not strain himself. He already told himself he was not going to go out without a fight. "The question on the beating is not 'if' but 'when'. For both of us."

    Seth followed her gaze to her leg. The bleeding had to be stopped. "I don't know medical but if there is anything I can do tell me." And hopefully he would not screw it up.
  17. Eddie nodded. She took the ripped t-shirt and put it around her bandage. It had a little bit of Seth's blood on it, but the bandage already on her leg should keep it from least she hoped. Eddie glanced at the man, who still hadn't introduced himself, tiredly.
    "Fold my blouse in thirds..lengthwise so I can use the sleeves as ties." she requested. She hated it but her voice showed she was tired, mostly from blood loss but she also hadn't slept really well since she deployed so that was just adding up. She looked over at Seth waiting for the folded blouse to be given her,
    "Hold on..." she suddenly said. She took the blouse and ripped her flag patch off of it then handed it back to the man. She held the flag patch for now, Eddie would hide it somewhere on her person later when the stranger wasn't looking. She still didn't trust him that much and didn't want her American flag taken away from her.
    Eddie put the flag patch next to her on the opposite side the stranger was on and used both her hands to apply pressure to her leg while patiently waiting for the blouse so she could bandage it better.
  18. He watched, listened. There were many questions he wanted to ask, all of which could wait. How long had she been awake? The cell she had come from was not easy on the body. Then there was the bullet wound and the blood. How much had she lost? He began to fold the blouse, only to have it taken a moment later. He gave her a questioning look as she tore something from it. What did she have? His eyes narrowed as he turned back to the task at hand. It was probably of no importance. It was not like she could have magically pulled a weapon off of the blouse. Although maybe he should have paid more attention to what was on uniforms. Even having held the blouse in hand he could not tell what was missing from it. He finished folding the blouse and held it out to her.

    "You should sleep after this. Then after that, we talk." He frowned at his words. She might take the meaning the wrong way. "That is if you want. I won't force you to." Hoping she did not need any more help with her leg as he stood up and moved to the other side of the room. Sitting with his back to the wall he looked up where the camera was and stayed that way, lost in thoughts.
  19. Why would I talk to you? Or for that matter sleep with you in the room? You were about to interrogate me! Just because you happen to have more conscience than than the rest doesn't mean I trust you. Eddie thought. She didn't say anything though. The man seemed like he was at least trying to be nice and she didn't want to set him off.
    Eddie tied her leg up tightly, but made sure not to cut the blood circulation off. She took her flag and tucked it into her boxer briefs.
    Eddie wore normal girl underwear but especially out in the field she'd wear a set of boys boxer briefs over her normal underwear to prevent chaffing.
    Pulling herself over to the wall slowly and painfully she rested but didn't sleep, watching the room, the door, and the stranger. She now and then squinted into the far left corner trying to see what the stranger had glanced at while she was checking on him.
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  20. It was unknown how much time had went by when Seth finally moved. Time might as well be nonexistent in a place like this. There were no clocks, no noise, no schedules to keep. It was nothing but plain walls and lost souls. He turned his body, wincing as pain shot though his body. He hoped no one, specifically those that might be watching through the camera, saw. He worried less about the girl seeing since she already knew the extent of the injuries. He turned his attention to her. She seemed so young, and compared to him and Alkeav, weak. That was not to say she did not have a fiery spirit, and if she did that was good. That was a reason some people kept fighting. If she did not have a fiery spirit she would have to search herself and find that one thing to hold onto, that is if she hadn't already.

    "Teodora. That is what you said your name was, right? Why did you help me earlier?" It was the question that had been nagging at him for awhile now. It did not make sense to help the enemy, but it also did not make sense to disobey orders like he had done. It just goes to show the world was not all black and white. "It does seem more than that though. You seemed concerned. How is it that you could care for the enemy?"